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USS Randolph (CV 15) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Randolph (CV 15). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 467 crew members registered for the USS Randolph (CV 15).

Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1944 | 1945 – 1953 | 1954 – 1956 | 1957 – 1958 | 1959 – 1960 | 1961 – 1962 | 1963 – 1965 | 1966 – now

Thibodeau, BlakeFIREMAN 1ST CLASS1945 – 1947The sailors in my group were known as the "OIL KINGS"
Grimley, ElwoodAVAITION ELECTRICIAN1945 –From commision to task force 58
Schmidt, Robert W.?1945 – 1946Aircraft MaintenanceThis is my father. He never spoke much of his time on board but I do have a few pictures. He died in 1988. I would like to be contacted by any that remember him.
Bramon, CharlesSEAMAN FIRST CLASS1945 –My Father, Charles Bramon was on the USS Randolph just after V-J Day, I actually still have his Blue Jackets Manual and in the back was his list of Gunnery positions. He passed away in March 1999.
Sarro, Benedict ( Bennet Or Ben Or Bo)Seaman 1st class1945 – 1946NavyMy dad was a cook on the USS Randolph. We were wondering if anyone remembers him. We were curious to find out how to find those records from the navy.
Wands, Harryn/a1945 – 1947n/aDoes anyone remember my grandfather? He server from late 1945 to 1946/47 before being transfered to the uss leyte... he passed away in 2003 but didnt say much about his service in my 18years of asking questions
Brown, RobertEnsign1945 – 1947Radar
Mangiamele, Bernard "Barnie"CV 15Jan 1945 –This is my grandfather who was an aircraft mechanic during the war. I think he entered service in January of 1945. If anyone remembers him please email me. He is still alive but not as up on technology as I am so I am doing this for him.
Lebeau, EdwardFireman 1st ClassMar 4, 1945 – Aug 1, 1946Fire RoomWorked in fire room 3
Carbone, AlbertAIRMAN 3/CMar 15, 1945 – May 1945Air GroupI was a gunner on the Plain Avenger. Looking for other's that have served the same dates.
Shaw, Albert HSEAMANApr 17, 1945 – Jun 26, 1947airborneAlbert Shaw My dear father-in-law,who recentley passed was a parachute rigger on the cv-15 .I have the knife they machined on that ship with the end stock being a parachute eye.He carved all the places he travelled on the leather sheath.
Jones, Ben T.ACMMJun 1945 – Oct 1945CVG-16/VT-16Posting this for my father who died in 1992. He left Norfolk in March 1945 on the USS Bon Homme Richard and his Air Group was sent to Saipan before embarking the USS Randolph.
Castiglione, Giuseppe profile iconFireman 2nd ClassJun 11, 1945 – Aug 8, 1946unknownMy father in law served aboard the USS Randolph '45-'46. He passed away at age 86 on 12/13/2013. We are finding out about his Service now, he never spoke about it. Continuing research for his Sons and Grandchildren.
Elliott, CharlesFIREMAN, 2ND CLASSOct 1945 – May 1946"B"I worked in #3 fireroom. stood watch on satruated burners, fuel oil service pumps & heaters. Cleaned tubes on the fire side & on the water side brushed the steam gum & punched tubes. Borded on Navy Day in Balt. We were called the Fire Room Gan
Moore, EdwardEnsignOct 1, 1945 – Mar 1, 1946USS RandolphServed as Ship's Radar Officer from '45-'46. Looking to see if any of my old shipmates are still out there. Please e-mail me if you please.
Wohlmuth, StanleyPHM3CNov 1945 – Mar 1946MedicalI joined the ship in Norfolk, VA. and made 2 trips to Italy as part of the "Magic Carpet" bringing troops back home. She deserved a better fate than to br broken up for scrap.
Lanier, D.l. profile iconseaman 2nd classDec 1945 – Mar 1947radio operatorI am added my father to this list,who passed away in june of 1980.Hope to found someone who is still living that might remember him,and would like to get in touch with them.
Coons, William/bill1946 – 1946This is in honor of my grandfather. Just looking for crew or relatives of crew who may be able to share memories or photos, or those who may have known him I've heard a few stories but wish I asked to hear more before his passing.
McCarty, Kenneth E.Seaman 1st class1946 – 1947worked in the parachute loftThis is for my father who passed away in 2001. He was very proud of his time on the Randolph and kept a picture of the ship on his wall for many, many years. I have his original cruise booklets and ship photograph.
Smith, Richard K SmittyFireman First1946 – 1949oil gang
Connell, Alvin (Bill)3rd class1946 – Dec 19, 1948CookShip Mates/ 2 Beer Larkin, Shelnut, SErved on Good Will cruse to Italy, Greece, Ireland, Turkey, Sweden, England and others that I do not remember.
Burke, TomQuartermaster 2nd1946 – 1948NavyEntering this in memory of my dad, (d 1990) He served with 2 cousins, last name Merchant. They were in the galley. He was on the bridge. USS Randolph was deployed to the Mediterranean. If anyone has memories of him....
Smith, RichardFiremanMar 1946 – 1947division BI served with Blake Thibodeau "Tibby." Looking for other Oil Kings---Ernie P and Kenny K. I'm Richard K. Smith "Smitty"
Loder, Edwin (Ed)AOM 1CJun 1946 – Dec 1947V 4
Fisher, DanielP.F.C.Oct 1, 1946 – Apr 1, 1948MarinesWas a good ship. Glad I was there.
Hicks, Joseph "benny"GM3Oct 11, 1946 – Oct 15, 1947My father died on May 19, 1980, in York, Pa. He rarely spoke of his war experiences, but I'd love to hear from someone who remembers him, or can relate to me what occurred during the time he spent aboard the U.S.S.Randolph CV-15.
Desouza, Jr., Manuel R.MMC1947 – 1948
Corbin, Ralph Richard (Dick)PH1947 – 1947unknownThis is in regard to my dad, Ralph R. Corbin, Jr (Dick) who served as Pharmacist's Mate on the Randolph in 1947. Just wondering if any of his shipmates are still alive/have any memories of him?
Klaas Jr., Martin ForesPETTY OFFICER1950 –
Harty, William "Bill"Seaman1950 – 1954CV-15Bill was my dat who passed away last year. I have a copy of the ships newsletter, Randolph Roundup dated 2/13/54 I found in his papers. Send me your email if you'd like a copy.
Fuller, EdwardAirman 1st class1951 – 1955AirBest experience of my life.
Westmoreland, FrankAK21951 – 1953S1Retired PHD. Former Deputy Commander USATSG
Massal, WilliamFeb 1951 – 1953My father passed in June of 1971. I would love to here from anyone that might remember him.
Zampino, William profile iconAirman 1st classNov 16, 1952 – Feb 9, 1955OrdnanceWould like to find old buddies: Dick Wilson, Tom Abraham
Mckinney, Clare L. , Jr.AN1953 –
Groover, John "Allen"AIRMAN1953 – 1954Ship's CompanyI was on the inaugural cruise after the Randolph was recommissioned.
Rich, CharlesEM ?1953 – 1954EThis is his granddaughter, I am looking for anyone that may have known him, trying to gather any and all information I can to put a shadow box together regarding his naval career.
Christopherson, Earlbm 31953 – 19553rd.was injured in 54 the begining of hurricane.was boarding boat off fantail with papers to take ashore when i got tangeled in bosen ladder was in my bunk for several days.anyone remembering seeing this please email me eith
Huntley, Johnmm21953 – 1954A Division After Aux. SpaceI came aboard in Early February and went on the shake down cruse to Guantanamo Cuba after the Re-Commissioning. Went on the Med Cruise. Was on the Randolph when she went through Hurricane Hazel laid up in Dry dock 3 M
McCord, BruceEM3Jan 1953 – Aug 1954E DivisionI was part of the recommissioning crew, (Ships Company)Right out of EM "A" School at the Lakes to Norfolk. Made 3rd class on the Med Cruse. Great duty, clean ship, good food. good shipmates. Steering Aft, bad GQ station
Bagni, RichardMU2Feb 28, 1953 – Aug 15, 1955?Served aboard for 2 Med cruises. Great times, great memories. Some of the bad memories were: a few bad (fatal) accidents up on flight deck during maneuvers, and Hurricane Carol (or Edna) off Cape Hatteras causing over $100 M in damages.
Snider, FrankPNSNMar 3, 1953 – Feb 3, 1955XI was assigned to the USS Randolph when she was being brought out of mothballs during the Korean conflict. I was billeted to the Admin office where I stayed until my enlistment date expired. Made two trips to the Med.
Marino, TomadanApr 1953 – Dec 19543Was on board for Hurricane Hazel and the recommissioning at gitmo.
Slutz, CarlRM3May 1, 1953 – Oct 19, 1955ORServed in Radio Shack I. Looking for Robert Milligan or anyone else who served with me.
Louis A Frigone, Louis A FrigoneRD2May 1, 1953 – Dec 25, 1954O1love to hear from anyone at the Combat Information Center
May, Henry R.BT3May 5, 1953 – Mar 14, 1955BGREAT EXPERANCE
Kampfer, DaleGM3May 18, 1953 – Mar 19, 19549thI was on board for the shakdown ,Cuban & 1st. Med. trip.Ran the elevator to to the flight deck.
Owens, Richard (Dick)TESNJun 1953 – Dec 1953Communications/Radio ShackMoved aboard prior to recommissioning. Was transferred to Port Lyautey, Morocco while we were on shakedown. Left Gtmo with Don Fergurson for Morocco. Worked under Capt Quackenbush, Cdr Gillette, Lt Meyers, PO'S Krahel and Skelly.Great Duty.
Hoer, RalphPH2Jun 1953 – Nov 1953Photo LabWas on ship during recomissioning and shakedown cruise.
Pearson, JohnAIRMANJul 1953 – Sep 1954
Johnson, GeorgeFT3Jul 1953 – Aug 1954fox
Winpigler, ReginaldsnJul 1953 – Sep 26, 19553rd divison
Henson, Robert E.YN3Jul 1, 1953 – Aug 25, 1954"R" DivisionWorked for CDR David Boyd, Chief Engineer and LT J.A. Cuttler 3rd, in the Log Room, Lt. Christopher, "R" Division.
Brown, R M "Dick"FP2Jul 16, 1953 – Jul 7, 1956RShakedown in Cuba,2 trips to the Med. Hurricane Edna, All this and got paid for it. The best years I ever had. I still break out my Cruise books of the Med cruises and remember the times we had.
Barnes, Elmer M JrE7Sep 1953 – Nov 1954GunnerWould love to hear from anyone that I served with
Ferraro, Encio N.PO1Sep 1953 – Nov 1954I believe these are the dates my father served on the Randolph. I know he sailed to the Medeterranean.
Johnson, GeorgeFT3Sep 1953 – Oct 1954FoxWent aboard at start of Med Cruise Left after hurricane damage to Midway on other side of the pier Looking for a McKee from Indiana therebouts. OR anyone interested in just swapping stories
O'brien, PaulRD 2Sep 1953 – Jun 1955OI
Burley, ThomasAG2Oct 1953 – Jun 1955OAAboard the Randolph when she was designated as CVA-15. Made two cruises to the Med in 1954-55. A significant event not listed in the history is the time we went thru hurricane Edna in 1954. Put us in dry dock for about two months.
Amos, Peter UPH3Oct 1953 – Oct 1954PhotoThanks to the Navy I ended up as a news photographer for the next 31 years.

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1944 | 1945 – 1953 | 1954 – 1956 | 1957 – 1958 | 1959 – 1960 | 1961 – 1962 | 1963 – 1965 | 1966 – now

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