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USS Proteus (AS 19) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Proteus (AS 19). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1302 crew members registered for the USS Proteus (AS 19).

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Gonzales, Cecilio "Speedy"HMC1970 – 1977Medical (HAS-19 to USS Hunley and back to AS-19. I retired at the Naval Medical Research Institute, National Naval Medical Center Bethesda, Maryland. I returned to Guam and retired as a Gov Guam teacher. I now live in the P.I. with my wife, Teofila "Eling
Nordman, JohnTMC1970 –
Cornelison, JohnHT31970 – 1971?R1First assigned to Breakout, then to the Shipfitter shop.Worked for Chief Lavender and HT1 R.W.Jackson.
Porter, GaryETN-21970 – 1973Nav RepairStill alive and kicking in Florida!
Schrager, MichaelEM31970 – 1971R3Worked in Rubber and Plastic Shop,good times at Andys and Frenchy's downtown,JO and FLO's Tacos were the best
Mann, David (Dave)E31970 – 1971MFirst ship I was on. Mess cook. Then aft engine room. Ship was on Guam. 14 months in paradise and hell.
Austin, SteveTM21970 – 1971WeaponsIt was an honor to serve with all of you. Please contact me at if you want to and we can talk about leaving the safety of the harbor to sail through typhoons as the waves crashed over the pilot house.
Shorey, RamonE-51970 –Boat ShopI really enjoyed the time aboard the Proteus. It was the first time outside the U. S. While in Guam bounny stomping on the island was fun.
Cummings, DonaldENS-LT(JG)Jan 1970 – Jun 1971S1; S5
Smith, William (Bill) profile iconETR3Jan 1970 – Jun 1971R-4 Cal Lab
Glasgow, JeffryETJan 1, 1970 – Dec 31, 1971OI
Schiele, RogerPO2/ENGINEMANJan 2, 1970 – May 25, 1971R-2Assigned X-38, Served with (Scobie) Hicks,Dobrocke, Trampel
Stormer, DonTMCFeb 1970 – Nov 1971W-1
Dawson, JohnTM(T)2Feb 1970 – Sep 1970WeaponsProud of all who I served with. feel free to drop me a line at
Stevenson, RichardDP2Apr 1970 – Apr 1972S5 I thinkWorked for LTjg Cummings. Did Maintenance on punch card equipment. My wife came from England and we got married on Guam. We loved it.
Moe, DickOM3May 1970 – Dec 1973R2 Optical ShopI enjoyed my stay on the Proteus and all the guys I worked with in the optical - instrument shop. Vallejo yard period was interesting as was the trip back to Guam & will "never" forget our Golden Shellback initiation!
Carpenter, GregorySFFNMay 1, 1970 – Jan 27, 1972Repair R1
Rivera, FrankSEAMANMay 10, 1970 – Aug 4, 1971Personnel / Storkeeping
Husselton, JohnRMSN/RM3May 12, 1970 – May 28, 1971OPS/ CommunicationsServed 1 year on the Proteus then transferred to the James Monroe SSBN622 (BLUE). Spent a lot of time drinking Cold Duck and exploring Guam with Dave Ingorsal and Jeff Ward. Got into photography, golf and Andy's Hut. Dave, Jeff write to me
Boothby, KennethSNMay 15, 1970 – Sep 10, 1972First Division DeckUpon arrival I was assigned to "BREAK-OUT". I remember every morning before dawn we would need to bring aboard cartons of milk and boxes of doughnuts for the officers mess. I always was tempted to take one, and I did.
Hughes, DonPO2/MMMay 23, 1970 – Jan 15, 1973AC&R shop/O2N2 shop/A GangGreat group of guys keeping it running and taking it to Mare Island. Lots of fun on Guam and Andy's hut
Arnett, LarryE-3 FIREMANJun 1970 – Apr 1972Main Propulsion ElectricianHard work humping shore power cable but had great team work. Lots of time at Andys..and shelling out on the reefs. Taking the boat back to Mare Island...sitting dead in the water while we rebuilt shaft bearings. This crew could do it all. Good times.
Martinez, HenryEN3Jun 12, 1970 – Jan 7, 1972Engineering
Joanis, MarkE3Jun 23, 1970 – Jan 1972Boat DeckGood times with good guys. Operated B&A Cranes and small boats. What a blast we had then. Now retired in Las Vegas.
Snedeker, PaulE3Jun 28, 1970 – Feb 12, 1971BM
Valdivia, MarkEN3Jun 29, 1970 – Aug 3, 1970EWhile on board I worked top side in the boat shop and was assigned to LCM-02 as the boat engineer, was also responsible for maintaining all the main and auxiliary equipment on board the LCM-02, spent 2 yrs in the reserve
Chisler, Thomas (Tim)EM3Aug 1970 – Oct 1971R-3 1971 Hurricane AMY hit Guam. We took Pro. away from island to avoid damage. Rough seas. People hugging the rails all night. Foot prints 18" up the bulkheads. lotsa fun...
Clark, RickHT2Aug 1970 – Jul 1972DC&AHad a wonderful time on Guam. Taught firefighting and played football. I would like to hear from Scott Hall and Glenn Crump. Went to sea twice; for typhoons.
Pollack, Gerald / GerryFTB2Sep 1970 – Sep 1971W2Worked out of the Fire Control shop servicing Subron 15 boats. Memorable events: Riding out a typhoon at sea, rendezvous with a helo at sea and being chased by a Russian trawler while operating with submarine off the coast of Guam.
Davison, RickPC3/PC2Sep 1970 – Aug 1974adminfrom guam to yards in vallejo and then to hawaii,australia and back to guam. best place to fish,dive and party. never forget all the great fun had on island. Went to San Diego, then Korea and got out. Retired Post Office
Tapia, Greg TapiaDAMAGE CONTROL/ HTFNOct 1970 – Apr 1972C/R shopGot tattooed in the Macombo club, remember the Proteus yacht club on Guam?
Geddes, RichardTMSNOct 1970 – Oct 1970W6
Olivero, AlanSH2Oct 9, 1970 – Sep 30, 1971Ship ServiceWorked the Barber Shop on Barge while in yards
Adams, Robert Darol "Midge Or Midget"EN3Oct 10, 1970 – Sep 23, 1972WORKED IN THE FIRE ROOM, I THINK I WAS THE SMALLEST MAN ON BOARD.
Edmison, Stephen G.Oct 20, 1970 – Oct 23, 1971R-3Gyro Shop
Bailey, Michael P. (Beetle) BaileySA - CS3Nov 1970 – Sep 1973S-2 GalleyFrom Guam to Mare Island back to Guam via Sydney. 1972 was a good year! Yeoman Bruce Goodman where are you? DC3 Homan did you make E8 before retiring? No HATS in my chow line!
Grau, JoeRM2Dec 20, 1970 – Aug 11, 1974Got into ops/comms as E-3/Seaman. Was with Ward and Ingersoll and Mike West. Went back to mare island for overhaul in 72. Came back to Guam in early 73. It was a great experience. still remember drinking beer at Andy's hut.
Holland, Kenneth (Tex Or Roadrunner)E3 FIREMANDec 26, 1970 – Nov 2, 1972Print Shop, Drafting Shop, R2, Firewatch (@Marie Island)Had a good time, lot of good friends. Spent much time helping at the USO and drinking cherry cokes at the Continental Travel Lodge listing to Honey Moorer. Rode around the island often on my Honda 100 with my buddies and in Calif.
Lackey, RussellHT-31971 – 1973Sheetmetal shopFlying a kite off of the fantail in the middle of the south Pacific ocean. Catching a shark with a hook which looked more like a grappling hook. Memories: Becoming a Golden shellback, Australia, the sto-away, and the b
Henderson, TimEM21971 – 1975
Tapia, Greg "Red Man"E-31971 – 1972C&R shop
Stoffel, RobertEN21971 – 1972EngineeringEngine Room.
Munson, KimMM21971 – 1974RadconI flew my then fiance' out to Guam and was married by the ship's chaplain at the naval base. Married 37 years as of Feb. 2010. Certified NAUI diver. Rode out the Typhoon. Golden Shellback
Rank, Thomas/tomE41971 – 1972WeapoonsPlayed football on team thhat was great!
Henry, TerryE-11971 – 1974Boatswain DeckLoved you guys. Had the greatest of times.
Farkas, Tomtm31971 – 1973w2 torpedo shop Anyone who says going to a south sea island is cool,is nuts! But, it sure beat humpin" a m-16 through a rice paddy for two years.
Wise, JamesFTB31971 – 1971WeaponsSpent time in the Fire Control Shop, and went TTDY to AFPD at Naval Air Station Guam, then returned to the "Old Pro" to be discharged honorably, and now compensated @ 100% for many physical service connected disabilities
Weise, AndyTM31971 – 1973W1I am looking to contact Randy Heffner. Randy, was it your car that was dropped on the dock?
Hallbauer, TerryEN 31971 –mDo you remember John hart Graves, chief serria, Roy chapple 1st class collins. Those were the days
Reisenauer, JimCS2Jan 1971 – Oct 1974 In breakout 1971,S-2 office 1972,Galley 1973, In charge of divisional training and maintaince 1974. My son was born on Guam and have many friends there to this day. Cooked with Loren Roth 1973.
McMillen, DavidSK3Jan 10, 1971 – Mar 4, 1972SupplyMet many enlisted people aboard the Proteus.
Hagerman, Harry B HagermanasAS 19Jan 29, 1971 – Oct 23, 1971Repair
Ahrens, AlanHT-3Feb 4, 1971 – Dec 11, 1972sheet metal shop
Vogel, DarylHT2Feb 15, 1971 – Jul 25, 1974R-7 Shop 17Went on to collage and became self-employed for over 40 years working my metal trade and other building skills. I am now retired from the work force and living the good life with my wife of 40 years after having 2 kids.
Ridgeway, TerryFTBMar 1971 – Mar 1973Fire contol
Pfeiffer, BruceML3Mar 1971 – Jun 1974R1Worked in foundry; 1972 yard period Mare Island;
Plotner, DavidRM2Apr 1971 – Feb 1975CommunicationsWas an sn to RM2. Most of my time on board was in Guam and overhaul. Loved Guam and great times at Andy's hut.
Merriman, Forest (Woody)E-4 lITHOGRAPHERApr 28, 1971 – Dec 24, 1974X-DIV R-2 R-6 NISO SUBRON15Keeper of the Bones. Some of you will remember me in my Guam Pol.uniform. Gov. Camacho asked me to stay. I should have.
Heffner, RandyTM3May 1971 – May 1974W-1Worked in the steam torpedo shop. Was able to bring wife, over to guam, and live off base. Had lots of good times on guam and in california. Sailing to sidney and the shellbacking , were not to be forgotten.
Inness, TheadoreHT3May 2, 1971 – Oct 1972RepairTook her to the yards for the first time in about 21 years.
Sinclair, Jamespn3May 7, 1971 – Nov 4, 1973XP
Salvatore, SalHTFN E-3May 16, 1971 –C/R ShopRemember some great times playin' guitar up on the helo deck at night.
Farkas, Timem3Jun 17, 1971 – Jul 4, 1973electric
Henderson, TimTIM HENDERSONJul 1, 1971 – Dec 4, 1975EngineeringElectrical Shop and MEdical
Rowe, RichardE2Jul 11, 1971 – Aug 8, 1972S2
Richter, BruceE-5/ENGINEMANAug 6, 1971 – May 27, 1975shop38Began my tour when the ship was in the shipyard in california...Hell of a trip to Aussy(Still have a hard time remembering all of it)..Became a Golden Shellback(what a trip that was).....Loved Guam.anyone remember watching the sunsets??
Richter, BruceE5/ENGINEMANAug 7, 1971 – Aug 27, 1975eng/shop38joined ship at Mare Island/Played on shipyard football team/rode to Hawaii and Austrailia/became Golden Shellback/Loved Guam/Anyone remember watching the sunsets on the barge??email me..
Hamilton, DaveOM3Sep 1971 – Apr 1974R-2Met the ship at Mare Island, sailed to Hawaii, Sydney and Guam. Anyone know the whereabouts of DIck Carter?
Alldredge, Harold RussellTM2Sep 1971 – Aug 1972UNKNOWN
Bunk, LarryET1Sep 1971 – Dec 1973CommunicationsJust got on board before it left for Vallejo, Took leave when it left Guam and met the ship in Vallejo. Enjoyed working in the yard with a great crew. Crossed the equator with her too.
Ortega, MikeCPLSep 1, 1971 – Sep 1, 1974MAR/DETLike to hear from Marines from the Proteus
Harrelson, James (Jim)LTSep 12, 1971 – May 30, 1975Weapons
Myers, SteveSN - IM3Oct 1971 – Jan 1973Admin Office then Typewriter ShopReported aboard in the yards in Vallejo. Made the ride to Hawaii (boiler blew up) headed for Sydney, loved the Aussy girls, then on to Guam for what felt like an eternity, but would love to go back now. Andy's, Polaris Yacht Club,
Newby, Wayne T.Torpedo man First ClassOct 1971 – May 1972Not KnownWayne T. Newby passed away on 29 Sept 2007
Farkas, TomTM3Oct 5, 1971 – Feb 5, 1973weapons W2 It was a great ride while it lasted.I'll not forget the party some of us were having on the fantail Christmas eve at sea.I can't believe I steered that ship all the way across the Pacific.
Odaffer, JayCS3Oct 10, 1971 – Jan 10, 1973S2I spent a year with the Proteus in the yards in Vallejo, and then made the trip to Australia and to Guam, swapped over to the Hunley for the trip back to the US.
Trigleth, John PaulFTB1Nov 1971 – Feb 1974W 2This was my second tour on board Proteus in Guam. We lived at NCS and enjoyed the beaches and parties. The drive to work at Polaris Point took 20 minutes. The drive home took over an hour.
Forrey, DeanHT2Nov 1971 – Feb 5, 1974R-1My first ship were I worked in the Shipfitter Shop, Pipe Shop, Lagging Shop
Timperlake, RogerSMNov 1971 – Jul 1972Weapons Deck Force, Sick bayArrived Nov 1971 from boot camp, assigned to weapons deck force. Transferred to Medical in spring. Sent to Corpsman school SanDiego in July 1972. Am currently a Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgeon in Corpus Christi Tx
Forrey, DeanSFP3/HT2Dec 6, 1971 – Jan 9, 1975R1I worked in the Shipitter, Pipe and Lagging shops.

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