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USS Proteus (AS 19) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Proteus (AS 19). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1302 crew members registered for the USS Proteus (AS 19).

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Boylen, DanielFT21982 – 1984FTOne of the best times of my life! Rock-n-Rice forever!!!!!!
Daniel Bratcher, DanielIC31982 – 1984EI was onboard the Proteus in Guam. I stayed in the Navy for 12 years and now in the Navy Reserves to finish my 20 years or more. I am an IC1. I work at Ford as an Electrician in louisville, Ky. I live in Crestwood, Ky
Krieger, BillMS31982 – Dec 1984S-2First ship, had alot of fun...for the most part. :)
Cummings, Michaelhtfn1982 – 1983R-9 , R-TWhat a time I had on the pro! Painted the town red with johnny hepler, gonzo and the rest of the crazys in R-2. I'm still live & kicken! If anyone wants contact me then feel free. God Bless!
Pippin, James (Jim)MR21982 – 1984R2Had a great time in PI and Austrailia. PI made you really need to rest up in Guam.
Schaffer, Evan profile iconE31982 – 1984Personnel/DeckMy first duty station out of Guam. 15 months I think. The Captain was chill. A few of us befriended his daughter Misty. We raided his fridge after a night out. He wakes up to see what's happening. Evening Captain. :)
Lattimer, JoeIC2Jan 5, 1982 – Sep 15, 1984R3First command out of A school. I had a great time and the "Old Pro" was a great duty station. Lots of great diving on the island. Fond memories.
Swofford, JerryMM2Feb 3, 1982 – Mar 4, 1985AGuam is the best place to be station, if you like the beaches and being close to PI
Hughes, VinceMr2Feb 20, 1982 – Dec 1983EngerimgHey woody hepler Jim from Tulsa , Capps we stay in contact got stories to tell my grandsons
Waldhaus, Tracy 'Waldo' Or 'waldy'ENFNMar 15, 1982 – Jun 1983engineering aft engineroommy first command after engineman 'A' school. First sea command and sailing the ocean blue. Also first trip to foreign land by way of Subic Bay Phillipines. ( 1,001 missions across shit river bridge) and Hong Kong.
Sweet, Charles profile iconHTFN E2-3-2-3-OutApr 1982 – Nov 1984RT and R1First and Only command, RT until Chief Kelly left, then R1 in the Lagging Locker. PI, Guam, Hong Kong (no more Admiral's Pier) DG, Perth, Darwin. Hard work, good fun, good people, good memories Good Food after the Change
Clark, MattSH3Apr 8, 1982 – Sep 14, 1985Many good memorys, the most enjoying time in my life wish i could go back and visit. Hi Garneski, That Ms
Washum, MichaelHT1Apr 17, 1982 – Apr 15, 1984R Divison
Garner, JeffFNApr 21, 1982 – Jul 21, 1983R5Will never forget my buddies from RADCON & the fun & crazy times we had!
Lariviere, JohnDS3May 1982 – Oct 1983ADP
Schmitt, ErichEN3May 1982 – Aug 1985R-5
Wheeler, JohnEN-FNMay 1, 1982 – Sep 15, 1983Site III Fwd.- Engine RoomStationed on the beach, went on the Diego cruise with special services. On the way back to Guam I was in the foward engine room. The port visits in Australia were unforgetable, make sure you look to your RIGHT before stepping off the curb.
Schmitt, ErichEN2May 3, 1982 – Apr 1985R-5Miss the old pro and the old R-5 gang. What a Blast!
Pristas, TerryMM1Jun 1, 1982 – Jun 1, 1983R-5How I miss those days in Guam and PI!!
Petersen, JohnMMFNJul 1982 – 1984R-9Ahh, the Ol' Pro. God, how i miss Guam and all my friends both on board and on the Island. I wanna go back! Any one from that time frame please reply.
Zoppy, MikeZoppy, MS3Jul 5, 1982 – Apr 13, 1984S2The "Old Pro" was a great ship. We all had a blast in those days. I am always looking to connect with shipmates. I retired in 04. Email is : Looking for shipmateTerry Elder
McCabe, DougEM-2Jul 9, 1982 – Dec 20, 1983R-3Great time to be on the Old Pro
Capps, Jeff /buffMM/E-2Jul 15, 1982 – Jul 15, 1983pump and valve repair if we cant fix it it aint brokewould love to be back mostly the phillipines love you long time.where are you all woody,hepler,peanut,ninoget in in silver point ,tn
Jolly, JeffE-4Aug 1982 – Aug 1984Electronics
Trontl, KevinET2 (ET1 FROCKED)Aug 10, 1982 – Aug 30, 1986R-4A life changing experience to say the least. Became a Christian. Had a great time in places like PI, Hong Kong, Australia (found relatives!! there), and South Korea. If it weren't for stuff going crazy back home, I would have stayed.
Canfield, JerryEN1Sep 1982 – Sep 1985AOutstanding tour of duty. Will never forget Indian Ocean & Diego Garcia. Best group of snipes in the fleet.
Spicker, WilhelmENS/LTJGSep 1982 – Nov 1984W-1Made the Diego Garcia cruise along with all those early trips to the Phillipines
Millard III, Worley J.FA -E2Sep 1982 – Oct 1983EngineeringContact me with reunion or remember me ideas
Wilson, KeithHT2Oct 1982 – Oct 1985R DivHad alot of good times on the Old Pro and in Guam sure miss those days.
Daniel, DavidET2/1Oct 1982 – Oct 1984R-4/R-5
Gonzales, Chrisen3Oct 14, 1982 – Jul 28, 1984enginering
Miller, JonIM1Nov 1982 – May 1984Guam was great and I enjoyed that. Beyond that, I won't comment.
Crisp, Clyde CrispySK2Dec 1982 – Dec 1984S1 and SubSatLoved the Ole Pro. Had some exciting times onboard. Had one of the coolest Captain's Capt'n Stevens. Was a hell raiser with them guys in S1 Kontodiakos, Tumura, Toga, Warrent Officer Gurley, Lt White, Mike Gallager.
Gallagher, MichaelSN (SK STRIKER)Dec 26, 1982 – Mar 31, 1984S-1The Old Pro was my first command after bootcamp. Enjoyed Guam adn P.I. very much. Learned to be an SK and stuck with it retiring as an SKC (SW/NAC)
Scheppler, JackE-3 SN1983 – 1985DECKI think fondly of those days I was a 17yr old skinny kid with alot to learn.Thanks to all the guys in deck divison that put up with my and took care of me .you all were brother's I needed. The proteus is it all the rest is Bullshit!
Robbins, Donald/ JuniorHT 3/HT21983 – 1985R-1The Ole Pig was the greatest. Stayed in the Nav for 20 years looking for that same old feeling. Retired in the P.I. just like most dreamed of doing back in the days.
Doherty, DennisBM31983 – 1985
Petty, MichaelHMC1983 – 1985HThe Old Pro was a great ship with a great crew. I have fond memories of time spent aboard her. Despite the size Guam was most enjoyable for both myself and my family. We'll never forget the Feistas and Parties
Barter, MichaelEn-31983 – 1984EngineeringWorked in the aft engin rm with a group of great people
Hero, WilliamE-3 TM1983 – 1985WeaponsAn amazing time on the Old Pro. I miss it and Guam.
Martinez, Ted MartyFIREMANJan 1983 – Sep 1984fireroommiss mojo and lbfmpbr
Jimerson, Jamesem3Jan 1983 – Oct 1986R3The Proteus and Rubber and Plastics shop will live well forever in my thoughts, Guam was a blast!
Aloyo, AngelE-3/SNJan 1983 – Aug 1984DECK Dept.I remember boarding the "Ole Pro" for the first time like it was yesterday. Deck dept. was a blast. We had great times. Friends like Buchek, Scheppler and Grimes. Wish i could go back and do it over again. Contact me!
McHugh, KevinEN1Jan 1, 1983 – Sep 10, 1985R-5 & R-9I'll always remember my great times in Guam, and foolishly getting married at the Agana Cathedral. Cap Perry was there along with daughter Misty..Anyone remember? Perth and darwin were GREAT!
McCoy, Daniel/ DanET3Feb 1983 – May 1987weapons repair Made many trips to the Philippines, Japan, Hong Kong and korea. All were great times except maybe that super typhoon we went through..Josephine I think it was, that was a trip!.
Grant, Michael profile iconHT 3Feb 3, 1983 – 1984R-1 11-AIt was a great and wonderful experience in my life. I retired after 30 plus years. looking for friends that remember me. contact me @ Have A GREAT DAY
Hopson, ThomasEM1Mar 1983 – Mar 1985R-5
Kuhlman, LayneEN1Mar 10, 1983 – Dec 10, 1984Aft Engine RmI worked with a great bunch of guys in both engine rooms
Crim, CraigRMSAMar 15, 1983 – Mar 1, 1984COMMSeemed like yesterday:)
Steenson, LorenCAPTApr 30, 1983 – Jul 15, 1985DentalMy tour on the USS Proteus was outstanding... If any of you remember me, drop me an email at: (yes, I am still in the Navy and very old. O-6 and still hanging around...
Barden, PhilipSKSNMay 1983 – May 1985 My first duty station after boot. What an unbelievable place to be stationed. Wish I could go back and see the sights again.
Stice, OttoENMay 1983 – Jul 1984Engineeringaft engine room
Bowen, RandyENJun 1983 – Nov 1984froward eng roomfist ship and alot of good time. met the ship in pi and left the ship when the big storm hit gaum and the ship was going out to sea to ride it out
Rule, BillIM1Jul 1983 – Dec 1987R-2Miss the mini West Pac Subic-Guam-Subic-Guam. A lot of good memories on this ship...Those were the good old days...
Turnbow, BoydEM3Jul 10, 1983 – Aug 10, 1985E1A lot of fun with a lot of good people.
Karasinski, Markem 3Sep 1983 – Mar 1987r3Great memories!
Jungjohan, Kenneth (Jj)ET3/2Sep 1, 1983 – Jun 10, 1986R-4Assigned to the Electronic Cal Lab. Was an incredible learning experience. Met friends that I am still in contact with today.
Little, AlanRM3Oct 1983 – Dec 1984COMMDrop me a line if you remember me from the Proteus, especially if you were one of the "Battery Path Mob"!
Byrd, JohnSHSA TO SH3Oct 1983 – Apr 1986Ship StoreHope all is well with members I served with. Had fun with Tim Hill, Rich Waidlich, Maver McClure, John Fern and the rest of the ROWDYS. Hell of a time in PI, Hong Kong and Guam. MISS IT
Kuhlman, LayneENOct 9, 1983 –
McDowell, Donald/macSKCOct 13, 1983 – Oct 2, 1985S-1 ROVSS
Utter, JeffET3Oct 23, 1983 – Dec 25, 1984R-4 Antenna ShopOld See Dogs ET1 Bailey and ET1 Ron Hill were tough, we had alot of laughs in the PI, Hong Kong, Singapore and especially on GUAM. Our Softball Team was the best. Gods speed. Lloyd Jeffrey Utter 1983/4.
Logothety, Bill (Logs)O1ENov 1983 – Sep 1986R-9One of the greatest adventures of my life. Hope some of you guys remember me.
Lawley, StevenET2 (SS)Nov 1983 – Oct 1986R4Great experiences, Phillipines, Guam, Hong Kong, Diego, Perth and Darwin. The people I served with were awesome.
Best, TonyDPDec 5, 1983 – May 12, 1985S7First ship out of A-school along with 5 other guys.Thank You DP1 Pildis(homeboy philly).Thanks Howry,Berger,Jonesy,McFadden, all my Deck ,RM,MM,MS,DT and Supply Bros.We were Family.CO was cool,85 LDO/LCPO/DPCS were jerks

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