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USS Randolph (CV 15) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Randolph (CV 15). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 474 crew members registered for the USS Randolph (CV 15).

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Whalen, Bill/redIC21957 – 1959"E"
Palmer, Gerald "jerry"1957 – 1958My father (passed in 2000), but he served on the Randolph I think from 1957-1958ish. I know is he worked on planes. He loved motorcycles & dabbled in photography & SCUBA. I have old photos & would love to know more about his time on ship.
Duck, JohnAO1957 – 1961V5Trying to find someone that served with me at that time.
Smith, Robert / BobAt21957 –Va 176
Plotnick, Jerome JerryAE31957 – 1959v6I was in v6 and stood Shore Patrol in Norfolk and the entire 1958 Med Cruise.The No. Atlantic storm and losing a screw, the sailor who went overboard on my watch in hanger bay 3 i called it in 2 pilots killed, Churchill
Stevens, GenePetty officer1957 –Atlantic
Smith, JamesMM2P2R1957 – 1957A
Ellis, CarlosAMS3Jan 8, 1957 – Mar 1, 1959V6Served On Ships C O D Crew (TF=1 A/C We hauled the Mail. Note. While on board SIR Winston Churchill made visit to the Randolph CVA 15 in 1956 or 1957, His first visit to a US Warship since World War 2.
Casale, Louis (N) Jr.GM3Feb 10, 1957 – Apr 4, 19584thServed aboard 2/57 to 4/58.Made '57 Med cruise. Was transferred from Coral Sea CVA 43 to Randolph in Feb,'57.Was a gm3 on the 3'50's.
Casale, LouisGM 3Feb 10, 1957 – Apr 4, 19584th
Mendel, Ken profile iconAB3Mar 1957 – Jan 1959V-3Had a great time on the Randolph. The USS Randolph Reunion Association meets every year in September. In 2014 we will be in Newport News, VA.
Fifer, RonAE2Mar 4, 1957 – Apr 17, 1961V-6Went from Airman Apprentice to AE2 on this ship. Made a lot of good friends. The Randolph was a great ship!
Fritz, JackSNMar 15, 1957 – Sep 8, 1958Operations
Webb, Ronald (Ron)PFCMar 15, 1957 – Mar 15, 1960Marine Detachment
Kloostra, Kenneth “goose”QM3Mar 28, 1957 – Mar 28, 1959N divMesscook for about month, then Worked the Bridge as Special Sea Detail Helmsman and Bugler, nickname, Goose.
Lane, Bernard (Bear)SM3Apr 1957 – Nov 1958OSMade 2 Med cruises while on board. Worked with a great bunch of guys. Retired from USNR as LCDR in 1978.
Murray, BillABU3May 25, 1957 – May 1, 1959V-2 Cats and Arresting gearAnyone trying to reach me or Ray Fabrizio can contact me
Riddle, George/goAO 3Jun 1, 1957 – Aug 11, 1959v-5 or 'g'Worked on Hangar deck and loaded missiles on Flight deck.
Marcey, Ronald profile iconRM3Jun 10, 1957 – Jun 1, 1960ORserved with some great guys - mostly from the south ... ltjg Pickett was one of the comm officers .. and ltjg Harold White. Eddie Mudge, Jim Lewinski, Charlie (Sweets) Smallridge, Freddie Marinelli and many more.
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Snow, Carlton / HankAT2Jul 1957 – Nov 1958V6I remember going to GQ one day with the announcement "This is not a drill". A couple of Russian bombers were shadowing the fleet and Adm Brown decided to call their bluff. We worked out of the BDS - the aviation electronics shop.
Adelung, ArthurGM3Jul 1957 – Mar 1960?My dad served on the USS Randolph & USS Lady... He departed in 1957 but I had to guess on his leave... I believe he said he was a gunner? I have a LOT of pictures of the ship and can email them. Maybe you guys knew him?
Mattson, Jack Mattson OllieairmanAug 1957 – Sep 1957v4enjoyed working on flight deck with friends
Nyulassy, FredFT-3Sep 5, 1957 – Nov 22, 1960Fox DivisionWe remember the good times, which were many, and somehow forget the bad times, which were few. As is it should be, We were shipmates once and maybe someday be shipmates again when Davy Jones calls us.
Swanson, Leo M.AG3Oct 1957 – Mar 1960V1 & OAcrew 3 in V1 went tdy to ag A school and returned to OA div
Swanson, Donald (Swanny)AB3Oct 1, 1957 – Sep 1, 1958V2-Arresting GearWould like to locate any of the men I served with.
Molnar, Lawrence SNOct 18, 1957 – Sep 3, 1959 O S Hi There! Have lots of memories, but remember every bodys name Good luck to ever is still out there. THANK YOU
Bartrug, DonAO 3Nov 1957 – Jun 1959v 5
Ruggiero, BrandisonAN1Nov 1957 – Aug 27, 1959V-2I was on the Cat crew.
Polomcak, JoefiremanNov 1957 – Sep 28, 1959B div#1`fire room
Doddridge, Robert/bobSNDec 1957 – Dec 18, 1959FOXMade one MED Cruise
Franke, ThomasAirmenDec 1957 – Sep 1960V1 ForwardDoing this for my grandfather, Thomas Franke, who was an Airmen in the V1 division. He stood as a sideboy from Winston Churchill. Any old buddies please reach out
Francis, Harry L, ( Chuckie )1958 – 1960Harry was my father, he talked alot about his Med. cruises, he passed away in May of 2001 , and my brother and I found some old photos from some of his cruises. This site is really neat, Thanks
Trent, Joesn1958 – 1959OI
Cooley, Raymond B.SN1958 – Sep 15, 19593-B, Boat division
Smith, CharlesYN2Jan 29, 1958 – May 23, 1958Personnel Office
Mintz, ColonFIREMANFeb 1958 – Oct 1960This is for my Dad. He's a Proud Navy man!
Greene, DickAOANMar 1958 – Jun 1960V5
Ketelsen, EdwardEM2Mar 22, 1958 – Sep 30, 1959E-Div.I came from the USS WISCONSIN BB 64. What a change. Did a tour in the Med. and got to visit family in Germany. I was the Safety Petty Officer and helped out in the Power Shop. Had a great time on both ships.
Silva, ErnestANApr 1958 – Oct 1959V 1 Flight Deck Aft.Transferred to McGuire Air Force Base Navy Squadron VA 6. From October 1959 to July 1961.
Simpkiss, KennethBT2Apr 15, 1958 – Oct 22, 1964B DivisionSome wonderful memories of my life aboard “Ran Do / CanDo”
Basler, Wilfred (Bill)DK2Apr 30, 1958 – Jun 15, 1961DisbursingWould like to hear from old shipmates.
Henderson, JerryETN-2May 14, 1958 – Jan 1, 1959W DivisonThis an enjoyable cruise. I spent a lot of time on the 07 level watching flight ops. W Division had a lot of interesting guys in it. We had great times on liberty in the Med.
Schuetz, Marlin (Ben)RM3Jun 1958 – Apr 1960RadioLots of interesting times. Would like to hear from T. Thompson, D. Larkin, Iowa friend (name escapes me) and any of the other guys.
Burke, RonaldJun 1958 – Sep 1959
Sanfilippo, Steve (Slick )E-4Jun 1958 – Jun 1961E
Banker, WayneFT3Jun 1, 1958 – Jul 20, 1960FoxLoved the tour ...would do it all over again///
Henderson, JerryET2Jun 14, 1958 – Jan 12, 1959W
Brooke, III, James F "Jim"ENS - LTJGJun 20, 1958 – Mar 30, 1961Air & AdminLong Med Cruise - Lebanon Crisis. Made Conversion CVA -CVS. Amazing artifacts found in Gallery Deck & lockers. Latter service as Reservist heavy in Naval Coastal Warfare and Pentagon. Ret. as CAPT. Interest in history?
Rooney, EdwinLTJGAug 1, 1958 – Mar 22, 1959VAW-12pilot in VAW-12 nugget
Shannon, Charles BobSF2CAug 29, 1958 – Aug 29, 1960EngineringEnjoyed my time in the shipfitters shop looking to hear from anyone foward pipe shop too
Moore, Bernhardt (Woobe)ET3Sep 1958 – Aug 1959OEPicked up the Randy in Greece on the 58-9 Med cruise. Served as an ET striker an 3PO until I was separated by an auto crash in Aug '59 on my first leave. Was later reassigned to the Tarawa and Lake Champlain.
Hinson, Wayne (Hogjaws)GMG2Sep 1, 1958 – May 18, 1962Gunnery G DivisionBest ship afloat! Great bunch of guys. Enjoyed every moment I was on board. Still remember most of the guys in G Div.
Langwasser, GeorgeAT2Sep 2, 1958 – Mar 12, 1959VAW12Det 34 from VAW12 NAS Quonset Point on Med cruise. Looking for former squadron mates.
Rickard, Edwin-ed3rd Class A/C HydSep 2, 1958 – Mar 12, 1959VF-71My VF-71 Squadron Skipper was Bob Sherrie
Bowers, Don BowersSNSep 15, 1958 – Apr 15, 1960OR - Radio & CICMade '58 Med Cruise
Holloway, Raymond L.YN3Nov 1958 – May 1960"X"Worked as Court Reporter in Legal Office on Court Martials under LT Eliot Loshak and later LTJG Bill Marsh. Ended up as leading PO in charge of Legal Office until discharged in May 1960.
Nocks, GlennE-3Nov 16, 1958 – May 7, 1962Flight deckMy dad was abord ship, and Passed away 14 NOV 2008. I am looking for anyone who may have served with him I'm not sure of the years, But know that he was aboard during Recovery of Glenn and Grissom
Smith, Albert CSHSNDec 27, 1958 – May 8, 1962ship servicei worked in the tailor shop, hobby shop, and cigarette store. most time off was spent in the barber shop. the other tailor was warren daley but i have not had contact with him since my discharge
Smith, Albert CSHSNDec 27, 1958 – May 8, 1962ship servicei started out in the deck division for a short while then transfered to ship service and worked in the tailor shop with warren daley. i also operated the hobby shop and cigarette store

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1944 | 1945 – 1953 | 1954 – 1956 | 1957 – 1958 | 1959 – 1960 | 1961 – 1962 | 1963 – 1965 | 1966 – now

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