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USS Liscome Bay (CVE 56) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Liscome Bay (CVE 56). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 65 crew members registered for the USS Liscome Bay (CVE 56).

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Crabb, BillyRM2CMay 20, 1940 – Dec 11, 1944AIRCRAFT CARRIERBilly Crabb, Radioman was one of 272 survivors of the USS Liscome Bay of 916 after the sinking November 24, 1943. He died on January 7, 1987 leaving 2 sons that served in combat, RVN 1965 -1968 & a daughter teacher.
Haverfield, Ray1941 –
Beauchamp, OmerAO1941 – 1943Aviation OrdananceAO3 Omer Beauchamp. Abord the USS Liscome Bay. Sunk by torpedo. Nov. 1943 near the Solomon Islands, South Pacific. WWII Japanese Campaign. May he rest in Peace. Nephew. Robert Omer Beauchamp
Ostrom, Charles H. "Whitey"LCDRNov 1, 1941 – Nov 24, 1943PilotUSNA 1930, Skipper of "Blackjack" sqdn. F4F Wilcat Ace (7 Japs). Dist. Flying Cross, 2 Air Medals. Purple Heart. Son C.H. Ostrom Jr. USNA 1958, Grandson LT Brian S. Ostrom USNA 1983, Great Grandson Sgt. Brian S. Ostrom, Jr. 2nd Recon Bn.
Sampson, Richard (Bud)S1C1942 – Nov 24, 1943My cousin, Richard (Bud), was the only member of our family who was killed in World War II. There were 4 others of us in the Navy and 2 in the Army. Bud had just gone below after being relieved from watch in the wheelhouse when the Jap torpedo hit.
MacAdams, RichardLCDR1942 – Nov 24, 1943firstI am the nephew of Lt. Cdr. Richard W. MacAdams who served upon the USS Liscome Bay as its Chief Engineer. He died with its sinking on November 24, 1943. I would be pleased to hear from anyone of its crew.
McCabe, ArthurRadioman1942 –?This is for my father who survived the sinking. He moved back to Spokane Washington bringing my mother with him from Alameda,California. He died in 1986 in Texas.
Jordan, Deanseaman first class1942 – 1943unkDean L. Jordan served.aboard the.USS Liscome Bay. The carrier was sunk by the Jaoanese. Dean was one of less than 300 survivors of over.900 on board. Dean September of 1996.
Racky, LoriRadioman 2nd Class1942 – Nov 23, 1943Pacific FleetPosting for my Uncle Radioman 2nd class Richard Allan Geswein Killed in Action aboard the USS Liscomb Bay November 23, 1943.
Fears, Lucious (Charlie Bob)CHIEF RADIOMANAug 1942 – Nov 24, 1943Chief Radioman Fears went down with his ship after it was torpedoed off Makin, Nov 24th, 1943. This is entered by his daughter Barbara Fears Rasberry. Any survivors can email her at Date of actual assignment unknown
Brittell, WalterDec 1942 – Nov 1943My father. Survived sinking. Passed away in 1963 when I was 2. I now have his Purple Heart.
Unbehagen, PhillipDec 15, 1942 –Surviver of the liscome bay.Proud to have fought for our countries freedoms.
Busko, Alvin (Butch)1943 – 1943I am entering this for my father who died in 1986. He was always proud to have served on the Liscome Bay. He made a career of the Navy, retiring in 1965 after having served for nearly 20 years on submarines.
Harrison, Francis (Hugh)UNKNOWN1943 –Killed on Liscome Bay. Named enter by nephew named after lost uncle. Francis Hugh Harrison
Garrette M., Van RiperR/M 3RD1943 –I'm entering this to list my brother, Garrette M. Van Riper, KIA, on the USS Liscome Bay.
Valdez, AlbertPOSUME MATE 1ST CLASS1943 – 1943This is for my grandpa. I am 6 years old and my father is putting this in for father's day 2004 He is still alive and would love to know that he is remembered. He was injured badly and in his old age is now hurting from his old injuries.
Olphie, Richard1943 – 1943My uncle Richard died on that fatefull day - Nicknamed "Brooklyn" by his shipmates he was well known by all the crew.
Gauthier, Russel1943 – 1943I am entering this for my Great Uncle who went down on the ship the day it sank. I was wondering if any of the survivors remember him and can tell me anything about him?? Contact me through e-mail:
McCulloch, Justin1943 –Proudly served his country, giving the ultimate sacrifice on November 24,1943. Surviving family members think of him often.
Johnstone, Allen Miles1943 – Nov 25, 1943Served and Sunk. Sent back out from Pearl on another Carrier. Served WW2, Korea and Viet Nam Era. Atomic Test Surivior.
Rucker, Clayton C. "Buck"1943 – 1943My father was a survivor & I am entering this for him. He recently passed away & we are all very proud of him and miss him greatly.
Honold, James D.SEAMAN FIRST CLASS PARACHUTE RIGGER1943 – 1943My dad was a survivor of the USS Liscome Bay, and we are very proud of him. We miss you dad, and you will always be loved and remembered. Surely, he is our true hero. God Bless.
Alexander, Earl B.F2C1943 –any info on lost at sea. he was my uncle
Danner, Tom1943 –My Uncle, Donald Danner, was killed when the USS Liscome was sunk in November 1943. He was from St. Louis and was 17 years old.
Bringer, William E.SEAMAN SECOND CLASS1943 – Nov 24, 1943
Yerxa, Tom1943 – Nov 24, 1943UnknownTommy was my uncle and died when he was only 19. If anybody knew him, please contact me at
Johns, GeorgeCOOK1943 – 1945cooki,m listind this for my father who served and servived when the ship went down. i don't know much about it. he didn' talk much about the war ,he was proud to have served and allways wondered how the others who servived were doing.
McGuffin, William FrancisAOM21943 – Nov 24, 1943My uncle, William McGuffin, died on the Liscome Bay. He died before I was born. I would love to hear from anyone who knew him........diane Hudson
Hayes, VernonSeaman1943 – 1943unknownSurviving member of the Liscome Bay when it was sunk in WW2
Porter, Harold EmersonEnsign1943 – Nov 24, 1943PilotHarold Porter Beckley, WV. Lost. Handsome, respected pilot @ 20 ys old & forever missed by parents Lee and Patricia Porter & siblings Maurice, Jean, and Bob. By niece Christy Duane and his sister Jean Porter Gallaher Zutaut.
Smith, Donald PeterSeaman First Class1943 – 1944UKNThis is for my uncle Donald Peter Smith who died when the Ship was sunk. You are thought of offen and we thank you for your service to our country. May God be with you and all of our servicemen and women! Love You!!
Lampton, AlvinTorpedoman1943 –Pacific Fleet
Maxwell, RobertEnsign1943 – Nov 24, 1943unknownRobert recieved his commission January 1st, 1943 while he was at Georgia Tech. His name is engraved on the Buried at Sea Tablets of the Missing at Honolulu Memorial (Punchbowl) in Oahu, HI. (entered by his 1st cousin)
Stiles, FrankS11943 – Nov 24, 1943VC 39Entered in memory of my Grandfather, who raised me like his son. He was also one of the 262 survivors. He never forgot. I miss you Paw Paw.
Sturdevant, NormanGM2C1943 – 1943Antiaircraft GunnerThis was my father who was a gunners mate on Liscome Bay. He survived the sinking but was wounded with shrapnel in his legs Returned to Pacific on LCIM 638 and was also at Iwo Jima. Passed away 9/9/1981 Roseburg, OR.
Buzan, William (Steve)Seaman First Class1943 – 1943Naval ReserveThis was my Uncle Walt's 1st deployment after graduating Great Lakes. He was assigned below and did not survive. He was from Washington, Indiana.
Jelsema, CarlGM1943 – Nov 24, 1943weaponsMy uncle Carl was a crew member at the time the Liscome Bay was sunk. He was a survivor of the disaster.
Ruiz, Luther MichaelSeaman 2C1943 – Nov 24, 1943Not SureMy Great Uncle, Luther Ruiz was 17 years old when he was KIA. My Grandma Aurora & I flew from CA to HI to visit the Punch Bowl National Cemetery. Interested in more info. He's Our Hero.
Lundquist, BobSea21943 – 1943SeamanMy uncle Peter Kacheris Jr Sea2 was listed as KIA on the Liscome Bay. Peter's brother, Byron KIA in Korea 1952. Any surviving members contact me I've just found his name on this site. Blessings!
Kubin, Kyle?Apr 1943 – Nov 1943?My great grandfather , Frank Kubin, a veteran of WW I who enlisted for WW II, went down with the Liscome Bay. My grandfather his son earned a Silver Star in 1943 flying the Thunderbolt. Are there any living survivors?
Baltzley, BudSEA 2Apr 30, 1943 – Nov 24, 1943He was KIA when ship was sunk. If anyone still alive who knew him, we would love to hear from you. He was my uncle and I am his namesake.
Ivory, AndrewHMCJun 1943 – Nov 23, 1943My father worked in sick bay I know he rescued someone but not sure who i believe the person had his appendix taken out
Adams, Spencernot sureJun 1, 1943 – Nov 24, 1943aviation unit?this is my grandfather--i'm not sure of many details. i do know he was a naval officer on the ship when it went down--graduated annapolis in 1934. his full name was spencer moore adams. he died ~1995. i'll edit when...
Serbantes, SantosSEA2-CJun 17, 1943 – Nov 24, 1943I am the grandson of Santos Servantes my Father is his only surviving son, my Grandfather left his only legacy and I have a portrait of my Grandfather in his uniform and this is of honor, I wished I had the opportunity to have know him.
Grycowski, LeonardS2CJun 30, 1943 – Aug 21, 1943I am entering this for my father who passed away 12 years ago. He was very proud to be a Navy man and his last wishes were that his only grandson, also in the Navy, receive his flag upon burial."From one Navy man to another".
Allee, Sr., Phelan E.2ND CLASS MMAug 1943 – Nov 24, 1943AIn the year 2004 I'm 81 and I reside in Livingston, Texas.
Hall, Finley Elliott (Fe)COMDR--EXECUTIVE OFFICERAug 1943 – Nov 24, 1943The Liscome Bay was a brand new ship with a young crew. Over 620 shipmates lost their lives--the most of any Navy ship that was sunk during WWII. His memory memory is still bright in my heart. His daughter.
Faddis, Jack AlvinLT.Aug 1943 – Nov 1943Composite Squadron 39In memory of my Uncle Jack. I never had the honor to meet him, but will always be grateful to him and all of his shipmates who defended the greatest nation on this earth. Uncle Jack, you would be proud of your sister, a great mom.
Shirk, Harold EdwinPVTAug 1943 – Nov 23, 1943This was my uncle that died on the Liscome Bay, our family is very proud of him. My mother was very little and remember very little of him, but I want to know everything about the day my uncle died.
Freeman, RogerSEAMAN/2CAug 7, 1943 – Nov 24, 19431st
Ferguson, Edward WalterVC39Aug 7, 1943 – Nov 24, 1943I am entering this for my father, who past away April 10, 2006, he was very proud to serve on the U.S.S. Liscome Bay and proud of every man who stood by him
Bohm, LeonardSEAMANAug 7, 1943 – Nov 24, 1943For Doris Miller and for Leonard Bohm, the man who helped me write Miller's biography.
Connolly, Robert LeeAMM3Aug 7, 1943 – Nov 24, 1943I could`nt let my Great-Uncle be forgotten
Gallagher, GeezeMM3Aug 7, 1943 – Nov 24, 1943EngineeringThomas F. Roberts was a MM3 onboard CVE 56 and was lost with 643 of his shipmates on the morning of 11/24/43. He is my father's first cousin. His family thanks him for his service on the 100th year since his birth.
Ensenat, LouisLt. Commander (Medical Core)Aug 7, 1943 – Nov 24, 1943UnknownMy Grandfather was a surgeon who survived the sinking of the Liscome Bay. He died at the age of 89 in 2005. He shared his experience of the war with me, and was very proud to have served.
Blakley, Lyle D.AEROGRAPHER CWO-3/4 ??Aug 14, 1943 – Nov 24, 1943WeatherAn entering my father-in-law's name. He was a plank owner, meeting the liscome Bay at Tongue Point, Oregon and proceeding on her shakedown cruise before heading out to the Pacific Theater and Makin Island. He loved his ship and the crew.
Schmuecker, Roman Bud profile iconSeaman Second ClassAug 21, 1943 – Nov 24, 1943SeamanThis is for my Uncle Roman "Bud" Schmuecker who was 18 years old and joined the Navy and the crew of the USS Liscome Bay. He was a very special young man and I would have loved to have known him. Lisa Bullock Mings
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Bennett, DonaldS2Sep 1943 – Nov 24, 1943I am entering this for my grandfather who was a survivor but passed away July 30, 2004. His family is very proud and grateful for his service as well as that of all servicemen and women.
Rickley, GeorgeLtJgSep 11, 1943 – Nov 24, 1943V4My father was a survivor. Almost no one else in his Division survived. He commissioned a stained glass window in memory of the Liscome Bay in the Chapel at Valley Forge Military Academy, Wayne, PA. He died in 1974.
Corey, StaciArthur Christopher WardOct 1943 – Nov 24, 1943Chief radio manHe was my grandfather who perished on that fateful November day. He was a chief radio man. My mother was only a year old when he died. I would be interested to hear from you if you like to give any information.
Yerxa, TomOct 10, 1943 – Nov 24, 1943
Bracken, Kenneth "Kenny" E.?Nov 10, 1943 – Nov 24, 1943I'm entering this for my father who was a Liscome Bay survivor and who, at this writing (Aug. 2006), is a robust 89 year old residing in NW Oregon.
Myddelton, SimmeonNov 24, 1943 –I was the wife of Simmeon S Middelton. His rank was aviation machinist mate, second class. He was lost with the ship. His name appears on the Punch Bowl Memorial in Honolulu Hawaii. I was presented with his purple heart.

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