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USS Randolph (CV 15) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Randolph (CV 15). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 474 crew members registered for the USS Randolph (CV 15).

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Powers, Charles Willaim "Bill"RADIO MAN1954 – 1958Bill was my father and he recently passed away. He always made me laugh telling me stories about his days on board the randolph and the people he served with. I would like to hear from anyone who knew him.
Ranadazzo, SalvatoreYNT 21954 – 1958Atlantic
Borut, Robert1954 –
Crawford, JimAT3 - Aviation Electronics Technician 3rd Class1954 – 1955V4 Maintenance DivisionWent aboard at the commencement of her 1st Med Cruise and served until she was in dry dock at Portsmouth, Virginia and having the canted deck installed.
Anderson, GayleAirman1954 – 1954VF-142Served as records yeoman for the squadron.
Byers, ThomasFNMar 11, 1954 – May 29, 1958Aft Eng. RoomHad a good time Are over tha Med,
Carr, EdRD 1Apr 30, 1954 – Jan 20, 1955oi
Guarino, Joseph "Little Moe"S/NMay 1954 – Oct 1954WThe Best 4 years of my life serving in the U S Navy
Figueroa, Victorair manJun 15, 1954 – Apr 20, 1956Gasoline crewI was in the Med cruise for nine months, we came back to the ship yard in Virginia. Discharge in april 1956. My best friend was Harry Gibbons. I hope he is still alive.
Deese, Shaker (Bobby)AO3Oct 25, 1954 – Sep 2, 1958V5
Evans, AlAK3Nov 19, 1954 – Apr 3, 1956
Weisbrod, TomAB3Nov 20, 1954 – Aug 1956V-3Looking for anyone in V3 or V4 during this period. One Med cruise on the straight deck CVA 15; one half cruise on the canted deck Randolph. Remember Gitmo, Mupo, Marty and Ski.
Curry, JackPO2Nov 30, 1954 – Jun 18, 1955VF 34Squadron Recorder . Jack is my father. He past in Jan. 2003. Would love to communicate with anyone who knew him.
Mendel, Ken profile iconAB31955 – 1956V3I was actually on board from March, 1957 until January, 1959. I had to fib to navybuddies to get messages from guys who sign in as CV shipmates. I am the newsletter editor for the USS Randolph Reunion Association.
Glenn, ClintonAO3Jan 15, 1955 – Mar 1956V6
Simmons, DavidBT2Feb 15, 1955 – Jun 15, 1958B # 2 FireroomBest four years of my life
Bublitz, RichardBT-2Mar 1955 – Feb 7, 1959BA kid to see the world And I saw it. What a time.
Vehstedt, MartyFNMar 5, 1955 – Mar 3, 1957E & OEChanging lightbulbs on the mast top!Volunteered with WRAN 55-56.RAN WRAN 1957 cruise.Two Med cruises was enough.Transferred to USS Brough DE-148.Wound up on "Deepfreeze 3".48's in New Zealand made up for it! "Randy was great!
Zeiler, RobertBT1Apr 15, 1955 – Mar 8, 1958B-DivisionBest years of my life!
Harris, Bob "Reb"IC2May 1955 – Apr 1958EngineeringServed on the Randolph during the installation of the angled deck and modernization in Portsmouth. Made 2 cruises to the Mediterranean. Naples seemed more like our home port than Norfolk. Lots of fond memories of my shipmates and the "Med".
Dillard, Lee RoyAB2Jun 1955 – Jan 1, 1959V2ONE OF THE BEST TIME OF MY LIFE
Gjerde, BobbyFMJun 1, 1955 – Feb 1956AI served as a fireman Deck edge elevator
Burton, Bill (Birdie)AO3Jun 11, 1955 – Jul 4, 1957V 5Chipped paint, Master at Arms in the chow hall, Normal Ordnance work. Loved those laidies in Spain and Naples and Nice and Rhodes.. Life was good !!!
Tenney, Donald TenneyEM2Sep 7, 1955 – Sep 4, 1959Eships company aviation and ordinance electrician.
Smalldridge, CharlesRM 3Dec 1955 – 1959OR
Dorris, JerryDC31956 – 1959R
Ranalli, PhilAB31956 – 1959V-4 Gasoline
Jacobucci, BobAirman 1st class1956 – 1958op divisionLooking for the where abouts of Lt. JG Charles Erwin
Jerry, DorrisDC31956 –R Division
Wieloch, JohnEM2Jan 1956 – Mar 1959EMost memorable experience was jumping from a aircraft elevator into the Mediterranean Sea when the ship stopped for a "swim" call.
Liptak, ChuckFT2Jan 1956 – Jan 1959FoxHey guys, remember; Churchill coming aboard? ComCarDiv2 picking us for his flagship? The two MiGs flying over while we were in Istanbul?
Hamley, BillFT3Jan 10, 1956 – Aug 30, 1958foxArrived after ship came out of the shipyard. Made a Carribbean cruise. Made two cruises to the Med.
Yacomino, Johnny YockSeamanFeb 14, 1956 – Apr 1959V4
Parks, RaymondAO2Mar 1956 – Aug 1958V 5Made three trips to the Med. Enjoyed all the ports of call, especially Palma, Spain, on the island of Mallorca. Also Nice, France. Besides ordnance, served 13 months as MAA.
Gundling, RolandEM2Mar 1956 – Dec 1959"E" DivisionLooking back, this was one of the greatist times of my life. The military quickly turns a boy into a man. Every young man should have to serve in the military. Proud to serve!!! Wish I could do it over again.
Wester, H. JackME 3Mar 10, 1956 – Jul 2, 1958RWould be interested in hearing from any shipmates that served during this time, Lot of good memories aboard the Randolph, two med cruises and gitmo shakedown.
O'Malley, RobertEM2Apr 15, 1956 – Nov 15, 1959E
Van Buren, RonaldSeamanMay 1, 1956 – Nov 15, 1959Gunfire Control3 tours in the Med and went to Gitmo during the revolution
Walker, Gerald (Ape)RM1May 12, 1956 – May 21, 1959ORMADE 3 MED CRUSES
Bishop, BillAC3Jul 1956 – Feb 1958opsMade 2 med cruises, great learning time in my life
Wilson, Darrell "Willie"SK3Jul 1956 – Jan 1958S-1Good duty made two 8 1/2 months Med cruises back to back
Hastings, DonAD-3 VF-62Jul 10, 1956 – Mar 16, 1957squdron vf-62 fj-3 furyswould like to hear from anyone in vf-62 at that time frame or ships company also.----its liberty time----somewhere!!!!
Hunt, JamesPH2Jul 14, 1956 – Jun 1958OPTransfered from Naval Photographic Interpretation Center, D.C. Discharged in June of 1958. Worked in Photo Lab.
Hunt, James/rock profile iconPH2Jul 14, 1956 – Jun 17, 1958OPWorked in Photolab. Slept in B-307-L
Bonin, JerryRM2Aug 15, 1956 – Jun 10, 1960OR
Langwasser, GeorgeAT2Aug 15, 1956 – Aug 26, 1960VAW12Det 34 of VAW12 Nas Quonset Point RI Looking to contact former squadron mates.

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1944 | 1945 – 1953 | 1954 – 1956 | 1957 – 1958 | 1959 – 1960 | 1961 – 1962 | 1963 – 1965 | 1966 – now

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