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USS Proteus (AS 19) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Proteus (AS 19). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1302 crew members registered for the USS Proteus (AS 19).

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Heide, JimHT31974 – 1976R1For Anyone Who Remembers, I Was in Sheetmetal Shop and Than Div. Supply P.O. Was on Shore Securing Detail During Typhoon Pamela. Got to Take My Son on Decommission Cruise When Sailed From Seattle to Bangor, WA
Mang, Randy / MangoMR31974 – 1975R2 Machine shopGreat tour for being isolated duty
Hanford, Stan profile iconMM31974 – 1974Rwas waiting for nuc school... learned a lot from gruff old SC i worked for in my short time there... as it was i returned to Proteus while it was in Guam. Plus my Brother Leon Buck served on board also...
Byler, JeffSN to YN31974 – 1976XMy first command, home-ported in Guam. Rode out a nasty typhoon in 1975, and we built tent cities for the Vietnamese refugees that came there. Sending a shout out to YNCM Rogers, PN2 Trundell, YN2 Frank Crooks.
Warren, SteveEN31974 – 1975M Division Forward Engine RoomReally enjoyed working in the engine room. Learned so much. Met many great guys who I still think about now. After a great career, I am now retired and living in Daytona Beach Florida. Best of greetings to all old pals.
Wimberly, JerryMR3Jan 1974 – Aug 1975R2 Fleet Machine ShopClass honorman of Class "A" School 12/73. Mess decks for 3 months, Lock shop for several weeks, Machine shop for many months. Cheif Strom asked me to run the tool crib next. Somehow I was also a volunteer for the VetNam Tent City.
McKagan, MichaelMM2Jan 1974 – Dec 1975"A" GANGGood old ship. Great times on Guam. Made many new friends.
Maschal, RoyHT2Jan 8, 1974 – Jan 12, 1977RepairWas assigned to the sheet metal shop. Made a lot of cruise boxes for the subs.Learned a lot there. I really enjoyed the Proteus and Guam made a lot of good friends there. Did two tours one on the as19 and one at SRF.
Harings, Jeffe4Jan 11, 1974 – Jul 27, 19767th fleetPlayed on the Proteus Packers football team # 49
Michel, RoyMR3Jan 22, 1974 – Mar 28, 1975R2 Machine ShopHad some of the best times of my life. Both on The Proteus "The Pig" & on Guam. Art Thompson, Pat Sullivan, John "Rags" Regalbutti, Charlie Naylor, and all others; WHERE ARE YOU?
Furnace, SteveHTFNFeb 1974 – Jun 1975R-1Worked in sheet metal shop.
Meechan, JamesFIREMANMar 1974 – Jan 1976deckgreat times,smitty,fink burns,prichett and andys hut,oh and lat. 13 going back some day.
Ogren, TerryRmsa-RmsnMar 1974 – Jun 1975CommunicationsEnjoyed the entire experience...the crew, island, snorkling, the ole Guam bomb.
Waldron, GregoryE-5Mar 1974 – Mar 1976Marine DetachmentJust looking for some of the sailors that I served with. Also looking for Commander Kritz, the dentist aboard the Proteus.;
Carino, BernieDK3Mar 1974 – Mar 1976S4
Waldron, GregorySERGENTMar 1, 1974 – Mar 1, 1976Marine DetachmentHad a great time aboard ship even with the long hours. Some of my best friends were Sailors. Arrrha!!!
Page, JoeHT3Apr 1974 – 1976Worked in the sheet metal shop for awhile . Also worked as shore patrol on my duty days . From chicago IL .Did a lot of parting in GUAM spent a lot of time at ANDYS HUT .
Roy, FrancisENFN / EN3Apr 1974 – Jul 4, 1976M Division Aft EngineroomWorked in aft engine room and as M division supply pettyofficer. Got to go back years after as a civlian to do some work on her. When i went down into the engine room I still new where all the valves where at. Still do!
Head, MarkIC 3Apr 7, 1974 – May 23, 1976R3
Vandevoorde, August "van"MM2Apr 15, 1974 – Oct 15, 1977Shop 38Ahad a great time on Guam, onboard Proteus, played in a band The Country Roads with chief sarber, chief jones, rick tyree; hung out with richter, kenny byrd, tim, talafofo falls, tarzan falls
Anderson, DanBT2Jun 1974 – Jun 1976Boiler RoomVery few BT's onboard. Partyed too much but had a good time. Got my first divorce there.
Payne, KenMM2--W&R DIV.Jun 1974 – Jul 1975 Looking for CARL KEENAN--DENTAL TECH> from MICHIGAN
Miesbach, RobertRM2Jun 1974 – Aug 1976OPS
Tennant, GeorgeTM3Jun 1, 1974 – Sep 14, 1975W-1
Hamilton, OliverFRJun 15, 1974 – Sep 9, 1975welfare and recreationits been so long ago many names have since left me . but a couple of them are Bell,Bostic,Champane from B-more careful (Baltimore). i used to go drink at a bar called The Queens Surf. being station in Guam was great !
Weidner, DaveFTB-3 SSJul 1974 – Jul 1975W-2 DivisionServed in Guam on the Proteus. Servicing FBM Submarines.
Elkins, MarkHtfnJul 2, 1974 – Oct 1, 1975RepairAh Andys Chateau by the Sea... Helped furnish that place more than once... Was in Lagging Shop back then before going to welding school...
Fairfield, LarryMR2Jul 4, 1974 – 1976R-2 Machine Shop
Hegel, KenHTFNAug 1974 – Mar 1976Sheetmetal Shop / LaggingI remember her fondly although I spent more time at sea in the reserves than on her. I still remember the long duty days during Siagon evac.
Hintz, SteveMM3Aug 4, 1974 – Dec 28, 1974RadConI enjoyed my time on Proteus. I was certified to dive at the USO and loved the booney stomps! My Guam Bomb (61 Ford Falcon Convertable) got us around. The top was duct tape and filtered out the big pieces when it rained!
Courser, ChrisSKSN/SK3Aug 13, 1974 – Jan 17, 1976S1 SupplyBoonie Stomped with SKC McDowell (then SK1) and Jim Underkoffler. Also had a Spanish friend named Bernie and the Peak twins. Started working on the barge, moved to the T shed and then moved to the newly built sub mart.
Felton, RobertSK3Sep 1974 – Apr 1975S1
Winningham, Scott/bubba profile iconHT2Sep 10, 1974 – Jun 7, 1975Engineering/BTI learned alot on board and off ship I had a blast in GUAM the nude beech and the Playboy club Cpt. Greer was a good Cpt.Looking for old friends.It's 2013. give me a call 7064162285
Herrell, Max & NikkiMM1Oct 10, 1974 – Oct 15, 1977R-5 and Nuclear Repair ShopStarfted off in R-5 and then moved to Nuclear repair group
Sims, Randyht e4Dec 24, 1974 – Aug 17, 1976R 1Hi everybody work in foundry. was there for tent city and the 6.5 earth quake wrestle for the ship in the 76 had a daughter there still dont miss capt mass: one time was enough had a 59 vw bug gave a lot of rides .
Train, JohnMM3/21975 – 1977R5Worked briefly in the Outside Mahine Shop then rest in Nuclear Planning & Repair under R5 Div. AS-19 was really start of 25 years in Navy ship repair. 2 years on AS-19, 2 years at SIMA San Diego as MM1 and then 21 years at SUPSHIP San Diego (Civ-GS).
Wall, Alexander T.MM21975 – 1978R2
Nielsen, AndyETN21975 – 1977Electronics shopI had a great time in Guam. Met lots of good people. Played with Bill B, John W, Mark S. and Calvin S. on the football team. Hope to hear from them soon.
Martin, DavidHTFN1975 – 1976r-1had a good time on the rock and drank alot of beer at the the uso beach for 25 cents a beer. would like to hear from victor cruz. we went to the uss prairie ad-15 together. remember good old budha see ya
Spencer, DennisSN1975 – 1977COMSUBRON 15, OpsNav Div. Apra Heights BCQ(Detached from Proteus) Miss you Bruce Urista, Tom Johnson, Joe Foote, McFarland, Chief Hale and Captain Greer. Good and Bad times especially during the Typhoons and Operation New Life. It was all worth it, though.
Tuell, RandyDS31975 – 1977DP processing
Birr, Donald profile iconCWO1975 – 1977S2Foodservice Officer
Legacki, Thomas/luckymr31975 – 1976r-2Shipmates knew me as Lucky! y You won't beleive it....after 30 of years private Industry...took a posistion @ Kings Bay Submarine Base in 2007. It was a blast. Worked on Tridents.. Let me tell you... They are Dinosaurs.
Black, Stanley3rd class petty officer1975 – 1977ic
Garms, BradleyIC-21975 – 1977Repair & Dive Locker2 of the best years of my life, awesome shipmates and team mates on the Packers. I miss going to NCS and watching the Jaguars play at their club. I miss all you guys good times. #79 Defensive Middle Guard
McGinnis, Dennise31975 –galleyHad fun while there. Lots of drinking. My buddy Rob had friends from the states that were school teacher. Went to their house alot, and Christmas.
Stein, BenjaminET21975 – 1977R4Electronics Calibration Lab
Straka, John (Randy)e31975 – 1976A GangGuam was not a good 1st duty station for a young single guy. Might have liked the Navy better if i did not end up there. Looking back, it was an experience that I am glad I had. I have many great memories.
Damico, AnthonyE11975 – 1976Engineering
Jones, David "Jonesy"SNJan 7, 1975 – Feb 10, 1977Deck ApeMany great memories,what experiences,I was just a kid what the hell was I thinking ! tried to enlist , said i was to old ..i know more than i did then , oh well , By the way , THANKS FOR YOUR SERVICE GUYS PROTEUS 75-77
Williams, Roger "Willie"FiremanMar 1975 – Jul 1976R-2 DivisionHave a lot of softball memories and some I don't remember. Ran with Lucky and Red Was on the cruise from a typhoon in 1975
Eliasen, MarkHTFAMar 1, 1975 – Oct 11, 1976R-1Hi, worked in shipfitter shop w/parnell, lopez, martin,miller,kolesar.I remember billy(can't recall last name) getting popped for weed every month. Cutting parnell's hair or lack of it. Martin's love frank zappa's music
Maag, RickDS3Apr 1975 – Oct 1976ADPI was a "Hut Nut". Andy's Hut was my hangout.
Heinly, GaryHT2Apr 1, 1975 – Dec 15, 1976R1I was a 4956 Nuclear Power Components Welder. Had some great friends there that I cannot find to this day. Wayne Metzger and Debbie Garcia. Was there for typhoon Pamela and the Vietnamese tent city
Adams, DarceyE-1 BMApr 15, 1975 – Dec 15, 1976Deck
Taylor, Michael Aka BeansyTM PO 2NDApr 17, 1975 – Mar 21, 1976Torpedo refit and repair roomMy best memories of that time were Andys Hut, The USO and some chick I met off base named Angela nicknamed Chewy. I also rem some chick at the USO named Mongo Lips....scary thought. I had a small Harley Davidson Enduro 125...
Johnson, Mike profile iconMR3Apr 19, 1975 – Jul 4, 1976R2Guam- Worked in the Machine Shop initially then down one deck to the Lock and Engraving Shop. I remember Operation New Life and the bad sunburn I received while setting up the tent city on Orote Point. And the aftermath of typhoon Pamela.
Clark, Dan (Greaser)HTFNApr 28, 1975 – Jul 5, 1976Welfare and recreation Andy's HutIf there was ever McHale's Navy that was us Dotson's derelicts Mike Dave Gary Darcy Louie Ray Pete Joe Jake Sweeney Okie and Swanson we had a great time if you can do it on Guam we've done it & again & again thanks guys
Smalley, DennisHTFNMay 1975 – Feb 1977NDTWorked in Non Destructive Testing. Chief Baker, Scott Wilcox, Bedbug, Cooksy, Hilllary, First Class Johnson.... Andy's Hut, etc... Anyone that worked in the shop during this time, drop me a line.
Wallace, Don, WallyEN3May 1975 – Jul 4, 1976R-2, X38, Outside Machine shopHad a great time on the beach and working on bubble boats! Worked hard and played hard, Mialainas, living on the beach, and of course BUDAH was so damn good. I remember Red, Tex, MAC, loved the snorkeling,GOOD TIMES
McDowell, DonaldSKCMay 1, 1975 – Jan 31, 1979S-1
McDowell, Donald/macSKCMay 1, 1975 – Feb 1, 1979S-1/S-2/Supply Office
Wagoner, PaulMT2May 5, 1975 – Oct 20, 1980I arrived on Guam 1 week before PAM hit. Since I was new, I got to stay behind and guard the base. I remember fondly missle moves, chipping paint, TAKs, chipping paint, boony stomping, chipping paint, strip clubs, and oh yeah, chipping paint.
Desmarais, Ed The HeadE3 firemanMay 12, 1975 – Dec 15, 1976sheet medal shoped the head here,rode dirt bikes with kevin becker of boston willie williams billy swanson played pool ping pong at USO club meet two sisters mariyin and rose remember frank our first class scuba diving village partys
Lewis, Terrye3May 29, 1975 – May 29, 1979machinist mate
Bettis, Don (Duck)pm/fnJun 25, 1975 – Apr 7, 1977Patternmaker/Carpenter shopJust found the site. I remember Packer football, snorkeling, Andy's hut, snails, frogs, Pamela, Gab Gab, my Guam Bomb, getting chased by a sea snake and having my spleen ruptured . Lookin for Mark Lavoie & Donald Polk.
Scherer, DennisPM3Jun 26, 1975 – Oct 8, 1977R-1/R-6The Proteus was my ship and I sure learned a lot about life there. Had a great time and still think about people I met and hope to see again one day. Maybe at the reunion in 2006 in San Diego.
Saurer, ScottFAJul 1975 – Nov 1976Deck/Cockswain I was a coxswain, drove the ships boats on security patrols when boomers had missles worked on, LCM runs to the floating drydock etc. MEMORIES: GUAM ROT, Andy's Hut, Typhoon Pamela, Coconut Crabs, Fiesta's, Boonie Stompin' and Tree Snakes
Brizendine, BillDP2Jul 1975 – Nov 1976Data ProcessingGuam seemed like a horrible placed to be stationed while I was there, but looking back it was a great experience. I played quarterback for the famed Proteus Packers and will always remember the wonderful friends from those days.
Parnell, Benjamin L. Baldy BenHT3 - HT1Jul 1975 – Jul 1980R-1 11A 17A Admin - NDT Lad 1978 - 1980Good People - Had a blast ion Agat.
Ashner, JoeHTFNJul 1975 – Apr 1977r1, sheetmetal and pie shopsI hated being there but they are now some of my best life memories. I'll never forget Pamela, Mielenas. and messing the bubbleheads. If possibble would like to find ht"s Jim Cassidy and Joe Snider. HAF ADAI!
Ciccarelli, John "chick"MSSAJul 1975 – Nov 1976SupplyWorked in the Crews gally first, then in the ward room. What a great time, from what I can remember. Drank alot of beer, and smoked ALOT of Budda. I think I was the reason the fan rooms got locks on their hatches too.
Sjothun, JamesMM2Jul 1975 – Jun 1976R5Served as the R5 supply clerk for the year I was on her
Kaye, SteveRadioman / E-3Jul 1975 – May 1977RadiomanNot the easiest duty for a 19-20 year old single male...but enjoyed playing for the Proteus football team that had some great players and characters...Owens,Granger, Neilson.Briz,and the division and ship softball teams
Jankowski, JosephL/cplAug 1975 – Oct 1975A company detached
Fenwick, Big L KidSNSep 1, 1975 – May 1, 1977DP I did make some great friends in the DP Shop & playing ball for the Packers. I think about my friends Brizedine, Magg, Gondor, Mitchell, Owens, Three Rivers... you are all great friends! Retired from USMC in '98.
Gunter, SteveE-3Sep 20, 1975 – Jan 31, 1976squadron operationsI was t.a.d. to the sub squadron operations, was the duty driver for the Commodore, over the squadron. Worked for Chief Christenson. Really had some good times on Guam. Spent many hours in Linda Lee's, and snorkeling.
Holmes, CrisETN 2Oct 1975 – May 1977Navigation...
Kapp, KellyHTFNOct 15, 1975 – Mar 15, 1977R1
Hamester, DavidSNNov 1975 – 1977S1 (Supply)My first ship. Worked hard. Started early in the morning, and , nokced off ships work at 2:30. Did complete circle in my career. Returned back to Guam in 2003 as a SKCS. Connected with Mac before he passed two years ago.
Heikkinen, Robert GE-3 FIREMENNov 15, 1975 – Feb 1, 1977M boatshopI would like to here from shipmates from this period, and find out about upcoming reuions Bob Heikkinen 240 Osceola st Laurium Mi 49913
Heikkinen, RobertE-3 FIREMENNov 15, 1975 – Feb 1, 1977Boatshop
Myers, David (Lefty)HT3Dec 1975 – Apr 1977Damage ControlThought many times about the time on Guam. My time playing football was great and Bill Bresidine was a great quarterback. I had a lot of fun diving, and David Simco's wife cooking up the squid we caught.
Tagulao, ReynaldoEM2Dec 6, 1975 – Dec 5, 1977E-DivisionWhat to get in touch with old shipmates.
Christman, JoeIC 3Dec 30, 1975 – Oct 8, 1976R DivisionTransferred to Proteus from AFDM 8 drydock. Worked in IC shop. Great times

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