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USS Proteus (AS 19) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Proteus (AS 19). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1302 crew members registered for the USS Proteus (AS 19).

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Estavillo, HenryPC 31980 – 1982X
Simone, DavidHT31980 – 1981Sheetmetal Shop
Lowery, Brucemm31980 – 198238aproteus was a great ship to be on and guam a geat place to be and the out side machine shop was not to bad either
Andreas, JimFN1980 – 1982DC
Pryor, Tom profile iconRM21980 – 1982OpsGood command, short cruises.
Denny, MichaelET2/ET1Jan 1980 – Apr 1984R4 Shop 67HBest duty of my career. The work, my shipmates, Guam all top notch. Most of what I know and have in life all go back to the time I spent on the Old Pro. I hope the guy's I served with are all well and remember me as fondly as I them.
Zimmerman, MikeL/CPLJan 1980 – Oct 1981Marine DetachmentThe memories of the Pig...I got on in Long Beach and floated home to Guam with her and had a blast along the way! Matazalan was great,Pearl harbor was can e-mail me at
Koma, Joey SlashE-1Jan 6, 1980 – Jan 2, 1983r-8miss the days of the pig ,club yobo.night vision,friends like rick jimmenez ,ceaser abrahano,sir rodney,ado...(little black balls)kevin frederick an those damm buy me drinkie girls.oh yea an van nuys steve@god bless david carrier!
Grantham, AnthonyEN2Jan 12, 1980 – Aug 12, 1982M-Fwd Engine Room
Price, Joseph JoecdrJan 24, 1980 – Dec 10, 1983Executive Officer
Keeling, RonHTC/CPOJan 31, 1980 – Oct 31, 1987Was Chief on the Proteus. Retired as Master Chief after 24 Years in Navy.
Nishida, MikeENFNJan 31, 1980 – Dec 16, 1981M Division, Aft EngineroomCaught the Proteus at Long Beach Naval Ship Yard. Then to San Diego for sea trails, then on to Hawaii and finally Guam. Great times and great friends, will always remember them all !!
Runowich, VinceOM3Feb 10, 1980 – Jul 9, 1984R2
Hunley II, GeorgeHTFNFeb 15, 1980 – Nov 25, 1981DCDC division was crazy, I miss those guys. Pearl harbor was a trip, we rented mopeds and rode all over the island. I was in such a hurry to leave Guam and now I miss it. I've been minister for 25 years now! Who saw that one comming? Not me!
Cowan, BobbyHTMar 1, 1980 – Mar 1, 1983R-1
Nutick, DocHM1Apr 1980 – Apr 1982MedicalCurrently in Xarrrollton, Tx. planning to retire in Corpus Christi, Tx in 2008
Walden, WileyEMCSApr 1980 – Feb 1982Repair IIIServed as Ship's Superintendent during the first part of my tour and as LCPO of R-3 for the latter part. This was a very rewarding time for my career and I enjoyed my tour although some of the storms got a bit trying. I loved the ship's pickn
Herber, MichaelSM 2Apr 1980 – Apr 1983navWe had some good times as young men, look forward to making contact with Jim and Ben...
Burgess, ScottHT1 (DV)May 1980 – Jun 1982R-6 Dive LockerGreat command. The diver locker rocked.
Tipton, DewayneET2May 1, 1980 – Dec 1, 1983R4 67HMy best time in the navy. Had alot of good times and made alot of good friends.
Homan, JohnRMCMay 5, 1980 – Aug 1, 1983RADIO
Wilson, Donald F.MR1Jun 1980 – Jul 1981R-3Guam still humid . Didn't make MRC again. . Return to the states for a climate change, upstate N.Y.
Powell, David profile iconRM2Jun 1980 – Mar 1982RADIOReally enjoyed the tour in COMM Div... Worked w/ a lot of great folks... Learned a lot there, it was a great foundation to build on to become a Flying Radioman in TACAMO...
Heflin, EdwardHMCJun 1, 1980 – Jun 15, 1982MedicalI served onboard for the cruise to Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean
Carpenter, Chris (Carp)TMSNJun 1, 1980 – Nov 22, 1981W-1 WeaponsGuam was awesome! Anyone remember "The Rock"--Trapuca Lounge? The Guamanians were crazy! I remember listing 31degrees on the helm, while outruning typhoons!
McLeod, DanielAS 19Jun 23, 1980 – Jul 25, 1981EHey what fun, was sent to the DCA (female) for fallopian tubing..had no clue, loved the diving, Andy's Hut and Club Yobo, even learned how to handle the buy-me-drinkees. Even liked the old Pro and the Typhoon cruises. Hello to all!
Thayer, Doug "Aka Tad"EM2Jul 1980 – Jan 1983R-3 SOUND ANYLIS SHOPSure miss the good times , when you new why things had to get done and done fast and right. I aged 5 years in those 2 if you added up the alnighters
Perez, JosephRM2Jul 1980 – Oct 1982COMM
Flanagan, RobertHM2Jul 20, 1980 – Nov 20, 1982MedicalFirst and only ship assigned to during my 26 and half year Navy Career. Transferred to Fleet Reserve on 30 June 2004 as Hospital Corpsman Senior Chief. My thanks to those on the "Old Pro" who mentored me.
Stallcop, ErnestTM3Aug 1980 – Dec 1, 1981W-1Met some very good friends while onboard.
Martindale, JimSR to SM2, retired as 0-4Aug 1, 1980 – Jun 30, 1984Deck Div/OpsStarted out on the Proteus as a "deck-ape" SR, made it to SM2, transfered to SD & picked up my commission, retired after 20 years. Looking for my lifelong best friend SM3 Mike Herber and Proteus friend QM2 Ben Greene.
Robertson, Dennis (Rob)SR-SAAug 15, 1980 – Oct 20, 1981Deck Had alot of fun and learned alot. Me and Ed Timsom went to some crazy parties in guam. Loved operating the B&A Cranes.
Witty, BryanMM3Sep 13, 1980 – Mar 13, 1985R-2 andServed on USS Proteus from Sept. 80 to Oct. 81 in repair division then went to Uss New Jersey Oct 81 To Mar. 85
Peddicord, JimHTCOct 1980 – May 1982R-1Served 2 tours on the Proteus Oct 80 to May 82 as an HT1 and Oct 86 to Oct. 89 as an HTC and A DCC. Had a great time. Retired in Guam after 21 years. I live in the Philippines now .
Servati, AlE3/DPSNOct 22, 1980 – Feb 10, 1982ADPOnly19 and in GUAM was unforgettable !! Of course how can you forget Diego Garcia
Boozer, ReginaldMS3Nov 1980 – 1982SupplyI remember being on the Proteus and the great times I had. I am looking to reconnect with a couple of buddies. Ulyssess Brinkley and Danny London. My email is
Willis, JohnLTNov 1, 1980 – Dec 10, 1982R-5
Berg, DavidMMFNDec 1980 – Jan 1982R-5 (Rad Con Rats))What a rust bucket! Had a great time on Guam, especially at the Loading Zone and the Da Puka lounge? been a long time. Playing poker in the shop was always a good time, except when I was losing.
Loftis, MichaelHM1Dec 15, 1980 – Nov 15, 1981
Galvin, KennethE4 HT1981 – 1983fun time in guam
Timson, Ed1981 – 1982DeckLCM small boats. great experiences
Mays, BobbyIM31981 – 1983mechanical cal lab
Hingst, RobertIC21981 – 1985EGreat times on that old ship...
Campanella, Michael Mad Dogmssr1981 – 1982supplywow what a party ..pi ,hong kong .i rember snagin that wire after we almost hit the pier.we looked like a bunch of bozos probly because 80 % of the crew was baked 24-7 met some great guys had a blast on guam
Gregory, RickYN31981 – 1982Ship's OfficeThe ship was home-ported at Polaris Point, Naval Station Guam. We did one Westpac tour with 4 month's deployment to Diego Garcia. We R&R'd in PI and Perth.
Ferguson, Walterfn1981 – 1983R5 radconDiego Garcia, higgins, witchy, preastus. Reece, pace,and the rest. Austrailia, hongkong, pi, korea, shefield, shellback, guam, just the begginig of 21 years in the usn. How are the rest of you doing:-)
Tegethoff, Brenten31981 –Engingering Aft Engine Room
Donald, UnderwoodMs31981 – 1984S2
Schmidt, KenRM21981 – 1983Comm/Dif
Nutick, EdwardHM11981 – 1983MedicalGreat south pacific cruise to Australia
Willmon, CarlJan 1981 – Jul 1984many
Cramer, JeffreyENFNJan 1981 – Apr 1982M-DivMy first command, what a party. Guam was one big party.
Deane, KeithEN3Jan 15, 1981 – Apr 20, 1982Repair
Willmon, Carl (Willie)EN2Jan 19, 1981 – Jul 21, 1984R-5, R-1, R-9
Walker, MichaelHT2Feb 1981 – Apr 1982R1Remember the Diego Garcia Deployment?, I was the lead singer in the band that played on the helo deck!, sure miss them days, subic bay and perth australia!
Jones, RichardEN3Feb 1, 1981 – Jul 15, 1983Mhi guys, went back to visit guam in 1999. its grown alot since then. and so have i. anyone remember en3 felix b johnson. he passed away in 1996.just write me if you want to know more. i married the lady i meet on my first pac. 18 years two kids......
Quebedeaux, RustyMMFNFeb 1, 1981 – Jul 1, 1982Nuclear Support Facility (NSF)The Pro was my first ship. I enjoyed being on Guam and would love to here from some of the old shipmates
Jones, RichardEN3Feb 1, 1981 – Jun 1, 1983MDid a couple of deployments on a ship that was suppose to be welded to the pier. Had fun made friends. meet my first wife. and i still wish that i would of done a better job while i was there.
Jones, RichardEN3Feb 1, 1981 – Jun 29, 1983MDid two deployments and had a good time
Kuehn, Chrise3Feb 12, 1981 – Feb 12, 19821st div deck deptim still breathing! looking for pelto,shannon, anyone from deck dept from 81-82 my e-mail is chris" aka quey face"
Dutcher, Glen "Dutch"TM2Mar 1981 – Jul 1985Weapons/W-1/W-3The Old Pro was my first ship, and the best time I had in my twenty years in the Navy!
Cowan, BobbyHT2Mar 1981 – 1983R1 ShipfittersEnjoyed my tour, deployment to Diego Garcia, Perth........was a Start of a good Career thanks to some Good Chiefs...........Retired in 2007 After 30+ yrs of Fun
Harris, TerryMSSRMar 8, 1981 – Feb 28, 1982supply -E D FHad fun on the old pro remember when cpo mess went up in flames
Plemons, BillMMFMApr 1981 – Aug 1984Auxillary
Stockdall, Glen profile icontm3Apr 1981 – Apr 1982weapons
Loomas, RobertET3Apr 1981 – Nov 1983R4Enjoyed my time on the "Old Pro"' Would like to connect with any old shipmates e-mail me at
Coomes, MattIM2Apr 2, 1981 – Jul 16, 1982R8 I thinkWorked in the typewriter clock and watch reapair shop. Had a blast . It was party time in Guam , PI , Perth. Met a lot of great guys
Higgins, TimMMFNApr 28, 1981 – Oct 1, 1982R-5Served on board ship during cruise to Diego Garcia, via Phillipines and Perth, Australia. Remember Terry Preistis, Mark Reeves, Todd Richey and my nickname was "THE RAD-CON RAT". Trying desparately to find cruise book from that cruise.
Richards, DanPNSNMay 1981 – Oct 1982PERS
Hugunin, HugoENFN.May 1981 – Aug 1982M Div. Forward engine room about year, then boat shop.Was in forward engine room On I. O. Cruise, then was in boat shop For remaining time. I really liked Guam, an my ship. Any one that remember s Some best times of my life.
Kelley, Davide-2May 6, 1981 – Aug 1, 1982BTGot on brd 1981, Went to Diego Garcia, we got to be alongside the HMS Sheffield before she set out for war. Loved Australia all 11 days there... PI was a blur. Went back to guam in 84 on the Flint . It was fun.
Butner, JohnHTCMay 6, 1981 – Jun 15, 1982R-1. and X divisionCurrently living in Washington state. Retired from the Navy 1990.
Miles, MichaelMM3May 10, 1981 – Jun 10, 198331D 38A, QA inspectorOut of MMA school and ship to Guam was the best time of my life. I've achieved so much in the short time on board.I miss all the firends I have made and will remember ther for a long time.
Witchey, ToddMMFNMay 13, 1981 – Jun 28, 1982R-5 Radiological ControlGuam was GREAT, got on cruise to PI, Perth and Diego Garcia. Becoming a shellback was special, but blowing bubbles in the toilet that was just NASTY. Remember the party spot at the lagoon on Guam...Lots of Fun !!
Wilcox, PaulEM3Jun 1981 – Nov 1982engerringhad fun on westpac to pi and perth
Simmering, Robert/bobE3/4/5/HTJul 1981 – Sep 1985R1Enjoyed "The Old Pro", my 1st ship, remember Diego Garcia/ Hong Kong/P.I./Austrailia and the typhoon runs, thought we were gonna broach.Remember snagging telcom cable in H.K.,and BM1 Foote was gonna cut it w/fire axe.On Guam Retired HT1
Atencio, LorenzoMMFNJul 10, 1981 – Apr 17, 1983RepairThis had to be the best assignment in my 10 yrs. The friendships I made.. hell the trouble we made... lol... 38A and the valve shop.. kick ass!!
Cox, Charles "Wally"ET3Aug 1981 – Nov 1982R4Many great memories! Would love to hear from anyone who I was stationed with.
Herdt, MichaelET1Aug 1981 – Oct 1983R4 67C/Division OfficeGood memories, good friends, any one know whreabouts of Jerry Moore or Doug Miller? I have been a United Methodist Pastor for 12 years now, living in De Pere Wisconsin with my bride of 37 years. Life has been good!
Reeves, MarkMM3Aug 1, 1981 – Feb 28, 1983Rad Con-R-5Remember my days in Guam. Best time of my life. Didn't realize until I left how good I had it. I remember my buddies Higgins,Tetzloff,Whitchie,Burrgren,Pace, Davis, and the rest
Holt, David DSKSAAug 1, 1981 – Oct 19, 1982SupplyIt was an honor to serve on the "Old Pro" Ship was berthed at NAS Guam, made 1 WestPac deployment.
Fritz, PopsSep 1981 – 1983I was in forward engine room ,and then boat shop, had a lot of good times partying with EN2 Mitchell.
Kolb, JamesSM3Sep 1981 – Mar 1983NAVIGATIONBest ship & best crew - to Herbie & Jim M @ Ben Green mis you guys - although only with you guys for short periog before being transferred to San diego -tks for the memories & taking me under your wing. still surfing.
Witty, BryanMMFNSep 10, 1981 – Oct 10, 1982R-2Had alot of fun on the Old Pro, miss Big E ,The Alto boy, and Smitty
Gonzales, Chris/gonzoEN3Oct 1981 – Jul 1984EngineeringGood times in The PI and Austrailia with Julio Herbold, Mike Tovar,Ted Martinez, and joel Fagg
Conklin, BradleyHT2Oct 1981 – Jan 1984R-T-DIV
Nutick, JayHM1Oct 15, 1981 – May 15, 1983Medical
Pace, Gary profile iconMM1(SS)Nov 1981 – Dec 1983?I am adding this listing for my late husband, MM1(SS) Gary Pace, who passed away in 2005.
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Arduini, TomET3Nov 1981 – Nov 1983R4First (and only) ship out of A school. Made many great friends. Loved Australia and China and have memories that will last a lifetime, especially shellback. Would love to hear from any of the R4 gang.
Williams, Richard / WillieEN 3Nov 11, 1981 – Aug 15, 1983MRunning the Aft ER as a NEW B ENFA making a carreer of 24 years started with the OLD PRO.. Nothing like breaking a EN out on 645.
Williams, RichardEN3Nov 13, 1981 – Jun 18, 1983MHey Guy's A lot has changed since the 80's.. Wow I want to say hello to all that can rememeber AFT ER.. We had a trip going from PI to Auzzie land in those day's.. I retired in 2005.. But will never forget the OLD PRO..
Morrison, StephenHT1Nov 16, 1981 – Jul 3, 1983R1Wonderful time on the ol' pro! Snorkeled around for fun and enjoyed the sheetmetal shop and the guys in R1. Diego Garcia and the PI plus Guam...remember the mabuhy (sp) resturant? san miguel beer? stay out all night for 5 bucks!
Vanvarden, RonHT3Dec 9, 1981 – Aug 1984DC
Shannon, Anthony (Tony)E3Dec 10, 1981 – Jul 15, 1983Deck DepartmentLoved my time on the "Old Pro" and had some friends on board Ive never forgotten about. Chief Jones, BM1 Foote, E3 Ken Pelto,E3 Andy Bennett.... Loved swim call over the trench and partying at Polaris point.
Socia, DavidRM3Dec 14, 1981 – Aug 21, 1983operations hey man looking for bob or Robert Long, and the ops officer I used to give rides to on the back of my windsurfer at Polaris point ltjg Jeanette crossland

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