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USS Sturgeon (SSN 637) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Sturgeon (SSN 637). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 219 crew members registered for the USS Sturgeon (SSN 637).

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Champeau, LouisMM1(SS)1971 – 1975MMy first boat. Reported aboard during first overhaul at EB. Aboard when we attacked St. Croix (and lost). Did 6 month Med run in '74-'75.
Johnson, JohnET1SS1971 – 1974rcplayed football on the beach with bohanon, went to ny with hahn, ate a great steak made by goodwin, did st croix(i was in crews mess when we hit), griped about bright's food, and so on
Velez, Carlos (Chico)TA31971 – Feb 1, 1972Submarine Squadron 10It was an honor to serve on board the USS Sturgeon. It was a very turmoiled time in our countries history. I'm proud to say that I served during that time and could be counted among it's crew.
Goodwin, RossETR21971 – 1974RC DivI have some great pics of Sturgeon in St Croix 1973. Email me if you want one.
Oberle, Chris/obieMM2(SS)Apr 1971 – Aug 1974A divisionwas auxiliary man forward watch when Sturgeon hit St Croix
Carver, BobbyE5May 1971 – Feb 1975weapons
Greenman, BillMM2 SSJun 1971 – Oct 1974LELT/ERSIf anyone is near New Milford, Ct, please drop by. I am usually here.
Warner, LarryET-2(SS)Jun 18, 1971 – Jan 21, 1973RCMy first boat. Got my Dolphins on the Sturgeon. A good boat.
Goodwin, RossETR2Jul 5, 1971 – Jun 17, 1974RChave pics of St Croix, etc. Looking for Mike Hahn, Pat Gwynn and rest of RC gang and others as well
Curtis, EarlMM2Jul 5, 1971 – Mar 20, 1972M DivArrived while the boat was in the Yards for repairs. Was transferred to the Lincoln SSBN 602 when their Lead ELT couldn't make the last patrol before returning to go to Mare Island for overhaul.
Johnston, AlSK3Aug 1971 – Oct 1974SupplyHad a good time on the sturgeon.had some good friends Kirk stega Geo W Geo G Wm A Nav Hap Grenie Joe D Chico CJ Stef Bros and who could forget Joe notso B Hope everyone is doing well check out Sail at Nav Undersea Mu Was
Bryant, DavidEM1 (SS) EWSSep 11, 1971 – Aug 28, 1975ELoved the Med cruise only because of the three days spent with the USO tour to Rome, Florence, Piza
Armstrong, Richard(Rick)MM1SSSep 30, 1971 – Sep 2, 1975M DivisionIf I had not been married with a child I would have made a carrier of the Navy. I made some very good friends aboard the Sturgeon that I have lost contact with. I came to understand Master Chief Wheeler.
Steffen, ArthurMM2Nov 24, 1971 – Jan 5, 1974AuxzillaryI was on board with captain Halawell, XO Von Fisher, Mr. Myers, chief Jammison, cheif Merideth, mm2 Austin, dirtywater Al, we had the Austin brothers the Johnson brothers and the Steffen brothers all on the same boat.
Fischer, RickMM3(SS)1972 – 1976A GangNothin' but Love Earl, Bill, Poppie, Webster and the rest of the guys. Time Flies when your not bumping into islands!
Gwynn, PatETR-2(SS)Jan 1972 – Aug 1975Reactor Controls
Moore, RonETN-2Feb 1972 – Nov 1975OPS- Forward ET- SINS TechI was in the rack in the bow compartment when we hit. I remember the word coming up from below , 6 inches and rising. That was quite a trip with the diesel and then the clutch and then bouncing off St. Croix. A great boat and a great crew.
Bays, Willim (Bill)STSCS(SS)Feb 28, 1972 – Jun 8, 1979Sonar
Gourlie, MikeEM2Mar 1972 – Oct 1974ElectricalOn board during fateful submerged head on crash with the coral reefs of St. Croix in the Virgin Islands.
Hollingsworth, Bill HollingsworthMM2SSApr 1972 – Dec 1974MOn board during the fateful Caribbean cruise. We got to spend a month in Rosey Roads for repairs and then ran aground at St. Croix.
Deruntz, SamuelMM2Apr 14, 1972 – Jul 3, 1973MBounced off St Croix. I was the goofy tweaker that broke the COs rig for dive & got kicked off. Ol' Bernie Wheeler said I'd never go anywhere as an MM. Inspired me to make E9 17 yrs later in the surface(target) navy.
Steffen, Bob(stef)MM2 SSOct 1, 1972 – Oct 7, 1975A gangServed with my brother Art, Austins and a couple of nuke brothers. Did the med,St.Croix mishap,PR reduction gear messup and ops in North Atlantic. Great crew great boat Hi Mike V ,Poppe, Hopkins, Von Fischer XO, Bright the worst cook in USN
Petroski, BruceETR-1(SS)Oct 5, 1972 – Nov 10, 1975RCMed trip was good
Foster, WilliamQM2SSOct 20, 1972 – Jul 15, 1977OPSTHE BEST BOAT. HAD NOTHING BUT GOOD TIMES.
Foster, WilliamQM2SSOct 20, 1972 – Jul 15, 1977ops/nav
Velez, Carlos (Chico)TA3Dec 1, 1972 – Dec 4, 1972Submarine Squadron 10It was an honor to serve on board the USS Sturgeon. It was a very turmoiled time in our countries history. I'm proud to say that I served during that time and could be counted among it's crew.
Kyne, PatrickETR2May 1973 – Nov 1976RC
Bautzmann, Hermann (Hank)IC3(ss)Jun 1973 – Dec 23, 1974E DivisionI reported aboard on a Sunday night a week after she came back from St. Croix. Spent that first night with a Master Chief EM debugging a SINS alarm. I kept telling the Chief I was an IC man not a ET. We fixed it.
Herman, KeithSTS3(SS)1974 – 1976WepsNot that anyone is trying to find me, but I changed my last name to Lovell after the Navy. I’ve been trying to locate a few shipmates and this site might help.
Gough, Earl L.TM1(SS)Apr 1974 – Apr 1976weaponssol, rick, long, smokin bo. hard to believe it's been over thirty years. if you ever visit orlando fla, give me a call.
Carso, BobMM2/SSApr 1974 – Sep 1976M DivMy qual boat, great times, remember one night on a southern run on the mid watch Earl brought me back a refreshing cold "beverage"! Fun on the "Rock"
Hartman, TedTM3 (SS)May 1, 1974 – Aug 4, 1974WeaponsI joined the Crew in the drydock in Portsmith; It was a short time, but really enjoyed it. I was the only torpedoman on there until Earl came on board.
Shaw, DaveIC-2 (SS)Sep 1974 – Jun 1978Engineering E-DivOne of the few nuke IC men, qualified aft and forward. Med Cruse, Northern run, & St Croix, plus New London to Charleston with the refueling overhaul. 4 years of my life that I look back on now with good memories.
Smith, LeoSKSN SSSep 12, 1974 – May 27, 1976SUPPLY STOREKEEPERGreatest time of my life,Med cruse north pole, st cori,r.r. pr. big learning curv. the hard way school of hard knocks but got my
Fleming, BenQMC(SS)Sep 22, 1974 – Sep 13, 1979Ops/NavThe best five years of my career were on the Sturgeon. I had great young men like Billy Foster working with me. Would love to hear from any members of the QM gang.
Eastman, JamesQm2Nov 19, 1974 – May 4, 1978Qm
Moore, JerryMM3(SS)Dec 1974 – Feb 1978A Divprobably the best 4 years of my life, some of the best freinds I've ever had , ractor stram, bow, diamond, vinny dasilva, troy vaughn, worst COB ever McClain, currently Machine Maint at General Electric
Jones, DavidSTS (SS)1975 – Mar 22, 1979SonarLooking for some of the past crew members of the USS Sturgeon.
York, StephenMM11975 – Oct 1980EngineeringCurrently living in Georgia.
Seagle, TerryFM1975 – 1977A Gang
Bowman, Keith Scott (Bo)SN(SS)Jan 1975 – Jun 1977WeaponsBest friends I ever had period. Chico Moreno, Greg Spanbauer, Moore and Bob Tudor. Great Med and Northern run. Currently a tax consultant living in Memphis, Tn.
Stiefel, JamesMM1 (SS)Mar 1, 1975 – Jul 1, 1979EngineeringThe best learning experience I have ever had. I have been working for Hartford Steam Boiler Insp. & Ins. Co. since leaving the Navy. Great group of people. Hi to J. Summers, J. OSaben, C. Smith, & other nukes.
Summers, JonETN2 (SS)Jul 1975 – Aug 1978RC DivSome of the hardest work I had to do in the Navy was on the Sturg, but with a great bunch of people. Met some Sturgeonites in civilian Nuc pwr. Working (30 yrs) here at Indian Point #3 NPP in NY. Retiring soon back to Charleston area.
Burnett, MichaelRM3(SS)Sep 1975 – 1979RadioJust checking on old shipmates, David Jones, you out there??
Burnett, Michael (Bunky)RM3(SS)Sep 1975 – Jun 1979RADIOMet the submarine in dry dock in New London, CT. For 17/18 years old, I was in awe that something so big could actually float. I had a lot to learn..

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