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USS Puffer (SSN 652) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Puffer (SSN 652). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 79 crew members registered for the USS Puffer (SSN 652).

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Weeks, BobETN2 (SS)Sep 1968 – Dec 1970ET NavigationMy third boat and second new construction and finally home port in Hawaii where I was born. Great times and exciting cruises! Good memories!
Severson, GordySTS2 (SS)Nov 5, 1968 – Jul 1970SonarI was on the commissioning crew. We tried to get a 292ft bandaid because it felt like everything was falling apart. We even hit ourselves with a dummy torpedo in the engine room and they restricted our depth.
Davis, RonSK2Mar 20, 1970 – Dec 10, 1971SUPPLYPuffer was the only boat I served on. Had some great friends like Tom Dowell, Steve Johnson, our Supply Officer Mr Mac. We had fun on the Westpac '71, a lot of good memories...
Schive, BobRM2(SS)Apr 1970 – Dec 1973OperationsPuffer was my first boat. Made several WESTPACS on her. I qualified and received my Dolphins while in the Gulf of Tonkin.
McMullen, PatrickET2Aug 5, 1970 – Aug 1, 1974ECMThe Puffer was the only boat I served. My best memory was qualifying fast enough to avoid mess cooking. It never look like a lot of fun. But liberty on two west pacs were.
Mager, BillE-5 MMSep 15, 1970 – May 20, 1974M NukeGood boat...still have friends I talk to almost daily.
Cannici, JimET-1(SS)Mar 1971 – Sep 1974Nav/Ops
Eckenroth, EckGSCM(SS, SW)Apr 1, 1971 – Aug 1, 1974ElectricalLooking to connect with old shipmates, 2 were in my wedding party in 1974. I went on to become a gas turbine tech, after 3rd sub. I was one of those lateral conversions where I was forced to change rates. retired in 2000
Lane, MichaelFTG3(SU) - FTG2(SS)May 18, 1971 – Sep 25, 1974Fire ControlWas my first boat. Served under Commanding Oficers J. Will and D. Cooper. A great boat, helped me decide to stay Navy. Reported aboard, via #1 line in Guam during first Wespac did the second and rode her almost all the way through overhaul.
Pike, TomYN3(SS)Jan 1972 – May 1975Yeoman
Trobee, JohnIC3Jul 1972 – 1974ICHad a lot of fun visiting all the Asian countries. Never forget Tampopos Bar in Youkuska Japan ! Great crew, great boat !
Bertrand, Ronsts3Oct 1972 – Sep 1974Sonar1st boat
Lehmann, RichETR2Oct 1972 – 1975Reactor ControlCame aboard after Nuclear Power School and qualified as Reactor Operator and in Submarines while aboard. Completed last patrol of WESTPAC and non-refueling overhaul in Bremerton Naval Shipyard.
Headley, Billem21973 – Nov 1976engineeringI was the boats diver and periscope photographer. Lot of good memories. It was a good boat.
Allan, AndrewMM1(SS)1973 – 1977Machinery Division
Mitchell, ScottMM2(SS)Apr 1973 – Mar 1977M-Division
Reid, James "Pbr, Doe, Papa Doe"SSN 652May 19, 1973 – Oct 5, 1975ESM Electronics Tech
Hegge, Neal / SquirrelMM2SS1974 – Nov 1977A-GangGood folks , good places , long ago
Vegh, JohnSTS21974 – 1975WeaponsIn and out served under Capt. Tom
Jones, MikeSts2 ss/dvAug 1, 1974 – Oct 1, 1977SonarIst sea tour. Great friends. Great experiences. Psc'd to ssn-651. Acquired college degree, went back in as a navy p3 pilot.
Barrett, GregQM2Dec 1974 – Jun 1977quartermasterthe navy wasn't really my thing but the crew was great - we had plenty of laughs and made it through it - i'd appreciate hearing from anyone that I served with
Gillard, DouglasMM2/SSDec 9, 1974 – Mar 31, 1976A-GANGThe Puffer was my second boat but my favorite one. I definitly did not appreciate fully my experience but I have a lot of good memories.
Kettner, KevinMS3Jan 1975 – Nov 1978Great boat, good times & good friends.
Cooper, RickSTS2 (SS)Feb 23, 1975 – Feb 23, 1977SonarServed with Capt A.K. Thompson
Abel, AugieTM2/SSApr 24, 1975 – May 21, 1977WeaponsMy time on my first boat the Puffer was the best. The crew, the places we ent on West-Pac and the families. We had the best crew around. I still keep in touch with Rob Kualapai and mostly Steve Edwards. Drop a line.
Yepiz, DavidRM3May 19, 1975 – Oct 1, 1977I had a great time serving though I did'nt realize it at the time. My best friend was killed in a motorcycle accident and I still think about him till this day, Michael Frano rip. I now live in the nw
Ryan, Roger MM1(SS)Aug 1, 1975 – Jun 20, 1979M-div
Paul, SorrowSEAMAN MSDec 1975 – Jul 1976SupplyI got to the boat Puffer SSN 652 in Hawaii at Pearl; we started our West Pac the next morning. We were the shortest staff division on the boat. We had three seamen, one second class, one first class and the chief. We did all the cooking
Lucero, Joe "mighty Luce"MM1(SS/DV)Jun 1976 – Feb 24, 1980Machinery-EngineeringGod, I absolutely loathed the Navy for the traditions that inflicted such disparities between the treatment of officers and enlisted, between "forward pukes" and nukes, between submarine qualified and "non-qual" personnel...
Sandhoefner, Mike 'the Chairman"EM 1Sep 1977 – Sep 1981EMWhat a time was had. Glad I served, glad I got out and used the GI bill. Sure miss the "good old days" with the guys, however life goes on.
Goolsby, PeterDS2 (SS)Nov 6, 1977 – Sep 12, 1983FirecontrolFond memories.
MacPherson, BruceQM2/ SSSep 1978 – Jul 1981OPS
Haugen, MichaelSST 1Feb 1, 1979 – Mar 31, 1983Sonargood memories of a great crew
Schelstraete, Daniel(turtle)TM-3(SS)Feb 10, 1979 – Oct 8, 1982WeaponsHad some great times ,met an outstanding group of people.I welcome E-mails from anyone I served with
Wachter, EricSTS1(SS)Apr 12, 1979 – Aug 14, 1981OPSThe best and yet the worst time of my Naval carrer. The best were Rudee Rule, JB Ellis Todd, Muldoon, Marty Clouser, and many many more. The worst.. Habermayer.
Muldoon, PatEM1 (SS)Jun 1979 – Aug 1983
Boyer, RobertMM2 /SS/DVSep 27, 1979 – Sep 29, 1983MWe had a tough schedule, Habermeyer said when he left that "we had spent more time at sea than any other boat on the west coast" , and added, "and probably the east coast but I couldn't check their records".
Hansen, CraigEM1/SSJan 5, 1980 – Jan 15, 1984E DivA manly boat full of manly men....mostly. We worked hard and played harder. I never thought I'd miss those times but I was wrong.
Crouse, JohnMMCS-SSApr 1980 – Sep 1983M Div - EWSMMC - MMCS. LCPO. Arrived with on 6 people in M-Div. Once the personnel problem got solved another great boat. My seond Battle E Boat. Since 1996 manage St. Marys Submarine Museum in St. Marys, GA. Collecting command brochures and photos.
Velasquez, Joe, Chief SqueezeEMCS(SS)May 18, 1980 – 1983E DivisionGreat boat and a better division....lots of memories. Mostly good ones....just sayin'
Passarelli, MarkQM2/SSAug 1980 – Aug 1983LPO QM Div
Conrad, TerryMM3/SSSep 1, 1980 – Feb 1, 1984A DivisionWas a great boat to be on. Remeber going to the baseball games at Aloha Stadium. Retired april 2004
Draper, ChrisEM2Oct 10, 1980 – Aug 21, 1981Engineering - NuclearIt was a great time; good friends, Skinner, Sandy, Muldoon. Too bad that car didn't see me on my motorcycle in Waikiki. Spent a year being put back together and then discharged. Went to law school in Boston. Go figure.
Ellis, J.b.IC2/SSNov 10, 1980 – Sep 27, 1983ICRetired from Navy in July 07, working at Mpls VA Hospital. Some fun times and great people. Spend most of my time at my cabin up in Hayward, WI
Geiger, RickEM1(ss)Dec 1980 – Dec 1985ElectricalCurrently living and working in Sofia Bulgaria. Working on multiple projects as Licensing Manager or Principal Reactor Engineer. Life is good!

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