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USS Bunker Hill (CV 17) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Bunker Hill (CV 17). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 181 crew members registered for the USS Bunker Hill (CV 17).

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Peck, George1944 – 1945George Peck was my father. He passed away in 1981. I would very much appreciate hearing from anyone who knew him.
Eaves, Allen "tucum"S1C1944 – May 11, 1945 I am entering this information on behalf of my father. He was aboard on May 11, 1945 and was severly injured. I do know with Aviation Ordinance. If anyone knew him please call Allen at 580-470-8613.
Workman, Harold1944 –My father was on board this ship when it was hit by the Japanese. I have in my possession the book published about the USS Bunker Hill and all original photos of that fateful day at sea. My father died in 1995 at the age of 73.
Hoynoski, Richard N.1944 – 1945This is my grandfather. He was on the Bunker Hill when it was hit in Okinawa. He was a gunner. If anyone knew him, please email me at Scott
Popek, EugeneELECTRICIAN\\\'S MATE 3D CLASS1944 – May 11, 1945My uncle Eugene (Detroit MI) was KIA onboard the Bunker Hill, apparently suffocated below decks when doors automatically closed during the fires. Would welcome contact from anyone who may have known him.
Cunnningham, Robert1944 –
Connell, John1944 – 1945My grandfather served n the bunker hill. He passed away recently. My father and I would like to know more about him or anyone he knew while he served. Please contact us with any information at all
Gabert, Stanleyunknown1944 – 1945unknownStan was serving on the Bunker Hill when it was struck in 1944. As of May 2009, Stan, who is my uncle, is still alive and well living in Wisconsin
Lambert, HermanGunner Mate1944 – 1945unknownMy father, Herman Lambert served on the Bunker HIll. He passed away in Jan. 2000. If anyone knew him or has any info on him, please contact me.
Wilty, Edwin Orville (Zeb)Aviation Machinist Mate First Class1944 – May 11, 1945Aviation Machinist MatePosting this for my grandfather who died on board 11 May 1945. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers him or has a picture of him!
Bruce, Henry ByronRADM21944 – 1945USN CV-17This is my Father, who died in 1971 of a brain tumor. Would like to hear from you, if you knew him.
Beach, Loyd profile iconMM2C1944 – May 11, 1944unknownmy great uncle served as a machinists mate-he was killed on 5/11/45 & buried at sea. if anyone has any information about Loyd Francis Beach please let me know. pictures?? Thanks to those who served.
O'Donohue, DickMusician1944 – 1945navigation
McCain, Leslie "Mac"Aviation Mate 1st Class1944 – 1945NavyI am registering for my Dad. He will be 86 in May of this year (2010) and lives in Palmetto, Florida. He was a turret gunner on the TBF Avenger #13. His captain was Focart.
Lorenz, George BrianEM2C1944 –UnknownLost at sea. This was my uncle. Anyone who knew him, please contact me. Thanks.
Ciabattoni, ArmandoF1C1944 – May 11, 1945?Armando Ciabattoni is my grandfather. He died in the May 11, 1945 attack and was burried at sea. If anyone knew him or has any information about him I would greatly appreciate hearing from you,
Martens, Robert ( Cookie)Cook1944 – 1945UnknownI am entering my fathers name. He was aboard on May 11,1945. He told that on that day he was below in a sealed compartment for 4-5 hours. He and the personnel with him got the same tattoo when they got back to port.
Lewis, Curtis Edwardunknown1944 – May 11, 1945unknownmy twenty year old family member who perished on the USS Bunker Hill.
Tanner, Stanley Robert (Fantan)Lieutenant1944 –Fighting Squadron FourMy dad flew the Hellcat. He was shot down during strafing runs on Clark Field (Luzon) in Nov '44. He survived the crash and eventually returned to marry his sweetheart. He is 91 with a huge posterity. God bless you all.
Sterrett, JamesMachinist's Mate Third Class SV-61944 – 1946CV 17My father, James Sterrett, served on the USS Bunker Hill. He was proud of his service and loved his country. Sadly, he passed away on 12/21/2012.
Willoughby, Hubert / HughSC21944 –UnknownI made this for my grandfather who was on the ship in 1944 all I know is he was a gunners mate
Maresca, Arnoldseaman 1st class1944 – 1946radiomanhello to all. looking to communicate with anyone on the bunker hill cv17 task force 58 air craft carrier. I was the radio man whos nick name was WHEELS. would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.
Lineaweaver, Wilson Charles profile iconARM 3/c1944 – May 11, 1945SquadronChuck was our uncle. Looking for anyone that may have know him. Radioman/gunner and was in a ready room when kamikaze's struck.
Baker, Norman (Nj)AM Chief Petty officer medalsmith1944 – 1945AVMMy father, Norman James Baker was on the Bunkerhill , before, during and after it was hit on May 11, 1945. He was in the dental clinic below deck when it was hit the first time. He was a chief petty officer, Metalsmith
Dyson, AlFireman1944 –Bunker HillMy dad was Al Dyson. He was a fireman on the Bunker Hill when it was hit by kamikazes on May 11, 1945. He had just left his post and returned to his bunk for sleep when the attack happened. Does anyone remember him?
Clark, SaulChief1944 – 1945UnknownMy grandfather, Chief Saul Clark, was a flatsleeve chief onboard the USS Bunker Hill during WWII. I believe he did radar. I would be interested in any information anyone had on him. He never talked about his experiences.
Tarsi, MichaelAVAITION MACHINIST MATEJan 1944 – Jun 1945My Father Reynold "Joe" Tarsi served aboard ship during the battle off the coast of Japan in 1945, any shipmates remember him?????
Hayes, JohnLT. JGJan 1944 – Sep 1945GunneryI was a machine gun director and gun control officer (quad #3 40mm). Awarded the Bronze Star April, 1945.
Settle, William (Bill)SeamanJan 1, 1944 – Dec 29, 1945gunnerWilliam Settle was my Grandfather. He was a gunner and wounded on Bunker Hill when two Japanese planes hit the ship. My Grandfather was very proud to have been a member of the USS Bunker HIll (CV 17)
Kergan, RobertRm 2nd classJan 1, 1944 – Jun 1, 1944Admirals staffMy father passed away 12-02-11 at the VA in Murfreesboro , Tn We have lost another hero who was among so few left from the greatest generation of our time, our WW2 vets, God bless you all. The Robert Kergan Family
Quagan, Donald AMM 2/C, USNRJan 19, 1944 – May 11, 1945Ship's CompanyMy cousin Donald was KIA on the Friday, 11 May 45. Apparantly his remains were never recovered. It is suspected that he was blown overboard from exploding ordinance and aviation fuel. His parents were Mr & Mrs James Quagan of Middleboro, MA
Quagan, Donald AMM 2/C, USNRJan 19, 1944 – May 11, 1945Ship's CompanyMy cousin Donald was KIA on Friday, 11 May 45. Apparantly his remains were never recovered. It is suspected that he was blown overboard from exploding ordinance and aviation fuel. His parents were Mr & Mrs James Quagan of Middleboro, MA
McFarland, C.e. "Mac"SMC3 SignalmanJan 20, 1944 – 19453rd and 5th FleetsWas wounded on the "Holiday Express" during the battle of Okinawa during the Kamikazi attacks on our ship.
Mathews, HalLTJRFeb 1944 – Sep 1945Hull control
Chambers, FrankLIEUTENANTMar 1944 – May 4, 1945Air Intelligence
Loftin, Darrylyeoman 2nd classMar 1944 – May 1946exucitive officersDad is still alive n well as of 8.25.13 Mom & Dad celebrated their 65th weding anniversary 2 yr ago .He was presented with his medals at the questions or comments email;
Robinson, Jones M.LT, JGMar 28, 1944 – Oct 26, 1944Air Group Eight, Torpedo Squadron EightLt. Jones Miller Robinson (USNR) was my father. He served as a pilot on the Bunker Hill. He was very active in the Bunker Hill Association late in his life. He died 5 October 1997.
Hargraves, Billy G.Gunner's Mate 3rd ClassApr 1944 – Jan 19466th Gunnery DivisionMy name is Lindell Hargraves. I am doing this on behalf of my father and with his information. Unfortunately he passed away in Jan 2008. He always spoke proudly of his time on the Bunker Hill.
Kinback, AlbertUnknownMay 1, 1944 – May 11, 1945UnknownMy father was abourd the Bunker Hill on May 11, 1945. He survived with minor injuries and passed away of natural causes over 10 years ago. Anyone with any information about him or who knew him pleasee contact me.
Hoit, DonaldSEAMEN 1ST CLASSJun 1944 – Sep 1945V1Di was in the mess deck when the ship was hit. please note i am writting this for my father. he is 83 years old, and has parkinson disease. he love hearing from his old shipmates. feel free to contact us! god bless!
Zayechek, LowellUNKNOWNJun 22, 1944 – Dec 22, 1945Lowell was my father. He told many stories of his time aboard "the Hill". He passed away 08/03/2008.
Halseth, Carroll AJul 1944 – Jul 1946I'm posting this for my father Carroll who was on board the Bunker Hill when it was hit May 11, 1945. He was in Fire Control. If you knew him, I'd like to know more about his time on the ship. He recently passed way. I am his son.
Cavanaugh, Terrance DonaldGUNNERS MATEJul 7, 1944 –Torpedo Squadron EightThis was my Grandpa, Served with Torpedo Squadron Eight on Bunker Hill. Anyone with any connection I would love to hear from.
Vusvunis, ChickSep 1944 – Jun 1946
Etzenhouser, MerrillLieutenant CommanderOct 1944 – Dec 1944Air Group 8Served as Senior Medical Officer during Bunker Hill particpation in the Leyte operations
Starke, Clarencesteward's mate 1st classNov 1, 1944 – Feb 15, 1946NavyMy dad served on the USS Bunker Hill. Looking for someone to give first hand account of what it was like to be on the ship when it was hit.
Savoie, ErnestS2CDec 1944 – Feb 1946Supply.I went to my battle station between the the two hits.I was assigned to mounts 5 & 7 upper handling room. I retired from the Navy in 1966 as Chief Avlation Fire Control Technician
Carlson, James K.MUS 2/CDec 6, 1944 – Mar 14, 1946NAVIGATIONI was a member of the band aboard the Bunkerhill. During general quarters the band was assigned to 40mm quads nos. 12 and 13. I was a first loader on no. 3 gun on quad 13. We fired alone and got the last kamikazi
Thomas, BlaineSEAMAN !ST CLASSDec 10, 1944 – Jun 6, 1945
Leman "Red" Ingalls, RedsS-1s ClassDec 15, 1944 – Jun 19461st Div. If any of my shipmates can remember getting Blisters on our FEET in the Hot steel Deck while standin our G.Q.Station??? Please send me Note to that effect,I need it for my Hearing Claim. Thanks Red

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