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USS Randolph (CV 15) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Randolph (CV 15). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 474 crew members registered for the USS Randolph (CV 15).

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Forsyth, ErnieMM21961 – 1963MServed on this ship during Cuban blockade and part of John Glenn recovery. Was involved in collision at sea with tanker and Hurricane of 1962.
Spillman, BobE41961 – 1963FoxMy time on the USS Randolph was great. I enjoyed going to the Mediterranean and most of all Spain. I enjoyed traveling and seeing different countries.
(Griffith) Perkins, LaviniaATRAN1961 –???Our father, David Griffith, was on board when John Glenn was picked up. He passed away in April 2016. We would love to hear some stories about his time on the USS Randolph.
Parsons, TomFNJan 1961 – 1962ALeft RANDO shortly before cuban crisis...Would like to hear from any Hyd. gang from those Yrs. Fond days abord.
Delp, RonSK3Jan 1961 – Sep 17, 1962S-1 Supply Office
Waters, Frank (Muddy) profile iconANJan 1961 – Oct 1962V2Looking for crew members
Ertel, Davidmm3Jan 4, 1961 – Oct 9, 1964m
Henricks, TerryABE3Jan 5, 1961 – Sep 10, 1964V2
Markl, RudiYN3Feb 1961 – Dec 1962OPI was on for Grissom, Glenn, collision, Med, Cuban crisis. I'd like to find Dave Harrell QM, J. Riney, G. Sustendal, D. Shifflet, T. Vasquez, V. Vint, LT J. Harmon & LT K. Walther. Video:
Large, JessABF-3Feb 9, 1961 – Apr 3, 1964V-4Would appreciate hearing from anyone who served from '61' - '64', but especially Air Dept. personnel.
Jenkins, BarreABF ANMar 1961 – Apr 1963AV FuelsIt was one of the best experiences of my life. I was fortunate enough to make a MED Cruise with my brother . ( Bill Jenkins )
Lybarger, Steve LyeSNMar 1961 – Mar 1964firstdeck division,med and carabean cruises,cuban missile crisis etc.
Sealey, JohnnyvmsnMar 1, 1961 – Mar 31, 1963FirstDid the med twice, pick up John Glenn, was on board when she was hit by a Russin tanker. Enjoyed the trips and all the men in the FIRST! 843-343-7861
Coombs, DavidEM 3Mar 1, 1961 – Jun 10, 1965E - ElectricalServed with several men from Mass. Would like to hear from any old shipmates. Had a great time. Met some great guys. I reited to FLA. in 2010.
Vincent, CharlesTM3Mar 15, 1961 – Jul 22, 1963W
Kilmer, JoeABE3/ABE2May 1961 – Nov 29, 1962V2 Cats/GearLooking for the old crew in V2
Scott, Mike ("scotty")AGANMay 1961 – Oct 1961OA1st Duty station out of "A" school - mess cooked most of the time aboard.
Gossman, Robert (Vick)ABHANMay 1961 – Aug 1963V1 - Repair 8Blueshirt, tractor driver eventually crash rescueman in Repair 8. Love to see med cruise book
Masters, WarrenBT3May 2, 1961 – Apr 3, 1964
Schnorr, RichardYNSNJun 1961 – Sep 1962Boat then Gunnery OfficeGreat Memories. Made Med cruise, New York, St. Thomas, VI, pickup of John Glenn and the collision. I flew off the sship on a S2F and was trans to Cuba during blockade. Looking for shipmate Bob Spillman of OK.
Deal, Charles, DanielFMNov 2, 1961 – Aug 1962MR (Machine Shop) EngineringHad a great time while aboard. Looking for guys who worked in the machine shop. Needham Jones, Henry (Hank) Grunitienes (? spelling). and others.
Holzworth, James / Big JimBoilerman, 3,2,1 and ChiefDec 3, 1961 – Jun 1, 1968BWorked in Oil Lab, 2 and 3 Boiler rooms. Met many fine sailors over the years I have served with on the Rando. Retired in Dec of 1978 as a LDO. Would like to hear from you snipes.
Brown, KenDK21962 – 1964S-4Great ship! I would like to hear from old shipmates in Disbursing.
Gauntt, JohnnyE-31962 – 1964CVS-15I worked in Air Intelligence as a yeoman.
Marriner, Richard/ PineyQM3Jan 1962 – Sep 10, 1965( FLAG )Would love to hear from any of my flag shipmates.
Marriner, Richard/ PineyQM3Jan 6, 1962 – Sep 10, 1965( FLAG )Would love to hear from any one who served in the flag Div.
Lamantia, Robert "jake"ANJan 21, 1962 – Jan 21, 1965V3I was one of the men who survived when elevator three was torn off the ship. I would like to hear from Michael Vincent or Roy Brown or anyone else that was in Division Three.
Hockar, DanielQM3Feb 6, 1962 – Feb 4, 1966FlagStarted out in V3 Divison and transfered to Flag in 1964
Higgins, ThomaaFn/b divisionFeb 6, 1962 – Mar 4, 1964BVery hot during the Cuban blockade!
Tucker, Charles (Don)Feb 19, 1962 – Jun 19, 1966
Haney, John, Dannye4Feb 23, 1962 – Mar 6, 1966v 2
Ronan, Gerald/jerryANMar 19, 1962 – Aug 22, 1965v3Alive and sipping in St. Joseph Michigan
Adkins, FrostyPN2Mar 20, 1962 – Oct 10, 1963XOver forty years ago I was on board. Doesn't seem that long but time goes on. I still think about the times on there and the cruise to the Med. and then the Cuban crisis deal. But it's all just a memory.
Truscott, DanRM2Apr 1962 – Jun 12, 1965crServed as a radioman for three years with my brother Bill"Rock" Truscott Rm3.Have attended the past 3 Randolph reunions
Gliniany, Gary  NEWBTFNApr 1962 – Jun 9, 1965BWas assigned to fire room 2 also on quick assault team.
Rountree, TerrySNApr 1, 1962 – Mar 13, 1964CR DivisionI was aboard for two years. Made the Med Cruise and Caribbean cruise. Cuban blockade. What a naif! I had NO idea that we were so close to being blown out of the water while doing ASW around Cuba!
Lamb, FrankRD-2Apr 16, 1962 – Apr 16, 1966OI
Kent, PaulE-3 Aviation Boatson MateMay 7, 1962 – May 7, 1962V-3Looking for Michael Vincent
Ronan, JerryE-3Jun 5, 1962 – Jun 5, 1965V-3Jake was in the car with me in a 1958 Mercury. You drank all the beer and ended up wrecking the car trying to meet up with two women
Bunnell, David profile icone-3 firemenJun 15, 1962 – Apr 8, 1964boiler room 3I am in search of anyone that survived during my time of service. I am especially hoping to reconnect with my buddys Douglas milks and James Young blood. I am 71 now and looking to reconnect with those that were aboard w
Wels, Gilbert GilFN 1 boiler roomJul 11, 1962 – Aug 20, 1965B Division #1 FireroomJust would like to say hello to all who served with me on the Randolph cvs-15 from 1962 to 1965 Gilbert C. Wels
Valley, RobertRANDOLPHAug 1962 – Sep 1965v-3 I was a survivior of the elevator # 3 accident Hey Jake did you find your candy bar? Retired living in connecticut. Do a lot of camping.
Davis, RobertSea manAug 19, 1962 – Jun 20, 1965FiremanRobert Davis Jr here trying learn more about my Dad Robert Davis Sr he was on USS Randolph during Cuban missile crisis in October of 1962 My e-mail He died in November 25,2015
Desilets, RichardRD3Aug 24, 1962 – Apr 3, 1964OII went aboard the ship in Valencia, Spain and I was assigned to B Division and shortly afterwards I transferred to OI Division. My last cruise was to Bermuda, when sadly we lost six men when an S2F plane blew up on #3 elevator.
Fluur, JerryIC2Sep 1962 – Mar 0006E AND V3Spent nearly all my time on the Randolph in the various IC shops. Then spent around 1.5 years as the Fresnel Lens Techy with Frank Tiboni, IC2. Enjoyed the many cruises and many ports.
Jackson, JohniePH3Sep 1962 – Aug 1964Photo Lab/Personnel CDivisionCame aboard just after she arrived from1962 Med cruise. Served inthe Photo Lab.Had a great time.Belonged to the Gun Club and shooting skeet off the fantail on Sunday afternoon while at sea. Made some good friends.
Smith, RalphHM3Sep 1, 1962 – Jan 30, 1966MedicalI spent almost my whole enlistment on Randolph. The last 3 weeks I was transferred to Independence in Portsmouth, VA shipyards
Jones, RobertANSep 1, 1962 – May 30, 1966V-3Remember the night we lost #3 elevator and five over the side. U.S.S. holder rescued three, lost one from V-3 and one from V-1. Best years of my life aboard Randolph, would love to hear from shipmates.
Petersen, William3RD CLASS REPAIRSep 10, 1962 – Apr 1, 1964rthe day i was dicharged the starboard elevator fell off
Nelson, LarryMM2Oct 1, 1962 – Aug 25, 1964A DivisionLooking for Wes Bylow or Gene Fifield both A Division Machinists Mates or others in the 1963-1964 perion Went to Gitmo for the blockade.
Brumale, BobLTJGOct 9, 1962 – Aug 20, 1965Gunnery Officer,Legal & Admin OfficerFrom the Cuban Crisis to the Med. Some of the best people I've had the good fortune to work with.

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