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USS Hornet (CV 12) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Hornet (CV 12). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 193 crew members registered for the USS Hornet (CV 12).

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Lipphardt, GeorgeE31964 – 1966V-1
King, Clifford profile iconE-41964 – 1968O.I.Would like to reconnect with O.I. Division. FRANK LEE are you out there? Looking to reconnect with Navy buddies
Allen, David (Mike)E21964 – 1969N/ADad MIke Allen on Hornet during the 11 & 12. He passed 8/21/08 so a lot I don't know. I visited the Hornet in 2/19. He always talked highly of being part of the crane recovery crew and of "Kermit" anyone know Dad?
Ochoa, Johnhm11964 – 1966medicalEnjoyed crossing the equator on the way to sydney Australia from Vietnam
McGurer, FrankAE2Jun 1964 – Nov 1967VAW-11 Det. 12As aircrew I made many flights from USS Hornet in what was called the "WILLIE FUDD"
Debar, RobertADRANJul 1964 – Jul 1965V6 DivisionNot looking for anybody. Just wanted my time on board recorded.
Sandell, Robert profile iconE-3/AirmanJul 1, 1964 –V4
Hannon, JamesEM-$Oct 1964 – Jul 1966Electrician MateMade one full WES-PAC cruise which included my 22nd birthday in Sydney. The Hornet was on Yankee Station
Eshom, Robert (Esh)E-4/SonarmanOct 1964 – Jun 28, 1968OSI first came aboard Hornet to serve 8 months as a bosunsmate. Attended ASW school San Deigo and reassigned to Hornet for remainder of my enlistment. I served as OS div. supply PO.
Stevenson, Bob....(Steve)MM-3Oct 28, 1964 – Oct 28, 1967M-DivWorked in Aft-engine room/ You may contact me at
Lawless, SkeetsANNov 1964 – Jul 1967V1
Yandell, Jimmye51965 – 1969bserved on hornet from 1965 to 1969 strarted out as fireman was asigned to boiler room # 3 later went to oil shack. lookin to find old shipmates
Stearns, RobertRM31965 – 1966CR DivisionWestpac Cruise 1965 - 66
McKellep, Bob profile iconMM21965 – 1968AI worked in Steam Heat, then Air conditioning and Refrigeration
Steele, RalphYN31965 – 1966XI worked in the library and chaplains office.
Draper, RobertABHJan 1965 – Jan 1967V1would like to hear from guys in my dept.
Martino, JoePC3Jan 4, 1965 – Oct 28, 1967XSpent 2 years 10 months aboard the USS Hornet. Life changing and molded who I am today. Great times, 2 West Pacs and great friends. Postal Clerk. Lead Petty Officer last year and half. Go Navy!
Fielder, Robert (Bob)MM E-3Jan 5, 1965 – Jan 4, 1968 I'm Robert Fielder, MM E-3, I served aboard the USS Hornet in M-Div., aft engine room in 1965-68. I searching for any other Snipes that was aboard then. Also seeking any information about the asbestos removal from the ship in 1967.
Redmond, BillAT-3May 1965 – Mar 1967V-6I was onboard for the entire West-Pac Cruise. Does anyone know the name of the Admiral who commemorated all of the WW-II Pacific Battles we honored on our way to Sydney?
Stevenson, Bob...(Stevie)MM3Jun 1, 1965 – Oct 28, 1967Aft Engine Room...M-Div
Steward, Jim Steward Beak profile iconE4Jun 1, 1965 – Jun 1, 1968V4Qualified for Agent Orange. Looking for any ABF's who might remember me and hopefully I remember.
Whittington, HankCS2Jul 17, 1965 – Jul 15, 1967S-2
Koenker, DouglassGMG2Sep 1965 – Mar 19695th Division, WeaponsIt's good to see the ship still floating, sure were some fun days and lots of good memories
Pierce, FrankRM3Oct 10, 1965 – May 1967communications
Delarosby, DelRM3Oct 15, 1965 – Apr 16, 1968Comunications CR DivLooking for Bob Stearns, Steve Milsap and other shipmates...My first name is Clyde. Contact me if you know their
Rosenberger, KenNov 1965 – Oct 1968OS div, (sonar)
Walsh, Robert (Bob)ar-abe3Nov 12, 1965 – Dec 18, 1968v-2first ship
Byassee, JosephE31966 – 1968V1yellow shirt, looking for ship mates from 1967-1968
Cripe, Jackie D.ABFC1966 – 1967V3 Hangar Deck Chiefsearching for Joe Neeley, at the time ABH1, Hangar Deck LPO
Harvick, ThomasPH3Apr 20, 1966 – Oct 20, 1968OperationsServed in the photo Lab 66 thru 68
Reber, JohnUSS HORNRT CVS 12Jun 1, 1966 – Jul 15, 1967Asw Squadron VS-371966 thru 1967 I was attached to VS-37 which in turn was asigned to USS Hornet. I was a AMH-3 and Plane Capt of an S2F . One of My Chief's was Maurice Caudell, He was a great guy and has passed on.
Monaco, RonMM3Jun 15, 1966 – May 28, 1970M & B DivisionsOriginally assigned to 'M' Div. (Aft Eng. Rm) I was later transfered to 'B' Div./ EVAPS. Three tours Vietnam and West Pacs, Apollo 11 and Apollo 12 and Decommisioning in Bremerton, WA. Friends-Carl Crawley & Danny Roche
MacInnes, FredEM3Jul 1966 – May 1968E
Tade, RobIC2Jul 10, 1966 – Jun 26, 1970V-2I served on board the Hornet from right after boot camp to its decommissioning. I maintained the FLOLS and PLAT and went to both C-Schools. I look back on those four years as a great experience and time to grow up.
Anderson, William R (Bill)ADR 3Jul 10, 1966 – Feb 1, 1969v6 div/cod crew/ eng build up shoplooking for many old friends and shipmates before my memory is totally gone... served a total of 24 years so i ran across many... ardan to adr2, cm2 to cm1 seabee from 1962 to 1971..1884 to 1998
Brickey, LloydFN/MM-E3Jul 27, 1966 – May 10, 1968MLooking for those I served with, especially in the #1 Engine room from 1966 to 1968. Does anyone have a Agent Orange related illness. I have a A.O. Presumptive illness. E Mail me please.
Camm, ThomasMIDSHIPMAN 3RD CLASSJul 29, 1966 – Sep 8, 1966one of 60 midshipman on training cruise
Martin, PeterSK3Aug 1966 – Aug 1968Supply, S-1Assigned to S-1 Division of Supply Department and worked in GSK office under the mess deck on 'Receipt Control.' Completed West-Pac '67. Looking for others who served in S-1 Div with me. Many fond memories. 805-736-9424.
Gebbia, GuyETN2Aug 15, 1966 – Sep 9, 1969OEWas assigned to OE Division as an ETN2. Still in touch with some of my shipmates and other ET's.
Cassell, RaySNAug 25, 1966 – Jun 17, 1970E-3
Birley, SteveGMG 3Oct 1966 – Oct 13, 19685th Division
Cagnacci, StevenSNNov 1, 1966 – Jun 16, 1970D-3
Calloway, SteveGMG3Nov 15, 1966 – Jan 15, 1968WeaponsHello, to all of my shipmates and 1967 Nam tour! and Agent Orange victims without compensation!!! Love to hear from you...

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1959 | 1960 – 1963 | 1964 – 1966 | 1967 – 1968 | 1969 – now

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