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USS Ticonderoga (CV 14) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Ticonderoga (CV 14). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 450 crew members registered for the USS Ticonderoga (CV 14).

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Williams, EricAO31969 – 1970WEPSEnjoyed the tour to the Tonkin Gulf! Lots of action and drama. My battle station was #1 Bomb Elevator under the starboard cat - VERY noisy! Humped a lot bombs, rockets and ammo. Spent 2 years at Barber's Point, HI '67-68
Fleet, RonnieJan 1969 – Jul 19703RDWAS BOATSWAIN MATE AND ON BOXING TEAM enjoyed west pac subic bay and of course Olongopo City,like to find old buddies McElwee,Ferrin,Pardo,Campbell,Mazzetti,and all buds on the mighty Tico,miss you guys
Knackert, RandallBT3Jan 1, 1969 – Mar 20, 1972B DivisionI hated the Navy
Urbaniak, BobSEAMANJan 9, 1969 – Oct 18, 1973MI started out as a snipe and ended up in the print shop and MAA Shack had a great time all 5 yrs
Tuck, DennisFNJan 17, 1969 – Jul 17, 1970B
Probus, KennethABF3Feb 1969 – Nov 1972V-4
English, CoryLTJGFeb 1969 – Jan 1970OI
Crist, JeffMN3Feb 1969 – Sep 1970W divisionSpent one cruise aboard and a year in Long Beach Shipyard.Spent 9 years in the Navy, but the by tour aboard the Rico was by far the most rememable. Made a lot of friends. Enjoyed going to Hong Kong, Japan, Subic Bay
Qualter, LarryAMH 3Apr 1, 1969 – Nov 5, 2000AIMD/IM2Spent some great times on Tico from Sasebo,Cubi Point,Hong Kong,Long Beach and San Diego. Worked with some great folks. Went thru Long Beach conversion from CVA to CVS and worked at Torrance Supply Depot doing inventory of all aviation gear
Qualter, LarryAMH 3Apr 7, 1969 – Nov 5, 1970AIMD/IM2Wrkedo in AIMD's Hydraulic shop near fantail. In drydock went TAD to Supply Depot in Torrence doing inventory of aviation gear. Remember guys stole Kitty Hawks mascoot and had Tico Tiger eating it.
Glass, DavidABH1Apr 15, 1969 – Sep 15, 1973V1I remember my first day on board...Equator crossing...Apollo 16 and all the good times in the PI. Would like to connect with any old friends from V1 in that time frame especially the whereabouts of ABH 3, Todd Bronson
Chavez, Gilbertqm3May 1969 – Jan 1973NavigationI served aboard the Tico for 4 years. I was on the Apollo 16&17 recovery missions. Those two missions were like a cruise ship. We had so many civilians on board, it was a real blast. we all had fun
Delgado, FredSNMay 1969 – Apr 19723rdBN, Served 3 cruze, 1 b4 convert to ASW, 2 after. Shellback & order Golden Dragon. Work sta strbrd passway 3rd div, watch sta strbrd lifebuoy & bridge, GQ gun mnt 4. unrep winch. Jensen, Muir, Pigg, Ferrin, Pardo, Sewell
Fidler, BillE3May 3, 1969 – Feb 11, 1972G divisionLooking for division members... and Lt Simpson
Ross, JerryAO2Jun 1969 – Oct 1970WeaponsI loved the Ticonderoga and the time I spent on her. These were some of the best years of my life.
Waters, DanADR3Jun 16, 1969 – Aug 2, 1971AIMD COD Crew Plane Captain
Sullivan, Shaun ( Sully)faJul 1969 – May 26, 1971boiler room 4would like to make contact with anybody from the ship , please e mail me
Martin, StephenABF3Sep 1969 – Sep 1972V4
Redmond, DennisAG3Sep 1, 1969 – 1971OA
Dodson, JerryABF-3Oct 1969 – Jun 1973V-4
Dennis, Franklin L.HM2Dec 1969 – Jan 1970sick baywish you all the best. Proud to be aboard.
Wagner, BillABE3Dec 28, 1969 – Nov 30, 1973V-2Served both Catapults and arresting gear Loved that ship one of five that I served in did 2 tours on Ranger
McVay, StevenSK21970 – 1973S-1Supply Officer's Yeoman (CDR Kela/CDR Murphy), S-1 Division Office Personnel, GSK and Technical Section Supervisor
Pramik, StanleyE51970 – Nov 11, 1973oa
Gonzales, JesseBT 31970 – Apr 1973BLooking for people that worked in B Division oil and water lab. Pete Says, Richard(King) Arthur, John Rice, Tony Vath, Bruce Ostwald, James Clark, Joe Lemire, RJ (Rags), Daniel McGrath,and Tony Adome.
Greenlee, William2nd Class E51970 – 1973E
Leischner Usn Ret, JamesATC1970 – 1971VS 38 Cag 59
Sweeney, MonteSM-41970 – 1971SMFirst of 3 commands , first trip to Veitnam , ship caught fire in the Indian Ocean, We lost serval people during the deployment and receieved KIA 's body's from Veitnam
Gay, Willam A. (Bill)Lt. j.g.Jan 1970 – Dec 1971A Division; Asst. DCATico was a great ship. Many fond memories.
Doty, BobGMG2Jan 2, 1970 – Nov 4, 1971G DivAnyone that was in LT Simsom Divison .
Demecs, JimL/CPLJan 3, 1970 – Sep 1, 1971Fleet Marine Force/Marine DetachmentServed aboard USS Ticonderoga CVS 14 during Wes-Pac Cruise 1971. Xed Equator,got initiated traditionally-Navy Style and became a Shellback & recieved document. How can I get ALBUM BOOK of CRUISE 71 that was being printed after we came back in 07/71
Doty, BobGMG2Jan 5, 1970 – Sep 1971ao
Roberts, Darwin/robieE2Mar 23, 1970 – Feb 13, 1973V4 and S2
Wallace, Douglase5May 30, 1970 – Jul 6, 1971radarjust retired after many years in the private sector of human care
McVay, StevenSK2Jun 15, 1970 – Aug 13, 1973S-1 DivisionWorked in the S-1 Office (Customer Service) and GSK under the mess decks issuing parts. Also, I was the Supply Officer's Yeoman (CDR Fredrick H. Kela/CDR Murphy). Now I am a retired SKCS, SW, USN.
Haile, GaryPH2Jul 1970 – Dec 1973Ops Dept Photo LabPhotograher for Apollo, Sky Lab and 2 West Pacs, Lived with a bunch of great guys out in Lakeside Calf, The Country Estates is what we called it.
Class, JohnRm3Jul 1970 – Nov 14, 1973CrLookin for Kenny Brown and a few others that used to hang around with Bob Neely and myself
Alessi, Joseph / JoeEngineman 3rdJul 1970 – Jul 1972A Gang Diesel shopCompleted first West Pac. Shellback. Apallo 16. Worked with great guys. Close shop.
Cook, William / Cookie profile iconAME 3Jul 1970 –VAW-111 DET3Looking to touch base with shipmates from VAW111 DET3. 1970-1972 CVS14 Ticonderoga. Currently live in New Orleans area.
Wavada, JimJO3Jul 1, 1970 – Apr 8, 1972Public AffairsEdited Tico Tiger newsletter, wrote shipboard TV newscast and hourly radio news summaries.
Loyd, LannisAME3Aug 1970 – Jul 1971VS 38POIC of the squadrons parachute loft, became a Shellback April 15, 71 - If I only knew then what I know now.
Rodriguez, James (Jim)AE2Aug 1970 – Jun 1973TAD - AMDAnybody know what happened to Johnny Tabor or Boyce Laney?
Colegrove, JamesTM - PO2Aug 1970 – Jul 1971Weapons
Carnley, RandyE-3Aug 5, 1970 – May 10, 1974M DivisionWhere are MM2 Colpitts and MM3 Maddog Shadwell and MM3 Shattuck
Brodt, Done2Aug 20, 1970 – Feb 27, 1973v-1work as blue shirt on flight deck.also work as ship service man.temp.
Herrick, JamesDT3Sep 1970 – Dec 13, 1971DentalI would like to correspond with any shipmates that were aboard the Ticonderoga at the same time.
Herrick, JamesDT3Sep 14, 1970 – Dec 13, 1971DentalBecame a shellback during westpac in 1971
Sloan, CharlesAMS 3Sep 15, 1970 – Jul 5, 1971VS-33Bacame a Shellback on my Cruise in 1971.
Read, TomIC2Oct 1970 – Mar 1973E / V2
Nugent, RogerRM3Oct 1, 1970 – Sep 1, 1973CR CommunicationsCame on board just after the Tico became CVS-14, made 3 Westpacs, 3 SpaceCraft pickups, two line crossings and a whole lot of foreign port calls. I "fondly" recall smokers, Cabanas, PI, and Pearl. I remember setting off the Vietnam Coast 3 t
Crutchfield, CharlessgtOct 12, 1970 – Nov 4, 1972MardetHad a great time on the Tico, many memories especially the WestPac tours. the recovery of Apollo 16 was to cool.
Vasquez, MichaelYN2Oct 20, 1970 – Sep 1, 1973XWas on board during two tours of Vietnam, Apollo 16, Apollo 17 and Skylab II. Best years of my young life. Loved those TICO Cabanas we used to have when deployed. I now work at SD Naval Medical Center.
Taylor, FrederickQM3Oct 20, 1970 – 1973NavigationIt was the start of my career of twenty years.
Hogan, Timothy R.E2 MM STRIKEROct 31, 1970 – Jul 15, 1972B E-Vaps # 2 Fire Room.I crossed the equator 1st cruise out, now a shell back. The next year crossed again, got to dish out the fun. Made the Apollo 16 moon mission. I remember the oil lab gang.Tough guy BT 1Banks. MM2 Miller.Dan Keller of Butte Montana.
Davis, TroyAE-3Nov 4, 1970 – Aug 18, 1972Maintenance Administration AEI was stationed at Imperial Beach California HS-8 and my squadron was attached to the USS Ticonderoga. My first name is Paul, but registered under Troy (my Father) for his search.
Lopez, ArnoldoPFCNov 14, 1970 – Dec 21, 1971mar-deti was in the marine detachment, trying to locate some of my brother marines.
Waara, GeorgeE-4 & E-5Dec 1970 – 1972CAGCrossed the equator, sometimes attached to Photo lab, otherwise with other PT's constructing flight briefs. Remember the heat, and hella long watch duty

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1954 | 1955 – 1958 | 1959 – 1962 | 1963 – 1964 | 1965 – 1966 | 1967 – 1968 | 1969 – 1970 | 1971 | 1972 – now

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