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USS Bunker Hill (CV 17) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Bunker Hill (CV 17). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 181 crew members registered for the USS Bunker Hill (CV 17).

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Grato, TylerUknown1940 – 1945Not sureAdding this on behalf of my family Donald is my great grandfather and I know he saved a lot of men on the bunker hill during one of the attacks I want to know more info please contact me at
Dickens, Arleschief torpedomanJan 9, 1940 – Jan 24, 1946chief torpedomanMy Dad recently passed, he served on the USS Bunkerhill. Our family would appreciate anyone who knew him during the war years or knows anything of his service time.
Stucker, William Edward (Bill)Aviation Chief Radio and GunnerJul 31, 1940 – Aug 12, 1945VB-17This is my grandfather, he flew with Lt. Cmdr. James "Moe" Vose as his rear gunner in an SB2C Helldiver with VB-17 over Rabul on Nov. 11, 1943. He received 2 distinguished flying crosses and 4 air medals. RIP 3/13/2020
Garstka, Eugene "geno"1941 –Deck GunnerThis was my Grandfather who served on CV 17 through the pacific theater and later served with the USMC in Korea, sadly he passed away in 1987 from cancer....i am hopeing to hear from anyone who knew him thank you
Kolarik, FrankNOT SURE HE FUELED THE PLANES1941 – 1943This was my grandfather. He was on the ship when it was hit and survived. He was an amazing human being. I will try and find other info out as to his rank, years served so on. He died of cancer in August of 1999. Does anyone remember him?
Carpenter, Hubert H., Jr.1941 – 1943Hubert Carpenter Jr. is my dad. He was very proud of his service to our nation. He passed away in April, 1987. After he passed we found a duffle bag of letters he wrote during the war and we found our quite dad was quite adventurous.
Heft, Leeunkn1941 –unkwn
Pratt, Glen profile iconSailor1941 – 1947??Glen Pratt is my father who passed in 2005. I am interested in learning more about his time serving on The Bunker Hill. I hope to hear from any shipmates who may remember him. Thanks Stephen MacRae Pratt
Lapack, LouisCOOKJan 1941 –1941My grandfather passed away a few years ago. He told me he served on the Bunker Hill and when it was kamakazied he was transfered to the Yorktown. I miss my grandfather. Anyone with any knowledge of him please contact me.
Lewis, Edward AnthonyAS, S2C, SIC AVIATION MECHANICOct 29, 1941 – Jul 23, 1946Ed "Pappy" was my father; he passed 06Nov2005 in Ventura, California. He was very proud of his serving in the Navy during WWII aboard the USS Bunker Hill. He also served on the CL-97 and CL-101.
Taylor, HarveyRADIOMAN 1ST CLASS1942 – 1945Harvey Taylor was my Dad. I'm looking for any information on him. He was a radio man 1st class. He died in 1974 of a heart attack.
Ingrum, Jessica MaxineMMC1942 – 1946EngineeringThis was my Grandfather. He passed in 1983, and was my hero. Looking to find anyone who remembers him
Chandler, GeorgeLT. J.G.1942 – May 11, 1945Supply CorpsThis is my Grandfather. He served on USS Bunker Hill from precommissioning until 11 May 1945. He served as Chief Pay Clerk during precommissioning & the first year at sea. He was one of the KIA's on 11 May.
Bevinetto, Vincent JAEM 11942 –aviation electronicsMy father-in-law Vincent Bevinetto was an AEM1 and was on the USS Bunker Hill when she was hit. He passed away in December 2001. Any one knowing of him during his time on CV17 please contact me
Fraught (Frught), Harold (Frenchy)Sailor1942 – 1945Aviation MateThis is my father. He went by the nickname Frenchy. He was on the Bunker Hill when it got hit by the two Jap Planes. If you knew him or have any pictures, please contact me. Thanks . Bill.
Flint, LissChief Photographers Mate1942 –HelldiversFor my grandfather, Wayne E. Flint. Photo/rear Gunner SB2C-1. Kavieng, Tarawa, Nauru. Flew with Glass, Yerxa, Freed Worley and Adami. Also Keith and Yoder. Or any man in Bombing 17.
Kelley, JackRadioman1942 – May 11, 1945Admiral Ship's CompanyWriting for my dad who just turned 86. He can't see very well but he was a radioman and served with the Admiral Ship's Company and was near the hangar when the ship was hit, he climbed out the porthole and was rescued some hours later.
Hanson, Wallace M.Unknown1942 –UnknownMy grandfather; Journals state he boarded the Bunker Hill when it was commissioned. He was in the galley when the kamikazes hit, he was injured but made it to the deck while helping wounded. Anyone know him?
Clark, John G (Jack)sm21942 –flagsdad has passed..just a note to shipmates
Thompson, JosephCHIEF MACHINEST MATEJan 1942 – 1946Engineering
Nicas, Stanley J.COXSWAINJan 1, 1942 – Dec 10, 1945SecondGun captain, right gun, mount 5. Still alive, now 84 years old. I live in Leicester, MA and still own and run The Castle Restaurant.
Balsamo, MichaelSECOND CLASSJan 4, 1942 – Jan 30, 1945STAYED IN USNR FOR 17 MORE YEARS
Giddings, DonaldJan 26, 1942 – Apr 5, 1945This name entered here was my Father, My name is Gary Giddings I am 50 yrs old,My Father passed away in 1970 of heart disease, he was 56. He was a 1st class petty officer,storekeeper aSKZ-C SKI-C. Am not sure if above dates are correct...
Burrows, JohnSF3/CApr 1, 1942 – 1944this is my dad. He was on the Bunker Hill and was assigned to Marine detail [Acorn 13] on Bougainville where he was severely wounded. Would like to hear from persons with any info related to this time. dad belonged to the Bunker Hill Assoc
Jacinto, Joe/ Jr.W/T IIIJun 17, 1942 – Jun 28, 1946Uss Bunker HillEntering this for my father who has passed on, though I remember the stories he told me of both good times and bad. I so looked up to him and his service on the Bunker Hill I joined the Army out of patritisom.
Jacinto, Joe (Jr.) profile iconWT-3Jun 17, 1942 – Feb 17, 1946Div. C Enginneering(boiler room) I'm the son of Joe J.Jr. He was one of the original crew when she sailed out of Quincy. He has since passed away on March 4, 2003. I've heard many of the stories about the Bunker Hill and the battles they fought.
Hoots, C. A.1ST CLASS PETTY OFFICERJul 1942 – 1946EngineeringThis is my father-in-law who is 81 now and EXTREMELY proud of his service on the Bunker Hill. He served as the main boiler room operator and engineer. He survived two kamikaze attacks and we are VERY proud of him!
Lanman, Everett “red”AMM2Oct 12, 1942 – Dec 14, 1945NavyPassed away: 1/23/2023 two months shy of 101
Day, CyrilCMMNov 1942 – Dec 1945Engineers M DivisionThis is my dad. He past away 12/22/2009. He is an original Plank Owner was aboard CV17 from Shake Down Cruise to Magic Carpet Cruise. He was Chief Machinist Mate on watch in one of the engine rooms when hit by Kamikazes. Very proud of him.
Carter, Davidtmv 2nd classNov 4, 1942 – Jan 12, 19466th DivisionDave is proud of his service - enjoyed the many reunions with his buddies and enjoys telling stories about the times good and bad - remembers his friends living and lost Dave joined his shipmates past, on Sept 11, 2011
Chuda, AntonyQM2Dec 1942 – Sep 1946My dad was on the Bunker Hill and is an original "plank owner." He was with the ship when he picked it up in Quincy shipyard and steered it through the Panama Canal. He never talked about what he endured.He died in 2005.
Hepner, NormanS1CDec 28, 1942 – Feb 9, 1946VB 17On behalf of my dad and in tribute to his service. Would like to hear from someone if they knew Norman ( Lucky). He was from Orange, Virginia. Dad passed away in 1975. I am creating a history of him.
Grady, George1943 –I was the bugler on the Bunker Hill from 1943 -1945
Landrum, JustinAGM 1/C1943 – May 1945Torpedo SeventeenThis is my father. He past away on 11/7/1995. Torpedo - Seventeen Squadron Record: 109 Planes, and 11 tankers, 4 DD's, 1 CL, 2 CV's, 6 DE's, and 1 BB Jack Landrum: 7 Planes Lt. Chuck Brown: 19 Planes, 6 Tankers, 1 DD, hits on all the r
Moser, Howard1943 – 1945Sailor's Marine Corp Medal
Micharlsen, Jr., LeonardCV 171943 – 1945My late father, Leonard Micharlsen, Sr., my father, served aboard the Bunker Hill. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who may have known him or served with him.
Glover, DenmanCHIEF GUNNERS MATE1943 – 1945This is my Dad, passed away in 2000 wouldn't talk much about his experiences but I've got the ship "year book" dated 1944. fun to look at
Johnson, Robert A. Johnson (Rabbit-ass R.a.) No OffenseELECTRICIAN MATE, FIRST CLASS1943 – 1945EI am entering this for my father, Bob Johnson, who will be 87 years old on July 19, 2007. He has recently come to live with me, his daughter, in Panama City Beach, Fl. from Louisville, Ky.
Caldwell, Jasper RobinAVIATION RADIOMAN 1ST CLASS1943 – May 11, 1945Distinguished Flying Cross, Air Medal with 3 Gold Stars, Purple Heart Memorialized at: Honolulu Memorial (World War II Missing In Action and Buried at Sea)
Stepp, Gordon ThomasS1C1943 – May 11, 194523 years old. Killed in action. Buried at sea.
Wisnewski, Andrew H. 'ski'1943 – 1945
Maruskin, Mickey1943 – 1944My father was a gunner and he crashed twice into the South Pacific. I am his son and if you knew him please e-mail Paul Maruskin. E-mail address is
Smith, Jackson LeeCHIEF MACHINIST MATE1943 – 1945I am adding my grandfather to the list. He was on the ship from 1943 until May 1945. He continued to live in Front Royal, Va. until his death in 1994.
Lethgo, William Merchant1943 – 1944MechanicThis is my Papaw we would love to hear any stories anyone one has of him.
Tennant, Jim1943 – Dec 25, 1943This is my father, James Reed Tennant, he was wounded on Christmas day when the plane he was in was hit. Thomas Downs, gunner saved him and Sullivan, pilot landed the disabled craft on the carrier. He died October 1999, a wonderful father!
Atkinson, ArchieSIGNALMAN1943 – 1945This is my great uncle. He loves talking about his experiences in the war. I would love to talk to someone who remembers him. feel free to email me at
Mancini, Edward1943 –I am posting this for my Dad, who dies about 10 years ago. I will update it with other information later.
Vaughan, HerbertBoatswain's Mate1943 – 1945unknownI am Herb's grandson. He has not spoken much about the war until recently. I am lucky that he is still doing well and I live nearby. If there is anyone out there remembers serving with him, please contact me.
Walkowski, Frank "Ski"Coxswain1943 – 1944UnknownI would like to find someone who served with my dad to learn more about him during this time.
Prophet, BillMuscian1943 – 1945not sureMy Dad passed away in 1995, he never spoke much about his time on the ship except one time and it was about the kamakasi attack, it was short ,painful,and tearful but he was proud of his shipmates !
Vigilante, Joesecond class petty officer1943 – 1946MI am retired and first logging into this site to check out who is still around. I was on the bunker hill when we were attacked.
Edwards, JeanFC/11943 – 1945?My father, Richard "Bruce" Novine was a Fireman, an "Oil King", nickname Doc, on the USS Bunker Hill. He survived the May, 1945 kamikaze attack. He passed in June of 1988. He treasured his connection with the ship.
Herstine, Richardlieutenant1943 – 19453rd and 5th fleetMy Grandfather, Richard Owen Herstine, served on the orginal crew of the USS BUNKER HILL until the treaty was signed with Japan. He worked in communications. I have lots of info on him if there is any interest. Thanks
Rainville, NormanAMM1943 – 1946Aviation Machinist MateSurvived the kamikaze bombings . My Dad has severe dementia . If anyone remembers him and can tell me any info of his time aboard, that would be wonderful. Contact me Thank you🇺🇸
Griffith, WayneSeaman First Class1943 – 1945Do not knowThis is to honor my Uncle Wayne Marvin Griffith who bravely served and fought at the attack on the USS Bunker Hill
Vallier, VictorGM31943 – 1945Gunners MateThis is for my father that pass away in 1977, he served on the Bunkerhill as a Gunners Mate 1943-1945
Foster, Eugeneunknown1943 –unknowntrying to research our family roots and paths in life
Barge, RobertAMM1Jan 1943 – Jul 1945Airgroup 17Robert is my Dad. He has many good stories about life aboard the Bunker Hill and kept a scrap book about his adventures. He flew in Torpedo 17. Some of his friends included John Adams, Casey Black , Robert Ashwell and "Bocco."
Thompson, JosephJan 1943 – Jan 1946I am searching for shipmates of Chief Entringer. I am doing a memorial day service in his honor. Any information would be appreciated by both myself and his sister. Senior Master Sergeant Joe Thompson, USAF(ret) Lake County South Dakota
Schultz, JamesCV17Jan 1, 1943 – Oct 1, 1945navyWould like to exchange memories of my father. From Lewistown Pa. He was a gentle loving man. Past in 1995. Served on flight deck.
Makuchan, George-elmerGM3Jan 1, 1943 – Jan 1, 19461st DivisionThis is my father. He was a GM 3C in the 1st Division. He went by the nickname "Elmer". He passed away in 1984 but had previously attended all the reunions. If anyone has any information or knew him
Nicholson, LeonardAviation Ordnanceman 2cFeb 13, 1943 – Jan 29, 1944Torpedo 17This is my uncle who along with his crew Robert Grimsman and Arthur O'Sullivan flew TBF Avengers. They were shot down and MIA Jan 29 44. I would love to learn anything about him or his crew.
Potter, WallaceRT1CFeb 24, 1943 –33
Mattei, AlfredAMM 2/CMar 1943 – Mar 1945EngineeringI am now living in Puerto Rico, in good health and enjoying my life.
Manning, RalphunknownApr 1943 – Jun 1945unknownThis is my grandfather. He was onboard when she was hit by the two planes and survived. He passed on November 25, 2011 at the age of 85. Please email me if you knew him while onboard ship.
Elliott, BobRADARMAN 2CApr 15, 1943 – Feb 15, 1945V3Plankowner lwent to flight training iving in Tampa,contact by e mail
Bird, DonaldSeaman Second ClassApr 19, 1943 – Mar 10, 1950unknownThis is my Great Uncle, who received a Purple Heart during the attack in May 1945. If you knew him please contact me at Thank you to all who served.
Naegeli, Vinson DalePFCMay 1943 – 19457th Marine DetachmentI served as Captain Ballentine's orderly, ship's bugler, Battery 4. Interested in hearing from anyone who was on the ship and served during the first nine major battles in the Pacific. Send to 36 Chestnut St, Windsor Locks, CT 06096.
Gately, Fallon FrancisCOXSWAINMay 1943 – Nov 22, 19453rdFallon is my grandfather. He was in the 3rd Div. on gun mount #4 at the time of the attacks. He's currently 85 yrs old and is looking to get in touch with anyone who served with him. Please email to contact him thru me.
Simpson, Ralphem1cMay 1943 – Apr 1946power
Samford, Edward H. ( Red )Seaman 1st ClassMay 1943 – May 1945Flight DeckMy Dad, was aboard. He worked on the flight deck, loaded ammo and bombs, fueled the Corsair fighters. He survived both attacks without a scratch. He passed away in 1999. He was proud to be a sailer of the Bunker Hill
Hanson, Russell/russMACHINIST MATE SECOND CLASSMay 13, 1943 – Apr 5, 1946A
Kelly, ThomasARM 3CMay 17, 1943 – Sep 16, 1945Torpedo Squadron 84The first single engine bombing attack over Tokyo - Nakajima Ota. Assisted on Iwo Jima and Okinawa landings. - Engaged in the torpedo attack on the Yamato Super Battleship on April 7, 1945. - Webmaster of Get in touch
Meek, WalterAviation Machinist's Mate 1cMay 23, 1943 – May 24, 1944C1HI placed this for my gradfather Walter Meek. He served proudly aboard the USS Bunkerhill. If you know him please feel free to contact me and I will pass along the message.
Foltz, CarlChief Petty OfficerMay 24, 1943 – 1945ElectricianOn behalf of my father. Who was also on the Ranger.
Hankey, Earle W.AMM1CMay 25, 1943 – 1945 Wounded twice,19 June 1944 and 11 May 1945. He served 35 years and retired as a Navy Lieutenant on August 1st, 1969. Passed away, March 3, 1995. (added by collector)
Gerard, DonaldWT1cMay 25, 1943 – Feb 7, 1945unknownI make this entry on behalf of my father who enlisted at the age of 19 and was 23 when he served on the Bunker Hill. He would speak of how hard it was to sleep berthing under the catapults that launched the planes.
Lee, Perley J.TENDER THIRD CLASSJun 1943 – May 11, 1945My Uncle, Perley J. Lee, was stationed on the Bunker Hill during the kamikaze bombings. I'm hoping someone remembers him and can tell me about his time on the ship. He passed away in 2006
Santoro, ErnestCOXSWAINJun 1943 – 19453rd DivisionMy name is Amy and this is my grandfather. He is looking for fellow shipmates to correspond with and reminisce. He currently lives in Naples, Florida. You may contact him through me at
Chiaverini, Falco profile iconSeaman 1st ClassJun 1, 1943 – Jan 1, 19462nd DivisionIt was a hell of a ride. Worked on anti-aircraft gun crew. How can I find out if guys from my time are going to be at the reunion?
Amen, RichardLt.JgJun 1, 1943 – Dec 31, 1945CommunicationsDad served in commo throught the kamikazee attacks off Okinawa. He passed away at the end off 2001, but was always a proud naval man. Army/navy games alweays elicited much emotion and excitement when we watched.
Taphilias, GeorgeSeaman 1 cJun 16, 1943 – Jun 19, 1944V 1 HI am posting in Honor of my Great Uncle. I am so very proud of his service to our great nation. He was killed on June 19, 1944 in the battle of Marianas. If anyone new him or has photo's contact me
McCarthy, John Jmachinest mate 2nd classJun 22, 1943 – Mar 8, 1946aviationI am registering for my dad he passed away four years ago
MacKenzie, "Gat" Or GarfieldGunner's Mate 3rd ClassJun 22, 1943 – Feb 19, 1946not sure..Dad would like to make contact with anyone from his ship. He is still living in Maine, but winters in NC. Please contact me;, with any information you are able to share - especially if I can buy a "yearbook". Thanks
Robbins, DanLT.Jul 1943 – Sep 1945Air
Goddard, VernonAMMJul 1943 –I'm adding my fathers name to this list. I know he was on this ship in July, 1943, but am uncertain of when he was off. If anyone has any info for me, please pass it on. My name is Charlotte and my emai is Thank you
Ransom, Roland A.k.a. "Dugan"Petty Officer 2nd ClassJul 1943 – 1946Airman 9 &17This is my Father-in-law A.K.A. Dugan. He passed away 6/11/2011. i will try to update with more about him to help others remember who he was and the good times he & his mates had.
Walker, Jims1/cJul 1943 – Nov 9, 19454th div I was a 20mm gunner on battery 6 aft on the USS bunker hill We were hit by two kamakaze on may 11 1945
Story, George SanfordAug 1943 – May 11, 1945I am posting this for my cousin, George. He died in the attack on 5/11/45 at the age of 19. I want to know more about his time on the ship and how he died.
ECKL, Joseph (Red)MM 3/CAug 1943 – Apr 1946Boiler Room RepairThe Bunker Hill saved my life!
Costlow, James, JimmyARM3Aug 1943 – Oct 1944Bombing Squadron 8My dad was on board when it sailed from New York and did 50 missions in the Pacific with his Pilot CW Smith. Dad passed away in 1993. He was wounded once and had to ditch when the deck of the ship was bombed and caught
McGloughlin, David C profile iconSlcAug 1943 – May 1945CookNA
Perrini, AlAug 30, 1943 – Dec 1, 1944This is my father in law who passed away in 1965. He kept a diary of events during this period of the Bunker Hill actions.
Ulrich, RayY2CSep 1943 – May 1945K2Captain's Office
Schroeder, PaulLT.Sep 1943 – May 11, 194584th Air Group Flight SurgeonPaul G. Schroeder was killed on 11 MAY 1945 (along with 400 others) during a kamikaze attack. May Their souls rest in peace until the sea gives up her dead and Christ returns to earth. Thomas (Schroeder) Souders.
Burkett, EugeneSeamanSep 1943 – Sep 19473rd DivisionI was a gunner, 2nd deck on the side. 40 mm quad. On side where Kamikaze crashed into the ship.
Gilbuena, JoeSCPOSep 26, 1943 – Mar 27, 1944Admiral Mitchems Crew (sp?)Joe (my Dad) is a true American Hero. He will always be respected and admired for his service to this country. As an American Filipino, WWII, Korea, Veitnam. I love you, Nereida.
Joyce, JosephS/2ndOct 7, 1943 – Feb 24, 1944unknown

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