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USS Randolph (CV 15) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Randolph (CV 15). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 474 crew members registered for the USS Randolph (CV 15).

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Glaze, Hershell An/a1940 – 1945N/A not sure about rank or years either.My father passed away in 1991. I never knew much about his navy days. I know this was the ship he was on and he started cutting the men's hair while on the ship. This made daddy decide to be a barber when he came home.
Hart, KennethSEAMAN1942 –DeckThis is actually for my Dad. My Dad served aboard the Randy during WWII. We lost Dad to cancer 2005.
MacAluso, John (Johnny Mac)Seaman1942 – Dec 1945SeabeesMy Father never spoke much about his service. He was a "Plank Owner" and proud of it. His certificate hung on the wall until his death in 2001. If anyone remembers Johnny Mac, please write us at
Galbreath, Charles LelandENSIGN1942 –unknown
Tedeschi, PeterGUNNERS MATE1943 –In honor of my father, Peter Paul Tedeschi. All I know is he was a gunners mate on the USS Randolph during WWII. He loved telling stories to anyone who would listen about the Randolph. He loved his country and was proud to be an american.
Schmidt, Duke2ND LT.1943 – 1945I am Duke Schmidt's son, Carlton Jr. and am looking anyone in his or Bernard (Buddy) Glover's flight group. Our family lost all pictures of my dad's service days in a 1975 fire. He wishes he still had those memories. Any help is appreciated
Miller, Richard1943 – 1945Our father Richard Harry Miller Jr served proudly on the Randolph..
Gaffney, John H.LTCDR1943 –This is for my grandfather who passed in the 70s. I still have his Randolph ashtray. He was at Ulithi and was decorated for saving lives. If anyone knew him and can tell me more Id appreciate it.
Collard, Merrel (Mel)PHM2/CJan 1943 – Mar 1946On behalf of my father, a proud plank owner and member of the Randolf crew. Dad continues to share his memories and experiences and would enjoy hearing from his crew mates.
Frick, George AlbertPHM2/CJan 1, 1943 – Jan 1, 1945MEDICALTaps 1990 My Dad Was Proud To Be Apart Off The War.
Poston, DelmaFC1May 20, 1943 – Nov 15, 1945Hull (?)This post is for my Dad who passed in August of 1979. He was a "Plank Owner". He on spoke of the good times. Would love to hear from anyone who knew him. He served from 44 to 45. I can be reached at
Tomberlin, Leon (Buster)GUNNER MATEJun 15, 1943 – Aug 3, 1945GunneryMy father, recently passed away but was very fond of the Randy and told many stories. He served proudly and will missed.
Remkus, Tony1st class petty officerNov 1943 – Aug 1945Air Group 12I as a photographer for VF12. Several of my photos can be found in the book Crommelin's Thunderbirds. I would love to get in contact with anyone who was aboard ship during the war.
Little, Charles R.1944 – 1946Fire Control
Brewer, VernonPETTY OFFICER1944 – 1945Captain's Radio OperatorThis is my father. He passed away in 1999. He told several stories and anecdotes over the years. I would like to hear from any of his shipmates that may remember him. He also served aboard the USS Essex before being placed on the Randolf.
Eldridge, "Tex" Or "texas"E7 (?)1944 – 1945Don't know specifices, but my dad served in aviation in some capacity (gunner- helldiver) and/or bomb disposal. Would love to hear from anyone who served with him. He died 12 years ago.
McLaughlin, HerbertCV 151944 – 1945My father, Herbert E. McLaughlin was one of the wounded at Ulithi. Was almost buried at sea, but someone noticed his sheet moving and they took him back down below. Would like to hear from anyone that was there or a relative.
Putney, GlenABM2/C1944 – Dec 22, 1945V-1-DPlank owner, Flight Deck Director
Zimmer, Warren?1944 – 19455TH GUNNERYMy father , who is still alive ,named me afte the ship he served on.He is not computer literate so I am entering his information.He would love to hear from anyone who served 44-45 on the randolph.He also served on the Core previous to 1944.
Panzer, Morris1944 – 1946This is my grandfather. He passed away in 1980. I would love to hear from people who knew him. contact Greg Morgan at
O'Keefe, JimEM31944 – Apr 1946ELECTRICAL PORT WATCHFrom commisioning till early 1946 I was aboard the Randolph. Shakedown from Newport News to Trinidad was my first venture abroad. What a big deal for me. I have fond memories of the time I spent aboard and the experiences I've had.
Schreiber, Lawrence/larry1944 –
Black, JamesPLANE CAPTAIN SEAMAN 1ST CLASS1944 – Mar 1946vf6
Underkoffler, Clair1944 – 1945EngineeringThis is for my father who passed away in 1979, a proud member of this crew.
Hindermann, Winfredlieutenant commander1944 – 1946officer
Connor, LloydSeaman1944 – 1946BLloyd was my grandfather and a plank owner.He is past away now but he loved his time aboard the Randolph,his shipmates and his time in the navy and i felt he should be added to the list.
Deitering, Robert (Bob) ("Sparks")Radioman1944 – 1946Radio RoomFor my father, who died in 1997. A Plank Owner, served from commissioning through end of WWII; became career Navy, Chief Petty Officer, retired 1967. Duty aboard the Randy, his longest sea duty, was his best.
Kearney, LouisFirst Class1944 – Dec 24, 1947stm1This is for my uncle Louis who passed away 1/26/2011. He told many stories about his time on the Randolph. He was a boxer also. He often gave my son boxxing tips. He was a great storyteller is sorely missed.
Stafford, Lyle, "Red"BMC1944 – 1948DeckThis entry is for my Father who passed 11-1-98. He had fond memories of his time aboard the Randolph. He previously served aboard the Saratoga and before that the Tennessee. He was and is my hero.
Thiel, Everette profile iconSignalman Third Class V61944 – 1945Communications K-2This was dads ship during the war. He is a Plank Owner, w/certificate. Whenever he talked a bit about the war, I listened to every word. We watched Victory at Sea every Friday night growing up. Always saw lots of photos.
Busa, JosephSeaman Machinist1944 – 1946First class
MacKey, Herstie (H.v.)Aem2c1944 – 1945Aviation electricianI was on the flight deck during the bombing
Alimonti, FredChief Petty Officer1944 – 1945Will researchThis is our dad. Still with us at 92. Plank owner. Told many stories. Was watching "A Song to Remember " when the kamikaze hit. Saved his life as he would otherwise have been playing cards with buddies who were lost.
Martine, Theodore B.S1C1944 – 1945SignalmanMy father served through the entire war as a signalman. Plank Owner CV-15. Was aboard on the day of the attack in Ulithi. Prior to that: Pearl Harbor, Bishop's Pt, 1941; Core CVHE-13, Atlantic. He died in 1985
Nelson, John StanleyF1Jan 1944 – Nov 1945This is my grandfather. Our family never knew him as he left when my father was young. Anyone with information on him please contact me. Thanks very much!
Ziehm, RudolphcorpsmanJan 1, 1944 – Jun 1, 1947cv15My dad served on the randolph from day one until he was discharged after they completed the transfer of prisoners and nurses in 1947. He never talked about it much. He did tell me abut the kamikaze attack and the horror
Domonski, JoeUnknownJan 4, 1944 – Aug 17, 1947UnknownThis is for memory of my grandfather he died on 2007,
Schumacher``, MelPhM3/cJan 25, 1944 – May 6, 1946Hospital DivisionMy wife of 61 years died 3/1709. Manyof U guys myher at our 50th anniversary reunion in Norolk. She rememered most of Ur names and spoke of U often. If any from H division R readung this, plz log in. Mel "fats" Schumacher
Deitering, Robert (Bob, Sparks)RM-3Mar 1944 – Jan 1946RMFor my father, who became career Navy, retired '67 Chief Petty Officer. Died 1997. A "Randy" Plank Owner, served thru Pacific War (Ulithi, Iwo, Okinawa, Japanese Home Islands) and Magic Carpet
Allen, Howard MaynardEnsMar 1, 1944 – Mar 10, 1945ENSUnknown details surrounding death. Plaque in Manilla
Fiscella, GeorgePETTY OFFICER 3RD CLASSApr 1944 – Jun 1946RadarMy Dad is extremely proud of his 2 years in uniform aboard the Randolph. His stories of his time aboard ship have been passed down to my son, and, hopefully, his son as well.
Curto, Sr., Nicholas "nick"MM1Apr 1944 – Oct 1946EngineeringIn honor of my Dad, a plank owner, who faithfully served with countless other heros. Taps Aug, 2005. May he rest in peace with all honorable men. Although he almost never talked about it, the stories he did tell us were remarkable feats.
Hicks, RaymondSeaman 1st ClassMay 24, 1944 – Feb 3, 1946USS Randolph CV-15
Henderson, Robert "Bob"E-5Jun 1944 – Jun 1945
Scroggins, LoydSEAMAN 1STJun 1944 – May 8, 19452nd Gunnery
Strating, DonJul 1944 – Jul 1946Boiler RoomWould like to hear from any of the Boiler Room gang. Couple of the best years of my life was in the Navy.
Robbins, CharlesMUSICIAN\'S MATE 1/CJul 1944 – Aug 1945Ship's BandPlankowner; aboard during the shakedown and commissioning, until end of WWII. Led the ship's band, stood topwatch, and served in medical during GQ. Witnessed 11 MAR 45 kamikaze strike during band competition from aboard USS Baltimore.
Freiburger, DonMM 2 ClassJul 3, 1944 – Apr 1, 1946engineering divisionI am 85 yrs old and served with Nick . Pls contact me at I live in Grand Rapids, Mi Tel 616-454-2031 I made fresh water out of salt water. Desalination. Pls contact me Don Freiburege at TY
Swinhart, Orrin L. / "Pappy"BMCJul 23, 1944 – Jan 6, 1946Our dad has passed away and we would love to hear from any of his shipmates. He always spoke about the Randolph and his Navy career. We have lost his cruise book and if anyone knows how we can get another one, please let us know.
Szwak, JohnGUNNERS MATE STRIKERSep 28, 1944 – Jun 6, 1947Gunnery --- 40 mm on the bow between the flight & hanger deckI put her in commission & I'm a plank owner. Went on our shakedown cruise in '44 to Trinidad, was at Okinawa & Iwo Jima in '45. I just turned 80, am a proud vet of WWII, and I love my black Navy coffee to this day. I'd love to
Kempert, PaulOct 1944 – Mar 11, 1945Uncle Paul died at Ulithi, He was part of the Aircraft Repair Group. It is our understanding that Uncle Paul remained on ship to complete repairs to some of the airplanes when the suicide plane hit. I know he is missed by his family and friends.
Wood, ErnestCORPORAL, USMCROct 1944 – Nov 1945Fourth MarineThis was my grandfather. He served on a gunnery crew aft of the ship. He loved the Randolph and the Marines. He was a plank owner and a great man.
Robinson, Jimmie (Roby)RDM3COct 1944 – May 1946V3c
Burke, Joseph APO3Oct 1, 1944 – Apr 1, 1948This is my Father, WWI Vet. Died Sept 9th 1975
Pittman, John EugeneFIREMAN 1ST SUPPLY S-2Oct 9, 1944 – Oct 9, 1945SUPPLY S2This is my dad. On board from shake down to Tokyo and return some of these reports are not accurate. I have the BOOK. I served in NAVY KOREA a brother served DE North Atlantic ww2. Joseph Pittman AIRDALE.. let me hear from you.Pa was a Plank Owner...
Williams, William/billPRTRM3COct 9, 1944 – Dec 6, 1945unknownOur father served on the Randolph from the day it was commissioned until his discharge.
Whitman, WayneSEAMAN 1COct 9, 1944 – Mar 11, 1945navigation?I am the nephew of Wayne Whitman KIA 11 March 1945 and as surviving fam. member a plank owner.Seek any who knew Wayne (navigation) or his pal Russ Brocklesby from the mail room New book coming about "Randy" contact Wayne,
Gould, MerleRDM PO3Oct 9, 1944 – May 21, 1946RadarThis is for my father, a proud plank owner, who doesn't speak of the events, but is proud of his ship mates
Lotshaw, RalphS 1/COct 19, 1944 – Jun 1, 1946V1DFlight deck plane handler, Section 2
Neely, Milton (M. E.)AMM1CNov 1944 – Dec 1945V2FThis is my Father who will turn 82 in July and I thought his name should be listed since he is a plank owner.
Wirt, Arthur JamesS2cNov 1944 – 1945TF-58My dad, who died in 1963, served on the Randolph and was on the ship when the Kamikaze attacked. He said nothing about his service but my mom said he went overboard and was recovered.
Malitovsky, JoeNov 10, 1944 – Aug 1945This is my father who just turned 80, and for the first time, shared some stories in great detail about his days aboard the Randy.
Thorsett, DonaldFIRECONTROLMAN 2ND CLASSNov 15, 1944 – Nov 30, 1945 FBoarded at Norfolk,Va. Shakedown cruise to Trinidad Thru Panama to Frisco.To Ulithi,raids on Japan,Iwo, Kamakazi attack,Okinawa,back thru Panama to Baltimore and Norfolk.
Webber, Edward S.AOM 2/CNov 16, 1944 – Dec 10, 1945V4AHave been emailing with a former Ranolph shipmate who servrd in Div 1D who lives in Jackson Lake, Tex. His name is Glen Putney. I also believe Tex Eldrige was in Div V4A. I am a plank owner. Would love to hear from others who served aboard from 1944
Larson, Fred MillardLieutenant DE (G)Nov 29, 1944 – Oct 13, 1945Engineering 3827 JUL 1945 Appointed to COMMANDER, DE Died at Sea. Burried in Panama during the Randolph's transit back to Virginia. Awards American Defense Service Medal Asiatic-Pacific Area Campaign Medal WWII Victory Medal
Clifford, James "Cliffy"amm2/cDec 29, 1944 – Aug 10, 1945AG12...vfn-Night fighters.I was on deck when the Kamikaze came in...I saw it hit the fantail, and the fireball that resulted..I had no battle station, but grabbed the hose, and yelled "turn it on"-I'm still alive and would like to tell about it

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