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USS Ommaney Bay (CVE 79) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Ommaney Bay (CVE 79). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 113 crew members registered for the USS Ommaney Bay (CVE 79).

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Fesler, Gene Thurman1941 – 1945He was my Father, and I would like to contact any one who knew him and share some pictures from WW II. I'm unsure of the dates he was on board. I just know he talked about this ship alot and has several "Wog" photos to share.
O'Grady, James PAIRMEN FIRST CLASS1941 –My Father James P. O'Grady and His Identical twin brother Larry O'Grady both served abord the OMMANEY BAY. Dad passed away Oct 12, 1987. We were delighted to have a surprise visit from the survivors assoc. at the funeral. It meant so much.
Dugan, James1941 –
O'grady, James, (Jim)AIRMAN FIRST CLASS1941 –James O'Grady and William O'Grady were brother's on the Omnaney Bay
Handley, Jack profile icon1st class1941 – 1944suppy/commissaryI am a survivor of the sinking of the USS Ommaney Bay. I am 96 years old and living in Reno, NV. I would like to talk to other shipmates . I was a baker on the ship.
Logan, WilliamOfficer1941 –UnknownI'm the grandson of Lawrence Oldham and I never met him. Just hoping someone out there remembers him. I would love to hear some stories. He was aboard the USS Ommaney Bay the day it sank.
Durham, HoraceF11941 – 1945unknownThis is my grandfather, I would love to know more about his time in the Navy and on the USS Ommaney bay. If you have any information or pictures of the crew I'd love to hear/see it! (posted 06/14/2022)
Milanese, Frank (Moon)SEAMAN FIRST CLASS1942 – Nov 30, 1945My Dad passed away on December 5, 2005. He spoke fondly of all of his shipmates and his proud time he spent on the Ommaney Bay. He will be buried at sea per his request to join his shipmates lost that day.
Schmaltz, Roypvt.1942 – 19451stRoy Schmaltz is my father and is alive and well living in the Seattle area. Anyone who knew him or anyone who would like to contact him...please do
Kellman, Harold 'Hal'seaman1942 – 1945SU 23This is my grandfather. He passed away in 1994. Every year he and his wife, Millie traveled from Fort Myers, FL to go to the Ship's Reunion.
Abrahamian, LeonChief Gumners MateJan 5, 1942 – Jan 4, 1945Gunners MateActually, it was my dad, Leon Abrahamian who served on the USS Ommaney Bay up until the kamikaze sunk the ship. He never said much about his experiences as Gunners Mate, and I'm not sure if he was Chief Gunners Mate, rep
King, John(jack)AVIATION MECHANIC FIRST CLASSJun 1942 – Nov 1945EngineeringMy dad served aboard the USS Ommaney Bay.He participated in the reunions and was extremely proud of being a part of the ship's history.He passed away in January 1994.I know he would want to be listed as part of the crew for his ship.
King, John(jack)AVIATION MECHANIC FIRST CLASSJun 1942 – Oct 1945Our Dad was serving aboard the USS Ommaney Bay, as an aviation mechanic, the day it was sunk by aerial attack.We will never forget how proud he was to be a part of that piece of naval history.
Johnson, Louis (Dale)GUNNERS MATE THIRD CLASS1943 – Jan 4, 1945GunneryArgh me Mateys. Just wanted to say howdy to all my shipmates from the the Ommaney Bay.
Webb, ConwaySECRETARY TO CAPTAIN OF SHIP1943 – Jan 2, 1946I'm the son of Conway. He was aboard the USS Ommaney Bay when it sank. He was rescued, but put off on island where he remained for several wks. before being re-rescued. Would like to hear more about what happened, etc. He died 1997 in Lubbock
Stephens, John?1943 – 1945?My father was on the USS Ommaney Bay when it sunked. He never talked to any of us about this, but we do have a picture of the sinking of this ship. We also have contacted the Nimitz Musueum in Fredericksburg, Texas.
Carl, Earl G. (Curly)TORPEDOMAN1943 –This is my father, for whom I am proudly named. If anyone would like additional details about him, please contact me.
Whitaker, James HGunner's Mate1943 – 1945gunner's mateMy father was James Whitaker, he proudly served on the USS Ommaney Bay. Since I could remember there were photographs of the aircraft carrier before, during, and as it was being sunk.
Campbell, JohnSeaman First Class1943 – 1946NavyMy Dad passed away on July 16, 2011. He was an extremely proud WWII veteran. He attended many of the ships reunions with my Mom. He was truly part of the greatest generation. God Bless all the brave sailors that served
Berthel, RichardJan 1, 1943 –My Uncle Richard " Dick" Berthel passed away on April 2, 2006. He served on the Radford and the Ommaney Bay. He was my fathers brother and his hero.
Barnes, CalvinF1/CFeb 11, 1943 – Jan 5, 1945AuxillaryLooking for anyone who was in my division
Johnson, LouisGUNNERS MATE THIRD CLASSMar 10, 1943 – Oct 10, 1945I am looking for anyone who remembers me I am still alive almost 86 years old. I live in Arizona in the winter and in Rapid City SD in the summer. My email address is Louis Dale Johnson
Moller, Richard /dickUnknownMar 15, 1943 – Jan 4, 1945NavyI'am the daughter of Richard Oliver Moller. Who served on the USS Ommaney Bay when it was hit by a comacosey airplane and was sunk. He was one of the few services that made it back to the US the there families. Thank you
Lytle, MajorunkownMar 21, 1943 – Jan 4, 1945navyMy uncle was killed during the moming of the shil. Would love to hear from anyone thay knew my uncle.
Spitz, Joseph (Joe)Machinist Mate 2nd ClassJun 1943 – Jan 1945Machine ShopJoseph W. Spitz was my Dad. He was on the flight deck when the K.plane hit the deck. He lost both legs, but pulled himself over to the side and dropped into the sea . He died in 1969 from shrapnel infections.
Engle, DonSEAMAN 1ST CLASSJun 17, 1943 – Jan 4, 1945Fuel & Maintence of PlanesMy father was on the Ommaney Bay CVE 79 June 1943 Until the ship was Attack by a Japanese Kamikaze plane My father was only 18 years old then. His job was fuel and maintain the planes. Clarence Engle is now 83 years old and doing find.
Nicholson, Andrew J. NickStorekeeper Second ClassJun 18, 1943 – Nov 8, 1945NavyThis is my dad. He died Oct.18, 2001. He was a Storekeeper on the ship. After the ship was sunk and they were in the water waiting for rescue, he said his greatest fear was sharks. He was known as "Boots" and "Nick.
MacCarone, SamSEAMAN FIRST CLASSJul 1, 1943 – Feb 11, 1944Radio OperatorMy dad Sam Maccarone passed away in June of 2005. He had many kind words and memories of his adventure aboard the Ommany Bay. May he rest in peace in the company of his shipmates.
Armstrong, Richard / DickAVIATION MACHINIST\'S MATE 3CAug 23, 1943 – Jan 4, 1945Dick Armstrong was my Father-in-law and told several stories of serving on the USS Ommaney Bay. Dick passed away in 1992. If you have any stories or pictures of him or the Ommany Bay our family would greatly appreciate a copy.
Dunn, RaymondAS, S1C, S2C, SP (A) 3CSep 25, 1943 – Apr 27, 1946CASU #5, CASU #37Posting this information on here about Ray Dunn, as he was the stepfather to both my husband and his brother, and is deceased, died October 1974 and was aboard this carrier. Do not know the exact dates he was at sea though.
Spenst, ErwinSEAMAN FIRST CLASSOct 1943 – Jan 1945CASU-68I positioned aircraft aboard the USS Ommaney Bay. I was topside when the bullets raked up the deck. When they said to abandon ship, I jumped and floated in the water an hour and a half holding onto an empty ammo can. God took good care of me.
James, FonderOct 1, 1943 – Jul 31, 1945my father die sept 17 2005 any one who knew him please write me
Pitrone, FrancisMACHINIST MATE 3RD CLASSOct 6, 1943 – Jan 4, 1945MThrottleman on forward engine room
Pettey, LaBKR3C V6 USNR SV BAKERNov 19, 1943 – Jan 4, 1945I'm entering my grandfather who is convalescing in Lufkin, Texas.
Whisner, RichardE3Dec 29, 1943 – Jan 4, 1945Aviation OrdinanceDad told me story of jap suicide bomber wiped out the bridge and all officers except Admiral Percy. He was able to swim..many were not. Picked up by destroyer several hours floating in the sea. Says he was lucky to live
Logsdon, Vail E.LT.1944 – Jan 4, 1945My Dad passed away 12 Nov 1997.
Hooper, JosephSEAMAN FIRST CLASS1944 – Jan 4, 1945Second
Whitlow, LloydAM11944 – Jan 4, 1945AviationGlenn Whitlow writes: Dad passed in May 2000 and he didn't talk much about the battles. He was proud of those he served with and the work he did on the planes. He was saddened by the loss of his shipmates. BZ to all the men of WWII.
Hunter, Wesely1944 –I'm letting others know Wesely Hunter, is living in Muscatine County, Iowa. Radar tech. Will try yo get address to contact him if needed. He is my second cousin
Lombrozo, PeterPHM1C1944 – Jan 4, 1945HospitalYou can contact me through my daughter at I have posted pictures of the ship when it was attacked at this web site: .
Perry, Thomas "Bud"1944 – Dec 1945Aviation Electricianthis is my grandfather. i know very little on him, if anyone has some info on him i would greatly appriciate it. i do know that he got off the ship about 2 weeks before it sank. he passed away in the late 90's of cancer. thank you. his nick names
Valdez, RobertSEAMAN1944 –My uncle, Robert Valdez survived the sinking of the Ommaney Bay and was reassigned to the battleship USS NEW MEXICO. He was killed on her when a kamakaze hit the ship during the Battle of Lingayen Gulf in the Philippines.
Delmege, Neal1944 – Jan 4, 1945From what the family knows Neal was the signalman on deck when the plane hit, was probably killed instantly. He was 19 years old, had flaming red hair and was from Des Moines, Iowa. Anyone with more info, please contact niece at
Blake, James E. (Jim)AOM - SECOND CLASS1944 – Jan 4, 1945Jim Blake is 82 and has been married to wife Carol for the past 60 years. He is the father of 7 children and 8 grandchildren. He lives in Bloomington, Minnesota and was aboard the Ommaney Bay when it went down on January 4, 1945.
Oplinger, Michael1944 – Jan 1, 1945hi my name is mike, my grandfather was on the Ommaney Bay i was wondering if anyone remembered him, his name was ronald schwier. he has passed away since but i never got to talk to him to much about it. so if you do remember him
Gregory, Bob1944 –Bob was my father who was in the Pilots' Ready Room when the Ommaney Bay was hit. He often spoke of his experiences and friends from the ship, and attended as many reunions as he could. Sadly, Dad passed away in February 2007.
Wymond, Charles Ernest 'buck'1944 –My father served with honor aboard the Omanney Bay. He was transferred from the ship the day before she set sail for what was to be her final voyage. He spoke often of his beloved ship & mates. Dad passed away in Feb. 2001.
Bollin, GeraldSEAMAN1944 – Jan 4, 1945
Smurthwaite, RichardAM2C1944 – Jan 4, 1945My dad, Richard Smurthwaite served on the Ommaney Bay as a radioman/gunner on a TBF Avenger. He passed away from cancer in 1991. I believe he attended some reunions.
Hannaford, JosephCHIEF SIGNALMAN1944 – 1945My great uncle was Joseph Hannaford and he was MIA/KIA on the Ommaney Bay the day it was sunk. Joseph was from Medford, Massachusetts
Allison, Elmer1944 – 1945Dad was a signal man on the bridge when the ship went down. He was married and had three son's and seven grandchildren. He lived most of his life in Fort Worth TX and passed away in June of 1996. He went by E.P. or Al
Miller, Lowell1944 –
Brazie, Edward John (Bud)AV-11944 – Jan 1945Flight DeckEJ Brazie is my dad. He was on the ship when it was hit - he survived but would never talk much about it. I think he was a flight deck signalman. He passed in 1991.
Godfrey, William " Glen " profile icongunners mate1944 – Jan 4, 1945don't remembertried to put out the fire but we all had to abandon ship, jumped into Sulu Sea & watched the sharks circle
Ianni, Joseph (Joe)Petty Officer First Class1944 – 1945Aircraft maintenanceJoe Ianni was my father. He passed away in 1976. He was aboard Ommaney Bay when she was hit and was very proud of his service. Anyone who remembers him can email me at
Solimena, Joseph CaesarMM1st class1944 – 1945I don't knowMy father Joseph Ceasar Solimena, was on this ship when it sank. He was also wounded at that time. He was from brooklyn, N.Y.
Naccarato, RoseDon't know1944 – Jan 4, 1945Don't KnowMy grandfather was on the ship when it was hit. He was hit in the leg with shrapnel and had severe rope burns from sliding down to the water. he died on July 23, 1998.
Spenst, RichardE31944 – Jan 4, 1945CASU-68
Robertson, Joseph (Robbie)AOM1944 –aom3rd classI was one of the youngest men on the Ommaney Bay.I am not in contact with any shipmates at this time since our last reunion in Appleton, Wisconsin.
Johnson, William Edward (Bill)Radioman 1st Class1944 – Jan 4, 1945CVE 79 I have registered my dad, William Edward Johnson (Bill), as a member of the crew on the USS Ommaney Bay. He died in May, 2000.
Gregory, GastonSeaman 1st class1944 – Jan 4, 1945RadarMy Dad passed away in 1998. We loved hearing story's about his years in the Navy and that horrible day the ship was sunk and how he survived. God Bless all those wonderful warriors!
Schumaker, KennethSeaman 1st1944 –3it is 2019 and I am 93. Is anybody else still alive or am I the last crewmwmber still alive.
Greene, Robert RichardBosun Mate 1C1944 – Jan 1945NavyI'm just adding my dad's name to the ships roster. I know he was on a baby flattop that was damaged and later sunk by the navy. He was injured when the sailors had to abandon ship. Dad died in 1972.
Kinsey, Albert A.radioman1944 –pacific theaterentering my father's information, deceased 1986. He was inaugural crew, stationed until ship sunk. nora kinsey, daughter,
Ury, DickSEAMAN 2ND CLASSJan 1, 1944 – Jan 4, 1945NavyWould like to hear from anyone that was on the Ommaney Bay when it went down. I live in Des Moines, Iowa and any cimmunication would be apprecated.
Malsom, ChuckseamanJan 1, 1944 –welderThis is my grandfather who was a welder on the ship when it sank. He never really talked about his time on the ship until I deployed with the army shortly before his death. Any information about him would be wonderful
Darby, EmmettSK1Feb 1944 – Jan 4, 1945Supply
Robertson, OrvilleSEAMAN 2ND CLASSFeb 1944 – Jan 4, 1945
Coffey, EdwinSEAMAN FIRST CLASSFeb 1944 – Jan 3, 1945cookEd served in the Navy from 1940 to 1959 when he retired as a Chief Commissaryman. At 86 he is still in good health. Other ships served on: AK 98, DD 847, DD 830, AKA 14, AO 64, AO 58, DDR 889.
Winn, Oscar 'Andy' FC 3/CLASSFeb 1944 – Jan 4, 1945I am entering my dad's name. He served as a fire controlman 3/C on starboard twin 40mm guns. He survived the kamikaze attack and sinking. He also survived the kamikaze attack on the USS New Mexico three days later. Andy passed away 7-21-02
Haleen, John A.Seaman Second ClassFeb 7, 1944 – Jul 7, 1944UnknownThis was my uncle. On 7/7/44, transferred to Naval Fleet Hospital 108 then NFH 8. 8/12/44 transferred to Naval Hospital, Mainland via Fagtrans. 01/30/45-Honorably discharged. Deceased 6/21/70. Interned-Boone, IA
Vilhauer, WilburFireman First ClassFeb 7, 1944 – Jan 5, 1945EngineeringWe crawled from the galley deck across the hangar deck onto the sponsun on our bellies.Received orders to abandon ship. Destroyer picked my group up and we were transferred at midnight to Battleship New Mexico.
McGinnis, DonaldSC2Feb 11, 1944 – Jan 4, 1945Don passed away about 10 years ago. I would like to hear from anyone that was his friend.
Phillips, (samuel) ArtS1/CFeb 11, 1944 – Jan 4, 19451st Under Lawrence FitzgeraldI served as the captains orderly and then my watch station was the after steering room. My battle station was a 20 mm starboard side.I abandoned ship from the fan tail after cutting one of the mooring lines. Contact Mitch Collins if replying via emai
Crisafulli, Virgill (Cris)LT (S.G.)Feb 11, 1944 – Jan 4, 1945Would like to hear from anyone that may have known me. Living in Upstate NY
Wise, Donavan CharlesLTFeb 11, 1944 – Jan 4, 1945Don Wise was my father serving since commisioning. He worked in the engine room. He didn't speak much of Jan 4, 45. I have heard that he jumped from the fantail and was picked up and put ashore on an island. Please contact me mowisepe@ao
Ruther, Adolph "Dutch"AMM2CFeb 11, 1944 –EngineeringThis entry is for my father. He passed away in 1985 before being able to attend a reunion. If anyone remembers him, I would love to hear from you. His friends called him Dutch
Ferry, ChristopherseamanFeb 12, 1944 – Jun 11, 1944Machinist condensers
Pyles, Woodrow W. (Woody)FIREMAN 2CMar 1944 – Jan 4, 1945My grandfather passed in Feb 1998 but often spoke fondly of her crewmates. He was on deck the day of the attack then blown overboard and was not rescued until the next morning. He was proud to have served with these men.
Bice, Mel Or MelvinSeaman 1St. ClassMar 1944 – Jan 1945GunneryMel is my brother . He was a survivor and one of the last of seven to leave the ship. He spent seven hours afloat in the ocean before being pick up by the USS Matacco.If you served with Mel and would like to contact him just email me.
Rosemeyer, WayneChief Petty OfficerMar 19, 1944 –Engine RoomI am Wayne Rosemeyer's son. Dwayne Rosemeyer. My Father was stationed at Pearl Harbor when it was bombed and survived and then deployed to the South Pacific on the USS Ommaney Bay and survived the Japanese attack.
Simpson, James EmellSeaman 2/cApr 4, 1944 – Jan 4, 1945unsure?I am entering this information about my grandfather James Emell Simpson. He served aboard the USS Ommaney Bay from April 1944 until she was sunk. He died June 28, 2006.
Valverde, EdmundSEAMAN FIRST CLASSApr 14, 1944 – Feb 21, 1946Leo Valverde on left side, Edmund Raymond Valverde on right.
Marsh, WilliamLT. JGMay 1, 1944 – Jan 4, 1945LSOOur Uncle LTJG William Marsh was on the Ommaney Bay and died on January 4, 1945. He was born in Virginia, Minnesota had graduated from the Naval Air School in Corpus Christi, TX. He was then sent to Sanford, FL for LSO Training
Gill, John Lsc2May 19, 1944 – Jan 4, 1945v2not sure of starting date.asign to cam frank ortermor on stb side of hanger deck
Kennedy, John "Jack"AMMCJun 1944 – Jan 4, 1945VC-75John P. (Jack) Kennedy, Aviation Maintenance Chief, lives in Columbus, Ohio. He was onboard from the second cruise from San Francisco '44 till the BIg "O" was sunk. Went overboard from the the starboard forward sponson.
Pettey, L. A. (Buck)Baker 3/c V6Jun 5, 1944 – Mar 12, 1945Baker 3/c V6 USNR SV My father, now 97. He was a baker .On ship when it was hit. In the water for quite some time before being picked up. Later taken to hospital at Oakland, & San Leandro, Ca. til 6/45. Would treasure any stories
Harter, DouglasJun 6, 1944 – Dec 1944Left the ship to go to the Oakland Hospital shortly before it was sunk.He died November 10, 1980 of cancer. This information is entered by his son.
Grayson Jr, MarvinSC2Jun 10, 1944 – Jan 5, 1945air dv[ air dale]joined us army 1948 retired 1966. I found I could walk further than I could swim.
Beighley, LloydS/1C (AMM)Jun 12, 1944 – Jan 4, 1945V2I was on the starboard sponson waiting for my aircraft to be put on the elevator to go topside. I saw strafing from the Kamakazi just before we were hit. I was 20 ft from the blast and was blown over the side. I was picked up by DE442.
Silverman, Atwell James "Jim" "Jimmy"SEAMAN FIRST CLASS - GUNNER'S MATEJun 15, 1944 – Jan 4, 1945Ship's Ordnance GunneryI was proud of the ship and my service on board and the men in my division who I served with and Captain Young who was as good a skipper as you could find.
Gregory, Robert (Radio man, Air Group VC-75Aug 1944 –??My dad was Bob Gregory from LaPorte, IN. He passed away in Feb. 2007. He attended all the Ommaney Bay reunions. Book written was "USS Ommaney Bay CVE 79 - Composite Squadron VC 75" - stories contributed by survivors.
Jones, DonaldLT COMMANDERSep 1944 – Jan 4, 19457th Fleet "TAFFY TWO"My father was a Tbf Avenger pilot aboard the USS Ommaney Bay
Pyles, WoodySep 15, 1944 – Jan 5, 1945
Rouse, JeromeENSIGNNov 1944 – Jan 4, 1945VC 75
Britt, RudolphAviator radioman 3CNov 1944 – Jan 4, 1945pacific CommandThis is my great uncle whom my father and I are named after he was KIA Jan 4th 1945 when the ship was hit again by Kamikaze. I would like to know as much as possible if any survivors remember him.

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