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USS Bismarck Sea (CVE 95) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Bismarck Sea (CVE 95). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 104 crew members registered for the USS Bismarck Sea (CVE 95).

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Schumann, Gale0000 – 1945My grandfather served on this ship. He was shot when in the water and was't rescued untill the middle of the night when another soldier and him were spotted by a seach light. He passed away in 2001- May he rest in peace.
John Minza, JohnCMMJan 1, 1923 – Feb 21, 1945?John Minza was my Great-Uncle, he served in the navy for over 20 years prior to his death aboard the Bismark Sea. If you have any information you can provide concerning him feel free to contact me via email.
Corsi, Paul A. / BuckwheatensignJan 1, 1940 – Feb 3, 1942gunnerPaul A. (Buckwheat) Corsi was my father. If anyone knew him I would really like to know more about his service record and the Bismark Sea. Unfortunately my dad passed away in 1984. Thanks, George Corsi
Hayden, Jr., Jacob HerbertSeaman First Class1941 – 1945USS Bismark SeaMy father Jacob Herbert Hayden, Jr., known as Hub, was from South Carolina.. His two brothers John L. and Frosty were also in the Pacific Theater. My father survived the kamikaze attack and died in 1997 at age 77.
Peterson, OthnealSEAMAN 1ST CLASS1942 –I am a survivor of the USS Bismarck Sea. I remember being picked up by a destroyer after a few hours in the ice cold water. I am still living in Ephraim, Utah.
Murphy, Donald B.LTGJ1942 – 1945unknownDon was my father. He survived the sinking of the Bismark Sea CV95 though he spent something like 24 hours in the water with severe injuries. He passed away in 1997. We have a published yearbook about CV95.
Fields, Wiley HintonAVIATION MACHINIST'S MATE SECOND CLASSMar 10, 1942 – Nov 3, 1945Wiley was my father. He told many times of floating in the water with an injured knee until a ship arrived . He told of being knocked off the ladder on every try by waves and the lord sending someone down from the ship to help when he was giving up
Woolever, Robert (Bob)MM1CMay 11, 1942 – Feb 21, 1945?My uncle Bob Woolever was in the boiler room when the Kamikaze plant hit the Bismarck Sea. He was lost at sea. I have contacted the Navy and looked on the websites to gather as much info as I can.
Flores, RubenSeaman, First ClassJun 24, 1942 – Feb 21, 1945SeamanRuben Flores ,is a great uncle who was lost at sea,and will never be forgotten. He was the only one of four brothers that didn't come home. I would love any crew pictures if possible.
Reinhart, BernardAMM 2CDec 1942 – Mar 1946Air ForceBismark Sea Survivor, Picked up by Destroyer, Transfered to Troop Carrier, Saipan Hospital etc. Bad & Sad Memories. War is "Hell" on Earth". Men not returning are the lucky ones. I know, I Volunteer at VA Hospital (SAVAHCS) 2 times a
Gray, James3RD CLASS BUGELMASTER1943 – 1944My father servered aboard the Bismark Sea when it was hit and sunk. He told us how horrible it was in the water. We are blessed that he survived and meet my mother. He passed away last month w/ his family bedside. I Love You Dad!!
Livingston, Charlie1943 – 1946My Grandpa was on the USS Bismarck Sea. He survived and was rescued after 4 hours or more in the water. My grandpa died in 2007.
Barnette, SamSEA MAN1943 –My great uncle Sam was lost on the Bismark Sea and all I know is that he was a radio man I think. I just wanted to add his name to the crew list and find out any information I could about him. He was from Brevard NC.
Tindle, James, T1943 – 1945I am providing for my father who passed away in 2003. He told me the story of that day many times. If someone remembers him please email. Thanks
Dimas, FredSEAMAN 1ST CLASS1943 – Feb 21, 1945MIA
Holder, RichardSeaman First Class1943 – 1945CookI am a survivor of the sinking of the USS Bismark Sea. I am still living in Langley, Washington.
Horton, HarryAOM2C1943 – Feb 21, 1945Air CorpMy name is Harry Horton. I was a gunner on a torpedo bomber when it sunk. My pilot was Lt. Breau. I would be interested to hear from anyone from the ship.
Yoell, GordonAS S2C RM3CNov 5, 1943 – May 7, 1946My father was in the radio room when the 1st kamikaze hit. He saw flames & ran up top. He & others half filled a life raft--but most had to swim. Saw sharks take men. Amazing story. He died 12/26/1986, I pray he rests in peace.
Meininger, HaroldMM/3Nov 13, 1943 – Dec 31, 1945Eng. Div Service No. 894-72-73
Laterriere, Claude1944 –
Towe, Edward T.1944 – Feb 21, 1945
Armand, S1944 – 1945
Olson, RichardMARTY BICEK1944 – 1995My grandfather was aboard the ship and survived. It is an amazing story to tell and one I will never forget.
Gunst, Charles (Chuck)FIREMAN 1ST CLASS1944 – Feb 21, 1945My uncle was killed when the ship went down. I'd appreciate learning any information about him.
Urbach Jr, George EdwardDON\'T KNOW1944 –My grandfather/dad served in the boiler room, and got injured was dropped off and she went back out and sunk. I am signing his name in remembrance of him.
Wilson, LloydSEAMAN1944 – 1945VC 86Dad survived the sinking. After the war, he didn't like to swim because of the time spent in the sea after the sinking. Dad stayed in the Naval Reserves after the war and went to Korea. He was killed in a helicopter crash in 1966 on reserv
Eislin, ErnieSEAMAN 1ST CLASS1944 – Feb 21, 1945My Uncle Ernie survived the sinking and was always glad to tell about the experience. He was always proud of the fact that he was the last survivor that was picked up. He passed away a couple of years ago.
Severy, DerwynLIEUT.1944 – Feb 21, 1945I am not sure of the division my uncle Derwyn was in; he was the pilot of an Avenger torpedo bomber- his gunner was Robert L. Hallbeck of Sullivan,Ind.and his radioman was Robert Lustig of Chicago Ill. He was rescued after being in the Pac.
Fry, ClIIff1944 – 1945My Uncle has spoken about his time on the ship and the sinking. He said he use to attend reunions but has not heard anything lately. He has moved around. Any information would be appreciated.
Kirchhoff, Harold "gus"ELECTRICIANS MATE 3/C1944 – Feb 21, 1945Operated hangar deck elevatorMy grandfather, Harold "Gus" Kirchhoff, is still serving aboard the USS Bismarck Sea. He sent a package of pictures home prior to the sinking. I have taken this pictures and contructed a memorial web page:
Bandy, OlanCVE 051944 –
Thames, WilliamFIREMAN1944 – Feb 21, 1945Checking in for my Grandfather who survived the sinking and passed away in the late 80's. If the net had been around earlier he would have been non-stop trying to locate everyone. My Father in law was also aboard.
Rom, William N.LT CDR1944 – 1945My father served on the USS Bismarck Sea and was transferred off just before she sank. He passed away on January 20, 2008. He was always proud of those with whom he served.
Brock, James A.1944 – 1945I'm placing my grandfather's name on here to recognize his time on the Bismark Sea CVE-95. He talked about his time on the Bismark Sea often. He watched many of the men around him drown. He died Nov. 2007. We will miss him & his stories
Tomasaitis, ThomasENSIGN1944 – 1945My grandfather was on the Bismark Sea and saved a number of lives while waiting to be picked up after ship had sunk. The sailors who he saved sent him letters every holiday thanking him for his efforts while surviving in the ocean.
Mayer, John ("swede")GUNNER ON THREE-MAN TORPEDO BOMBER CREW OF SQUADRON VC-861944 –My dad flew 200+ missions from the USS Bismarck Sea and was aboard when it was hit. He spent many hours in the night waters holding up a buddy until they were rescued. The Navy told his family that he was dead. Tooks him weeks to get home.
Peluso, ErnestCOXSWAIN1944 – Feb 21, 1945This is for my father who now resides in Idaho. He related he was not picked up with the rest of the survivors but was picked up by a destroyer with the number 222 on it and delivered to Iwo Jima where he was for approximately 2 weeks.
Matlock, Dean?1944 – 1945?
Kilburn, RichardUNKNOWN1944 – Feb 21, 1945unknownRichard was my uncle, my younger brother is named after him. All the family knows is that he was a gunner, & had not been on board long. If any info. about his position or if he went down with the ship or was lost at sea it would be helpful
Keener, WilliamARM 3RD CLASS1944 – 1945VC86I survived the sinking and currently living in Denver, NC with my wife of 63 years. Email is my daughter's. I have been able to attend 2 of the reunion's. Missed the last one in Branson. From GA when I joined the service.
Sprague, RobertAVIATION MACHINIST\'S MATE 2ND CLASS1944 – Feb 21, 1945Aviation Machinists Mate 2nd classDad served on the Bismarck Sea and survived her sinking in 1945. He has lived in Oregon for many years with his wife Byrnece and family.
Knight, Glen Fred1944 – Feb 22, 1945NavyGlen was my uncle. He died on board during the attack. Most of his siblings have past on. Any information about him would be great.
Roeder,, Arron And Allen (Twins)1944 – 1944Aaon and Allen were twin brothers, my uncles.Special permission was mae to have twin brothers on the same ship. Arron was killed instantly, and Allen was woundeed but ran into the fire to find Aaron, they were never found.
Priestley, LeonardMACHINIST MATE1944 – 1945My Dad, Leanard, was one of the survivors of the Bismark Sea.
Hurst, Sr., Jackson1944 – Feb 21, 1945My father was on the Bismark Sea. He also told stories of being in the sea for hours. I have meet a man , in a nearby town that was on a ship right next to the Bismark Sea when it sunk. He does have more information .
Moungie, Robert Raymond (Sr.)GUNNER\'S MATE1944 – 1945This is my father who told me about the ship going down and how he lie bleeding in the water from pieces of metal blown into his head. He still has a small piece of metal lodged in his head to this day.
Ivan Jerome Pike, JerrySEAMAN FIRST CLASS1944 – 1945Anti Aircraft GunnerI'm writing this for my father Jerry. He passed on 6/30/08 a proud veteran. He didn't talk much about it but I know he was on duty when the planes hit. As a gunner he was blown off, floated in the water until another ship picked them up
Pyatt, Ralph GlennCM21944 – Feb 21, 1945UnknownMy uncle, Glenn, was transferred onto Bismark Sea from USS Franklin CV-13 sometime in late 1944 or early 1945. He was one of the 318 still aboard. He was from North Carolina. Anyone that knew him please contact me.
Cunningham, Freedly profile iconAOM 1st.Class1944 – Feb 21, 1945Aviation MechanicI am still alive but remember the hours spent in the oily, freezing waters full of blood, watching my buddies being attacked by sharks and screaming. I had blood pouring out of my useless left arm waiting to die.
Borden, Jr., Bob (Nosey)unknown1944 – Feb 21, 1945VC-86My farher was aboard the Bismarch Sea the night of the kamikaze attack. He never talked about that night. However, he remained in the Navy eventually reaching the rank of Commander. I still have the lifevest he wore.
Cox, MaxWT/3C1944 – Feb 21, 1945Water Tender/Damage ControlIn memory of my great Uncle Max who went down with the Bismark Sea. Suspect he was fighting fires in hanger deck when 2nd Kamikaze hit.
Jordan, LloydPetty Officer 1st Class?1944 – 1945Us 7th FleetMy Father, Lloyd R. Jordan survived the sinking. Chief Boilermaker, first tried to escape through the elevator area but exploding ammo forced him to stacks. Rescued from sea after hellish nite. Great Man!!! 1923-1998
Easterbrook, Richard WarrenEnsign, A-V(N) USNR1944 – Nov 14, 1944VC-86Pilot of TBM No. P45 which crashed on approach. Personnel on plane: Ensign R. W. ESTERBROOK, A-V(N), 378899; USNR; SANDERS, R. C., AMM3c 357 15 31; O'NEILL, G. O., ARM3c, 648 94 68.
Cox, Arthur CurtisPetty Officer 1st Class1944 – Feb 21, 1945NavyDad served as a radio operator on the USS Bismark Sea. He was wounded but survived the attack. After the war he returned to West Virginia, had a long career as a coal miner. He became a Baptist minister. He died in 2003.
Wilson, Lloydunknown1944 – 1945Pilot of the Hellcat fighterMy Dad survived the sinking and remained in the military until his death during Navel Reserve Training on April 4, 1966 due to a faulty main rotor assembly which caused a crash on the helicopter he was flying. He was 43.
Borden, Robert Orseaman1944 – Feb 21, 1945?My Father was a survivor, came home and married his long time sweetheart, my Mother. He went on to serve 33 years and died active duty. He was a Mustang, at the time of his death my Father died at 49, a full Commander.
Rapillo, JohnBuglar1944 – 1945Not sureI would like to have my Dad listed John Rapillo
Andrews, BernardCBM1944 – 1945UnknownBernard Andrews was on the USS Bismarck Sea when it was sunk. He ended up in the water when the kamikaze's hit. He spent about 8 to 12 hours in the water before being picked up by one of the ships. He passed away in 1996
Green, Winfred Howell profile iconSC31944 – Feb 21, 1945Ship's CookI can't remember much about life aboard, the Bismark Sea CVE 95. Can only remember, trying to get off the ship when she was sinking. I remember explosions, on the hanger deck, strikeing my back and nocking me to the deck
Jackman, William RogerRadio technician 2nd class1944 – Feb 21, 1945Not knownKnown as Roger to family - he was a radar (then considered secret) technician on the CVE. We know he made into the water - but he did not survive.
Custer, RobertCommander (Pilot)1944 – 1944CVE 95My father, Bob, was rescued out of the water the night of the sinking. He mention that a lot of his fellow shipmates were staffed and he avoided a similar faith by turning off the light on his life vest.
Katyryniuk, EldredSeaman 1 Class1944 – 1945NavyMy father has told his story many times and the life experience is to true classic. He was in the water over 5 hours and witness the strafing runs by the kamikazes. He was one of the last to leave the ship.
Olson, NormanI don't know1944 – 1945I don't knowThis was my father. He survived the sinking of the Bismark Sea and passed away in 2010. He attended a Kamikaze survivors reunion in 2002 and told his story. There was a recording made of all speakers. I would love a copy
Goff, RobertUnknown1944 – 1945UnknownMy Dad was aboard the Bismark Sea when it was attacked. He was one of the survivors.
Katyryniuk, EldredSEAMAN 1CJan 1944 – May 1946
Wenex, Cindy Lombard-wernexJan 1944 –My father Robert(Bob)D.Lombard was on the Bismarck Sea but passed away in Sept 1975...never talked about his experience.I am looking for anyone that knew him. I love & miss you DAD!
Barbee, DonaldGM2Jan 1, 1944 – Feb 21, 1945Combat SystemsI am looking for info on my grandfather, Donald Barbee. He served on Bismarck Sea and later on Saipan. If any of his shipmates are still out there, would love to hear from you.
Porm, HarryFIREMAN 1ST CLASSJan 17, 1944 – Feb 23, 1946This is my father, he passed away 18 Feb 2009.
Wenex, Cindy Lombard-wernexFeb 1944 – Feb 1944
Sullivan, Robert / SullyFIRE MANFeb 25, 1944 – Feb 21, 1945I think the Lord Jesus Christ that I'm alive
Brannen, William T. (Bill)ENSIGNMar 15, 1944 – Feb 21, 1945TBM Pilot- VC86Member of VC-86 from commissioning until transferred to NAS Pax in 1945. 2 additional tours of duty. Now living one the lake with my sweetheart of 62 years in Eatonton, Ga.
Sills, MilanAOM/2cMar 15, 1944 – Feb 21, 1945V5Was on the precommission detail. Was on the bomb & fuse detail. Was in water 21/2 hours. Picked up by the Uss Edmonds DE 406 .
Tardiff, HowardMachinist's Mate Second ClassMar 24, 1944 – Jan 20, 1946NavyI am wrtitng this for my grandfather who served on the Bismark sea until it sake. After it sank he served on the Desteroyer USS Thomasson until the end of the war.
Peterson, LesterUNSUREMay 1944 – Feb 1945I am the grandson of Lester Peterson. We used to have long discussions of his service time on this ship. I just wanted to pass along the info that my grandfather passed away peacefully 2 weeks ago in Mesa, Az. He is dearly missed.
Pollard, Thomas S.BOATSWAINS MATE 3RD CLASSMay 1, 1944 – Feb 21, 19452ndI am a survivor of the Bismarck Sea . I was gun Capt, director operator,,, on twin 40s. Portside aft I was picked up in the water after 3 or 4 hours by a destroyer,,I dont know the name . was then transferred to a troop transport.
Brown, John WilliamLIEUTENANT J.G.O-2May 19, 1944 – Aug 10, 1944Assistant Gunnery Officer
Chism, Bernard ElvinSEAMAN SECONDCLASSMay 20, 1944 – Feb 21, 1945Don't knowBernard Elvin Chism was my father who served on the USS Bismark from the day it was commisioned until it was sank in 1945. He was never found and assummed to be dead. I would like to hear from anyone who survived and knew him.
Miller, Dennis KFIREMAN FIRST CLASSMay 20, 1944 – Feb 21, 1945B
O'brien, George Edward GokayGUNNERS MATE 2/CMay 20, 1944 – Feb 21, 1945This is for my Father who passed away. My middle name 'Francis' was for a close friend of his on the Bismark Sea who died when the ship was sunk. I wish now that I could remember the man's full name.
Kruger, WallyRDM 3RD CLASSMay 20, 1944 – Feb 21, 1945I was a shipmate on the USS Bismarck See CVE95 and a survivor with it's sinking on the night of February 21, 1944. Am currently living in Lincoln, Nebr in assisted living quarters, however. have very vidid memories of that night.
Bennett, Robert HBKR 1/CMay 20, 1944 – Feb 21, 1945CooksThis is my father-in-law. He passed away when my wife was 4 years old.
Dacke, DavidCivilianMay 20, 1944 – Feb 21, 1945Task Force 78I am a nephew of My Uncle John Harold Dacke. He was lost in the sinking of the ship. He served in the engine room. My family tells of his sense of humor, selflessness and love for his new bride Oee of Cedar Lane, Tx.
Clevenger, BarthJun 1944 – Feb 21, 1944
Parker, Hadley JLT (JG) FLIGHT DECK OFFICERJun 1944 – Feb 21, 1945V1This update is for my grandpa, Hadley J Parker, Emerson, IA. He served as flight deck officer aboard the USS Bismarck Sea at the time it was sank near Iwo Jima. He lives at Arlington Place, Rm# 120, 800 E Ratliff ST, Red Oak, IA 51566.
Jordan, JohnAug 3, 1944 –
Hovnanian, Arax "Rex"(possibly) Chief Botswains MateSep 1944 – Feb 1945unknownMy Uncle, Rex Hovnanian, was aboard the USS Bismark Sea when she sank in 1945. He passed on in March of 1990, however as I was growing up he had told me the story of that night and how he spent 14 hours in the water.
McClintic, WilliamCHIEFOct 16, 1944 – Feb 21, 1945AirmanMy grandfather was in the water for over two hours after the attack. He helped to rescue many sailors. He told me many stories including the chaos involved with the rescue. He mentioned the chaplain trying to help. He rose 5/2/1993.

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