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USS Hassayampa (AO 145) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Hassayampa (AO 145). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 111 crew members registered for the USS Hassayampa (AO 145).

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Penninger, Doccorpsman1956 – 1958medical
Cotter, JimSEAMAN 1ST CLASSMar 2, 1956 –
Ebeyer, Paul (Doc)HM1May 15, 1956 – Jul 15, 1957medicalOne of the best memories of my life serving as Hospital Corpsman
Garner, CharlesSNAug 1956 – Jun 1958FirstIf anyone was on the ship when I was please call me at 334-290-3697.
Mayhew, DickSFP2Dec 1956 – Sep 1958RShe was a great Lady. The crew were the best.They all worked hard which made her the great Lady she was. It was great to see those who served during my service aboard her. God bless you all
Mayhew, DickShipfitter PO 2Dec 1956 – Sep 1958RI would like a list of all who served on the Hassayampa
Barron, NormanMR3May 15, 1957 – Sep 15, 1959"A"Great Ship. For more Hassayampa shipmates go to We're having a reunion in October in Jacksonville, Fl. Pleasr e-mail me for info.
Ferch, Herman-sonnieMM3Sep 22, 1957 – Oct 24, 1960b-m-ai would not trade my time on the hass for anything
Flud, HaroldSEAMAN1958 – 19612nd
Cretini, Donald J.1958 –R
Nelson,jr, NickSHSN3CApr 15, 1959 – Jul 20, 1961supplyran ships store nad laundry,made 4 westpac cruises. out of navy in 62. wish i could do it again!
Horold, ChiefBT1Dec 1959 – Mar 1963
Kuehn, TerryE-31960 – 1963Mighty fine ship. As a former crewmember, I maintain a major website for the Hassayampa. I welcome your visit to OR simply Google USS HASSAYAMPA for the site. I live in Tacoma, Washington
St. John, JvGM31960 – 19621st and FoxMade 3 West-Pac crusies and really loved it. I remember the time we were refueling a carrier and a tin can and course was changed but the carrier did not and all the rigs were snapped and black oil and av.gas went every where.
Parsons, Darryl F1961 –
Wise, RichardETN31961 – 1962O
Miller, William (Bill)SNJan 1961 – Sep 19631ST deckGood times. Would like to sail the Hass again
Sorrentino, Warren (Sam)mm2Apr 15, 1961 – Jan 2, 1965m
Stackhouse, Robert (Bob)RM/3Sep 10, 1961 – Aug 1963Operations! RadioHad some great times and this might have been some of the best times of my life. I remember a couple of Typhons we went through. Didn t keep a lot of food down!
Barajas, Ernest (Ernie)E4 CS31962 – 1966SuppliesHello, I'm Ernie Barajas daughter. If anyone knows him, please contact me. I grew up hearing all his Navy stories. He was a cook. Hes looking for Leroy Martinez, Richard LaFleur, Robert Ramirez.
Casten, EdwardSK3Feb 1962 – Jan 1964S-1Loved every minute of it.
Martineau, Floyd/martyfm/Bt3/Bt2Sep 1963 – Dec 1966B
Stitt, DanielGMG2Nov 1964 – Sep 28, 1970Fox
Livingston, NoyesCS31965 – 1966Supply
Hayes, Charles  NEWBT31965 – 1968BLooking for information on locations inside 12 mile distance from vietnam shore line from 1965 through 1968.
Beck, Alvinmm3Apr 18, 1965 – Apr 18, 1965mlooking for info on docking danang in 1967 to deliver nurses to uss repose and any photos need badly
Beck, Alvinthird classApr 20, 1965 – Aug 11, 1968m
Pulliam, Jack (Gunner)GMG3May 15, 1965 – Sep 30, 1967FoxWas 17 years old when I first boarded her at Subic Bay. Will never forget the smell of black oil and gun grease. To my shipmates -- fair sailing!
Mazoch, James (Jim)MM 3Jul 1965 – Aug 1966It was fun except when we were in Nam.
Heniser, Larry / HenrySM2Aug 1965 – Mar 1969OperationsMade 4 Westpac cruises to Viet Nam and served with some terrific people .. worked hard and played hard. Good duty.
Forney, JaroldBM3Aug 25, 1965 –2nd
Hess, Jimqm3Oct 25, 1965 – May 26, 1968bridge
Beck, RonnieMM3Nov 16, 1965 – Aug 16, 1968B & MHas anyone suffered complications from agent orange, lead based poisoning or from asbestos that served in the timeframe of 1964-1969? Thanks!
Cook, DanYN31966 – 1967XMade one WESTPAC in 1966. We was the only ship at the time that had a female officer on board. I remember long hot sweaty hours of unreping day and night. And who could forget all the great times at Olongapo City!!
Delora, JohnQM3Jan 1966 – Jan 1967BridgeServed under Capt. Coulter, best CO I ever had.
Caton, Jim/ CatmanSM3Apr 11, 1966 – Mar 17, 1970CommuncationThe HASS will always have a special place in my life. My fellow mates I bonded with and the travel to fantastic 'port of calls' I never could have imagined! No better duty than as a 'skivvy waver ' on board AO-145 !
Gardner, DennisStorekeeper 2nd ClassJun 1966 – Jul 1969SupplyLooking for shipmates. I would really like to find someone who remembers the Hass in Da Nang Harbor in 67/68. I have some great movies of UnReps.
Olsen, Eric (Oly)E31967 – Sep 19692ndLooking for any crew members that I knew.
Smith, Leo 'Smitty'BT31967 – 1967BLooking for Terry Amos who served 1967 - 1971
Morrissette, William (Mouse)PN3Jan 1967 – Apr 16, 1970Had the pleasure of serving on the HASS. She is not in the "mothball" fleet near my home in Concord, CA. I am lucky enough to have one of the original "Pumpers from Paradise" flags along with some official photos of her during unreps
Nelson, RonaldE3Jan 30, 1967 –1stLooking for photos of the Hass and crew to replace lost photos. I have a grandson that's very interested in what my ship was like so anything, especially UNREP photos would be appreciated.
Gregory, DennisE4/RadarmanJun 1967 – Nov 1968OperationsServed under Capt George Harrelson and later, Capt Julian Lake. The "Hass" was a great ship & crew to sail with. Served 10 years in USNR, now married 50+ years and living in N. CA. 2 kids, 3 grand, 1 great. Hello mates!
Wharton, RobertBM-2Aug 15, 1967 –1st DivPlanning a Ship Mate Get Together in San Antonio Tx. Sept 2013 call me 210 263 9797 or e-mail
Neeley, WardBT2Sep 1, 1967 – Sep 1, 1968Bhi to all hassaympa bt's. was ahile ago. she was a good ship.
Snyder, ChuckE-5/QM2Oct 1967 – Apr 1971OPSSpecial shout out to RJ Borunda, D Yagami, and R Geyer, R Lindemann, M Sotzing, P Burnett, R Genders, K Vail, R Strom, Crenshaw and all the other great guys over the years that helped make the Hass one "Hell of a Ship"

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1967 | 1968 – 1977 | 1978 – now

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