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USS Ticonderoga (CV 14) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Ticonderoga (CV 14). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 450 crew members registered for the USS Ticonderoga (CV 14).

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Bowers, BobbyAB21959 – 1961V3Assigned to Hanger Deck V3 Division. WestPac cruise during 1960/61. Hawaii, Japan, Formosa, Phillipines, Hong Kong.
Bryant, SteveAirman1959 – 1961V3
Duey, DaleSeaman First Class1959 – 1969WeaponsI am Jeff Duey, son to Dale R. Duey. I would like to know more about my Dad's service on the Ticonderoga. He was on the Tico through the 60's. I believe he was a Nuclear Weapons specialist. Any info would be appreciated
Moore, James (Jim)E31959 – 19621stProud to have served on the Ty, and had the opportunity to make friends with a lot of good men, my only regret is not keeping in touch. Also proud to have been able to serve as coxin of Officer's Gig.
Johnston, WilliamDC 31959 – 1962RMy time on the Ticonderoga was exciting for a small town kid from upstate NY. After separation, I finished college on the GI Bill which prepared me for my career with a major property casualty insurance company.
MacKellar, JohnETR-3Mar 1959 – Jun 1961OEI checked on board at Hunters Pt. in 1959 and transferred to Chollas Point Transmitter Station, San Diego in 1961. I am curently retired in Las Vegas.
Hickethier, AlexanderQm3Apr 1959 – Nov 1962NavigationBoth my brother Heinz and I served on board at the same time.
Whiting, Wayne profile iconAirmanApr 10, 1959 – Jun 14, 1960OI DivisionThe Division was made up of Radarmen and Air Traffic Controllers. I was assigned to the Airdale side striking for AC.
Green, DonANApr 30, 1959 – May 8, 1960GMAnyone have pictures of the 2 Airforce helicopters setting on the flight being refueled and having been painted by the flight deck crew? Painted CVA-14 in yellow paint, also squadron numbers, the raising sun.
McKever, VincentETN3Sep 15, 1959 – Aug 15, 1961ORHello to all my shipmates
Kelley, EdwardSNSep 15, 1959 – Sep 21, 19612nd & Boat Crew 40 FooterSpent 1st 6 months on the Mess Deck & the Chief Mess. Also server on the Boat Crew. Did 2 West Pacs. Tours. Best times were on the Boat crew.
Knight, RichardSN1960 – 1962D
King, MarronSFP 3Jan 1960 – Mar 1964R
Burt, MichelFeb 1960 – May 29, 1963v-3im now 64 years old,i still remember the mighty TI like it was yesterday, the excitment, the long hours and the majority of my division, lt.marsha was my div. officer, w.w.smith was my mentor and william kingery was my best mate,
Shanahan, EarlPFCMar 1960 – Apr 1962Marine Detachment2 Summery Courts and 7 Office Hours later I retired a 1STSGT in 1984
Wright, James L.ANMay 8, 1960 – Jan 25, 1962V-1
Pennington, DaleAVIATION ELECTRICIAN 3RD CLASSJun 1, 1960 – Nov 17, 1963VF 51Served aboard the Ticonderoga for 3 or 4 four cruises. I remember the Captain in a hurry to get home from Japan ran the ole girl wide open for 23 of 24 hours all the way to San Diego. It sure did rock and roll. We got home in record time
Driver, TonyCplJul 1, 1960 – Jul 20, 1962Marine Detachment Would very much like to hear from any Marines/Sailors that served on the big Ti during 1960 through 1962. I live in Arlington Texas now.. Thanks
Mann, Jerry profile iconSF2Sep 1960 – Apr 1964RI would love to hear from anyone who served on the Ti from 1960 to 1964.
Armes, Charlie WoodyMM3Oct 15, 1960 – Sep 27, 1963Mi still think of all the good times i had as a very young country boy that never been out of the state of virginia the big T will always be apart of me
Lambert, Billy G.AN/ E-3Oct 18, 1960 – Mar 21, 1964V-2 [Cats & "Gear]Great Ship, Has it been 45 years? Met a lot of good guys and enjoyed the time I spent aboard the Big T.My brother Tom and I were 1 of 3 sets of brothers in V-2 .It is a shame that She was scrapped, Worn out Warrior!!!!!!
John, ScohyETR2Nov 1960 – Feb 1964OE
Stewart, JamesMM3Dec 1960 – Aug 10, 1964AI worked the O2N2 plants making Oxygen for the Jets. Later I worked Hydraulics!
Clevenger, PaulE-3 HOSPITAL CORPSMAN1961 – 1961MedicalI got to take off the deck of the the ship and land on it.
Sutton, JimRD31961 – 1965OI
Mathews, RogerAME31961 – 1962V -6Served on board the Ticonderoga from about 1961 to 1962, made only one cruise then went into to overhaul and repair at Bremerton Washington naval ship yard. Assigned to V-6 division. Was at sea,stowaway was found. fun.
Blennau, Francis (Bugs)(bugsey) Frank SeamanJan 1961 – Jan 17, 1964OE
Taylor, HubertEM2Feb 14, 1961 – Aug 28, 1962EParticipated in nine month West Pac Cruise and six month overhaul in Bremerton, Washington
Hull, Thomas J. (Tj)AMS-3Apr 1961 – Jun 1963VA-52Many good times.Some not so good.Worked flight deck troubleshooter and as plane captian
Garrett, John RileyGMG2May 1961 – May 19665thWe steamed when nobody else could.Always repairing casualties at sea.Didn't get my 1965-66 cruise book! Was told my name wasn't on the list, but I prepaid and had a # No Good, I was robbed.Does anyone know how I get one?
Rasmussen, Jerry  NEWETN 3May 1961 – 1962OE
Clendenen, BillMMFNMay 9, 1961 – Jul 28, 1962M
Scanlon, Regis-----spyderBT2May 15, 1961 – May 15, 1964B OIL SHACKSHE WAS A GREAT LADY. THE BEST OF MEMORIES & BUDDIES
Hill, ArtLtjgJun 1961 – May 1963First DivisionLoved my time on CVA-14. Would like to contact Paul; Allbright
Ghrist, GordonANAug 1, 1961 – Feb 9, 1962V 1
Radakovitz, JohnE-4Oct 1961 – Feb 1966Air Groud SquadronEnlisted in Portland, Oregon the VA 52's and was put onto the USS Lexington, or CVA16 and did one tour then was assigned to the USS Ticonderoga or CVA 14. Did four tours with the USS Ticonderoga.
James S. Rummonds, JimGMT 3Nov 11, 1961 – Oct 9, 1963GunneryOnce we were young. 17 y.o. is definitely young--that's when I joined the Navy. Best decision of my life. I went aboard the Tico in Bremerton. The WestPac tour was the highlight. Great ship. Great officers & crew!
Melton, William ( Bill)GMG 3Dec 1, 1961 – Dec 1, 19645th divisionAny ship mates in 5th division feel free to e mail. me.
Seibert, DaleDM31962 – 1965OPS-AIOGreat ship. Good times.
Easley, Prentis E.s/n1962 – Jul 26, 1963S3loved the old retired from the boeing company.was a barber abord ti.I met many of you.
Holtzclaw, JohnMM31962 – Jun 1966A-DIVWorked in AC+R, O2N2, Elevators.Knew Steele in Crash crew, watched flight op a lot. HOT ! down below. Best friend, Roy Austin, ran together.,
Trotter, EdgarLTJGJan 1962 – May 1965AFirst ship and a great one. I now enjoy seeing shipmates at our annual reunions.
Schlegel, Dennis profile iconRMJan 1962 – Jan 19, 1966CRI also was working TTY the night the Madox & Turner Joy was attacked by small high speed surface craft. I remember the bells on the TTY ringing as the flash msg was being received. I don't remember Jimmy there that night
Trotter, EdgarLTJGJan 1962 – Jun 1965A Div/ENG Admin AsstGreat time on board. Became a Supply Corp officer and did 16 1/2 more years. Got civil service job in Logistics and am still working at age 77. Really enjoy attending the USS TICONDEROGA Veterans' Association reunions
McClendon, KenETN 3Jan 2, 1962 – Jan 5, 1965OEI began searching for shipmates in recent years, and have located a few. I cherish the memories of my time serving aboard and hope to locate more shipmates.
Wilson, WillyBT3Jan 15, 1962 – Dec 14, 1964B divthe navy taught me a lot of things about life...good & bad
Gass, RaymondEM3Feb 15, 1962 – Sep 1, 1964EWas proud to have served on the TI
Wright, LarryE-3Mar 1, 1962 – Sep 25, 19645th gunnersmate
McDonald, Fred (Michael)QM3Aug 4, 1962 – Jun 1964NavigationGreat Ship, Out maneuvered both the Constellation and Kitty Hawk.CDR A.W. Chandler Navigator, LTCDR Strait Den. & LTJG Knostman. CPO Lowe plus the rest of Nav. Crew Great to serve with.
Esposito, RalphADRANAug 30, 1962 – Sep 4, 1964V-4
Shuck, EdwardRD2Oct 1962 – Nov 1964OIthe start month is approximate. I did the last cruise to the far east on the Lexington CVA-16 and then came to the Ti as an RDSN.
Paul J. Albright Jr., PaulLTJGOct 1962 – Oct 19631st DivisionAnyone recall the misfire of the aft stb 5 in - 38 gun mount that happened during a normal training shoot in March or April of 1963 during our Far East Cruise. !st Div was the gun crew as the Div JO I was Safty officer?
Babson, HarryRM2Nov 2, 1962 – Jan 4, 1965CR
Griggs, CharlesE-2Dec 1962 – Jul 1963V-1
Trussell, James JimmyDec 1962 – Jul 1965radiomanlooking for rm's...especially garcia rm2 that was on mid watch when we recieved message from maddox about high speed surface craft approaching them....just before we bombed hanoi
Williams, JohnFNDec 1962 – Jun 1964A

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1954 | 1955 – 1958 | 1959 – 1962 | 1963 – 1964 | 1965 – 1966 | 1967 – 1968 | 1969 – 1970 | 1971 | 1972 – now

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