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USS Pargo (SSN 650) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Pargo (SSN 650). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 203 crew members registered for the USS Pargo (SSN 650).

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Demonch, EricET-21973 – 1977RC
Doyle, PaulETR2(SS)Jan 10, 1973 – Feb 17, 1976Reactor Controls
Boyle, JoeETN2 NUCFeb 1973 – Jan 1976RC
Whitaker, LarryMM1Mar 1973 – Oct 1976EngineeringELT
Nygren, BruceMM1 (SS)Mar 1973 – Mar 1977Nuc Machinist MateGood Boat - Great Crew - Two fine Captains - Ransom and Patton.
Leblanc, FrenchyRMC(SS)1974 – Jun 1977OPSI was honored to be selected as Chief of the Boat serving with an elite group of submariners.
Johnson, ArtSSN 650Jan 1974 – Aug 1978EM
Scott, Gary (Animal)MM2(SS)Mar 1974 – May 1976M DivisionServed with a great group of men. I miss crusing around with J Grote and singing with the bilge trolls on Saturday night in engine room lower level.
Hoagland, BillQMJul 1974 – Sep 1978NavI remember those football games and the pain. The most competitive group of people I've ever been with both at sports and parties.
Novak, RobertMM1(SS)Jul 1974 – Jun 1978M-DivAny Maddogs out there??
Thayer, Rick (Rat)EM2(SS)Sep 10, 1974 – Jul 29, 1977E NUKEGreat crew. Looking for some of you on Facebook.
Sanderlin, CharlesSK1 (SS)Oct 1, 1974 – Feb 15, 1975Supply
Bartholomew, Jack "bart"MM2Nov 1974 – Mar 1977Served in 'A' gang. Had the pleasure of seeing the inside of #2 sanitary w/ Fn. Conway while underway. Somebody flushed down a searving spoon and it jambed the backup ball valve so we couldn't dive. Anyone care to fess up??? ohwell...
Schleser, JimMM1SS1975 – 1980Machinery Division (nuke)I was a Maddog and I do remember hitting the sandbar. I can tell you who got called "back full" after that...
McCampbell, Jl (Mac)MSC(SS)Jan 1975 – Jun 1978Supply
Soucy, RobertET2Apr 1, 1975 – Dec 21, 1976Great rivaliry between Nuc's and forward ET's, we had some great football games..had to quit playing, so many guy's got banged up, myself included....kick myself for not staying in touch with any of the crew....
Ernst, Richard (Keith)MM1 (SS)Jun 1975 – Nov 1979A DivisionGood Fortune brought me to a great boat, with an incredible crew and Captain/XO team. Patton and Hewitt were quite the leaders. I miss everyone... I'd do it all over again. Look me up if you're in Deaware.
Severtson, MarkSTS1 (SS)Sep 16, 1975 – Apr 15, 1980Sonar
Vincent, ChristopherMM1(SS)Nov 1975 – Mar 1977AGreat crew, awesome “A”
Van Tassell, GarySTS2(SS)1976 – 1977Sonar
Hay, StephenIC21976 – 1979E
Koontz, JimE-5 NUKE ICMay 1976 – Jun 1978Nuclear PowerThis was my first assignment out of Nuke School and I got busted from E-5 to E-4 for sleeping on watch and busted out of the Nuke program.
Matola, JoeSTS 3May 1976 – Nov 28, 1978Sonar
Edwards, MarkRM3(SS)Jun 1976 – Sep 1979Radio/CommuncationsThe good times outweighed the bad times - Puerto Rico, Norway, Scotland and Sardinia what a party
Patterson, William "Bill"MM2 (SS)Jun 1976 – May 1979A Gang
Patterson, BillMM-2 (SS)Jun 1976 – May 1979A-Gang
Murphy, Kevin James (Murf)ET-1(SS)Oct 1976 – Jul 30, 1980Operations, ESM SupervisorMy band, The Saugus River Band, will release it's first album "SSN-Deep Blue Nuclear Powered Rock and Roll" on 30 July, 2005. Some songs were written in ESM with my Gibson SG-Standard while underway. It will ber recorded live.
Ullery, ChrisYNSN1977 – 1978YEOMAN
Plouet, Edwin QM2/SSJan 26, 1977 – Feb 1, 1981QM DivisionLet's do it again! Thank God I served my country. Go Ice Gators!
Decaprio, MarkMS 2May 1, 1977 – Aug 30, 1980mess
Ullery, ChristopherSNYNAug 15, 1977 – May 8, 1978Yeoman
Ullery, ChristopherYNSNSep 1, 1977 – Aug 15, 1978Ships OfficeWas sad to hear about Paul Conway and Bill Cross. Does anyone know how Tony Womak is doing?
McCarthy, MikeETR5Nov 1, 1977 – Nov 1, 1979EngineeringAnyone else onboard remeber when we came up river and hit the sand bar? Took out our STAS cable and chewed up the prop. 3 Months in Dry Dock.
Puglise, SteveMM11978 – 1983M
Burdick, DavidET1 (SS)1978 – 1980Reactor Controls
Seaman, Jerry ( Stump )QM2(SS)1978 – 1981NAVIGATIONI remember the time the duty section took the boat out and had the mid hatch open and a wall of seawater came in and down the passageway and into the control room and down to the torpedo room.
Nichols, Charles "Chuck" "yoe"YN1(SU)Mar 1978 – Sep 1979Admin
Wilburn, BillSTS3(ss)Mar 28, 1978 – Jul 1, 1981SONARGood times on Pargo, good memories, I hope we have another reunion some time
Mitton, RickMM1(SS)Jul 1978 – Jul 1981M
Sarosi, WayneCTM1(SS)Sep 1978 – May 1980NAVSECDRUDETI got out in May of 1980, went to UConn and got my BSEE and BSCS with some masters work in Robotics, Went to FLA. Worked at the Kennedy Space Center for a couple of decades and now work at NOTU.
King, MikeRM2/SSSep 1, 1978 – Feb 15, 1981Communications/Radio ShackI was on the bridge when Lt. Beamer ran a ground. We called that spot Pt. Beamer from then on! I also think my time as battle stations helmsman prepared me to drive on the Washington DC beltway every day..ha! Punching holes in the ocean!
Jackson, PatMM2Sep 18, 1978 – Jan 26, 1982'A' GangI was just about to relieve the helm when we ran a ground. Talk about exit stage left! Sure glad I wasn't sitting at the time!
Reynolds, TomMM1Nov 1978 – Jul 1982A-gangI had a great time on this boat!

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