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USS Pogy (SSN 647) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Pogy (SSN 647). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 179 crew members registered for the USS Pogy (SSN 647).

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Parnell, Patrick profile iconHMC (SS)Aug 1, 1900 – Sep 30, 1993MedicalStill Pogin! Wil Frye was the best CO I ever served with and Joe Leidig the best XO. Which resulted in the best crew ever. There was no mission we could not accomplish, and we have the Battle "E"s to prove it
Whitley, SteveEM1SS1969 – 1973ElectricalLong time ago...but feels like yesterday. Lots of fun on Oahu.
Landrum, RayMM1(SS)Aug 1969 – Mar 1973M
Gibson, ChuckTM2(SS)Nov 1969 – Dec 1972WeaponsI was the first seaman to report aboard. Quite an experience in Pascagoula. I was in the torpedo room when the periscope fell and when we found the mountain. First SSN to visit Thailand.
Kurth, BillEM2 (SS)Dec 1969 – Jul 1972E
Bradley, Robert (Bob)ST1(SS)Dec 10, 1969 – Apr 7, 1972SONAR
Lindgren, HowardET1 SSJan 1970 – Sep 1972E DivisionGreat experience. I look back at it as some of the best times of my life. Lots of good friends I would like to see again.
Pollock, BruceSK3May 1970 – Oct 1973SUPPLYI remember the big bump, and the month in Guam!!! I'm also a plank owner!
Andrews, Thomassdsn1971 – 1972supplyMade some great friends during this time.Plank owner.the XO was the best i ever had in 22 years in the Navy.met uncle hymie while on board,strange man.Loved the angles and dangles.
Bishop, DonET1 ssMay 14, 1971 – Aug 16, 1975reactor operator served during pac run sea of Japan hit underwater mtn, with prop and bow damage. I was in the ships library and saved the copier. Enjoyed Guam during repairs. Served as informal chaplain, Bible studies and XMAS music
Nixon, TheodoreMM1 (SS)Jun 1971 – May 1975ELTHope everyone I served with is doing ok. I reflect back on great shipmates; not that we always got along.
King, MichaelETN2Jun 1971 – Jun 30, 1974Reactor OperatorsNot sure of the first day -- It was just after the Pogy went into the Pearl drydock. I remember the mountain and the periscope -- That was near my bunk. I also remember the hydraulic system failure
Bushnell, MikeSTS1 (SS)Jun 10, 1971 – Feb 4, 1979Weapons
Sorensen, EricHM1Nov 1971 – Oct 1972MedicalCame aboard after completing NucSubMed School. Made first WESPAC run where #2 scope crashed to bottom of periscope well and later on we crashed into an undersea mountain (not on chart). Exciting times on Pogy - yessir! Went to Hunley afterward.
Mock, JimQM3Nov 1, 1971 – Jul 31, 1973QMLots of memories from the sea trials after the initial drydock in Pearl and of the 1972 WesPac cruise. Does anyone else remember when we "found" an uncharted underwater mountain.
Breece, MarkMM2 (SS)Nov 14, 1971 – Feb 28, 1975A-GangPogy and her crew taught me things that will last a life time. Thanks Mark
Andrews, Thomassdsn1972 – 1972supplyMade some great friends during this time.Plank owner.the XO was the best i ever had in 22 years in the Navy.met uncle hymie while on board,strange man.Loved the angles and dangles.
Martelli, MichaelSKC(SS)1972 – 1974SupplyGood Crew, Good Boat
Enterline, Greg Nickname StoaekituEM1-SS1972 – 1979E DivisionGood times. Whatever happened to the Lower Level Devils, Disco Dan the Pro Pay Man, Uncle Pervy, Dan the Guppy F___er, Swede (I see he has an entry here), and the rest. Who remembers the jam dive? Yes, good times.
Rauch, ChristopherTM2Jan 1, 1972 – May 15, 1975WEAPONS
Prestwich, CraigIC2Apr 1972 – Feb 1975Interior Communications
Merayo, PeteQM3Aug 1972 – Sep 1974What memories I have of those days. At the time, I thought time stood still, and we would never be "normal" again. Now it is 34 years later since I saw her last. I had to leave sub service because of medical reasons (ulcer). Miss the mate
Ellegard, SidETR2 (SS)Aug 1, 1972 – Jul 10, 1975Fwd ETI made Pogy's first 2 WestPacs and a few other special trips. Pogy was a great boat but it was the people that made it all work so very well. I am very proud of the work that we did. I remember the dropping periscope and the mountain.
Fein, Edward E.ETC(SS)Oct 1972 – Mar 1976OE01/Fwd ETFirst tour on Pogy
Pennington, JohnTM2Oct 30, 1972 – Oct 30, 1977Torpedo/Deck div.
Salazar, AlMM2 SSDec 1, 1972 – Mar 1, 1975A-GangPogy was the second sub I was assigned to. 1st was a Diesel boat Baya AGSS-318 which was a blast. But met some very good people on the Pogy and had some very good times in Hawaii, Hong Kong and the Phillipines.
Carlson, Wayne "swede"EM 1 (SS)Dec 28, 1972 – Jun 1, 1978EServed two tours 72-75 &76-78. Made 1st and qualified on my only boat. MAde some fantastic friends and miss them greatly, Married with one son In USCG , 1st Class ETR followed my footsteps i guess. David Hackbert EM1 SS died in the 90"s.
McIntyre, Ray (Mac)IC21973 – 1976Interior Communications
Smith, BillSTS2(SS)May 11, 1973 – Dec 10, 1976SonarPOGY was my 1st boat. I ended up going to four others along with 2 guided missile frigates, a helo squadron and an AEGIS cruiser -- 32 years in the Navy. Retired now, I look back on POGY as the best part of a priceless Navy career. POGY rules!
Eyre, Randy profile iconET2 (SS)1974 – 1976Reactor ControlDrawing Social Security in Fort Worth, Texas.
Broquet, RickETN2(SS)Aug 1974 – Feb 1979Fwd ETGreat crew, good friends and a life time of memories.
Bergmann, PaulEM3Aug 1974 – Sep 1976E First Boat, First west Pac, First overhaul. What memories
Lockert, WilliamCTTCMSep 25, 1974 – Nov 22, 1974Spook I'm glad I picked Pogy to make my last patrol . She was a great boat with crew. Hit Captain Coopers with pie during Spook Night; . A "no balls" challenged to paint racing stripe on sail. Donated 100.00 to crew recreation fund. BZ Pogy.
Barnes, FredET-2 SS1975 – 1977NavigationLooking for Al Bush.
Learn, MikeQMSN(SS)1975 – 1978navigation
Swaim, RockeySTS1/SSFeb 10, 1975 – Jan 10, 1980Best experience of my life
Hudson, EdLTApr 30, 1975 – Apr 1, 1979A/E-IC/RC Officer
Lea, Kevin (Tweak)Nuke MM2Jan 2, 1976 – Sep 28, 1978Nuke M-DivStumbled across this site showing my Grandson pictures of my submarine. Hi to all those I served with.
Jones, GuyRM3(SS)Apr 12, 1976 – Dec 5, 1978Radio Shack
Brown, EdwardET1(SS)Sep 1976 – Aug 17, 1977RCCar accident 8/17/77, I wound up in Trippler for three months then transferred to shore duty. I then worked in shop 10D before. discharge 11/78
Brown, EdwardET1 (SS)Oct 1, 1976 – Oct 1, 1977RCRC division LPO -I was in an auto accident that took me to Trippler Army Hospital in 8/1977. I now reside in Phoenix .Retired reactor engineer. Email me, obviously interested in meeting old friends. Now 65 yo.
Warner, WesleyMM# (SS\DV)Nov 12, 1976 – Dec 1979A-Gang

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