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USS Ticonderoga (CV 14) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Ticonderoga (CV 14). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 450 crew members registered for the USS Ticonderoga (CV 14).

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Bradley, Douglasmm20000 – Jul 3, 1967M
Delaney, Eugene Forreste-7Aug 18, 1941 – Dec 15, 19457for my father who was a parachute rigger on the CV14 during WWII
Peloso, FrankSEAMAN 1ST CLASS1943 – 1945One of the original crew. Was on a 5 inch 38.
Kendal, HerbertPFC1943 – 1945Marine CorpMy grandfather was a Marine Corp antiaircraft gunner on the Tico. I was wondering if anyone knew him. He passed away in 1997 and I was only 5. I would like to know more about him. Email me at
Heller, GeorgeRm2/c1943 – 1945unsureGeorge is now deceased. He was proud of his service and was a plank owner on the "Big T".
Davis, Joshua profile iconY2c V-6 (SV)1943 – 1944ComCarDiv 6Passed away in the 1990s. Drafted, serving 2 years and 22 days. Honorably discharged. V-6 with 4 years voc. Training as a printer. Was a Yeoman 2nd class and also had SV (Subversive) rating upon discharge. Entered age 18
Mitchell, Doyne AustinQuartermaster 1st class1943 – 1945UnknownDoyne is deceased. This is his daughter Sylvia.
Beauregard, Ronald2ND CLASS PETTY OFFICER1944 – 1947
Miedreich, Joe1944 – 1945My grandfather Henry Miedreich (Hank) was on the USS Ti during WWII. I am trying to locate any crew members that may have known him. I believe he was a coxswain. If you have any info, pics, stories, please contact me.
Andrews, Burton S.1944 – 1945I am posting this for my Grandfather, Burton Andrews. I believe he worked on the catapult. Burton passed away, Aug. 2006. He was proud to serve on the Big T and with her crew. If anyone out there knew him, I would be honored to hear from you.
Bakes, Andrew WallaceSEAMAN CLASS21944 – 1945ORDINANCE
Church, John R. (Jack)S 1/C1944 –
Walsh, Richard "dick"GUNNERS MATE1944 – 1945My grandfather was onboard in 44-45. He manned #2 40mm aa gun on the bow under the flight deck & #5 above the island. Pop passed away April 1st, 2009 and I would appreciate any stories or memories you have of him. Thank you!
Wroblewski, Edward "Whitey"Seaman First Class1944 – 1945U.S. Naval ReserveThis is for my Father. He manned a 40mm gun and also worked with the ships radar. He received shrapnel wounds off of Formosa after a Kamikaze attack. He talked of riding out one of the typhoons the ship sailed thru.
Haney, Marion L. (Frog)Seaman 1/C1944 – 1945Do not knowDeceased. I am posting for my uncle who later served on the Saratoga, and Intrepid.
Lapierre, Lawrence "Larry"Gunners Mate1944 – 1945NavyMy grandfather was on the USS Ticonderoga (WWII). I am looking for someone who knew him, their descendants, or another gunners mate. His friends incl. servicemen Friedberg, Morris, Woodridge, Marshall, Lake, & Magicky.
Webster, John RobertSF1c1944 – 1945OE DivisionMy Father "JOHN R. WEBSTER JR." Served on the Big T during WW2 & received the Bronze Star from the 21 Jan 1945 attack because he rescued some unconscious men from a smoked fill half filled with water compartment.
Rores, Andrew G.gunners mate1944 – 1945unknownAndrew was my Uncle he served proudly, and was a 20mm anti-aircraft gunner. Did not talk about his experiences for nearly 40yrs., heard many stories of combat and the bravery of his shipmates. He passed away in 86'.
Gruttadauria, Salvatore profile iconSeaman First Class1944 – 1946SignalmanMy Grandfather was on the Ticonderoga during the start of WWII. He was a signalman. Two Kamikaze planes struck their ship however, he was able to report them incoming which allowed his crewmates time to prepare.
McMahon, JosephS1c1944 –VF-80This is for my Stepfather who passed away in 2007. He was a good man! Not sure I got all his information correct. He was a Plank Carrier on the Ticonderoga.
Large, Charles "chuck" LargeM1/CJan 15, 1944 – Oct 8, 1945A until April 1945 when we went back out. Then, same job, but R-1 First man assigned. Was present for launching 7 feb 44. Ran ship's metalshop on hanger deck and covered engineering spaces. Battle station repair 5 fwd.Over-come fighting fires 21 Jan.Stayed with her til war end. Member of Big T assoc.
Martinez, Frank (Geno)COXSWAIN (T) SV V-6 USNRJan 21, 1944 – Dec 1, 1945I am Geno's Grandson, he is 90 yrs of age living in Phoenix for the past 20 yrs. He remembers his service vividly, I just received his Bronze Star after 60 years. If anyone can share a story pls don't hesitate
Gauthier, Leo profile iconseaman 1st classJan 28, 1944 – Oct 8, 19452nd Division - 5 inch gunsserved proudly: standing by: 82 years young. The Big 'T' is still and always will be the best damned ship in the Navy ..Don't forget the Big 'T'.. and that you are still Dixie's kids..." -Our Skipper Dixie kiefer USN
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Julien, Richard LouisFeb 1, 1944 – Sep 1, 1946I place this for my father, who was a radioman/gunner in SB2C Helldivers off this ship. He passed away in July, 1999. He recounted many fond memories and stories of his adventures as a 17 year old with this crew. God Bless.
Rosenberg, Philip (Rosey)GM 3/CFeb 20, 1944 – Jun 20, 19464th20mm guns (just aft the deck-edge elevator) sponson captain. While in Tokyo Bay was injured in fall while trying to climb up monkey line from LSVP to fantail (during beginning of typhoon. Had successful career in sales promotion, now retired.
Burch, WilliamCOMMANDERMay 4, 1944 – May 1945Executive OfficerIn memory of my dad who was aboard when the Ti was hit by a Kamikaze & bomb on 1/21/1945. Although severely wounded he was 1st to take a hose to fire. Refused to stay in Sick Bay. Awarded Gold Star in lieu of 3rd Navy Cross.
Eshleman, HaroldS1/CMay 7, 1944 – Apr 1946640mm mount, 04 Level, Island
Andrews, ArtAOM 1st ClassMay 20, 1944 –V 5I was on board for the commissioning ceremony, and was on until the end of World War II. I was also on board for two trips to bring servicemen home from Hawaii.
Thomlinson, Harryelectricians mateSep 1944 – 1946not sureMy grandfather is 90, still drives,farms,and his wife is right beside him.vividly recalls the crashes, refused to report to sick bay after falling down 2 flights of stairs.A fire took all his medals ,pics,uniforms etc.
Stubblebine, James M. "Stub"LT.Nov 2, 1944 – Jan 24, 1945VT-80TBM Pilot; DFC 12Jan45. Barely survived kamikaze attack 21Jan45. Put 100's of shipmates over the side in days following. Then went to CV19 w/ sqdn. Finished med school & was a Calif. physician for 50 yrs. Died 18Feb04 at 83 (Entry made by son).
Dean, PurlYEOMAN 2ND CLASSDec 24, 1944 – Jan 30, 1945Flag - Rear Admi. Arthur W. BradfordI was temporarily assigned to Admiral A.W. Radford's staff. My duty station was in the island super structure. That is where I was injured by Kamikaze attack plans. I received a medical discharge 10 months later in Naval hospital. VA useless!
Schetrompf, Walterseaman1945 – 1948seaman
Stowe, ThomasSeaman Firstclass1945 – 1947NavyI am posting this for my father. He replaced a seaman killed by a kamikaze attack. He was a radioman assigned to decoding messages. He was at Okinawa and Tokyo, and decommissioned the ship in Puget Sound.
Grubbs, Wiley82c v6sMar 31, 1945 – 1946958 74 26this is my dad . he never talked about being in war to me . which i was young when he died he died oct 82 like to find out any thing about the ship and crew. thanks wiley
Taylor, RubenAMM2Apr 15, 1945 – Dec 15, 1945Aircraft Mech.on F6F Master at arms force for 3 months
Butler, Edwarde 3Feb 7, 1951 – Mar 5, 1954cookMy father served aboard this ship. He passed in an auto accident in 1969. I just wanted his name added to the list. I served in the Army 1985-1993. Disabled Gulf War Vet.
Skufca, BillPetty Office 3rd Class1952 – 1956Damage Control/Crash Crew/Firefighter/Repair DivisionMy father was on the Crash Crew/Firefighter...Looking to talk to some Old Ship-Mates.
Ziomek, BenBT1954 – 1958Fire roomsMy name is Karlene. I'm looking for anyone that may have known My grandfather. He passed away when I was only 6. I don't know or remember much about him. Anything would help. I know he was a BT3 Ziomek, John (Ben).
Pappas, PeteFT21954 – 1954FOXA tremendous learning experience
Cangelosi, JosephLithographer 3Mar 9, 1954 – Jan 22, 1957CVA-14My dad has passed on, I have a couple of pictures he took with his slide camera in Sicily when they were stationed there. Don't know the other guys in the pictures. Willing to share.
Mottola, Vincenthm3May 1954 – Feb 1955hhello to any corpsmen
Grech, RolandMM2Jun 1954 – Jul 1956M #1 engine roomGITMO, MED, TURKEY, LEBONNON GREAT CRUISE
Wentworth, BobAB3Sep 1, 1954 – Jun 4, 1956V2 Arresting Gear CrewWonderful memories: Brooklyn navy yard, Gitmo, Norfolk, many months in the Med

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