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USS Bunker Hill (CV 17) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Bunker Hill (CV 17). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 181 crew members registered for the USS Bunker Hill (CV 17).

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Danford, Dewey J.S1C1945 – May 11, 1945GunneryKIA USS Bunker Hill below deck from Kamikaze attack, 11 May 1945 off Okinawa. 17 years of age from Eufaula, AL. Had just pulled a double shift and went down below to sleep when attacked. His brother Bobby would like any information on him.
Bilodeau, John / JackSSC1945 – 1947I am putting my grandfather's name on here. He passed away in april of 91 and we miss him dearly. My grandfather was great man and he helped save alot of lives on that fateful day in 1945. He recieved the Navy/Marine Corps Medal Of Honor
Bienkowski, Matthew1945 –My father was only 17 years old when he served on the Bunker Hill.He passed away 42 years after the attack. May 11, 1987. He worked on the corsairs. Please contact ewith any memories or info. Thanks
Haas, Louis1945 – Sep 1945My farther first saw the Bunker Hill, after his transfer from Chicago, in his second assignment, in Drydock, in Bremerton Washington, in the spring of 1945.
Gartman, Charles "chuck"1945 –My Brother Chuck was wounded on the Bunker Hill in World War 2. He died in 1985 in Aurora, Illinois. Please send any memories of Chuck to me at
Webster, Harold Camden1945 –My grandfather was on the ship when it was attacked in May 1945 and survived. If anyone knew him, please contact me at We would love to hear any stories. He died very young of pancreatic cancer.
Walters, Clifford Harl Medoleunknown1945 – May 11, 1945unknownThis is my maternal uncle. My name is Terri Martin. I am looking for anyone who knew him. He died on the day of the attack and was buried at sea. His last name may have been either Walker or Walters.
Tomes, Shelby profile iconAMM3c1945 – Oct 14, 1945UnknownMy grandfather was on the ship when it was attacked in May 1945 and survived. If anyone knew him, please contact me at We would love to hear any stories.
McCutcheon, Jamesenlisted1945 – 1949gun mateThis is my grandfather. Looking for any of his old buddies. Thank you
Martinez Sr., Raphael / RalphS2c/AS1945 – Mar 23, 1946CulinaryAdded on behalf of my grandfather. His time on board was brief, as he spent the majority of his time aboard ship while she was in for repairs in Bremerton, Wa. He made at least 1 cruise across the Pacific at wars end.
Lansing, George, Juniornot sure1945 – 1945not sureMy father, George Lansing Jr. was only 17 when he was on the Bunker Hill when it was attacked. He had lied about his age so he could serve in the war. He died in 2000 and i'm still so proud of him.
Packer, Dewey E.ARM21945 – May 11, 1945AviationI am researching ARM2 Packer. He is listed as MIA. Anyone with info please contact me.
Rush, Allen LeeBM31945 –UnknownThis is my great grandfather and if anyone knew him it would be great if you could reach out to me at because I will really appreciate any sort of stories about him and about experiences you had.
Kniffin, Edward "ed"Jan 1945 – Dec 1945I am unsure of the dates my father served aboard the Bunker Hill, but I do know he worked radar. He has since passed away and I can't even find the picture of his training group out of Great Lakes. I also know he was stationed at San Die
Crane, Alfred JohnJan 1945 –Al Crane, brother of Hogans Heros star Bob Crane, was proud of his time on the Bunker Hill. He was badly burned in the big attack yet was most concerned about the man who died in his seat shortly after relieving Al of his duty for the day.
Smith, JackAEM2CJan 1945 –This is my father and he is living outside of Chicago. He was an aircraft electrician and worked nights and was asleep below decks when the kamikaze planes hit. He ended up on the fantail until the fires were out. Does anyone remember him?
Berry, John LindenEnsignJan 1945 – Nov 1945Gunnery Dept, 4th Div. (20mm)This is my father. His battle station was battery 6 aft on port side of the ship. The first bomb exploded near by, breaking his glasses. The fires forced him and his men to the stern. They found a line, climbed down and jumped into sea.
Clurfeld, Hyman (Hy) profile iconS1c (AMM)Jan 1945 – May 1945Catapult CrewI'm adding this entry for my grandfather, Hy Clurfeld.He is 88 and living in Florida. He was on flight deck when attacked on 5/11/45.Any stories or pictures would be greatly appreciated. email:
Tate, John/rufus profile iconS1CJan 1, 1945 – May 11, 1945V-!-HMy father, John Rufus Tate, was killed on board the Bunker Hill May 11. 1945. Looking for someone that might have known him.
Stone, M.m./"stoney"LT./LTCDRJan 10, 1945 – Apr 16, 1945HellrazorsSB2C Divebomber pilot with VB-84 (Hellrazors). Was gunnery officer and Exec.Bronze star at Iwo and flew at Okinawa and bombed Japanese mainland. Chased the Yamato and won the war singlehanded.
Dillon, AaronS2c V-6Jan 23, 1945 – Jun 1945Cv17
Eaken, Max profile iconSeaman Second ClassJan 24, 1945 – May 11, 1945Mess CookMax Eaken was killed from the kamikaze attacks on May 11, 1945. I am researching heroes like him as he is from my hometown. If you have info about him please send it to my email, Thanks!
Parris, Thirmon JamesSM2Mar 23, 1945 – Oct 13, 1945My grandfather, Thirmon, died in 1981. He was on the USS Bunker Hill when it was hit by the two kamikazes in 1945. If anyone knew him, please email me. I am unsure of the dates of his term.
Frydrych, EdwardcookApr 9, 1945 – Jun 1945cookI can remember vividly the day of the attack The planes coming in over the water the violent shaking of the ship. I was saved because I was strapped into my gunnery. Anyone one not strapped in was thrown off the ship.
Malone, RoscoeSeaman 1st ClassJul 1945 – Jul 1946Airman
Hearne, BenjaminSeaman First ClassSep 1945 –unsureMy Daddy, Benjamin Laurence Hearne, served on the USS Calvert APA 32. On 03-26-45, aboard the USS Calvert, they arrived at Bremerton, WA. On 09-27-45, he boarded USS Bunker Hill CV 17 to Pearl Harbor. Any info helpful
Frist, DonaldEM2/CNov 1945 – Feb 10, 1946E division, lighting
Realing, RobertunknownMay 1965 – Feb 1967unknownim am the son of a sailor,robert e. realing.i am trying to find out the dates my father was on this ship.please trying to find out who my real father is...
Schneider, ElliotGSM3Sep 1994 – May 1997MP

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