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USS Proteus (AS 19) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Proteus (AS 19). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1302 crew members registered for the USS Proteus (AS 19).

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Maxwell, Thomas TjBM31987 – 1991deck
Remusat, Todd (Remo)E-5/QM21987 – 1990Ops/Nav
Turner, DaveEM1/SS/SW1987 – 1989R5Good times. Met a lot of great people and earned my ESWS on board her... Hope everyone is doing well.
Robinson, Willie/ Robbie Robbms31987 – 1989s-2 div
Peterburs, ScottMMC(SS)1987 – 1989R-9/ R-7Made Chief onboard, great memories!
Townsend, StevenHT11987 – 1990REPAIRTruly enjoyed the experience of nuclear component repair and the comradery of the crew to work as a team.
Leighliter, FloydMMFR1987 –R-9
Niemczyk, Timothy P.E-4/TMJan 1987 – Nov 1988
Niemczyk, Tim (Ski)TM3Jan 1987 – Jan 1989WeaponsLooking for old shipmates and buddies: Craig Shultz, Glen Foster, David Mottern, J Ball; Jim Reese; mostly weapons dept.; we had some great times and love to find everyone again
Debaun, DanielDC2Jan 15, 1987 – Jan 15, 1991DCBest Crew of guys I have ever served with/partied with.
Thomsen, VernonSH3Feb 1987 – Sep 29, 1992S3Most memorable times of my life was on the OLD PRO. All the west pac deployments were unforgettable. I could not have selected a better ship as being my 1st tour 87-89 and last 91-92 . SH1 Hernandez, turn 2, turn 2 continue ships work.Lol
Snuggs, TimothyFNMar 1987 – Apr 1989Site III
Snuggs, TimothyMar 5, 1987 – Apr 10, 1989Site III Beach CrewEnjoyed life at the Country Club, Andy's Hut, Macombo Club, Medicine Chest, NAVCAMS, Hotel Row, Fiesta's, Tarzan Falls, Coconut Beach Club, Hit Radio 100. Does anyone know the name of the Resturant downtown that had the Volkwagen sticking out o
Torres, ClaytonMM3Mar 28, 1987 – Sep 29, 1990A-DivisonThis was my first ship and had one heck of a time on her.Being deployed was great.Becoming a shellback .Hanging out at Andy's Hut and at the Jungle and Barney's Beach Party. Getting Married on Guam.Old PRO Was Good to ME
Robert, GilbertHT2Apr 1987 – Apr 1991Repair R-1
Blevins, RobertE-4/HT3Apr 1, 1987 – Apr 9, 1989Lots of fun i had in Guam.Shipfitter shop taught me to work hard but to play harder.
Evans, JohnPN3Apr 1, 1987 – Apr 2, 1989PersonnelGood Times at the Coconut Olympics at the "ORIGINAL" Barneys Beach House, when it was down on the beach! Still drinkin' beer from one of their great (huge) mugs 20 years later. Anybody remember being attacked by crazy birds during PT?
Beckley, GuyBMC(SW)May 15, 1987 – Jun 11, 1990Deck
Lusky, DanielOM3Jun 1987 – Jun 1989R-2Assigned to Optical Shop
Beckley, GuyBM1Jun 19, 1987 – May 25, 1990DeckJack of all trades
Randall, LanceBM2Jul 19, 1987 – Jul 19, 1990DECK
Garcia III, LouisBT3Sep 1987 – Feb 1989M - EngineeringWas your Distilling Plant Operator underway making y'alls freshwater out of seawater.... Is my Maroon 1975 Chevy Vega still there ?
Fink, LukeTM3Sep 10, 1987 – Sep 10, 1989W1 an W2 DivisonsAUW Weapons Division and Torpedo Shop where I dealt with the Likes of A-Sqaure , Sanchez, Krivda, Castro, Polack, McHenry, Crago, Mr Hunter, Chief Vowell, Lt Johnson etc etc. Looking for a few of the kool guys I knew and hung out with.
George, MarvinHT2Sep 10, 1987 – Nov 15, 1989R-1
Dawson, GarryMM3Sep 24, 1987 – Sep 19, 1989R-9 / 31-D ("31 dog)Miss Guam, miss our little 4 month west pacs...those were the days....except of course pulling a 250 pound valve up 5 levels at 2:30 am when you've pulled an all-nighter...those were the days.
Stephens, TommySK1Sep 28, 1987 – Sep 4, 1990Stock ControlMade a lot of friends and memories while onboard the Old Pro. Was able to salvage a small peice of the ship in late 2007 when she was in Brownsville. Will always be dsplayed as part of my 25 years of Naval Service.
Brown, PhillipMS3Oct 1987 – Dec 1989Had good times and miss some of my old buddies.
Webster, Chuck/webML3Oct 1, 1987 – Nov 1, 1999R6Looking for any one who served on the Proteus during 1987 -1999
Bailey, Daryl "The Barber From Bmore"MM2Oct 17, 1987 – May 13, 1991R-9I tell you, the Ole Pro is where I began to grow up as a man. I will never forgot the maturation process of learning the ropes and teaching the ropes. I miss the fellas...don't miss the uniforms though.
Mireles, RicardoSH2Oct 23, 1987 – Dec 30, 1989Supply- 3rdGuam, what a place of me having the best of both worlds. Enjoyed the boys in the Laundry and being the DCPO for the div. Women and food were one of the great things on the island. Many great friends onboard retiring after 22yrs in Mar 98
George, MarvinHT2Nov 6, 1987 – Nov 8, 1987Miss all the goodtimes and shipmates while on the old pro.
Belin, WaldenSANov 15, 1987 – Sep 15, 1990DeckLookin" for our shipmate Seaman James Spicer...A little help please..
Dolan, JoeMM3Nov 27, 1987 – Jun 30, 1991Repair-5 (Nuclear Support Facility)Serving on the USS Proteus (AS-19) brought me some of the best memories that I ever had. Love them WESTPAC's! When we still had Subic Bay Navy Base
Vigil, Andrewmm3Dec 13, 1987 – Nov 10, 1989R-5any body in R-5 The NSF group, just looking to here from some of the guys. Joe maes, mike eckerman, joe dolan please email me .
Newman, MichaelHT21988 – 1999Repair Pipe ShopWOW! What a time we had. I remember all of the guys in the pipe shop, trips to PI, Hong Kong, Chen Hae and tiger teams to Japan. I was lucky enough to meet my wife on Guam and we are still married 16 years later. Big Al, Dylremple, Scott, big Jake
Fisher, WayneAO2 (DV)1988 – 1989R=5 Dive LockerWent back into the Aviation Community. Retired 1999. Working in Kuwait. Living in the Philippines.
Jones, Christopher (Bones)FN1988 – 1990Boiler room and a-div
Newman, MichaelHT 21988 – 1989Repair - Pipe ShopGreat ship and great people. I met my wife on Guam in 88 and we are still married now 22 years later.
Hornbaker, GaryHT21988 – 1990R-1
Yarbrough, NichaelET31988 – 1990R4This is where I became a Shellback
Wilkinson, DirkBM3Jan 1988 – Jan 1990Deckhad some great times on the old pro. I miss andys hut and the fun I had with all of the friends i made.
Wilkinson, DirkBM3Jan 1988 – Feb 1990DeckMany memories on the Old Pro. Thanks for a great time. Whats up TJ and Barry
Espinoza, PeteBM2Jan 1, 1988 – Jan 1, 1990REPAIR 5Had a blast in the Rigging Locker and Tiger Teams.
Wilson, BrucePN3Jan 15, 1988 – Jan 30, 1991 X- DIV PERSONELMy first and only ship of my 20 yr career.
Pfaff, EricDK3Feb 1988 – Feb 1990S-4 DisbursingThe Proteus was the best time of my life. 6 Section duty in Thailand and pay a guy $40 to take your duty! Gibson, "6'8" Patterson, DKCS Baltazar, Kiflu, Bennett, Engelby, Bias, Brouwer, MM3 Bailey, DK3 Johnson. Great Crew, Great Times!
Rogers, JamesHT-2Feb 1988 – Jan 1991DC Div. ERO1Just want to hi to all my past shipmates and friends aboard the "Old Pro" and to especially the "DC BOYZ". To Ron Hollyfield , Rest in Peace Brother.
Miller, RayRM2(SW)Apr 1988 – Jul 1990Communications/Master at Arms Office
Trimble, MontyMM1Apr 1988 – Jun 1990R-Division 56B
Stringham, ScottSN NOW BM2Apr 1, 1988 – Apr 15, 1991DeckMiss the old pro, I seen her in susan Bay last year 2003 during a OP for the navy (Cargo Handling CHB-3)
McEwing, DavidE-3/TMApr 2, 1988 – Aug 21, 1990WEAPONSI had my share of good times as well as bad times, but I loved my tour on the "OLD PRO" It was priceless!! GO JAGUARS!!!
Rowland, Eric (Eli)HT 3Apr 10, 1988 – Oct 29, 1990Repair (R1) Shipfitter shopSome of the most important life experience things that i hold on to still to this day learned from being on the Proteus.
Thompson, MarkEM3May 1, 1988 – Jun 6, 1991R-5Great group of guys on this ship. Definitely able to have a good time. Actually enjoyed going on westpac because we sat in foreign ports. Joe Dolan was a party
Leblanc, Brian J.QM 2May 18, 1988 – Sep 17, 1990Deck/ OperationsBoy I miss Guam, PI, Hong Kong and yes Korea's $10 reboks. I miss Pattaya Beach also. 4 days felt like an eternity. Well if I win the lottery I'll go back and visit all this again.(money is the problem)
Stutsman, Mark (Stuts)FTG1/SS,SWJun 1988 – Jun 1990W-2Great Ship, Great Div!!!!! Best WestPac's, Thailand 89!!!!!!!! Wanted to extend but BUPERS wouldn't let me, would have stayed forever if I could.....
Smith, ColinPN2Jun 1988 – Apr 1991X Division - PersonnelHad some great times visiting some fantastic ports. Had some wonderful shipmates (and a few I'd rather forget) - but overall enjoyed my time on the "Old Pro..."
Willie, HunterE-4Jun 1, 1988 – May 1, 1991Ship's Office/CO's YeomanFirst and only ship. Country boy from Toomsboro, GA. Transferred to Pensacola, FL in 1991, still live there. Navy Vet, work for local school district. Thanks to my big bro YNs for their guidance when I was a newby!!!
Nicolay,, EdDTCJun 12, 1988 – Jun 1990dentalMy first ship board duty. Loved every minute of it. Met some great people. Crossed the equator. Rode out a hurricane. Took Dramamine, but never got sick. Capt Losure good skipper.
Torres, Mario "mexican"DC1Aug 15, 1988 – Aug 30, 1991DC8 fun years in the Navy. I miss all my buds from Proteus. Guam kicked ass, PI was Disney Land for me and I had my heart broken in Thailand along with my paycheck! DC Div. ruled and may my bro "DC3 Ron Hollyfield" always R.I.P. DC1 Torr
Patnode, RickBM2Aug 15, 1988 – Aug 15, 1990W2Best command ever had. I miss those days had a great time great division.Whats up STUTS! I ended up retiring from the navy 2003.
Patol, FrancisMS2Aug 28, 1988 – Aug 2, 1990S-2This was my 1st duty station after boot camp and "A" school. 25 years later, it has been the best. Any of my former shipmates, please hook me up, we can always share old "salty" dog sea stories.
Gibson, RichardSK2Sep 1988 – Sep 1991The days on the Ole Pro were the best days of my life. No worries, trips to PI and cheap beer. But the best part were the friends.
MacKey, ToddQM2Sep 15, 1988 – May 15, 1991Deck/OpsProteus was great duty. Remember Jinhae, Thailand, Subic, Grande Island, Andy's Hut...What a blast. Civilian now. Living in Seattle. Hi Brian!
Cole, RayET2Sep 22, 1988 – Nov 10, 1990R-5Loved it on Guam. Retired from the Navy in 2004. Miss it immensely.
McHenry, KeithTM2Oct 1988 – Jun 1991WeaponsThe Navy shot the wrong dog when they got rid of the old pro!!
Christensen, SeanDeckOct 13, 1988 – Oct 13, 1990Deck , Site 3, Worked for the CMCMostly spent my time at Site 3 as a life guard on site 3 beach or over at Andys hut.... I now retired to porta galera Philippines fill free to add me on facebook my profile name Sean r christensen
Womack, SteveOM2Oct 14, 1988 – Oct 1, 1992R-2/R-4Great Time! Anybody reads this with the Proteus Challenge coin they want to sell, contact me at Was assigned to Optical Shop and R-2 Admin.
Boyd, MattPN3Nov 1988 – Nov 1990PersonnelMy first command. It was a wonderful experience in a beautiful place. We traveled to incredible locations. I also worked harder there than just about anywhere else in my life and in some of the worst living conditions
Hughes, DavidOM1Nov 1988 – Nov 1989R-2
Kaufman, Edward JQM3Nov 15, 1988 – Jul 8, 1992Ops/NavigationI'll never forget the good friends I had in deck and ops division, there are to many good times to list. Hope to see you all again some day.
Bonner, ErnestIC3Nov 26, 1988 – Nov 20, 1990Engineering DivisionWe had a good crew with some good times, wish I could do it all over again
Bracy, Ronnie E.RM2Dec 1988 – Dec 1990Communications
Demand, GeorgeML2Dec 1988 – Dec 1991R - 6 The smallest foundry I ever worked in. Great guys ML3 Dan Osborne, ML2 Rey Pamalo. Dave Mckown I should never have left Guam. The "OLD PRO" was a tight crew. We sat out the Gulf War but worked Operation Fiery Vigil
Gonzalez, David GonzoE2Dec 2, 1988 – Mar 2, 1990DeckAlot of good times and some memorable bad ones because of the dumb politics and procedures. Deck crew worked hard, played hard and stayed hard! Beck BM1 was a punk!
Dove, Dan/double D profile iconHT3Dec 20, 1988 – Sep 11, 1991R-10/R-5
Endlich, Ricomm3Dec 25, 1988 – Jul 1, 1992r-9shout out to everyone from r-9 division.T.j. stevens,bo-jack,sean rheil,carl solano,ortega,and the rest of the crew! still living on guam!!!
Belcourt, CurtisDP3Dec 28, 1988 – May 1, 1991S7Just checking around and found this website. Was thinking about the PI as well as Pattaya Beach in Thailand. What a blast! Hey Kwas and Gibbs! Hey to everybody else.
Jacob, Tom (Jake)HTFNDec 31, 1988 – Jan 10, 1991R-1What a ride the "Old Pro" was. Great time had by all.

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