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USS Ticonderoga (CV 14) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Ticonderoga (CV 14). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 450 crew members registered for the USS Ticonderoga (CV 14).

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Davis, RobertE31965 – 1966VF-51Made lots of friends. Looking for anyone who was aboard when LTJG Webster in an A-4 went over the side, and who ever knew the catapult crewmen who was killed by a a missile coming lose from an F-8 being launched.
Klootwyk, PatMM31965 – 1968MDidn't know this site existed until today. Recognize a couple of shipmates (Morrison and Salter). Nice to recall the "olden days", but wasn't a lot of fun living them!
Feaver, Bobrd 21965 – 1968oi
Bilodeau, RonAmh41965 – Nov 1966V6 Division
Davis, RobertE31965 – 1966VF-51I am Deneena Davis, the daughter and only child of Robert N Davis. I am looking for anyone who served with him. He passed away 10-16-10 and he is dearly missed.
Babcock, RonaldAZ31965 – 1966VF-51I served as the VF-51 ammo crew chief and I am wondering if any other flight deck crew member are suffering from agent orange illnesses. I have been fighting the VA for well over a year now for multiple illnesses.
Schlidt, OlyAN1965 – 1966V-5Assigned to PriFly. Worked the board and the Spin-12.
Senerchia, Austinseaman1965 –1st divisionenjoyed my tour of duty made some great friends seen other parts of world that would never see if not for the navy miss all my ship mates.Hope that all still living have a great life god bless America seaman Austin
Ruzanski, RussRadarman 2nd classMar 1, 1965 – Dec 7, 1967OI Operations IntelligenceI feel blessed to have served on Tico during 2 West Pac deployments, 65-66, 66-67. I was able to talk to a brother of LCDR Mike Estocin who was shot down in early '67 and listed as Killed. I pray for MIA's & KIA's.
Ott, GeneE3Mar 15, 1965 – Dec 24, 1966V3bay 2 elevator operator
Strumello, CliffDMSNMar 15, 1965 – Mar 15, 1967OPServed in the Air Intelligence Office. I am an active member of the Ticonderoga Vets Association
Welborn, HarryADJ3Mar 26, 1965 – Mar 15, 1967V-4I had only been on active duty 18 months and made ADJ3, I figured that I had a better chance to shore duty than a ABF. Of course the old Chief hated my guts and could not wate to ship me to V-6 Div.
Fiabane, PeterE3Apr 1, 1965 – Mar 1, 1967V3elevator #2 blue shirt
McGee, Michaelao 3rd class e4May 1, 1965 – Nov 3, 1967g division
Vance, FredIC2Jun 1965 – Apr 1967EMade 2 WesPac cruises from 1965 to 1967. Served on Yankee and Dixie stations during Vietnam. Bob Hope Show was the biggest event of both cruises. Assigned to E Division as an IC man for interior communications.
Morrison, Jim/froggyE4Jun 1965 – May 1969M
Perry, William ( Bill )E3Jun 1965 – Dec 1967V6 & V1LOX crew
Knutson, David (Buck)Jun 1965 – 1969
Drummond, DavidAGANAug 1965 – Apr 1966Operations Weather DetachmentI eyewitnessed the loss of an A4 ,pilot and nuclear bomb that slid off the elevator in Dec 0f 1965. Other than that I thought it was a great experience. (David passed away 5/12/2010.)
Tew, LarryE3Aug 5, 1965 – Oct 9, 19695th
West, KennethE-4Aug 15, 1965 – Apr 15, 1969V-2 Cats & Arresting gearI am looking for C.T. Ritchie. First name is Charles or Calvin. He is from Blackwell OK. and later moved to Snyder Tx.
Reagan, KeithMM 3Aug 15, 1965 – Sep 15, 1967A
Heldreth, DennisABE-3Aug 17, 1965 – Dec 10, 1968V-2 CatsStill miss the friendships we had during this time of my life! Made three West Pacs and always enjoyed my time on the flight deck crew. I was the starboard cat Safety Inspector the last two cruises.
Salter, FredMM2Sep 1965 – May 1969MI served on the Tico the entire time, made 4 trips to the Gulf of Tonkin. Became a shellback, I enjoyed the Bob Hope shows. In May, 1969 I left from the flight deck in a plane which was a great experience. I had to grow up fast!
Bowman, FrankHM2Sep 1965 – May 1966VF-53Flight Deck Corpsman. Great Experience. Made Navy a career and retired in 1979. Hello to all the Medical Department Personnel who served at that time, as well as the other Flight Deck Corpsmen.
Comiskey, CharlesseamanSep 1965 – Dec 1, 1967s-3Any fellow shipmates out there?
Baldwin, HowardANSep 1965 – Jul 1966V1Flight deck aviation boatswain mate
Clements, DonYNCSep 1965 – Aug 1966OAServed then as YN1 and Chief of Admin to the Ops Officer. Up two hours before he got to work; stayed until on hour after work - that's 15 hours a day while on line. Love to connect with anyone on that Vietnam cruise.
Dasovic, LarryMA3Sep 1, 1965 – Sep 1, 1966v3,s1V3 blue shirt, Then transfer to S1 when I changed rank to seaman, then made MA3 and was sent to north island and to Ream Field, but my best memories of my time in the Navy were the times I spent aboard ship ..
Peterson, DennisSeamanSep 14, 1965 – Sep 13, 1967OII came aboard as a E-2 and left as E-3 but stayed in the reserve for the next 20 years and retired as E-6. The time aboard was truly a groth experience.
Adermatt, JamesseamanSep 16, 1965 – Apr 1, 1967s1
McCallister, GeneRD3Sep 24, 1965 – Oct 3, 1967OIGreat times and grew up fast, no regrets would do it again. I love looking at my yearbooks for 1965-66 and 1966-67. The Bob Hope Tour was the highlight of all. Would llook up info in the books for you or relatives.
Sanchez, John (Shadow)PO3Sep 28, 1965 – Jun 23, 1969GServed as ordanceman for 4 years on the flight deck
Beatty, KeithE6Oct 1965 – Oct 1967V6I was a "green shirt" ships company. I played tournament basketball and participated in the "smokers" on the return cruise. i did 7 yrs reg Navy and 21 years Reserve. Enjoyed it all. Does anyone remember me?
Goytia, Jesussk2Oct 15, 1965 – Jun 22, 1969S-1My first ship and only ship for 4 years, I came on board as SA and left as SK2, I met to many good friends I keep in touch with to this date I saw many ports even Singapour, Japan one of my favorite I spent more time
Burdge, DennisRDOct 15, 1965 – Sep 20, 1966OI
Obusan, JoaquinSK3Oct 28, 1965 – Jul 1, 1969Supply
Allen, Frank Aka Big AlSH3Nov 17, 1965 – Oct 5, 1967S-3LOOKING FOR SHIPMATES ON BOARD WestPac Cruise 66-67 S-3 Div.
Fitzner, HarrySEAMAN1966 – 1967OrdinanceI was proud to serve my country on the Tico and anyone who remembers me please email me.
Fykes III, MauriceSM 31966 – 1969CS (Communications Signals)Came aboard in 1966 got out in 1969. There were some great times and some wonderful guys to work with. Now, as an old guy, I wish I had stayed in for 30 years. Hey! Does anyone know whatever happen to RM1 Baker? Go TICO!
Hayes, Gordon profile iconE-41966 – 1973not sureI am the daughter of Gordon Hayes, my name is Beverly Hayes Lee. I am looking for anyone that may have served with him. I am unsure of his rank and which USS Ticonderoga he served on. I know he was on with Apollo mission
Kilmer, Richard (Rick)E-31966 – 1967V-4Became intimately familiar with the bowels of this boat, from the shaft alley to the inside of the jet fuel tanks. Bathed in JP-4 while cleaning coalescing filters. XO's Mast only once - geedunk run on the bomb hoist.
Bartlett, GaryYN31966 – 1970GM DivisionLead Yeoman Weapons Dept.
Knight, MarkelBM31966 – 19702nd DivisionThree tours in the Gulf Of Tonkin all aboard the The Tico. Like the liberty ports in Subic Bay and Hong Kong. I'm retired after 36 years in education. If possible would like to connect with any shipmates in 2nd Div.
Flowers, BobbyABH-2Mar 1966 – Jul 1969fighter sq. 191Looking for the father of my son. I am 78 and need To let the truth be known. Tom dobinschmidt is his name. It was the 60's OK.
Thuet, Bob (Rc)RD 3Jun 1966 – Aug 20, 1968OIOI berthing compartment was under the #2 arresting cable...learned to sleep through flight ops. TAD to Monkey Mtn. Danang in '68.
Henning, BobPC3Jun 1966 – Sep 1968x ship Post OfficeGrew up in a hurry during my time on Tico. Did all Hi-line and air/ mail transfers and helped make sure the crew got their mail as fast as possible.Best experience ever and a great crew to work with
Kelly, GeorgeSHCSJun 16, 1966 – Aug 18, 1968S-3 DivHey its me George Kelly was SH3 and SH2 on The Mighty Tico I would like to hear from Stum in the Ship fitters Shop. Also Fat Rat and Cobbs. the were Ships Servicemen.My Brother wants to hear from Stumm. Thanks 3212591716
Capps, James (Jim)PO2/ADJJul 6, 1966 – Apr 18, 1970V-6\AIMDYear 1 working with aircraft support equipment as Flight Deck Trouble Shooter (keeping equipment going). Next 3 years I was a crewman on COD\C1-A airplane. Flying to Vietnam 20+ times,Cubi point 9X,Japan 2X & 3 others?X
Garrett, Robert T RtJul 26, 1966 – 1968Ground supportMany good memories hoping to make contact with old ship mates. Tico Tiger forever
Pace, Lynn/edMm2Sep 1966 – Jan 1971M divisionServed aboad 1966 to 1971 in the forward engine room and as storekeeper for M division in 1970 to 71. Also did generator watch on the turbine end. Now live in Las Vegas.
Lipps, DuaneAO2Sep 1966 – Nov 1969GM Div.Served aboard the Tico for three West pac cruises worked on all air launched Guided Missiles, and spent my 2nd. and 3rd. cruise working the flight deck as GM quality control PO.
Hier, SkeetFTG2Sep 1, 1966 – Sep 9, 1969FOXHad a great time. Three tours of the Tonkin Gulf, along with all the ports of call.
Erlandson, JohnSNOct 1966 – Sep 1969S-2Will never forget her. Pearl Harbor, Japan, Hong Kong, PI, Singapore.
Stillwell, Larrye4Oct 14, 1966 – Jan 15, 1970v1 divisioni was blown over the port side of the ship in march of 1969 i worked on the flight deck. i had a scoop&skinny paperwith the story and thought you might remember me please let me know.
Hoffman, James profile iconE4Nov 1966 – Nov 1966V2Arresting Gear Flight Deck Tower

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