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USS Proteus (AS 19) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Proteus (AS 19). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1302 crew members registered for the USS Proteus (AS 19).

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Busack, Bill "Boo-boo"BM31984 – 1986Deck -3rdBest of times only realized many years later. Hope all the "deck apes" and other crewmembers are safe and well !!! Contact me
Haynes, TimDP31984 –Best time of my life. Andy's hut Agana.... Diego Garcia....
Hill, TimothyYNSA-YN31984 – 1987X
Asberry, DarinDT-31984 – 1988Dental
Petty, DanE31984 – 1988R 7
Burke, TerryMM3Jan 2, 1984 – May 1, 1987a-gangwow whatta flashback.i see a few old names of friends.hey freeman remember sinapore? ah what great freinds and memories
Desilvester, EdwardHM3Jan 16, 1984 – May 26, 1985Medicalloooking for corpsman on Old Pro that I served with
Williams, Michael WillyHT3Feb 1984 – 1986R- DivHad many good times still wish i was having them now
Reardon, TimE-4 / HTFeb 4, 1984 – Jan 8, 1985R-1 57AOnly a year and spent most of my time in subic working for COMSUBGRU 7.
Lanham, JosephETCMar 1984 – Jun 1986RepairWorked as Ship Superintendent
Ockwig, JerryIC1Mar 6, 1984 – Mar 15, 1988R-3R-3 and Enginerring
Dane, StevenMR2Mar 10, 1984 – Mar 10, 1986R-2Yep Long ago remember it like yesterday
Hawkins, TimothyEN2Apr 1984 – Apr 1987Aft Engine RoomFirst ship taught me alot and remeber it fondly
Deli, CarmenRMSNApr 1984 – Jun 1984CRReally enjoyed Guam and all the good people I. Crossed the Equator
Ruhl, Tim profile iconOM2Apr 1984 – Feb 1986R-2I enjoyed my time there and met and married my wife there. (she was from OK.) Liked helping out in the photo shop.
Hanthorn, RogerRMCMay 1, 1984 – Jun 15, 1987CR
Hanthorn, RogerRMCMay 20, 1984 – May 10, 1987CR, HankHM3Jun 3, 1984 – Nov 7, 1984Medical DepartmentTAD to USS Proteus (AS-19) from June to November 1984
Croghan, MikeHT1(SW)Jul 1984 – Jun 1987Quality Assurance / Nondestructive Test Lab
Capista, BrunoHTCJul 15, 1984 – Jul 15, 1987R-6
Fleissner, Mitchic2Aug 1984 – 1988r3had a good time except getting shot at in korea &pi
Gardner, LewisPM3Aug 1984 – Sep 1987RepairServed in the carpentry shop. Had a good time while on board.
Mead, LarryEN3Aug 15, 1984 – Dec 20, 1986Engineering
Austin, GeorgePM1Aug 17, 1984 – Jul 13, 1987R-1
Procknow, DonaldTM1Aug 30, 1984 – Aug 1986WeaponsLoved the ol pro, had a great time on Guam, trying to locate a Rm by the name of Ron Dyer from Maine
Rowland, ByronHT2Sep 1984 – Jul 1988R-1 11A & 56AGreat times had a lot of fun! Great people I met during my time on the Old Pro! Cool as hell partying in the PI! I ended up leaving the Navy after 10 years.
Ferguson, MattIM 2Sep 1984 – Jun 1988R2
Perdon, MarioMS3Oct 1984 – Dec 1987galley s1 s2had some of the best memmories of my life here Contact me at it says if you don't put your address here of your own will thewy will not giv out your info and thank you for this site and the opportunity
Paul, SteveET1Nov 1984 – Nov 1986OEStarted as Repair Division, but moved to OE in the first month.
Stevens, Steven/cheng profile iconCDRNov 24, 1984 – Nov 13, 1989Repair R-7 / EngineeringBest tour I ever had in the Navy. Finest bunch of Engineers on the Planet. So many great memories. Underway on Diesel (EMD's at that). What could be better for a Snipe? Finally retired in Jan 06. My best to all you Old Pro Shipmates!!
Watanabe, JayBT1Dec 1984 – Mar 1989R-8, R-7, Master at ArmsMissed the Ole Pro. Many good times aboard the Pro. Miss those cruises to the Western Pacific. Aloha
Stafford, EricE-41985 – Jul 4, 1988supply
Landkamer, Jeff1985 – 1986
Dewald, James/buzzardHT11985 – 1987R-8Had some of the best times ,especially all the tier teams to P.I. and Japan
Ellinwood, Scott profile iconBm21985 – 1989R-6 riggin & sail loftGood times good times i miss the old girl.
Becker, StevenEN31985 – 1987REPAIRI enjoyed being stationed on GUAM
Burdette, ToddMM11985 – 1987ARetired
English, ScottMM31985 – 1986Engineer
Straight, Kevin profile iconMMCJan 1985 – Aug 1987Ship SuptOld Pro was the best tour I had in my 24 yrs. I wound up wishing I had extended rather than going to shore duty. Retired in Nov '96 as MMCM(SW).
Plouzek, MichaelENJan 1, 1985 – Jul 20, 1987MMiss the Old Pro and the guys from the Forward Engine Room!
Quijano, KenEN2Jan 5, 1985 – Feb 10, 1987AuxI remember serving on the Proteus vividly. I was in "A Gang", assigned to the Boat Shop. The portside motor whale boat was my underway GQ station. I also recall the ship getting caught in a typhoon enroute to Guam from Hong Kong in December 198
Brokaw, MarkHT3Jan 5, 1985 – Mar 9, 1990R-1/Shipfitter, Sheetmetal, LaggingGreat times, learned alot looking for Rob Hunt
Quijano, KenEN2Jan 5, 1985 – Jan 5, 1987Auxilary
Waller, BrianHT3Jan 17, 1985 – Aug 1, 1987R-1 / 17AThis was by far my best tour. We worked hard and played hard. The crew as a whole worked great together, I miss these times.
Bricco, RobertHT1Feb 6, 1985 – Mar 7, 1995R-1What a ride. Some good times were had by all. I'm now retired and sometimes miss the "Old Pro"
Shawl, WilliamRM3Mar 1985 – Jul 1987OC01Worked in Radio. Best times was working in the Cheif's mess. They payed good!!! And the Great Typhoon that we hit coming home from Hong Kong. It was Typhoon Marge....What a ride!!!
Feldhaus, BradEN2Mar 15, 1985 – Jan 15, 1988M
Holland, AndrewBM3Mar 20, 1985 – Mar 20, 1987deckHope to hear from my old friends
Estoesta, CesarSK3Mar 20, 1985 – Jun 25, 1988S-1I remember the "Old Pro" and her great crew.
Lebude, NeilHT3May 1985 – Dec 1987R1 11 AlphaThe Shipfitter Shop Rocked! Lots of hard party'n and tons of hard work. Great Shipmates. like Cummings, Tuttle, Prestopino, Lumpy Rowland, Ottaviano, G. Mehler, Strickland, Lambert, Yznaga All of us welding, drinking beer and making loud nois
Wilkinson, KenHT1May 1985 – May 1990R7 R1Planning and Estimating, Shipfitter shop, Lagging shop, Fire Marshall I did what I had to do to make Chief.
Cummings, KevinHT3May 26, 1985 – Oct 15, 1988had a great time on the proteus looking back, had alot of fun,no matter where we were, worked in R-1 div for 3 and a half years, was just in guam this spring for 7 weeks,(3-15- 05) most of the change is down in tumon, not much any where else, hafa
Collman, MarkSKSN/SK3Jun 1985 – Jun 1988S-1/S-5Had a great time on the Old Pro. I am still friends with guys I served with in Stores Division.
McCallister, HarrySK1Jun 1985 – Jun 1988
Mattson, ClydeENS - LT(JG) // LT - LCDR (2ED TOUR \'91-\'92)Jun 1985 – Aug 1987R-10, TECH LIB, ENG-MPA; CHENG (2ed tour '91-'92)85-My first commissioned assignment:NUC REP OFF, Moved to PLANNING. Requested to be moved to ENG - MPA. I had run-ins with the CHENG but loved being MPA. '91-Return to AS-19 as CHENG (last): OPPE-PASSED ! Aust run/PS
Secrest, MichaelUSS PROTEUS AS-19Jun 1985 – Sep 1987R-3IC & Gyro Repair, Had a Greaat time, Mitch, tom, jerry, van, mel.
Mattson, ClydeEnsignJun 1985 – Aug 1987Repair/MPANRO>NucPlanOff.>MPA/CO's Gig brnd to the wtrline in ROK/Typhoon Marge retrning fm HK/Eng.prty in PI//Eng pers were tops. In '91 ret as the Last CHENG assigned to AS19 [See Separate Entry]
Rose, EdwardRM1Jun 4, 1985 – Nov 1988OC01IT was one helluva of a ride. Really appreciated the time and the men I served with.
Griffin, BlakeOM2Jun 30, 1985 – Aug 30, 1987Optical Shop, R2I remember the slow boat from China tour and our rendevous with Typhoon Marge. What a ride. I have recently learned that the Navy is considering making Proteus into an artificial reef. If that happens, I will be dive her then.
Bedard, JodySMSR (NOW SM1)Jul 1985 – Jul 1987ON01 (Signal Bridge)The Old Pro was my first ship. I am now about to retire (Feb 2005) after 20 years!
Mathis, TraxBM 3Jul 1985 – Jun 1987DeckTo all the apes and others, besides the fucked up cranes typhoons and all you whiners about the brow and boat ridestry climing up and down a jacobs ladder or pulling a scope from a sub Over all, had a hell of a time. Good friends & coldbeer
Kerekes, Erick Special KEM3Jul 3, 1985 – Jun 10, 1988E DIVGreat times on the Old Pro. I found Yonce looking for Nunez Dave Nelson,Derick Arnold, Sal Esposito,Billy Edwards. Len Foos, Dave Byrd, Godfrey Arthur. Played Softball And Football for her. R.I.P. BJ McKinney.
Goyer, DavidRP3Jul 7, 1985 – Jan 9, 1989X
Drake, KellyHT2Jul 27, 1985 – Mar 3, 1988R-1 11AHard work and good times, back when we where all young, dumb, and full of (you know).
Griffin, BlakeOM2Aug 1985 – Aug 1988R2 Can DoThe Old Pro was my favorite ship. She was haze grey and underway for nearly half of my tour, well deployed anyway LOL
Watt, Daveht2Aug 11, 1985 – Jun 19, 1987r6oh my
Lord, WilliamMM3Aug 16, 1985 – Sep 18, 1988AThe Pro was my first ship.hat an experience, arrived in Guam in dress blues 90 degrees outside (felt like 200). Nothing but good times on the old lady. God I loved that ship.
Shields, LenMM2Sep 1985 – Jul 1988MAAUnless you have personally been there, no one can understand how much we enjoyed Guam and the PI. I'm ready to go back, anyone want to come along?
Wilson, Jeff profile iconSM2Sep 1985 – Nov 1987OCQMC Williams again? Cool! Ken Weis, Jody Bedard and the boys. Never did forget when we tied Red to that chair. :)
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Sauve, KeithMMFNSep 1, 1985 – Sep 1, 1987Boilers and evaporator'sLoved Guam and the Mongolian BBQ
Wallace, Thomas AkaE-5Oct 1, 1985 – Sep 30, 1988Radioman/Master at ArmsI started out as a Radioman and transferred to the MAA .
Warren, Joe D.YN1(SW)Nov 1985 – Feb 1988RAPROTEUS was NOT my best command, but I did make some good friends there. Some officers were basket cases, for sure. Guam (especially the local politics) sucks. But hey... I survived and went back to the Navy!
Edwards, ChuckHT2 (SW)Dec 1985 – Dec 1987R-5 NSFGreat times good friends
Purdy, DoyleRM3Dec 18, 1985 – Mar 3, 1988Communications
Ihlen, Doug / Big BirdMRFNDec 22, 1985 – Dec 25, 1987R-2/ Main Machine shopLoved guam. met a lot of good friends. we can't forget about Andy's Hut 50cent beer :)learned to sail and wind surf.

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