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USS Ticonderoga (CV 14) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Ticonderoga (CV 14). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 450 crew members registered for the USS Ticonderoga (CV 14).

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Bob Belford, BoatsAC 3rd Class1967 – 1968OC DivsionI was honored to serve on CVA 14 and made 3 tours to the Tonkin Gulf and the run to Korea.
Field, Peter. "Pino Pete"CWO-21967 – 1969OP
Martinez Jr, Louis MHN1967 – 1968Hospital/InfirmaryI am the wife of Louie Martinez (Marty) who was a medical corpsman, USS Ticonderoga, 1968. He died from cancer and we were denied VA benefits due to this ship being "blue water". Any similar experiences or advice?
Vivino, ArthurPO31967 – 1970G
Garrett, RobertAE31967 – 1967Equipment support
Engelman, Timothy Tailpipeadj31967 – 1968navyMy husband recently passed away from Cancer, he was ADJ on the Tico, VA denying benefits - looking for anyone with info about the same. Need to provide Agent Orange exposure to VA. can anyone help?
Rucker, MartySMSNJan 1967 – Oct 1967CS
Mason, Gary JABE3Jan 1967 – Oct 1970V2 Catapultsmany great memories of the two cruises to 'Nam and "Yankee Station". would like to hear from anyone who served in V2 during that time period. time goes by so fast and we seem to lose touch with old friends.
Passantino Sr, GeorgeABF3Jan 23, 1967 – Oct 16, 1970V-4I am active in the USS Ticonderoga Veterans Association. I am currently involved with setting up USS Ticonderoga Annual Reunions. (CVA-14 / CG-47) Let me know if you would like more info. GeorgePSR @ (no spaces
Herbin, RichardSNMar 1967 – Jul 10, 19692nd
Farley, JerryEM3Mar 1967 – Oct 1968EAssigned to E-5 Div. Stood watches on Generators and Switchboards. 3 & 4 fire rooms were hot. Great Liberty in Hawaii, Subic Bay, Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan. Grew up fast. Loved the experience.
Austin, JerryASM 3Mar 4, 1967 – Jun 3, 1969AIMDAfter Ticonderoga CVA 14 I was transferred to NAS China Lake Ca.
Hoagland, VictorHM 3Mar 12, 1967 – Dec 13, 1968HospitalmanGREAT and Honorable experience...wonderful friends!
Forbes, BrianSK2Apr 1967 – Oct 2, 1968S-1Looking for anyone who served in the S-1 Division during my time on board.
Butler III, RaymondAQF-2Apr 16, 1967 – Apr 1970VF-191Was on the Ticonderoga and Oriskany - part of avionics & V-191 flight squadron. Died 08/18/17 & was trying to find someone who remembered him going ashore (boots on ground). Trying to get VA compensation. Can you help?
Coryea, GeorgeBT3 - BT2May 1967 – Aug 1969B four fireroomConverted to BR. retired with 26 years as a BTCM. Remember going to Bremerton with families and cars. Made 1968 cruise. Capt. Mac was a hell of a skipper
Umbower, G.t.PT 2May 1967 – Sep 1969Air Intelligence
Passantino, GeorgeABF-3May 1, 1967 – Oct 17, 1970V-4Active in BigT Veterans Association
Schaefer, JoeBT3Jun 1967 – May 1969B-divisionI served in #1 fire room, it was hot, but i made lot's of friends, and I would do it again.
Phillips, StanYN3Jun 1, 1967 – Nov 11, 1969XServed under Capts Miller and Mac. Both outstanding COs. Remember the dependents cruise to Bremerton and the motorcycles on the hanger deck going home after WestPac
Coryea, Georgebt2Jun 25, 1967 –bRetired as BRCM Oct 31 1984 Live in North Carolina
Morris, ChesterEN 3Jul 1967 – Jun 1969A DieselsWe sure steamed a lot. Had some good liberty, and did a hell of a good job at both. Capt. Mac was a great skipper.
Frederiksen, JerrySNJul 1967 – Aug 19682ndLooking for anyone who remembers an unwrapping incident from July of 1968 where the supply ship lost steering control. Please call me at 515-371-1831 or 515-379-1135, thank you for your assistance!
Townsend, DannyASM3Jul 5, 1967 – Nov 29, 1969AIMDBest part of the 68 & 69 westpacs was the liberty in Olongopo .
Biss, JamesIc3Jul 8, 1967 – Jan 1, 1970E
Perry, Robert 3rd class LithographerJul 21, 1967 – May 17, 1968x - Captain's DivWe printed a ships magazine in co- operations with PAO -Public Affairs Office and have good memories of becoming a shell back. I would like to see personal photos and other memories and emails from mates of the big"T".
Morris, Chester (Chet)EN 3Aug 1967 – Jun 1969A - Diesels
Hickman, MikeBT-3Aug 1967 – Aug 1970BI worked in #3 Fireroom, Oil Shack and "B" Div. Storeroom
Greenberg, SherwinAIRMANAug 23, 1967 – Aug 19, 1969S-6 Aviation SupplyPI Japan Hong Kong Singapore Grande Island had great fun times! Would like to hear from S-6 shipmates or anyone who knew me aboard ship.I'm also a member of the USS Ticonderoga Veteran's Association Great Group to join!E-mail me for info
Messina, Stergios/steveE-5Sep 20, 1967 – Nov 4, 1969NavyI am the wife of Steve. He passed away in 2007 from Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia. Have any of you been diagnosed and has it been linked to your time of service?
Carrey, JohnSN(Yeoman)Sep 25, 1967 – Aug 15, 1969G divisionNot at this moment.
Barnes, RonRD 3Oct 17, 1967 – Jan 17, 1969Operations Inteligence OII was a surface radar supervisor. I also stood lookout watches on the O10 level. What a view.
Rearick, MichaelABE-3Oct 19, 1967 – Dec 3, 1970V2 arresting gear
Cunningham, JerryFN MMDec 1967 – Aug 1971Mserved in aft engine room. the last year on board I was "M" division yeoman
Clark, Grady HASM2 (aircraft structual mechanic) 2nd classDec 3, 1967 – Jan 10, 1969vah 4Grady Clark U.S. Navy Ret. AMS2 USS Tico. late 67 to early 69. Grady was one of the best mechanics onboard (E. Nelson) He served the Navy from 1952-1972. After retiring her moved to Kingston Tn., Ret. from TVA 1990.
Majewski, GaryE5 /SFP2Dec 8, 1967 – Jun 18, 1971"R"Great memo's/ would like to here from Tico Tigers from that stage
Gregory, Robert (Rico)FTG11968 – 19722nd
Villa, BobF21968 – 1970Fireman
Partel, Francis J. Jr.LTJGJan 1968 – Dec 1968OIServed aboard as OOD underway, CICWO, strike controller.
Barbee, David (Dave)MM1 / MMCJan 1968 – 1971AReported on board as MM1, assigned to hydraulics work center as supervisor. Promoted to MMC Jan 1969, re-assigned as A-Div Admin Assistant.
Spradlin, JohnBT1Jan 20, 1968 – Aug 14, 1969EngineeringWorked in # 3 Fireroom.
Southward, JacobE3 Damage control Mar 1968 – Jul 1971R Left the Tico in July of 71. My firefighter training in A school served me well on the Tico. In civilian life I join my local volunteer fire department.
Rothamel, SteveEM2Apr 1968 – Jul 1971E
Greer, StephenSH2May 24, 1968 – Dec 2, 1971S-3Lot of great memories of the Tico, would like to hear from some salts that crossed the equator in 1971 cruise. I have lost my certificate and would like to get a copy but don't remember the longitude. Any help?
Barg, William G.AECJun 15, 1968 – Jun 14, 1970VFP-63 DET-14
Winters, KennethPH3Jul 1968 – Aug 1970Operations
Thompson, Thomas (Tom)ABF-2Aug 1968 – Apr 1972V4 DivisionI am currently the Treasurer of the Ticonderoga Association
Durkin, Johne3--mnAug 7, 1968 – Dec 9, 1968wI had a great time on the big T. Taught me a lot about life
Odaniel, LarryEM2Aug 10, 1968 – Aug 1, 1970E DivisionWill always be on my mind and in my heart.
Pattenger, John. 'Pat'Rm3Aug 18, 1968 – Aug 1969CrEnjoyed my time on the Tico ...orestes operator....Cmdr Melville also from Mich was Comm Officevr....stops in Hawaii..Japan...The PI ...unscheduled trip to Korea ....
Aronson, Carrol L. (Pete)E-4Sep 1968 – Jan 1972V-2 CatapultsI would like to correspond with anyone who served aboard "Tico" in V-2 Cats during that time. Gary Mason if you read this, "I apologize for being a jerk and ruining a great friendship.
Gibbs, StevenanSep 1968 – Apr 1970V1I was a blue shirt in fly2. Later in cruise off viet nam I became a yellow shirt.
Webb, John H., Po WebbHT1 (E-6)Sep 10, 1968 – Oct 13, 1969RWorked in the Pipe Shop on the 01 level Fantail. In charge of the head detail in Sections A, B, and C. Came aboard as an E5 and made E-6 in 1969.
Bowles, BillSNOct 1968 – Jun 1972G DivLooking for my buddy's that I hung with.
Hawthorne, Stanford (Stan) profile iconMM3Nov 1968 – Aug 1972A DIVISIONWhat a great 4 years of learning and seeing parts of the world I would have never seen before. Served with some very good people. west pack cruises, Korea after a c141 was shot down, Apollo 16 retrieval, shell back.
Anzalone, Tome2Dec 1968 – Jul 1969E

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