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USS Ticonderoga (CV 14) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Ticonderoga (CV 14). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 450 crew members registered for the USS Ticonderoga (CV 14).

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Mathews, EdwardE-51955 – 1957Radio
Stevenson, Rolland (Steve)1955 – 1955I'm submitting for my brother, who recently died. The year is approximate. He was aboard the Med cruse, CRS
Butts, WatsonAK31955 – 1957V6I worked in Air Office
Parker, DonaldFN1955 – Jun 1957Eng. Oil kingI remenber when the guys were killed on the flight deck and when we went to the west coast. what a trip
Brown, TroyAD21955 – 1956VA66Looking for shipmates
Guarino, Joseph "Little Moe"S/N1955 – 1955WAfter a Med cruise aboard the USS Randolph, CVA 15, I was assigned to the USS Ticonderoga for the shakedown after the re-commissioning . Made it to Guantanamo, we served each other very well.
Eccles, DaveIC21955 – 1958E-DivisionSome Of The IC Gang When I First Came Aboard In 1955 Were: Clarence IC1,Joe Boyd IC3, John ByerlyIC2, Macintyre,IC3 LongIC3,
Benson, John (Jack)IC2Feb 2, 1955 – Jan 31, 1957EWondering if anyone from E division is now living in SW Florida like I am
Clark, BobbyFNFeb 28, 1955 – Aug 14, 1957EngineeringI added this entry for my grandfather. All I know about his naval career is the year he entered, the year he left and that he served on the Ticonderoga. If you know more please contact me:
Walker, HarveyFiremanMar 1955 – 1956Machinest Mate Striker
Walch, Richard / DickEN3Mar 1955 – Nov 1956Aserved in the after diesel compartment with Pope, Harla Graswinski, Fields and Chief McSwain. Great bunch of guy's.
Palma, JosePNCMar 30, 1955 – Feb 12, 1957xI want to hear from all my shipmate assigned to X Division.
Hayes, GlennBT2Apr 13, 1955 – Feb 27, 1959BLooking for Dale D. Barker and Kenneth Vanderpool
Schmahl, Robert (Bob)AO3May 19, 1955 – May 15, 1956GI was an AO3. My bunk was under flight deck/arresting cable #2. I recall helping in the aftermath of a jet crash onto the flight deck 11-23-55. Six men killed. It was a traumatic experience. The rest of my time on the Ti was great.
Atwood, JimMU3Oct 1955 – Aug 1956Div XI was assigned to Ticonderoga with Unit Band 198 and a part of ComAirLant out of Norfolk. We cruised the Med in late 1955 until August 1956
Donley, Arthur JEM3Nov 4, 1955 – Aug 6, 1956WAttached to Special Weapons Unit (SWULANT) on board for Med Cruise 55-56. Init home base- NAS Norfolk. W Division boaded with and maintained classified weapons for duration of cruise.
Martin, IsaacMML3Nov 15, 1955 – Aug 13, 1960Machinist Mate
Rorrer, G. DavidAirman1956 – 1957V-6 Division, Ships CompanyGreat experience in the Med on the Ticonderoga CVA14. Met a lot of great squids. Enjoyed the SOS :-) as we all did.
Bailey, Robert SNRD1956 – 1958OI
Wheeler, James---david Went By DaveANApr 18, 1956 – Jan 15, 1959V-2 catswas hook-up man on cats 3 tours-Med-9months cape horn The TI was listed as CVA_14 far east
Santucci, RichardSEAMANJul 1956 – Jul 19583rd
Rohrbaugh, ThomasAnJul 7, 1956 – Dec 1956V-5Came aboard at Cannes at end of the med cruise, the big T was extended 3 times, I was a fill in crew,what a sight seeing tour, helped do the new angle deck,keeping a welder co. With a fire ,extinghers,cold duty.
Roberts, AlbertEM3Sep 15, 1956 – Aug 15, 1958EA member of the Veterans Association of The U.S.S. Ticonderoga. Served with the best crew in the Navy. Many memories of Japan especially our homeport, Yokoska. I've a lot of pix of our cruises. Around Cape Horn in the worse weather.
Oder, EdMU31957 – 1957Admiral's Staff
Jones, Willisseaman1957 – 19583RDLooking for r.a.santucci for my dad willis b jones please call 304-643-4307 ask for duane
Thomas, Johnmm31957 – 1958b
Mingo, GaylordFT31957 – Sep 1959FoxLooking for John Madden, Lee Bordeau & R Holdaway
Tangog, Eliseo D.c.PN3Mar 1957 – Sep 1957X-divisionGreat times on a great ship! Travelled from East to West, Santiago Chile,Trinidad, Panama, SFO. Great adventure.
Halk, RobertCplMar 1957 – Apr 1959Marine Det.
McKay, CharlesET1Mar 1, 1957 – Sep 1, 1961OE & CRLooking for some of my fellow shipmates: Wayne Ledden, JW Wesdos, Elwood Haugan, Frenchy Coullard, Dale Mackazle, Lib Lee, Ron Custis, Junior Renolds, Russell, Hays and Prout
Watters, Phillip (Soapy)AE-3Mar 1, 1957 – Jun 16, 1959V6Was assigned start crew during my tour aboard
Grindstaff, Donald EAEM 3Apr 1957 – Apr 1958VF 91 CAG 9Looking for anyone in CAG 9 or VF 91 or Cat Crew that was on the crews to the Far East in 1957 thru 1958. That remembers the Cat failure of AD 5 that was assigned to VA 93. Especially any of the Cat Crew or VA 93 electricians. Important
Weston, John L.ANJun 1957 – Feb 1959V1I boarded the Ticonderoga at Alameda NAS from where I had been in CAG 9 VA 93 but was transferred to the Ticonderoga as ships company as she had just completed a trip around the horn (Cape Horn) with a skeleton crew.
Erner, Robert (Bob)ANJun 30, 1957 – Jul 1, 1959V-1Two far east cruises, a huge typhoon
Hildebrand, HalAD-3Sep 1957 – May 1957Naval AirThis is for my Dad, Hal Hildebrand. He lives in York, PA. To contact my dad use my email address. My name is Deron.
Rasmussen, RasE3Sep 18, 1957 – Aug 30, 1959E-5Wanting to contact friend Larry Miller. Had good times aboard ship, especially when the planes landed overhead and sent asbestis particles floating in the air.
Nix, DonBT3Oct 23, 1957 – Sep 23, 1959BBoiler Room #4. The place to be. Steaming Demons
Ayers, James (Jim)YN3Dec 27, 1957 – Aug 14, 1968Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron 20, Detachment 14What a Westpac cruise!!!
Knight, JerryYN31958 – 1959Operations
Nachtigal, Fridolin/fritzAG31958 – 1959OAGot on board in 1958 at Hunters Point.Loved the Ti very much after i spend two years in Fleet Weather Central and the Weather Service in Guam.
Altfeld, Sheldon I.JO31958 – 1959AdminI was the editor of the ship's newspaper, and news director at KCMB Radio, Subic Bay
Burns, RogerSM31958 – 1960OSCame aboard as an sn left to transfer as SM3. The only name I remember is SM1 Ramos. Any SMs remember me?
Johnson, KendallATN21958 – 1959VA-151I remember the big storm that damaged the flight deck. Pretty amazing to be out there in that kind of sea.
Loe, WilliamFIRST CLASSJan 6, 1958 – Aug 18, 1964I am placing this on behalf of my father, William Loe Jr. Dad unfortunately passed away Jan. 2, 1995. The Tico always had a special place in his heart. I would like to hear from anyone that remembers him. -Bill Loe
James, LeonardEN2Feb 1958 – Mar 1959A Division - Station 5 Was in after and forward diesel and boats
Grote, JamesL/CPLApr 1958 – Nov 1960MarDet
Brown, Paul "Wayne"boiler tender 2nd classJun 11, 1958 – Jun 27, 1962B Divisionjust checking to see if there are any of the old fireroom gang still out there.
Ardeeser, Joseph (Joe)SeamenJun 26, 1958 – Dec 21, 1960division 2
O'Dell, EugeneAA-ANJul 7, 1958 – 1959VA-196Was onboard when we sunk at the same Pier the USS Hornet is now Moored 1958, and towed across the bay to Hunters Point for extensive repair. Became a Shellback on WESTPAC.
Martinsen, ThomasSeamanOct 1958 –SignalmanLooking for anyone from the USS Roanoke-CL145 or the Ticonderoga from June of 1957 to June of 1959.
Arnett, Russ (Ziggy)RD3Oct 2, 1958 – Nov 1, 1962Radar Operationsanyone remember our 9 month cruise? Please contact - I am in Long Beach California
Miller, HaroldAK3Oct 10, 1958 – Jul 1962S-6Best ship I served on in 20 years.
Cruz, WayneATN3Oct 26, 1958 – May 23, 1961Went through typhoons Lorna and Marie aboard Destroyer Fechler DDR870 chasing Ticonderoga,(my assigned ship),out of Buckner Bay in 1958.Ti had just traveled to WESTPAC after seacock incident at Alameda.
Smith, ArthurBT1Dec 1958 – Jun 1963BGreat ship, Great crew

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1954 | 1955 – 1958 | 1959 – 1962 | 1963 – 1964 | 1965 – 1966 | 1967 – 1968 | 1969 – 1970 | 1971 | 1972 – now

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