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USS Grayling (SSN 646) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Grayling (SSN 646). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 215 crew members registered for the USS Grayling (SSN 646).

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Cheek, MichaelRM2/RM1(SS)1978 – 1981RadioGreat Crew! RMC(SS) 'Buddy' Eidson (RIP); Don Mason; Bruce 'BB' Smith; Steve Nemecek; Alan Miller; Warren Simas; 'Grease'; 'Big Al'; won Green C; Tim Simon' Scotty 'Animal' Wolf; Ron Gladney.
Walker, LarryEM-1/SSJan 1978 – Mar 1983E-DivMed Run, Northern Run, Caribbean Ops, Autec, Overhaul, "Relaxed Operating Schedule," etc. Claimed to hate the whole thing, but I still have my "Fast Attack Tough" license plate, so you do the math.
Uppman, DavidMS2(SS)May 1978 – Oct 1981Supply
Janulis, JerryET1 (SS)May 22, 1978 – Feb 22, 1982RCAlways proud to have part of the Grayling family
Eidson, Landers (Buddy) profile iconRMC (SS)Sep 25, 1978 – Feb 1, 1982CommunicationsMed run 81..we won the Green C. Great crew. Great boat.
Watson, James (Mike)SA(SU)Dec 1978 – Jun 1979DECK (SEAMAN GANG)Boat was in Drydocks in Charleston, struck YN, sent to school and upon return to the boat was transferred to BOOMERS because the Admin Div was overmanned.
Ryland, Jeff profile iconSTS2(SS)1979 – 1982SonarSome of the best times in my life bar none,with the exception of a few monkeys on Gibraltar. If anyone has heard of a younger sonar supervisor please let me know. Special mention to Tommy, Geb, Mark, Jerry contact me
Wolfe, Scotty "animal"MM1(SS)Jan 1979 – Jun 1983M
Hubel, ClaytonIC2 SSJan 2, 1979 – Sep 27, 1979FWD ICFBM short-timer. Spent some time as the boats master-at-arms in the barracks and then at the supply warehouse until hurricane David came through.
Robbins, JohnMM1Mar 1979 – Nov 1982
Gladney, RonMM2(SS)Apr 1979 – Oct 1983A GangMan what a great time! San Juan/St Croix 79, Med runs in 81 and 83, Northern Run in 82. All old friends please email me at Currently reside in Palm Harbor, FL.
Stephens, Jim 'Stew'SK2/SSApr 1, 1979 – Aug 2, 1980SupplyMy last boat, did yard period then sea trials in 80. Went to civlant in August 80. Been with UPS now for 24 years.
Gladney, RonMM2 (SS)Oct 1, 1979 – Oct 26, 1984A Gang
Owens, TomQM2/ssNov 20, 1979 – Jun 1, 1983QuartemasterToo many memrories. Good Bad, and Ugly. Took Grayling on her sea trials out of yard with new reactor, Med Runs, Norther Runs. man the stories we could tel eh?
Mann, MichaelET-11980 – 1984Reactor ControlsReactor Operator
Nemecek, StephenRM2(SS)1981 – 1984RadioServed under CAPT Eckert & CDR Albert H. Konetzni, Jr. Radio shipmates included RM2(SS) Allen Miller, RM1(SS) Mike Cheeks, RMC(SS) Mike Adams, RMC(SS) Buddy Eidson. 2 Med Runs and 1 Northern Run. Comm Officers were, Lt Aclin, Lt Geer, Lt Jergenson.
Cotroneo, DanRM31981 – 1985Radio and DeckGuys I remember: Frankie Kelm, Cresdon Martell, Rich Kelm, Wayne Phiffer, Tom Owens, Jim Devoe (inter'd me to Warren Zevon) Mike Adams, Jim Mills (soft hands) Jim Richmound, Tim Simons, Larry Nesbit, Kuppers, and BIG AL
Zaharewicz, KurtMM1/SS1981 – 1985Engineering M-Div
Gibson, DanaE3 TorpedomanMar 10, 1981 – Apr 12, 1982WeaponsGreat times with great people, still in contact with a few, to young to actually realize where I was and the advantages we had over the surface fleet Med run x 2 , sub games in FT Lauderdale
Radich, Joseph Big Daddy JoeFTG1/SSJun 1981 – Feb 1986FT/DKnever had a more exciting time in my life. Went on to other boats (637 & 671) FBM training center and Squadron 4 staff. Finally got bored and retired in 1996, found a safe job as a fire fighter in Mt Pleasant.
Gravat, EricIC1/SSJun 17, 1981 – Oct 1, 1984IC Division LPOWhat I learned under Admiral Konetzni's (then Commander ) command about managing and holding the Sailors under me as well as myself, allowed me to be successful in all aspects of my life from then to the present.
Phifer, WayneSTS3 (SS)Sep 1981 – May 1985Weapons Served under BIG AL and WILD BILL. Great crew! Too many folks I would like to see again to mention here...Richard Kalb, Tim Simon, Martell, Dan Controneo, Willie Roy Clay,Jesse Belflower, Steve Connelly,Jimmy Mills, Tom Owens, Steve Johnson, ...
Laprade, WillMM2May 1982 – Jun 1986EngineeringGreat memories I will never forget. Med runs,Northern runs etc.Hate the old girl was turned into razor blades.
Fraidenburg, MarkEM1(SS)Jul 1982 – 1989E-DivThe greatest memories of my navy career were on the old Gray Thing.
Richmond, MarkDS2/SSOct 1982 – Jul 1986FT/DSI couldn't wait to get out, but I look back with fond memories of the times on the "Gray Thing." Guys like "H-Rab", "Bad Bob" and others. 2 Northern Runs, a Med Run and a transit back from PR on the surface afte
Legore, BobSNOct 1, 1982 – Mar 14, 1984a-gangIsn't Wayne Phifer's real name Talmidge?
Neal, RonQMCDec 1982 – Dec 1986ops
Neal, RonQMCDec 1982 – Dec 1986Nav OpsLoved being on the Grayling. Hung around a few more years and was the COB the Polk in the early 90's and retired to Moncks Corner in 95 when they closed the base.
Devoe, JimMS2(SS)1983 – 1984SupplyMed run. Northern run. Great boat,great crew, Helluva Time!!
Richmond, JimET1/SSMar 1, 1983 – Feb 1, 1987ETI remember the days of Med Runs like they were yesterday.
Vaher, ErikMM3/SSMar 1, 1983 – Feb 22, 1987a-gangblu nose/northern runs mass insanity w/wild bill and the best crew and boat in the world-crown royal/fireworks/bonfires at sherwood forest-great foggy memories cant b-lieve its been 20yrs gimme a call 570-780-7990
Hrabe, DonFTG1/SSMar 15, 1983 – Jun 2, 1986FT/DSDave Eliot, FT/DS, the Sonar Girls, Fellow Blue Noses, and the two best captians in Naval history. I remember all of you guys. -- don h, BA, MA
Rachal, JoelLTJun 1983 – Sep 1986RCA, DCA, CommoLot's of fun on the old Graything -- good to see so many names, remember all the good times - what the hell was the name of that pub in Dunoon -- also Norway and Portsmouth! Got a chuckle out of seeing Big Al on the Larry King show!
Adley, DanET2(SS)Aug 1, 1983 – Jul 23, 1987ESMNow the CMC at Assault Craft Unit TWO. Attended "Big Al's" retirement JUL04. Enjoyed a cigar with him. Remember ETC Mike Church? Tommy Owens? Jimmy Mills? Jim Richmond?
Kelm, FrankIC3 SSSep 16, 1983 – Jun 16, 1986ICI'll never forget the days up north
Hipkins, JackEM2/SSDec 21, 1983 – Dec 19, 1986I always speak of my boat and my shipmates with great pride. I'll never forget my time under ice. God bless our Captain, "Wild" Bill Evans. This boat helped kill Communism!
Moore, RonLTJG1984 – 1987Supply
Meredith, JessMM3Jan 4, 1984 – Mar 9, 1988A-GangThanks for the shout-out Luvert! Damn, I cant believe it's been over 20 years. I never thought I would say this, but wouldn't it be fun to go out punching holes in the ocean again for a bit under Wild Bill Evans?
Johnson, SteveSN (SS)Feb 1984 – Dec 1985DeckIt was great time to be onboard this boat. Sure miss hanging out on mid watch at the helm with the Chief of the Watch. Also, hangin out in the Ops lower level. Never forget stealing Richard Kalbs bear on the ice op. Great Crew!
Khol, CurtMar 1984 – Jul 1987MPA / CRA / COMMO / EMO / RCA / EO
Johnson, DanielFTG2/SSMar 20, 1984 – Mar 10, 1988FT/DSGreat to see some familiar names. Some more to toss out. Jess Meridith, Elvie McGlawn, Tim Lively, Hubie Tharp, Rod Martin, John Prudoumme, Eric "you must drink" Vaher, "Pooh Bear", Tim Knop. Bottoms up to the Lazy B and Horse and
Moore, SteveEM1/SSApr 1984 – Jun 1986ElectricalFrank Gravener, Kerry Koch, Richard Crain, Mark Ledin, Yancey Downey, Cdr Evans (knew how to fight the ship), YNC\SS Dan McDonald, Jack Hipkins, Kramer are people Ill never forget.Gibson les paul, Mark Fraidenburg
Dwain, SpringerSTS1(SS)Apr 1, 1984 – Jan 1, 1991SonarIce-ex under Wild Bill, Northern run, MASH 4088 in the yards, Bottom Gun
Lewandowski, Richard (Lew)ICC/SSApr 4, 1984 – Nov 24, 1989ICAlways haze gray and underway.
Barker, DonMM1/SSApr 12, 1984 – May 28, 1986MM/ELT
Homer, DaveET1/SSMay 1984 – Oct 4, 1987RCThanks to the guys of RC div who hated being on board so much they made me look good. The most professional shipmates were Jack Hipkins and Frank Gravner(?) Apologies Frank if I got your last name wrong.

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1971 | 1972 – 1977 | 1978 – 1984 | 1985 – 1989 | 1990 – now

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