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USS Intrepid (CV 11) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Intrepid (CV 11). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 517 crew members registered for the USS Intrepid (CV 11).

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Gessel, FrankSH31965 – 1969S-3Three vietnam tours aboard the fighting I. Some day i'd like to get to NY and revisit the grand old lady.
Hutchins, FrankAO-21965 – 1969G-DIV.I was division training P.O., I worked Flight Deck Control, Hanger Deck Control, and I was a ships DJ on WINT and it was called the Ol' HUTCH SHOW
Copeland, KeithBT41965 – Feb 1967BI was assigned to the repair crew for all 4 Fire Rooms but served my watches mostly in #2. I live in Lancaster, SC
Goodrich, Ronald (Goody) profile iconpettyofficer 3rd class1965 – 1969Rwould like to find some old buddys in the shipfitter shop or DC Shop.
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Bauer, NormanIC1965 – 1968E
Hutchins, FrankAO-21965 – Apr 9, 1969G-Div.Working on the flight deck was a real honor and a rush. (Flight Deck Control). In my free time, (HaHa!) I was a DJ on board. The Ol'Hutch show. Oldies and lots of dedications.
Toms, Robert (Bob)ABE 31965 – 1968V-2
Tilden, DexterE4Jan 1965 – Oct 1966AIt was a good experience, saw a lot of the country.
Lowe, BarryQM3Jan 8, 1965 – Oct 1, 1967NavigationI was drafted in 1965 and was fortunate to wind up in the Navy and on board the Intrepid. I have no regrets and enjoyed the short time I spent there. It was a great experience.
Collier, HenrySMSN-SMFeb 6, 1965 – Jan 15, 1967CSlooking for signalmen from the mid 60's
Long, MarkBT-3Feb 14, 1965 – Feb 7, 1967I worked in Number 2 fireroom then the Oilshack
Clark, RichardAMH 3Mar 1965 – Aug 1966V-6
Rogers, KeithO2Apr 1965 – Feb 5, 1968CR for 18 months and X for 18 monthsIt seems like just a few years ago that we were on Intrepid, and it seems like an eternity. Looking for Don Taylor, Steve Kilmer
Meredith, JohnO1-O2Apr 13, 1965 – Mar 6, 1967OE and V6 (briefly)Enjoyed my tour on 'Fighting I.' Some great people. I visited the Intrepid Museum in November 2009. This brought back some fond memories.
Sparks, Tommyaviation boatswains mateJun 1965 – Jan 17, 1966v-1hal clark
Hardesty, Dennisabe3Jun 15, 1965 – May 15, 1968V-2would like to contact anyone who was in V-2 divison during this time
Osinski, FrankltjgJun 15, 1965 – May 15, 1967radio
Zinkand, Joseph profile iconE-5 Swanboats mate / Gunner's materJun 23, 1965 – Mar 6, 1969NSCP, Seattle, WNThe Statement of Joseph P Zinkand Sr., He graduated from high school and went straight into the Navy. He served in the Republic of Vietnam during the Vietnam Era— and was exposed to Agent Orange, Enlisted he thought he was in regular Service 03/07/1
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Perry, BertAO3Jul 25, 1965 – Mar 22, 1967G
Lee, JohnE3 AIRMANAug 1965 – Mar 1967v 1we are getting older..............send me your address
Baird, DavidMM3Aug 1965 – Feb 1969M DivisionThree tours Vietnam...65-69...great crew...M Division, Engine room 2
Woolson, CharlesSM3Aug 5, 1965 – May 31, 1968CS
Averitt, JbGMG3Sep 1965 – Jun 20, 1969GShip's Armory and Bomb Breakout Crew
Graham, Earl ("Otto")ANSep 1965 – Jul 1969B Division, G Division, V-4 DivisionEnjoyed 3 tours in 'Nam, lots of R&R. Enjoyed boxing. Like to hear from anyone remembering those days. Like to hear from "Best Bud" Danny Montecalvo. Anyone have Cruise Books? Share stories. Hope all are doing well.
Smith, RonRD2Sep 13, 1965 – Apr 26, 1968OILike the man said "War is Hell" and Viet-Nam was just that, But We served on the Best Ship With the best crew the navy ever had.
Soria, HenryANSep 15, 1965 – Aug 18, 1967V-1
Spaulding, JohnSNSep 27, 1965 – Aug 17, 19672ndWhile stationed INTREPID I had the opportunity of seeing many interesting ports of call and Made many friends that I will always rmeber.
Spaulding, JohnSeamanSep 28, 1965 – Aug 27, 19672nd DivisionServed in 2nd Division during my two years aboard with cruises to Dixie Station in 1966 and Yankee Station in 1967 before flying off the ship.
Tagert, Theodore TedCS3Oct 1965 – Aug 15, 1969S2
Vacirca, Francis profile iconRD2Oct 3, 1965 – Aug 12, 1967OIServing on the Fighting "I", made me grow up and become a man. I made friends, that I still keep in touch with today, thanks to the internet. Would love to go aboard a Nuclear Carrier for a weekend. Loved it all.
Fox, RobertSEAMEMOct 10, 1965 – Oct 25, 1965
Brown, MacSnipeOct 11, 1965 – Jun 23, 1969"A" Hydraulics
Schwartz, ChrisAO3Oct 28, 1965 – Nov 20, 1968G DivisionMissile crew
Chase, RonnieAMS21966 –VA-176 (TAD)
Hirth, ChuckE41966 – 1968et
Taylor, William Tonye31966 –fox
Lehrmann, KennethE-51966 –VSF-1Looking for anyone who served with my husband, Ken Lehrmann in 1967. Ken was a Jet mechanic and trouble shooter, and was exposed to AO. He now suffers from Dementia and Parkinson's disease.
Hines, SteveSN1966 – 19681st DIV (1-A)My assignment was yeoman to the ships boatswain, W-4 JD Steadman.
Harris, LouieEM2 SSJan 2, 1966 – May 25, 1966ENot bad, but learned that I could refuse to sign nuke weapons' clearance. Ha Ha
Laitinen, Mikegmg3Jan 5, 1966 – May 25, 1968G divisionships armory, bomb break out crew,saluting battery
Boyd, Franklin Aka "Chief"SFMS 3Jan 20, 1966 – Sep 10, 1969R DivisionI'm trying to locate old shipmates, seeing what they are doing today
Bird, GeoffANFeb 1966 – Nov 1967GMissile Crew and G Division Office on 02 deck. Remember John Mabe,Gerald Peeler,Mark Pence,Blaine Shanks,all good shipmates. Joined from Great Lakes Boot Camp.Left from Gulf of Tonkin via Subic Bay.Was a DJ on WINT.
Smaglinski, MikefnFeb 1, 1966 – Aug 25, 1969b divworked in no 1 boiler room and also pushed bombs in g div i visited ship in ny it was great to be back aboard
Fiddler, JimmyAO3Feb 16, 1966 – Apr 4, 1969G div flight deckWorked with a lot of good men on 3 Westpac tours.
Bethge, JerryMar 1966 –G forward bomb assembly
Turchi, FrankATCAMar 1966 – Dec 1966HC-2I was the Helo Det Chief along with 35 maintenance personnel and 10 Pilots. Cdr. Bill Richards was our OINC. We lost 2 aircrewman, Frank Marvaso AT3, Richard Buzco ADJAN and Lt. Melcher. Sad Day in Sea of Japan.
Christy, DaveABH 2Mar 1966 – Jul 1966V3I was on the Intrepid when we left Norfork and collided with a tanker while refueling,came back to dry dock in newport news Then on to Naples,thru Suez canal to Subic Bay, Then to Yankee Station. Discharged in Yokosuka.
Rudd, DwightCplMar 1966 – Dec 1967MarDetThe most memorable time of my young life!
Richard Lumley, LumFTG-3Mar 16, 1966 – Sep 11, 1969FOX DIVISIONA great ride.
Whitemore, MikeMM3Apr 1966 – Jun 1969MI am really proud to be a Lifetime member of the association of former crew members.
Hamlett, JimCorporalApr 1966 – Apr 1968MarDetGreat days of exploration and growing up both physically and mentally. Would like to find the guys I served with.
Santino, FredAE3 (Aircrew)Apr 1966 – Jun 1966COD C-1A V-6
Cotton, Michael CottonAME3Apr 1, 1966 – Nov 15, 1966VA-15
Jamison, Floyd (Jamie)ET1May 1966 – Apr 1967OEOE Division LPO during 1966/67 deployment to Yankee Station. A great crew and a great ship.
Scire, BobGMT2May 1966 – Jul 1968W
Burrows, KenCDRJun 1966 – Dec 1967CAG-10Does anyone have Ltjg Smeds Newman, VA-15 telephone number or email address?
Stevens, RayE5/BoilermanAug 1966 – Jan 1970BI was in the #4 fire room.
Smith, DonSNSep 7, 1966 – Sep 7, 1968Fox DivisionSo glad I joined the Navy and even though we did two tours in Vietnam we did get liberty in some fantastic ports of call. Japan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Rio de Janerio and sailed around the world twice.
Hallmark, RichardATN-2Nov 1966 – Apr 18, 1969IM-3I was ship's company in the aviation electronics test equipment ship.
Parker, BryneGMT2Nov 1966 – Feb 1969WThis experience was the beginning of a 26.year career.
Knish, AlexfnDec 1966 – Oct 25, 1968A-div. HYD & o2n2
James Kerr, DonABE3Dec 1966 – Apr 1970V2 CATs and AGAt 19 years old, I had no idea I was about to have the most exciting 4 years of my life. Would love to hear from anyone who served during this time frame.

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