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USS Intrepid (CV 11) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Intrepid (CV 11). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 517 crew members registered for the USS Intrepid (CV 11).

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Rutledge, RoyCS31969 – 1971S-2Great carrier to serve on through drydock in PA-Shakedown cruise to Cuba-New homeport RI- and NATO cruise along with Med cruise. Good crew to serve with. Really enjoyed my time aboard.
Prairie, MarkAE31969 – 1971VS-31Flight deck trouble shooter for squadron, "promoted" to Carrier airgroup trouble shooter with reduction of flight deck personnel. Rode out the 27 degree roll in the storm that peeled the catwalks back and snapped tiedown
Wilcox, WayneRM31969 – Jun 1970CommunicationsI enjoyed serving my one and a half years aboard the Fighting I
Dewan, JamesFTG-2Feb 1969 – Aug 1972Fox
MacY, JohnYN3Feb 16, 1969 – Feb 28, 1970X, RCapt's Office, Eng Log Room
Preuss, KevinEN3Mar 1969 – Aug 1972ASome of the best times of my life on board the Fighting I. I would do it all over again.
Mazelis, EdRM3Apr 1969 – Mar 1973CR
Monteleone, Edward profile iconSeamenApr 1969 – Apr 1971Ships Storeroom
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Davis, Dick (Bc)ETR2Apr 1969 – Jan 30, 1970OE (Ops Electronics)Came aboard in Philadelphia, when Intrepid was in dry dock having just returned from Vietnam. Shake-down cruise to Gitmo, ran aground in RI while changing home port from Norfolk to Quonset Point.
Halstead, Steve (Stephen)QM2Apr 1, 1969 – Dec 12, 1971Navigation & Flag Staff QuartermasterI was part of ships company during the last Vietnam tour serving in the navigation division. Later I was transferred to the Admiral Staff / Operations
Lizotte, CharlesApr 27, 1969 – Jul 28, 1973
Webb, Ivan EsnJun 10, 1969 – Jul 31, 1970s3Served in the laundry room and barber shop. Was a foggy day when we were run a ground.
Riordan, SteveLTJun 26, 1969 – Jun 26, 1972IM-2
Riordan, Stepehn (Steve)Lt.Jul 1969 – Jun 1972IM-2, AIMD
Platten, KevinOS3Aug 1969 – Apr 1973operationsI look back at my Navy days fondly. Met a lot of good people. Visited the ship in 09, Wow lots of emotions!!
Twigg, RobertE4Aug 1, 1969 – Jul 13, 1972S7I am curious about what other S7 Division members from '69 to '72 are doing now.
Pabst, JohnSM3Sep 1969 – Apr 1973CS Division
Parker, G David ( Kidd )AG3Sep 1969 – Jun 1973OE - OARadio DJ WINT TV RADIO Space Cowboy - Kidd Parker USS INTREPID 70-73
Henderson, JamesE3Oct 1969 – Nov 1970XWorked in the Admin office and Library
Winn, CharlesHT3Oct 20, 1969 – May 6, 1973R-DivI did not know it but it was the best time of my life
Baker, DaveET1Nov 1969 – May 1974OE
Dunne, Robert ( Bob )SADec 30, 1969 – Sep 13, 19711st Div.Didn't like it back then. Now I am Membership Chair for Former Crew Members Association. All FCM's are welcome to join.
Henson, EverettAT21970 – 1971I worked on TACAN in Avionics in 1971 and as a plane captain in 1970.....went on Med cruise in 1970
Rainey, JohnAT31970 – 1972vs-27Went on several cruises with squadron, one being six month Med/North Atlantic. Also Bermuda, Nova Scotia. Six month cruise, I believe, was the next to last cruise the carrier made before retirement. Great time of my life!
Hitsman, HowardYNC 1970 – 1974AdminMade North Atlantic cruise and Med cruise - then was part of the decommissioning crew. Was the last sailor to retire off the Intrepid. Captain Levenson was the CO at the time of my retirement.
Romond, CharlesCS - 21970 – 1973S-2
Russ, BobHM21970 – 1971MedicalDetached near end of Med Cruise in July 71 to go to college. Left in Rosyth, Scotland. Good memories.
Hart, RickSK31970 – 1973S-1 Supply
Ramey, JamesSN1970 – 1971Mess deck, Deck divisionReported aboard Intrepid from boot camp. Assigned to the mess crew, then to the deck crew. Quarters was below the flight deck /foreward. Slept in fart sacks. Transferred to Norfolk, precom, USS MT Whitney LCC-20.
Marceau, Richard profile iconSD1970 – Dec 8, 1971S-5
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Hilley, DavidRM 31970 – 1973communicationI was in charge of Teletype repair for the Intrepid and worked with Greg Knight. I am now retired from my own office equipment company. I now travel with my wife in our motorhome.
Lamothe, Dave (Smoothy)RAJan 2, 1970 – Jun 7, 1971R-DivisionGreat group of guys!!! Looking for Dennis or Gary Hill, Harry Thair (sp) Springfied MA
Hughes, BobPH2Jan 10, 1970 – Oct 10, 1971PhotoRemembering a great 20 months active duty aboard Intrepid in Boston, Quonset Point, and during 1971 NATO Med cruise to 13 countries in 180 days. Wondering what happened to all the shipmates from those days.
Bob, FinkenASE2Feb 1970 – Feb 1973Ground Support EquipmentGreen shirt. Bermuda, Nova Scotia, Short cruise to Portugal, 2 N. Atl or N. Atl/Med combo. Return to Med then out. Best time ever. Miss it.
Bonelli, StephenPH2Feb 1, 1970 – Oct 15, 1971VS-27I served as an aviation and ship's photographer for VS-27 command squadron during NATO-MED cruise.
Johnson, MichaelABH3Feb 22, 1970 – Feb 24, 1973v-1Crash Crew at first, Asst. Fly One P.O. Last Cruise, Would love to hook up with those I served with. I grew up on the Fighting I, Best Ship of all I served on. Ret. 1991. Best AB's Ever.
Muckle, Ronald profile iconE2Mar 1970 – Oct 19701st divisionMy first ship. Stright from boot camp. The only placed that I cruised was only to Boston. Boston Navy shipyard. Will someone from 1st division contact me. I only remember Bailey and Booko
Snapp, KennethRM3Mar 3, 1970 – Jun 18, 1970CommDon’t remember much about this other than being stationed on the beach.
Bohner, WallyOS3Apr 1970 – Feb 1974OISpent 3 1/2 years on the Intrepid. Made four cruises to Med and North Atlantic. Was one of the last crewmembers when decommissioned.
Pemberton, JohnANApr 2, 1970 – Aug 10, 1971V-1Served on the flight deck V-1 Division Fly 3.
Miranda, TimothyANApr 30, 1970 – Oct 30, 1973V-2Did several med-north Atlantic cruises
Cawley, BrentSK3May 20, 1970 – Jun 11, 1973Supply / S-1
Vaughn, Richarde3May 20, 1970 – Oct 31, 1973v1
Nocera, FrankABH3Jun 10, 1970 – Jan 30, 1974V-3a period of almost 4 yrs I will never forget
Snapp, KennethRm3Jun 19, 1970 – Apr 1, 1971CR communicationsMy only regret is that I didn’t re-enlist.
Gillogly, FredRM-2Jun 30, 1970 – Dec 31, 1973Operations/IntelComm Cntr Supvr, Crypto Spclst, Created "Letters to Home" program via Western Union, assisting crew in writing letters to loved ones. Played in "Egyptian Lords & Arabian Knights" Jazz/Rock band. DJ on WINT Radio.
Bloom, GaryAE-3Jul 1970 – Apr 1972VS-27I was on the line crew until about March 1972. I then went to the electrical shack. I went on the Med-cruise 1971.
House, MacKE-3Jul 12, 1970 – Jul 17, 1972V-1The best time I ever had was serving aboard the Intrepid. Miss the good old times !!
Peeke, ChristopherAW2Aug 1970 – Aug 1972OX (ASCAC)Assigned to OX (ASCAC) division as an Antisubmarine Warfare Acoustic Analyst. Also served aboard as flightcrew assigned to VS-27 from 1969 - 1970.
Shapiro, LarryPN3Aug 1970 – Apr 1972XI thoroughly enjoyed my tour of duty on the USS Intrepid. Made three cruises in my two years on board. I would love to reconnect with old shipmates from back then.
Sawyer, Jerry "Buz" profile iconRM3Aug 6, 1970 – Oct 31, 1973CR DivisionCountless memories. I learned what brotherhood really was, many challenges but also many achievements. I remember all the laughs, even in difficult times. Some of us still stay in brothers always.
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Poole, StephenSTG2Sep 1970 – Oct 1973SONARI'm 75 years old and live in Providence RHODE ISLAND I'm currently working for the USPS soon to retire after 30 years. Any one who served from 1970 to 1973 I'd be glad to communicate thru my email address.
Hunsucker, Bob profile iconEM3Sep 15, 1970 – Mar 1, 1973EWorked in Lighting shop under Spanky and Botteron, and flight deck lighting shop last year. Still friends with Birdman in NH and Dan Mitchell in California. Fun days, anyone remember Harry Roth(Big Har from Hoboken,NJ
Wollam, JerryanOct 1970 – Jan 21, 1972opsGreat friends, great sights, great ship!!!
Hooker, JeffSH3Oct 1970 – Mar 1974S3
O'Donnell, Dale profile iconOS4Oct 1, 1970 – Oct 1, 1972Operation SpecialistSpent 2 years on board Intrepid .. Met a lot of good people .. Had a great learning time .. still have the cruise book .. So long ago ..
Bethune, FrankSNOct 10, 1970 – Dec 14, 1973FOXFIRE CONTROL
Hill, AlanEMCOct 15, 1970 – Aug 10, 1973 In charge Aviation & Ordnance Electic shop, Later on Power shop under LT.Collins Electrical Officer Retired August 13,1973 off Intrepid with twenty in . Looking to locate Don Tong Sonar Senior Chief Had a Good time on Steaming Carrier.
Craver, CharlesE3Nov 17, 1970 – Mar 8, 1971crash crewDoes anyone Remember Me Charles Craver
Brake, RichardATANDec 15, 1970 – Sep 8, 1972AIMD IM3As my Dad told me, 90% of your time on board will be awful but 10% will be OK. As you age, you will only remember the 10%.
Lindley, Wilmer (Charlie)RM3Dec 28, 1970 – Feb 28, 1974CR

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Nov 11, 2021USS Intrepid NYCThis is being sent to inform and canvass USS Intrepid Former crewmembers that there is an active Former Crewmember Association. I am the point of contact and can send former crewmembers an application upon request. We currently have over 1000 registered members. The association provides scholarhips for former crew member family members, organize reunions around the country and are very active with the USS Intrepid Sea Air and Space museum in NYC. My email is We also sell former crew members clothing, flags and gear for charities...

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