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USS Intrepid (CV 11) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Intrepid (CV 11). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 517 crew members registered for the USS Intrepid (CV 11).

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Clanton, Markfireman E31967 – 1969m divisionStill remember the ports I visited. Philippines and Australia were the best
Joe, Richardson IIISHIP FITTER E-31967 – 1968R-DvI was a welder in R-Div
Zegers, RobertABF 31967 – 1968V-4This was my first ship, we had a great crew and I had a great time. I became a shellback and a member of the Order of Magellan on this ship.
Mayes, KennethRM21967 – 1969CRteletype repairman
Mathis, MichaelA O 31967 – 1969GOrdinenance Man ijn charge of Bomb Elevator Crew
Stowers, Guy (Egor)FTG31967 – 1968FOXQuite a ride, quite a crew.
Hewitt, JoeEM51967 – 1969E-Electrician2 Tours, Electrician Mate Forward engine room
Arnold, Jo LRD 31967 – 1969OIGood old OI remember the good and the bad
Wilson, JamesETR 11967 – 1971Radaranyone who served CVA11 1967-1970
Burke, LawrenceSK3Jan 1967 – Oct 1967Support supply
Turnbull, EdTD3Jan 1967 – Dec 1967VSF3I would like to contact Paul Reid and Ken McDermott
Jaeger, ChrisAAJan 1, 1967 – Feb 1, 1969Ships Company
Alden, RichardSHIPFITTER 1ST CLASSFeb 1967 – May 1969R
Tudor, GeneAO2Feb 1, 1967 – Jun 1, 1972GMissile Shop, and Office. Anyone know how to reach AOCS Dorr & family. Would like to hear from other shipmates. Merry Christmas
Guth, CarlMR 3Feb 5, 1967 – Apr 1, 1970A DivisionAssigned to Machine Shop and did most of the engraving and later became PPO in the Division. Lt Walsh was our Division Officer and I have talked with him several times over the years. contact me in Lancaster, S.C.
Finn, Bob (Rj)ABF3Feb 10, 1967 – Aug 3, 1970V4Completed 2 Vietnam deployments aboard the Intrepid. Became a shellback during the 1 st deployment, then it was payback during the 2nd one :)) What a great bunch of shipmates.
Ray, GarryPET OFFICER 2ND CLASSFeb 25, 1967 – Aug 15, 1968air handler/blue crew
Riley, Lawrence (Larry)RD3Mar 1967 – Aug 1968OIIn retrospect, I had the privilege of working with some of the finest people I have ever known. To all my friends, "Fair winds and following seas........ Riley
Wolfsen, BobABF-3Mar 1967 – May 1969V-4Worked with a great group of guys went to the USS New Orleans from the Intrepid
Baswell, DavidAO1Mar 1967 – Feb 1968G DivisionFlt. Dk. Ordnance Safety P.O.
Anthony, JohnnyPR2Mar 6, 1967 – Mar 14, 1969AIMDI was the POIC of the parachute loft under Chief Donald Haubor. Great cruise.
Shipman, WayneADJ 3Apr 1967 – Dec 1967Antisubfitron (VSF)-3
Leavenworth, GaryAO3Apr 1, 1967 – Sep 5, 1968G
Ronken, GaryABE3Apr 7, 1967 – Oct 21, 1970V2AG
Shipman, WayneADJ-3Apr 18, 1967 – Dec 28, 1967
Schultheis, BillFTG 3May 1967 – Aug 1968fox
Schultheis, Billftg-3May 1967 – Sep 1968fox divisionwas attacked by unknown sailor who struck me from behind and broke my jaw. ened up in subic bay naval hospital for 6 weeks, the transferred to uss Roosevelt cv-42 in mayport fl..
Miller, LarryATN-2May 1967 – Feb 1968VA-34 CVW-10West Pac Cruise. Last warship to pass through the Suez Canal in 1967 before it was blockaded by Egypt.
Buce, AlanAB3May 1, 1967 – Mar 31, 1969Fly-2
Santo, RonE-4 EnginemanJun 1, 1967 – 1969A- Div.Made two Nam cruises and then transferred to the FDR.
Tueller, LawrenceGMT2Sep 1967 – Sep 1969WeaponsWould like to hear from any of my shipmates especially any that may be planning on attending the 75th Anniversary Celebrations of our ship's commission.
Weimert, FrankATN3Oct 1967 – Dec 1967VSF-3
Boback, JimCS-3Nov 1967 – Jan 1970S-2BEST CARRIER IN THE TONKIN GULF
Schoening, AndrewE-4/ICDec 18, 1967 – Sep 29, 1969E-DIvisionOnly in retrospect years later did I come to realize the gravity of the situation (the Vietnam War) and the critical contribution we made by our service to the country aboard the Intrepid.
Grant, DavidBT3Dec 29, 1967 – Aug 1971B DivisionI am looking for a few shipmates. Larry Black and his wife Jan, and Sam Hicks from Texas. We were all in B Div. I worked in the boiler repair shop from 1968 to 1971 under Lt. Arthur Pellitier . Great man.
Schwartz, Michael GAO-3Dec 30, 1967 – Oct 15, 1971G-DivAssigned Ordnance G Div Weps Dept Deployed West Pac June 68 Assigned Bomb Assembly 1 ,Ret CONUS 2/69 . Made Med & Eastlant ,assigned Flight Deck Safety PO Shell Back,Blue Nose ,Order Magellan. SEMPER FORTUS>Shipmates.
CHEATLE, ROBERT1968 – 1969
Waite, MichaelFTG11968 – 1970FOXCame from the FORRESTAL, quite a change. Ran aground changing home ports.
Vince, Jimmmfn1968 – 1971m-div.
Glass, John (Dan)BT31968 – 1972" B " DIV. #2 FIRE ROOMFound WINO ,GUPPY ,GRIT ,Lappin ,and Jarrett.Still looking for other snipes.
MacDonald, BrentAO-31968 –VS-31
Moon, BillyIC21968 – Sep 1969V2 Plat RoomLarry Nerim, Wayne Lovejoy, Grovin Hoover, Reg Snell, Carpenter, and that is all the guys I can remember from the shop. I remember several ABH Tiny Dunagun, Chief Ross. Duncan, Jay Talbot, .What a cruise?
Rancilio, RonAE21968 – 1970Aimd C1A AircrewDid the rework in the Philly shipyards but spent most of my time at NAS Willow Grove with the ship COD. Joined the mud daubers club when we ran aground in Naragansett harbor. Great Ship. Will visit soon.
Barber, MichaelABE21968 – 1969V2The last of the 3 carriers I served on. Fantastic Crew and friends. As an Intrepid former crew member and belonging to the Intrepid past crew members this ship stays in my heart
Klapsogeorge, Greeke31968 – 1969Ships CompanyLooking for Shipmates
Hunstad, JamesE31968 –V1Retired from the Postal Service and enjoying life.
Heeszel, Robert / BobBT31968 – 1972BHad friends that you will probably never see again
O'Neil, StephenPetty Officer 3rd Class1968 – Sep 1969Aviation SupplyOne of the most memorable experiences of my life and for some reason I even remember my service number: B11 56 33
Lear, ThomasSH31968 – 1969supply
Aldridge, RichardE31968 – 1971Ships Company Arresting Gear
Soos, Andrewe31968 – 1968ships ompanyVietnam cruise 1968
Richards, GaryABF21968 – 1972V-4
Foltz, StephenMm31968 – 1972M
Haller, PaulAE2Jan 1968 – Sep 1968Attack Squadron 36One of the best carriers that I served on. One of the best years of my life. She was worthy of her name.
Allen, HarryMM3Jan 1968 – Aug 1971A-Div
Jessee, RobertE 3-4Jan 1968 – May 1970V-2 CatsIt would be great to back and serve one month at sea with the same crew doing the same job, going to the same ports etc.
Teger, MichaelE3Jan 1, 1968 – Aug 1, 1969Fireman
Benoit, JackMM2Jan 2, 1968 – Jul 17, 1971A division
Irle, TedABH3Jan 7, 1968 – Sep 13, 1971V3
Everson, BobABH-2Jan 12, 1968 – Oct 16, 1971V-3Those 4 years changed the course of my life.Great working with a team. Loved it when flying.
Oderkirk, DonaldETN-2Feb 1968 – May 1969OEShips radio to air maintenance crew leader.
Brown, BudETN3Feb 1, 1968 – Dec 31, 1968OE
Hicks, Robert (Sam)BT2Apr 22, 1968 – Oct 20, 1970B DivisionI was in charge of #2 Fire room Crossed the Equator 18June1968 Looking for shipmates. Good Times , Old memories...Also served on the Sommers
Bisson, ReneGMG 2Apr 25, 1968 – Nov 1, 19715TH
Smothers, Curt profile iconYN1May 1, 1968 – May 31, 1969XServed as leading YN in Captain's Office. Crossdecked to commission HS-7 in June.
Wilcox, WayneRM3Jun 1968 – Sep 1970Communication ShackI remember the day when we came into RI for the first time
Waddell, David (Blue)bt3Jun 1968 – Feb 1972bwas in #4 fireroom. first cruise was vietnam in 1968. had lots of good friends in there. discharged off her at quonset point in 1972.
Wilson, Larry RookAIRMAN E3Jun 4, 1968 – Dec 1971v2 catpults
Oliver, DavidMUCJun 4, 1968 – Feb 1969Band MasterI was the bandmaster on board the "Fighting I". Around the world cruise, Viet Nam
Tandy, Fred profile iconMU2Jun 4, 1968 – Feb 1969AdminServed in Vietnam with MUC David Oliver in the Ship's Band
Murphy, PaulABE3Jul 16, 1968 – Apr 10, 1970V-2 catapultsI worked the port catapult with all those A6s and F8, remembering the spads VAQ33 out of Quanset Point RI. Subic was a real trip. Magsaysay drive is never to be forgotten. Sleeping next to crap river
Crate, JesseDamage Control E-4Aug 1968 – Oct 1969RLooking for shipmates
Thrall, JimBT2Aug 9, 1968 – Sep 10, 1969B Div.I worked in #3 Fireroom
Townsend, BillE-3Sep 14, 1968 – Apr 1, 1970XTraining Office
Strong, Paul profile iconLTjgSep 25, 1968 – Feb 15, 1970B DivB Div officer, EOOW, GQ in Repair 5 Main, watches in Main Control. Like to hear from any former shipmates. Arrived via COD in Tonkin Gulf, departed via COD in Gulf of Mexico (Corpus C). Great ship, great people.
Fox, TomMMCOct 1968 – Mar 1971(Hydraulics)Best Ship I ever served on

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Nov 11, 2021USS Intrepid NYCThis is being sent to inform and canvass USS Intrepid Former crewmembers that there is an active Former Crewmember Association. I am the point of contact and can send former crewmembers an application upon request. We currently have over 1000 registered members. The association provides scholarhips for former crew member family members, organize reunions around the country and are very active with the USS Intrepid Sea Air and Space museum in NYC. My email is We also sell former crew members clothing, flags and gear for charities...

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