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USS Lexington (CV 16) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Lexington (CV 16). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 589 crew members registered for the USS Lexington (CV 16).

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Michael, LynnDK3Jan 1982 – Apr 1985SupplyWould love to find some of my buddies from my wonderful days on the Lex.....please call me if you read this so we can catch up....913-731-3492...Thanks!
Rozell, Ken / RoseABH-3Jan 1982 – Oct 1985V-1 / Fly 2I made some great friends during my time on board. Looking to connect with them. Email me
Nichols, RonDT2Jan 1, 1982 – Aug 30, 1983Dental Department
Speck, EdwardOS2Jan 5, 1982 – Oct 16, 1986OIFrom vaccum tubes to hi tech on the radar consoles. The first ship of my career and one that built a great foundation for the rest of it.
Quinn, MarkBTCS RetiredFeb 1, 1982 – Jul 1, 1985BI was a BT1 when I left to RTC Orlando. I was LPO of 3 Fireroom and later 2 Fireroom and loved every minute on the LEX and missed her and the crew immensely.
Saunders, Reginald/reggieABE2Apr 1982 – Jun 1987V2 Arresting GearHad a great time in the "Gear" section. Met a great bunch of folks that I will never forget!
Brooks, DanielSK2Apr 1982 – Mar 1984S-1Best friends while aboard the Lex: SK1 Tim & Shaun Miller, SK2 Barry & Gwen Kneller, SK3 Dave & Becky Stroop, MS2 John & Judy Sizemore. Transfered to USCG 1984. Retired with 20 yrs. USMC/USN/USCG Service Aug 1998.
Powles, LarryABH3Jun 1, 1982 – Jul 1, 1984V-1 / Fly-2
Lockwood, DavidABE3Oct 1, 1982 – Oct 15, 1985V-2 Arresting Gear
Bryan, BlackwellMSSNDec 1982 – Apr 1984S-2Looking for former shipmates. Would like to see what some of the guys and gals are up to these days.Looking forward to hearing from some of you. Please write.
Stillwell, SteveFN1983 – 1983HAB-Check out my novel, PLIGHT OF THE TOOTHLESS VAMPIRE. Google the title. Click on to the Book Clearing House web-site, and scroll down Alphabetically. Comedy, Suspense, Horror...By Steve Stillwell
Lucero, DoniBTFN- BT31983 – 1986BI started out in 3 fire room and then worked in B-Division DC shop, Then moved to 1 fire room and also did some time in main control. I think alot about the days on this ship. Some good times and some bad... Got out and went back to Texas
Taylor, Gary profile iconABH11983 – 1986V-3 V-1, HabMan those were some strange years.
Sneed, Cathy (Chip)AN1983 – 1984V 1The Lady Lex was great! My last time out I got motion sickness (Never had before) and found out I was to be blessed with my son. We had the first ever Baby Shower in the Hangar Bay! Great times with outstanding people!
Hildebrand, Eugene (Moose)bt1983 – 1985w/oil shacki was there
Vibber, BertIC31983 – Jul 1986E
Walker, Doug profile iconEM2 (SW)1983 – 1985E-Div
Ihrig, Donald (Steve)ASM21983 – 1983V6
Reynolds, StanleyBT1983 – 1985FiremanWas in #2 fireroom. I got out when she was in dry dock in Philadelphia. WOW. seeing the whole boat was awesome.
Dugger, Darold ( Doug)MMC ?E-7Jan 1983 – Mar 1985Hydraulic Shop
Benante, JosephE3Feb 1983 – Sep 1984FocsleLady Lex was out at sea when I arrived by COD on a tailhook. She was out at sea when I left by COD on a catapult. I even got to steer the ship for a few miles. VERY COOL !!! Great CREW..made BEST FRIENDS !!!
Gonzalez (Gonzo), Mario (Taco)GMG-3/ E-4Feb 20, 1983 – Jun 26, 1985WeaponsI had a good time while on the Lex. and made a lot of friends
Stoll, WayneBM2Mar 1983 – May 19873rdHi to all, best command of my career, best crew and command. Learned the most at this command then any other. BMC(SW) Ret.
Cordova, RonnieE-5 EnginemanMar 1, 1983 – Dec 4, 1985A DivisionDiesel and Hydraulic Shop. Looking for friends from the ship to communicate with. Send me an email.
Zuccarell, Randy (Zucc)SH2Mar 10, 1983 – Sep 7, 1985S2Command Advanced to E5, member Navy/Ship Security Force, selected to Officer Candidate after leaving command. Attended Troy State University, achieved BS in Business Management and Technologies. Established entrepreneur in the midwest
Zepf, JoeABE2Mar 10, 1983 – Dec 5, 1986V-2Find old shipmates Specifically Andrew (Snake) Taylor
Callahan, JenniferDK4Jun 1, 1983 – Jun 8, 1984Supply/DisbursingLooking for crew lists from early 1980's.
Mathis, JamesE5/ OSJun 1, 1983 – Jun 30, 1985OII am looking for a Shipmate OS2 George Evans
McCravey, TharanASE2Aug 1983 – Oct 1984V-6EMAIL ME
Mattarochia, Kim profile iconE-3 SNAug 1983 – Jul 1984FOOD SERVICE AND MEDICALLady Lex was my first duty station in the Navy. I worked in the Galley at first (Deep Sink) then transferred to Medical Department after being accepted to Hospital Corpsman School.
Mayer, PatsyBM2Aug 1983 – 1985Deck/2nd
Dawson, DaveBM2Aug 3, 1983 – Jan 10, 19872nd/MAAHad a good time in deck dept and the master at arms dept was sorry to leave the ship and eventually get out of the Navy.
Bishop, DanielMMAug 21, 1983 –A-DivHydraulic Shop
Anderson, Anthony/tonyE-6/ABE1Nov 15, 1983 – Nov 16, 1988V-2
Yavorcik, Donen3Nov 28, 1983 – Nov 27, 1987a division Pensacola command
Duff, RickET2Dec 1983 – Dec 18, 1988OE
Duff, RickET2Dec 10, 1983 – Nov 18, 1988OE
Medina, WilliamAN-ABE21984 – 1988V-2 Catapuls/ Arresting Gear/RehabI live in Ohio. Spent 10 years in California. Last duty stationed was in Bremerton, Washington. Previous command was Guam, Virginia Beach, San Diego, Japan. Pensacola was my first duty station.
Covington, AnthonyBM3Jan 1984 – Aug 1987Deck
McCarty, KevinSM3Jan 23, 1984 – Jan 14, 1986CommI have some of the best memories from being on that ship and in Florida during the mid 80's !!!!!
Warren, StevenBTFN-BT2Feb 8, 1984 – Jul 15, 1989B-DivisionI was assigned to Boiler room #1 and was the divisional yeoman for B-Division. I had the experience of flying to the ship while it was out to sea my first day on board and flying off the ship when i transferred from Lex
Smith, ThomasEN3Mar 10, 1984 – Nov 28, 1986AC+R
Gulyas, DavidABH3May 1984 – Feb 1989V-1Worked Crash & Salvage
Smith, Ed ( Smitty)BT3 TO BT2May 15, 1984 – Mar 16, 1990# 1 Fire RoomFirst command out of A school Loved P-Cola and the Lex wasn't too bad Glad i got a taste of Stick shift steaming it helped me later in life Retired after 20 and finally grew my hair back
Henry, JimSH3May 15, 1984 – May 15, 1986S-3
Jasinski, Jamesbm3Jun 1984 – Apr 19872nd div
Orris, PaulFR - EN2Jul 1984 – Jun 1988A/C&R ShopTimes were so good back in the day. Retiring 09/30 24.5 years and going home!
Hawthorne, DaveABE2Jul 20, 1984 – Mar 31, 1988V-2 Catapults
Jackson, EllaMS3Sep 11, 1984 – Feb 3, 1987S-5BEST SHIP EVER
Burton, BillieABE2Nov 1, 1984 – Apr 1, 1988V-2 Catapults
Peate, James M.E-4 HT3Nov 14, 1984 – Nov 14, 1988R DIVISION(ERO-3) Pipeshop/CHT/PurchasingServed under the direction of chief David Peters aboard the lady lex. She was one of my proudest moments in my life. RIP to those who were lost through the yrs. I say hi to my comrads who served with me..

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1957 | 1958 – 1961 | 1962 – 1967 | 1968 – 1970 | 1971 – 1973 | 1974 – 1976 | 1977 – 1979 | 1980 – 1981 | 1982 – 1984 | 1985 – 1986 | 1987 – 1988 | 1989 – now

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