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USS Ticonderoga (CV 14) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Ticonderoga (CV 14). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 450 crew members registered for the USS Ticonderoga (CV 14).

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Wall, Ken(bulkhead)ABH31963 – Jan 1965V-1Best ship. best time of my life
Long, John (Bob)BT31963 – 1964
Myers, Eddieak31963 –S-6 DivisionI would like to contact any AK or person in S-6 to collaborate my claim of flying into Vietnam screening for aircraft parts in support of aircraft down on board the ship
Tenneson, StevenATR21963 – 1964CAG-5 (CVW-5 (NF), VF-51Anyone from 1963 and/or 1964 Far East Cruises on the Ticonderoga out there?
Stokes, JimJO21963 – Aug 1964Public InformationWas the ship's journalist. Wrote news stories, Port of Call booklets, helped publish cruise books. Worked with printer. Attended taped interview sessions with Tico's and Task Forces's officers and pilots re Tonkin Gulf.
Trussell, James (Jimmy)RM-3Jan 1963 – Jun 1965radiomanwas on the mid watch when we recieved the message from the maddox as to being approached by high speed surface craft that refused to identify themselves..i took msg to the admiral..this a few days before we bombed hanoi .
Trussell, James/jimmyRM-3Jan 1963 – Jun 1965RMWas on board for the Gulf of Tonkin Incident..remember the flight commander saying "Playball" when he dropped the incinderaries to mark targets over Hanoi. Worked in crypto with RM2 Garcia...
Sloan, DonaldPFC (E-2)Jan 3, 1963 – Jun 12, 1965Marine Detachment
Armentrout, Ben Aka "Chief"E-2Jan 15, 1963 – Jan 15, 1967V-2 "Cats"I had some good times and also made some good friends during those years aboard. I would like to hear from any of the guys during our era when we were young and crazy. Anyone remember the ships party at the El Cortez?
Sutton, Donald (Boot)ANMar 1963 – Dec 14, 1964v3great ship would like to hear from shipmate
Maroosis, PeterE-3May 15, 1963 – May 15, 1965V-4I was attached to the V-4 Division and was on board during the Gulf Of Tonkin Crisis which eventually propelled us into the Vietnam War. The "Ti" will always hold a special place for memories of my two deployments I had
Roberts, Paul (Robie)SK3May 17, 1963 – May 10, 1966S-1Great ship and many great friends.
McCorkle, CorkeyFTG3Jun 1963 – Sep 1965FoxGreat ship, great crewmembers, great port of calls, a proud crew
Anderson, AndyAME 3Jun 10, 1963 – Jan 10, 1964VF-51I served at moffett field with Ed Vice 1960 to 1962, has any heard of him, if so send contact info. I served on the Ticonderoga in the AME shop on the fan tail at hanger level and was off loaded At Atsugi japan for a few weeks during tour.
Matusek, Ronald LYN3Jul 19, 1963 – Jul 16, 1965X-Div
Lewkowski, AnthonyETR3Aug 18, 1963 – Aug 12, 1965OEAlive and well in Anchorage Alaska 2018.
Johnston, LarrySep 1963 – Sep 14, 1965OINine month WestPAC Cruise in '64, including 60 consecutive days at sea off the coast of Vietnam with 6 hour port and starboard watches, due to our relacement on "Yankee Station" having mechanical problems. The Tonkin incident, made it very
Noland, LeeSASep 1963 – Sep 1963Photo LabI was on 2wks reserve duty.
Barzare, PrestonADJ-3Nov 10, 1963 – Aug 4, 1967VF-51I would be interested to get in contact with people that was in VF-51 between 1963-1967.
Kozma, JackMMFNDec 1963 – Apr 1965A DivisionGood friends with John and Gary Anderson. Also Jim Battles. Our Westpac cruise of 1964 was a truly growing up experience for me. A part of my life that I reflect on a great bit.
Hedge, PhillipCVA 14Dec 29, 1963 – Sep 14, 1967first
Salerno, Joseph profile iconADJANDec 31, 1963 – Sep 28, 1966V-2 Arresting GearMy time in the Navy was the best time I ever spent in my life. Very interesting and educational experience.
Doran, JimAO31964 – 1966VA-52My first ship. Was involved in the Tonkin Gulf incident and the first strikes into North Vietnam
Miller, Theodore (Ted)e31964 – 1968airLooking to reconnect with any of the guys I served with. We're not getting any younger.
Hugunin, Garypn31964 – 1964aviation squadron vah-4I thoroughly enjoyed my time on the Ticonderoga. 1964 off of Vietnam.
Woodbury, WilliamEMFN1964 – 1967ElectricalLooking for Johnathan D Wood
Jefferys, JamesAviation ordinance E-31964 – Jan 1965VA52
O'Brien, James Jt, Big OANFeb 1964 – Jan 1966OC Air ControllersLooking for shipmates who served in OC or OI divisions concerning health issues.
Guillot, Jamesabh3Mar 14, 1964 – Mar 13, 1966V-1I'm looking for photos of the TICO during my time in service
Little, JamesGMT2Mar 15, 1964 – Mar 27, 1966WI was onboard during the Gulf of Tonkin Incident. I also was standing on the aircraft elevator as a W Division Technical monitor when LTJG Webster's A-4 Skyhawk went over the side.
Mitchell, DelbertAO3Mar 20, 1964 – Dec 23, 1966GMResponsible for the buildup and delivery of guided missiles to the various squadrons. Retired AOC with VP65. Worked in the ammunition field with U.S. Army as an ammunition inspector. Live in Las Vegas, NV
Nagel, JoeADJ2Apr 14, 1964 – Dec 15, 1964Air Wing VFP 63 Det Bravo
Frank, Lloydan abhApr 16, 1964 – Mar 1966V1LOOKING FOR SHIPMATES FROM THE V-1 DIV CRASH CREW and SHIPMATES THAT WERE IN V-1 Division Any years that you were aboard would be great,also looking for anyone who IS not a member of the TICONDEROGA VETERANS ASSOCIATION
Gable, SteveGMT3Apr 17, 1964 – Aug 20, 1966WLong hours and no air conditioning
Carnes, HaulAC1Apr 28, 1964 – Apr 1966OC7 yrs in AEW. Then CVA14. Lost for a while. Unlike some of the newer boats the ole girl never missed one commitment. 64 TONKIN. Great crew, lousy chow and NO air cond.. SWEATED. Lost some fine men..too many. miss'em.
Culhane, HaroldE-3May 1964 – Feb 1966V-2 "Cats" & Arresting Gear
Miller, JosephYN3Jun 1964 – Feb 1966X and GMFirst worked as Yeoman in the Weapons Department Office under Commander Parkinson. Then transferred over to the Chaplain's Office, where I worked until I left the ship. We were also in charge of the ship's library.
Watts, AnthonyMM3Jul 15, 1964 – May 20, 1968mfwd eng rm.main control,gen gang,court martial,kowloon,polywog,masking crew king-sf dry dock,new props paint&cats.spy ship rescue,korea almost.all cars and family-sd to brem,cool captain,grande island,sing sling in singaplore 4 cruise's wo
Neeley, WardCVA 14Jul 20, 1964 – Jul 10, 1966Bhello to all bt's from the tyco, think we out run the kitty hawk in a race once.. great ship
Verbracken, LouieMM2Aug 1964 – Oct 1967A / AC&RWas assigned to AC&R,for a couple of years then moved to Elevators
Franck, Donald (Gene)Rm 3Aug 11, 1964 – Sep 12, 1966Radio manLooking for somebody to verify trips made to mainland of VN during this time. It is urgent. Please help if you remember us sending a plane on missions
Verbracken, LouieMM2Oct 1964 – Aug 1967A / AC&RFun times and great memories
Jim, Jim BusiginEM3Dec 1964 – Oct 1968ElectricalLooking for shipmates in the Electrical Department
Flower, LelandFNDec 1964 – Sep 1967B #4 Fireroom

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1954 | 1955 – 1958 | 1959 – 1962 | 1963 – 1964 | 1965 – 1966 | 1967 – 1968 | 1969 – 1970 | 1971 | 1972 – now

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