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USS Randolph (CV 15) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Randolph (CV 15). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 467 crew members registered for the USS Randolph (CV 15).

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Barnett, Elliott ( Barney )HN1963 – Jun 22, 1965CorpsmanWould like my old shipmates to contact me
Rodio, JerryAG21963 – 1964Aerology
Fisher, Randolphrd31963 – 1966oii will always remember my shipmates i was very young 17 when i came aboard,a lot of good men helped me grow up and i want to thank all. retired from air force 1983
Larremore, Lynn profile iconETR2Apr 1963 – May 16, 1966OE
Siebenaler, JohnRM3Jun 1963 – Jun 21, 1965COMCARDIV16
Manning, CharlesE-5 Jun 10, 1963 – Aug 10, 1965EI worked out of the A& O department E-Division . I also worked in the Forward Deisel. and the electric shop. I spent most of my time on the Flight Deck I wore a Green shirt.
Manning, ChuckEM/2Jun 18, 1963 – Jul 24, 1965EngineringI worked out of the A& O shop. I took care of the catpults the arresting gear.I also worked out of the electric shop.I spent many hours in the Fire room and the boiler rooms. I enjoyed my time on the Randolph.
Nucko, JoeABF3Aug 14, 1963 – Aug 15, 1965V4Looking for old buddies from the V4 division who served on USS Randolph from 1963 to 1964. Would like to get in touch. smitty,was in n.j. in aug. 09 called you then call back 641 932 2258
Dell, Don (Mike)MR3/MR2Sep 1963 – Dec 1966"A"The MR shop was awesome. Taught me a lot...enough to make Master Chief years later. My brother was in B Div. anyone know of whereabouts of any MR's from that period, like Jenkins or the Panulla Twins?
Schmidt, Ed (Smitty)E3Oct 1963 – Jun 1965V-4Worked on the flight deck & have lots of memories cruising the Atlantic & seeing the ports: Bermuda, Op Sail NYC, Quebec City Canada, Jamaica, Cuba, "Dom-Rep Intervention April 1965", losing the #3 elevator. Good times.
Koran, LaurencePR-3Dec 9, 1963 – May 1964Para LoftPR-3 VAW-12 Det 15
Wentz, Michael profile iconHMDec 22, 1963 – Jul 13, 1964MedicalGreat way to start in the service. Learned a lot and met a lot of great people. Sorry that it had to be decommissioned.
Wentz, Michael WentzHMDec 23, 1963 – Jul 1964MedicalLearned a lot. Went on to Corps school , US Naval Hosp. Phila- FMF School and then to RVN with 1st Marines. Semper Fi.
Jones, HowardAME-3Dec 24, 1963 – Jun 7, 1966V-6I remember the night we lost elevator 3,and having to fight that fire.
Whitmire, KennethE-3 MACHINIST\'S MATE1964 – 1967MachinistI am sending this for my uncle Kenny Whitmire; he was a machinist's mate from 1964-1967. He would love to hear from anyone from that time. He remembers Koff, Grimes, and Duckworth to name a few. Thanks and God bless.
Burger, RonaldAA1964 –GVI was aboard when we lost #3 elevator and had the fire in hangar bay 3.1st class EOD diver Faulk and I kept a foam hose on the PDC locker at the aft end of the door. Other stories don't even mention the fire.
Kaiser, MikeadJan 1964 – Apr 16, 1965v-4
Mercer, TomsnFeb 1964 – Jun 1964oi
Hallock, Franke4Feb 15, 1964 –mBest time of my life.
Kohler, JoeIC3Mar 1964 – Dec 1967Ran the movie booth above conflag 3. Stood watches IC room, Central Station, After Gyro. 2 med and 1 North Atlantic cruise. Great Times
Evinger, DanMM1May 12, 1964 – Dec 15, 1969M
Wilkening, DennisABE 3Jun 1964 – Aug 1967V-2
Erickson, WarrenEM2Jul 1964 – Oct 1967E DivisionRetired Elctrician and Stationary Engineer (hp) steam. My 4 year time on the Newport News (CA148) and Randolph (CVS 15) prepped me for my jobs in civilian life. Great time, I learned lot
Dercole, FrankSNJul 1, 1964 – Jul 1, 1966OPAnyone in my division, please email
Dirosa, JosephE 3Jul 14, 1964 – Oct 29, 1968SCGreat Ship. Great shipmates. Great memories.
Lewy, DavidRD2Aug 30, 1964 – Feb 1, 1967OIMy first ship in the Navy. I still have some great memories of those days in OI division and with so many friends that I made. After spending 27 years in the navy I still can say my favorite and most memories are from OI on Randolph
Fitzgibbon, William profile iconRD3Sep 1964 – Sep 1968OI (CIC)Great Ship. Great Crew. Great Memories. In CIC I learned a lot; set the tone/direction for my life. Thank you all. Please remember Robert Roskovich (my shipmate and brother-in-law). Rando Cando Forever!
Smith, SylvesterAMHANSep 12, 1964 – Jun 24, 1966VS-26Came aboard with the air group, CAG58, VS-36 and two helo squadrons, HS3 and HS7. Made cruises to the caribbean as part of soviet sub threat and a med cruise in 1965. She was a great ship.
Gibson, MikeRD2Oct 1964 – Jul 1967OIi was a radarman in the OI division and would like to hear from anyone who served with me.
Randolph, Richard "Dick"LTJG1965 – 1967Ship's Secretary
Cantwell, TerrellGUNNER'S MATE1965 – 1966
Szakolczay, JohnMM21965 – 1968M division#2 engine room aft engine room
Alcorn, LarryTM-21965 – 1968WeaponsHow many of you guys are left from the torpedo shop?
Mozes, SteveABH-31965 – 1966plane captainI'm still kickin.
Seals, Johnabe31965 – 1968v2
Veen, JanSA/STJan 1965 – Jul 1965From boot camp, 6 mos. on board, then to fleet sonar school, Key West. Was in sonar gang on Randolph
Churchill, Charles "chuck"Feb 1965 – Sep 1965AOI left Active duty from the deck of the USS Randolph after making a North Atlantic Midshipmen Training Cruise. I enjoyed my time on the Randy.
Berthiaume, David BerthiaumeCPLApr 1965 – Oct 1967Marine Detachment Some great times while cruising the North Atlanic. Many caribbean cruises ...Lost track of everyone these days....Hell we were only 20 yr old kids...I`m 60 now..
Frazee, SteveBT3Apr 25, 1965 – May 1, 1967B DivisionMed. Cruise, North Atlantic Cruise, Virgin Island ,Nassau, Jamaica Cuba. Great tour, lots of blood sweat and tears in the Boiler room #3. Great group of guys to work with.
Merrill, Benjamin (Ben)PH3May 10, 1965 – Feb 5, 1967Photo LabMade North Pak cruise, Have some photos from of them. Ship mates: Jim Barlett, Orval Ward
Embert, GaryPN3May 23, 1965 – Mar 15, 1967Worked in the Personnel Office and E & T Office. Had GQ on the Capt. Bridge. Had a lot of fun and memories on the Randolph.
Damewood, Russell (Beaver)FNJul 1965 – Nov 1, 1968BWorked in #1 Fireroom first year. Last 2.5 yrs worked in #2 Fireroom until decommisioning near Boston. Stayed out a few yrears - rejoined the Navy - Seabees reserve 13th det 14th battalion. Left Seabees in 1981., James A. AnthonyE4 Ship Services Small StoresJul 10, 1965 – Jul 10, 1967Ship Services Small Stores
Christian, WilliamCPLJul 24, 1965 – Nov 7, 1966Marine DetachmentHad some great times in the Med and North Atlantic. Good friends Gold dust twins Vatour and Berthiaume. There was Regan, Fitzgerald, Hunt, Jimenez, Collilori.
Meyer, RobertBT3/2Aug 7, 1965 – Apr 28, 1967Reported to Randolph about Aug 1965 as a two year Reservist, wanting to be a radio man. Ended up as a BT3 down in the boiler room . Don't remember too many of the crew, but I remember LT Smith in B division and LCDR Blazac, head of B. Had great ti
Spicuzza, ThomasSNAug 15, 1965 – Jun 10, 1967GunneryWe went to Norway, Scottland,Routerdam,ft. Lauderdale,St.Thomas Island. I was the aft port gunner.
DIIorio, BruceFAAug 16, 1965 – Jul 24, 1967B DivisionI enjoyed my whole tour of active duty on the Randolph. I met a lot of people with the same interests that I had. Hi Beaver! I was so impressed with the size and the amount of crew members on the ship.
Brown, MichaelSFM METAL SHOPAug 25, 1965 – Aug 25, 1967Rin charge of fire main systym out of the pipe shop
Smith, RonaldSNAug 29, 1965 – Aug 29, 19673rd
Eichelberger, Robert IkeSNSep 1965 – Jun 1967FOXLoved the North Atlantic Cruise. Made FTG3 without "A" school prior to leaving,on the first time I tried out for P.O.!!
Reardon, ThomasCYN 3Oct 1965 – Oct 1968cr dev.
Clancy, HarryE-5Oct 12, 1965 – Jan 6, 1968QuartermasterWas on the Admiral's staff, Quartermaster, also served on USS Essex on same Admiral's staff. Went on NATO cruise, several Med cruises. . We were all young.
Mesler, MichaelMM3Oct 19, 1965 – Oct 21, 1968MWorked Aft Engine Rm. Went on the '66 NATO Cruise, '67 Med,Cruise, and the '68 Rio Cruise. All Great! Would love to hear from Stinson, Stroot, Delavan, etc. #2 Engine Rm. Gang!
Lowery, DonaldCS3/supplyNov 1965 – Dec 1968S2Had alot of friends in S2. Had a twin brother in AR named Ronald. Love that ship and have alot of memmories of old friends. Would like very much to reunite with old sailor buddies.
Bough, JeromeSNNov 1, 1965 – Jul 1, 1966COMMSN working in Teletype Repair waiting to go to "A" School. Transfered in the summer of 66 to the USS Forestal sitting in dry dock.
Cooke, Kenneth Ronnie IC-2Nov 8, 1965 – Jul 8, 1968 E then V-2It was a great time in my life; going to NATO, Caribbean, Med. and Ft. Lauderdale. Great for a country boy from Alabama! I mostly worked in V-2 in the fresnel lens room. I was saddened when the "ole rustbucket" was scrapped.
Fuhrman, DecilSNNov 10, 1965 – Apr 15, 19663RDgood old ship
Osborne, KennethE-4Nov 15, 1965 – Mar 15, 19693 In 3 div. for over 3 years until the ship was no more
Stinson, CharlesMM3Nov 23, 1965 – Nov 23, 1968
Weldon, JohnABF-3Dec 1965 – Nov 1968ABF-3
Trausneck, DonaldQMSNDec 1965 – Sep 1966Navigation

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