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USS Intrepid (CV 11) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Intrepid (CV 11). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 517 crew members registered for the USS Intrepid (CV 11).

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Carroll, DaveAN1958 – 1958VA-66
Loria, Johnfireman1958 –repair (R-Div)serving aboard the Intrepid was one of the greatest times of my life.
Hudgens, ArlenEM31958 – Jul 25, 1960ESome good times when Liberty Boats were running. Glad I was single but also glad to be discharged. I visited the old bucket in NY and was treated well by the guides in 2014. I would have loved to revisit the engine room
Wilson, CareyairmanJan 1958 – Dec 1960V-4
Rosner, SethLTMay 1958 – Jul 1959Admin - LegalReported on board as Discipline Officer and asst Legal Officer, from USS Intrepid. First time working with Navy enlisted personnel and civilian employees of Navy Dept.
Van Alstyne, VanAE2Jun 1958 – Aug 1958AIR GROUP1st cruise on the Intrepid (AKA Decrepit), Middy cruise, Lisbon, Oslo, Rotterdam, 2nd cruise April-September, Med cruise. Flew as 'scope dope' in AD5Ws, mostly for flight skins. The Intrepid was a luxury ship vs. the Lake Champlain.
Gonzalez, Frank Jr (Speedy)YN1Jun 1958 – Sep 1959V-6I was the Air Officers yeoman, I spent many hours with the Air Officer in the Bird Cage in the Superstructure, my tour aboard was one of my best experiences while in the Navy. I retired in l970.
Ryan, ThomasFirst LieutenantJun 9, 1958 – Aug 1, 1959United States Marine DetachmentDuring my tour aboard the Big "I" we colided with a refueler at sea. Fortunately no one was hurt. The ships starboard side took considerable damage as did the refueler.
Bray, JimAG2Jul 1958 – Dec 1960OASeeking contact with OA Div. staff of 1958 to 1960.
Williams, Waltersfm 3/cSep 2, 1958 – May 11, 1962R
Devereux, JohnAirmanOct 1, 1958 – Dec 16, 1959V-1 Flight Deck
Benedict, David (Benny)YN2Oct 18, 1958 – Jul 1, 1961R Div - Engineering Log RoomI was first assigned to B Div #2 fireroom. Later I transferred to the Log Room to be the YN for the Damage Control Asst. When the lead YN transferred I became the lead YN. Intrepid was my first Navy home.
McKenna, John "Jj"ATN2Nov 30, 1958 – Feb 17, 1961VFP-62 Det 33Was aboard for 2 Carib and 2 Med cruises. 1st set, F9F-8P Cougars, 2nd F8U-1P Crusaders. CAG-6 Commander lost on 2nd(?) Med cruise. VF-33 lost a plane captain in the Carib.
Coates, RichardGF3/ GF2Dec 1958 – Aug 1960GMAfter 3 years trying to get on a ship, I was not disapointed. This was a milestone in my life and my Navy career. Great Ship and a great crew. I shall never forget them or this ship.
Askey, JohnAT1Dec 1958 – Jun 1960V-6In charge of avionic shops
Cosgrove, GaryBT2Dec 1958 – Jun 1962B
Kubat, LaurenceQM3Dec 17, 1958 – Dec 1959N divisionlocate shipmates
Long, RichardBT 41959 – 1963B DivisionI served four years in No. 1 boiler room. The work was hot and dirty but I wouldn't want to serve anywhere else aboard the ship. This type of work demands that you work together and you become close friends.
Brdey, Michaelfireman appentice1959 – 1959m division
Clark, Jon B. (Barry)ENSIGNJan 4, 1959 – Sep 3, 1959Public Information OfficerI would like to hear from my shipmates.
Clark, Jon B. (Barry)ENSIGNJan 5, 1959 – Sep 1, 1959PUBLIC INFORMATION OFFICE/ADMINI was PIO on Intrepid, January-September, 1959. We sailed for Med on Friday the 13th. I published daily and bi-weekly newspaper, port-of-call books, and built, staffed and directed the ship's first "radio station" SHOWBOAT.Great memori
Negri, DonaldYN3Apr 4, 1959 – Dec 18, 1961V4, XGreat memories. Have the 1960 cruise book, wish I had the 59 and 61...Spent first year fueling planes (hard work), then got lucky and became court reporter in Legal. Was also a DJ on ship radio, WINT. Welcome any email.
Davis, GalenSeaman E3Apr 10, 1959 – Mar 15, 19611St1960 MedCruise,1ST Division, anchor detail, at sea helm watches, GQ = port side 5"38 gun mount.
Turnberg, Carlgf2Apr 14, 1959 – Mar 14, 1962Gunnery
Garber, Ronald profile iconSeaman 3rd ClassApr 28, 1959 – Mar 1961Ship's Service - BarberI was a fireman E-3, then I became a Seaman E-3 when I got to be a barber in the barbershop. I have been through the museum twice. Once before it got stuck in the mud and once after it got all fixed up. DJ Ron
Whitney, Geneabe2Jun 1959 – Jun 1963v2
Traylor, G. O.ABE3Jun 15, 1959 – Jul 17, 1961V2shot down an F4D with a shuttle ramp on Cat #1 and launched the first F4 Phantom off of a ship on Cat #2
Smith, LouisanJun 29, 1959 – Jul 4, 1963v3Looking for Ben Green and Larry Fuller
Milburn, Joseph "Frank"E-5Aug 31, 1959 – May 1965Repair
Milburn, Joseph F profile iconSFP2Aug 31, 1959 – May 1965R
Perry, WalterCPLNov 1959 – 1961US MARINE DETACHMENTSpent 30 months aboard, Great time, 2 Med cruises, 2 Carribeen. Out of Portsmouth and Norfolk. Ordered to Quantico for TNT as Weapons instructor at Camp Barrett. Discharged in 62
Pennington, CharlesSN1960 – 19612nd
Guarino, VinceAG2Jan 1960 – Apr 1961OAThe Med Cruise of 60-61 was one of the great adeventures of my life. To be affilated with such excellence was the highpoint of my four year hitch. I am greatful the ship is preserved and respected.
James L Snoke, JimAr3Jan 17, 1960 – Sep 11, 1964Aviation
Hamel, JohnICFA to IC2Mar 1960 – Jun 1962EHaven't been aboard since Subic during Viet Nam. Also serving on Lexington brought back old memories. Being a crew member on Intrepid was a memorable experience. Bonds formed there last a lifetime.
Blandford, BillPN3Mar 5, 1960 – Mar 3, 1962XWorked in the Personnel Office
Smyle, Charles D.(Dave Smiley}LI-3Apr 15, 1960 – Jun 15, 1964X Divisionon board 4 yrs. --april 1960 to june 1964------ 5th. div. {gunnery] for a short time-----X div. {print shop} LI-3-----------did 3 med. cruises-----remember picking up astronaut Scott Carpenter-----cuban missle crisis
Fallon, PeterLt jgJun 1960 – Jun 1962Fire Control Officer - Assistant navigatorServing as OOD prepared me for the pressure and responsibility associated with developing a new business. Great people to work, play, and sail with.
Wilson, ArthurYeoman 3rd ClassJun 9, 1960 – May 30, 1963V6 (Air Office)Aboard for Apollo flights picking up astronauts and capsules. Also played a role in the Cuban blockade.
White, MurrayRM2Jul 5, 1960 – Oct 22, 1962CRI was transferred to COMCARDIV 16 embarked on the USS Randolph (CVS-15) October 22. 1962 the day before most ships in the Hampton Roads area got underway for the Cuban Missile Crisis. Quite an experience!
Chicotel, Ed profile iconRM3Sep 1, 1960 – Jun 15, 1962CR
Renaud, Charlesfirst classOct 21, 1960 – May 23, 1972messMy Dad, Charles Renaud served on the Intrepid for many years...up until the end in early 70's. I went on the ship in the 60's as a child. We went back aboard a couple of years ago NYC. Very emotional.
Loudenslarger, EdwardSNNov 1960 – Feb 1961OILeft ship after Med cruise for RD"A" school Great Lakes
Law, William E (Bill) profile iconABE-3Dec 1960 – Jun 1964V2C
Palzewicz, RobertRD3Dec 1960 – May 1963OILike to hear from shipmates fro OI back then.

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