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USS Proteus (AS 19) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Proteus (AS 19). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1302 crew members registered for the USS Proteus (AS 19).

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Greene, DonaldMT21967 – 1971WeaponsServed on board twice. First time was when the marine got shot in the security entry booth. Loved the island and the people, wasn't too happy with the weather. Would like to go back for a visit, understand there has been a lot of change
Trunk, JoePO SECOND CLASS1967 – 1969dental corpsI"m glad to have remarkable memories of my time aboard the USS Proteus.
McMinnis, Robert (Mac)SK-31967 –S-1
Trunk, Josephpetty officer 2nd class1967 – 1969dental corpsI served in the Dental Corps USS Proteus AS-19 beginning in 1967. I remember Dr. Lehman. Shipmates who remember me, I would like a response. Back home, I earned 6 University degrees including 2 doctorate degrees. Joe
Hansen, GaryEN-21967 – 1968EngineeringHot and oppressive climate, especially for us "snipes" who worked below decks in the engine room or fire room! Remember 12 hour days during ship yard overhaul, Proteus football team, and bad beer at Proteus Beach.
Hughes, Keller / KelleyEM-31967 – 1968R-3 Repair Shop NukesGuam sure has changed in 50+ years.
Martin, DanETN2Jan 1, 1967 – Jul 1, 1968W5I was a NAVDAC tech and President of the Proteus Amateur (Ham) Radio Club (the small shack to the left on the approach to the ship near the 80 foot tower there.) I ran phone patches for the 'Bubble Heads' on the boats to their wives in HI.
Wagner, ThomasMR 2Jan 9, 1967 – Apr 7, 1969R-2 on Sperry AS12 I worked in the machine shop, early on the ship I was assigned the DECK force! then MR A-school to the machine shop.loved it..San Diego loved it. We serviced WW2 Diesel submarines.then I went to Guam to work SSBNs
Toler, JerryEN1Jan 21, 1967 – Jan 20, 1969Boat ShopI was in charge of the boat shop for fourteen months and the rest of the time I was in shop 38, and made the Taiwan cruise
Leeder, DanOM2Feb 1967 – Mar 1970Optical Shop - PeriscopesIt was a good time - now that I look back. I wouldn't trade it for anything. Remember the typhoon season? It seemed like a typhoon rolled in every weekend and away we'd go to sea leaving our families to ride it out ashore.
Kable, AlMT2Feb 1967 – Aug 1968WeaponsWorked with the GM's in Reentry Body Shop. Played softball and football on Proteus teams. Chuck Porter was a friend on both squads but made a lot of good buds on the ship. Transferred off SSBN629 to Proteus.
Panarisi, JohnIM3Feb 1, 1967 – Oct 1, 1969InstrumentWatch and clock repair Stationed in Guam
Johnson, MikeCORPRALFeb 22, 1967 – Feb 10, 1969Marine DetachmentLots of good times, a great adventure.
Warner, CharlesETN-3Mar 1967 – Sep 1967Fond memories of being chased around by Russian trawlers, and 14 ft seas in a torpedo retriever.
Carter, RogerSFM3Mar 1967 – Nov 1968RepairWorked in the sheetmetal shop.
Ambers, BradleyRM3Mar 1967 – Oct 1969OPSLoved that ilsand. Worked with a great bunch of guys. Married a Navy brat and both of my son's were born on Guam.
Marvel, BruceApr 1967 – Mar 1968opsI left the ship in Tiwan while on sea trial.
Cobb, FloydSK-3Apr 15, 1967 – Oct 15, 1968S-1I played football on the 1967 team, running back. Self-overhaul in 1968 and the visit to Taiwan. SK-1 Sykes was a mentor.
Ennis, StephenE3Apr 20, 1967 – May 5, 19671st division
Ennis, StephenSNApr 28, 1967 – Oct 12, 19681stI was assigned to the small boat crewwith some great othger guys.
Keyes, WayneEM-3May 1967 – Oct 1968R-30I think they called the EM's that worked on the subs R-30 div. Had a good time on Guam. Trying to find some of my buddy's.
Carpenter, GeorgeEN3Jul 1967 – Sep 1968
Atienza, AugustoSH1Jul 4, 1967 – Jul 1, 1971ship serviceMy father -in-law, SH1 Atienza, Augusto, died 21 July 2010 at VA Hospital, Palo Alto, CA at 0045H and survived by his wife, Nora Atienza, at 60 Wilwon Way Space #97 Milpitas, CA 95035-2528
Wasserman, TomDC2Aug 1967 – Mar 1969RepairWorked in carpenter shop for awhile and then went to repair.I ran the fire school for a year before I left. Went to Tiawan after we did a self everhaul at the shipyard. Spent alot time at Proteus beach. It was a good time
Grayson, LoganEN1Aug 1967 – Aug 1969MWORKED IN THE FORWARD ENGINE ROOM
Rouillard, DavidETN3Aug 1967 – Mar 1969ops22000 miles on a motorcycle on 280 miles of road on Guam. GREAT!
Kloska, James "J.j."FTG3/2Sep 1967 – Oct 1968Weapons - Fire ControlServed two tours on the Proteus. The one listed, and another from 71-72 while she went in the yards for an overhaul at Mare Island. I was assigned to the Tool Issue for liason between the ship and the yard.
Alward, LewETN2Sep 1967 – Mar 1969R4 Antenna Shop
Redman, GarySep 1967 –
Gladrow, DelSK-3Sep 1967 – Jun 1969S-5assigned to SUBSAT during refit. attached to The Huntley and didn't make Taiwan cruise. Tad Naval Station Security for 6 months. Transfered to Brown water navy Don Tam, Vietnam
Atkins, JimSNSep 1967 – Jun 1968DeckGreat luck that I made YN3 and got transferred to YN-A School in the same mail bag that was waiting for us when we got back from KeoLung! Would like to re-connect with the guy from Cody WY who got my Honda when I left.
McGhee, CharlesFNSep 1967 – Mar 1969IC GangAnyone know these guys and what may have happened to them? Sgt. Frank Oradeski, Cpl. Robt. Simmons, PFC Michael Ballard, YN1 Taylor, RM3 Caesar Williams, SN David Tregoning.
Lekawski, PaulYN3Sep 12, 1967 – Dec 5, 1968XWorked for Legal Officer (Lt Folkers) and XO. Left in December 1968 for NSA, DaNang, Vietnam
Page, TomSFP2Sep 15, 1967 – Apr 10, 1969R-1Asigned to the Sheetmetal shop. Chief Bill Barnes in charge. Crew Bob(smitty) Smith, Lon Coursey. Left Proteus in Apr 69 for the uss New Jersey BB-62 also great duty.
Hurliman, Lawrence (Larry)MR3Oct 1, 1967 – Sep 1, 1969Worked in the Machine Shop and ran the Engraving room. Remember water skiing off the beach, the refit in the floating dry dock, Keelung and, oh yes, THE THYPHOON. Convinced me to take the discharge and move on.
Cheney, HarleyHTCOct 4, 1967 – Sep 10, 1969R6Like Guam
Wright, Dana (Dan)DP3Oct 6, 1967 – Apr 20, 1969Data Processing
Ford, CharlesBM3Oct 29, 1967 – Mar 1, 1970Rigger
Tom, BrownSTG3 (DV)Nov 1967 – Mar 1969DeckJust out of diving school in San Diego, I joined the Proteus in late 1967. Of all places in the world, Guam; but I thoroughly enjoyed the experience as well as those I met.
Phillips, Lynn (Fritz)FTG 2Nov 1967 – Sep 1969WeaponsLooking for old buddies.
Robertson, Edward (Robbie)Nov 15, 1967 – Dec 15, 1970I was an Rm2. Served as staff radioman with Chief Knox for COMSUBRON 15. Have been looking for a Signalman named Charlie Conoroe. Anyone know him or where he might be. Thanks.
Modaff, TomSH2Dec 1967 – Oct 1969SupplyHad a great time aboard the Proteus, while working in the crews barber shop. Would like to hear from Curt Neal, Dan Keylon, and Roy Genta.
Jones, BruceEN3Dec 1, 1967 – Nov 15, 1968MForward Engine room. Can Do Hacket Crew. Self overhaul was a chore. Trip to Taiwan was a blast.

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