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USS Proteus (AS 19) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Proteus (AS 19). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1302 crew members registered for the USS Proteus (AS 19).

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Lenhart, Sara1965 – 1968I think these years are right??? I am Looking for anyone who might remember my Dad. His name was Ray Lenhart and he served 3 years around this time. He died in 1993 while I was still pretty young. I would like to find out more info. Thanks
Wheeler, Richard (Dick)Mt1965 – 1970W1Enjoyed the two tours of duty broken by school in Dam Neck, Va. Fond memories of the friends Made. Like information on the whereabouts of MT's Paul Riley and Bob Brandon. Hello from God's country, Washington state.
Fuller, JackFTB2-FTB11965 – 1968W-2 FoxLoved the duty on the Proteus. Guam was a special place. Motorcycles at Base 18, playing football, shooting for the rifle/pistal team, and diving for shells. Great shipmates. Great memories
Byrd, LarryE21965 – 1967ship fitter
Lansing, WilliamEn1Jan 1, 1965 – Dec 31, 1967EBill Lansing passed away from cancer two years ago, and the family is looking for shipmates that might have worked with Bill during his time on the Proteus.
Smith, William C. (Bill)MM2(SS)ELTFeb 1965 – Feb 1967RCBruce Backlund & I were first two submarine & nuke-qualified ELTs assigned to Proteus to bring new training skills and procedures to the fleet, particularly in radiological controls & nuclear waste management. Bruce on perpetual patrol,
Targosz, BobTMFeb 1965 – Dec 1966
Kirchner, WilliamSNFeb 2, 1965 – Aug 10, 1966GUAM SUCKEDIT WAS A LONG LONG LONG TOUR ON THE ROCK
Targosz, BobTM3Mar 1965 – Apr 1967I remember Jerry Jordan, Bob Shamblin, Clark, Allnut, Craven, Hannan, Whitey
Randall, JosephIC1Mar 1965 – 19683rdLooking for shipmates I served with.
Castor, EvardPNSNSep 1965 – Dec 1966XFirst duty station. I didn't realize how good it was until many years later.
Trigleth, John PaulFTB2Sep 1965 – Sep 1968W-2 & W-5My wife and I enjoyed Guam - the beaches, ceramic shop, bowling alley and 25 cent movies at NAVSTA. Played football in 1966. record 1-9. We beat NAVSTA in our last game. I got to play for one play. I had never played before.
Hagemeier, MelOct 1965 – Aug 1967EWorked in the Enginerooms most of the time. Fellow Electrician Bob Hackenmueller and I worked several small miracles aboard the old PRO, and enjoyed GUAM and its people. I still communicate with some of the old friends.
Boudreau, Mikeen 3Nov 19, 1965 – Aug 16, 1967aft engineroom, oil king shackhad great time, met bill orr ,hung together, edmuniz, pappy john smith, good food on isle. great time, worked part time putting new motorcycles together in town.hit a caribow on bike, not pretty.dennis coatney stands out 4 some reason
Schibig, CarlSfm-3Dec 1965 – Aug 1967Damage Control
Armstrong, RolandST11966 – 1968I'm trying to find a few guys that were on board with me. "Rags", "Gov", "Trip" and my division officer, WO Milton. We refurbished Sonar during the self overhaul and I remember the typhoons and trip to Keelung.
Roby, Michael (Mike)ET11966 – 1969W-5
Kumosinski, Robert Aka SkiTM31966 – 1968Weapons
Plante, BobMM31966 – Jan 8, 1968A Gang
Plante, Bob1966 – 1968AC&R Shop
Gaskin, Calvinpcsn1966 – 1968comsubron 15l was Kramer and brooks driver
Duncan, TerrySK31966 – 1967Supplyspent four months in hospital for compound fracture of both bones in lower right leg, football injury proteus pirates. thanks to medics who set my leg on field. thanks to my buddies for visiting me in hospital.
Stephens, DaveSF2Jan 10, 1966 – Aug 8, 1967R-1Worked in shop 11A as a shipfitter and 56A as a pipfitter. Had some good times on Guam with some great guys
Hagan, James (Jim) profile iconSFP3Jan 29, 1966 – Jul 29, 1968DC (Damage Control)Played FOOTBALL quarterback, half back, corner back under Coach Chief Darby. Loved Guam with a passion. Lived with Philomania Palacious in the village. Taught Fire Fighting school on the pier short term.
Hansen, BernieSK2Feb 1966 – Aug 1967S-1My first ship. Worked Group 4 storerooms. Enjoyed my time on Guam. Remember working parties to help build Proteus Beach and planting trees along the road leading to Polaris Point.
Jacoby, HenrySF1Mar 6, 1966 – Sep 7, 1967ENGINEERINGServed in Engineering Shipfitter shop. Lots of memories, Gab Gab Beach, Charlies Hut, hiking to the "Tank Farm", going out on the ships fishing boat, Bob Hope at Anderson Air Force Base, snorkling, Guamanian Festivals.
O'Dea, JimET2Apr 1966 – Dec 1967R-4Some Calibration Shop,..mostly worked Antenna Shop. Worked for ET1 James and BIG LEE Carter. Guam is good, as they say! Returned to Guam many times in later years riding 596 class boats.
Pecoraro, TedOM3Apr 1966 – Sep 1967R2 Optical ShopI learned a lot and drank a lot of beer at Proteus beach.
Grinnall, Steve - Sugar BearE4Apr 1, 1966 – Nov 15, 19672nd
Dusavage, LarryMT2Apr 1, 1966 – Mar 15, 1968missileGreat time spend on the Proteus!
Morris, DanielEN2Apr 19, 1966 – Dec 6, 1967MForward Engine room
Salas, PaulSNMay 1966 – Jun 1967FIRSTLooking to see who is still around Pollard,Owens Turner Colburn Prescott . I ran the paint locker after Pollard left. My friend Currie & I held down the on the main deck outside the mess deck nearly every night. .
Lee, HarleyCPOMay 1966 – Nov 1969ELooking for CPO Walter Williams E div WO Lien CPO Mitchell PO1Wheeless
Brown, John "Charlie"FTGSNMay 1966 – Nov 1967W2
Lee, HarleyEMCMay 10, 1966 – Jul 24, 1968E DivisionWonderful times were had in Guam, I was promoted to EMC We went thru a self overhaul and 2 week cruise to Taiwan, ( Keelong) email
Butters, JoeSK3Jun 1966 – Dec 1967S-1After 18 months on Guam, I could'nt wait to get off. Then after 2 months at next duty station, I wish I was back. Remember working my butt off as a mule carrying supplies aboard. I also remember the ship served great food during holidays.
Ellis, John T.GMG-3Jun 22, 1966 – Jun 16, 1968DeckI spent two years on the Proteus during self overhaul in Agana Guam, and sea trials to Tapei Tiawan in 1967. I was Gun Captain on 5 inch 38, and trained personnel in small arms use. Went through one typhoon on the Proteus.
Windsor, AndrewDC-3Jul 12, 1966 – Jan 9, 1968R-1When I came aboard I was a messcook for a while. I went to the DC shop just for maybe a month. I was then Captain Clement's driver for about 6 months. After that, I was in the Carpenter Shop.
Ross, BillFTB2Jul 14, 1966 – Jan 20, 1968W2
Ellis, JohnGMG3Jul 22, 1966 – Jun 17, 1968DeckI enjoyed two years in Agana Guam on the Proteus. During that period we did a self overhaul and a shakedown to Tapai Taiwan.
Slick, DennisSN/BM3Jul 24, 1966 – Jun 15, 19682nd Boats/CranesI was on Proteus for two years. My first ship, and my best ship.
Brown, PatrickOM3Aug 1, 1966 – Jan 1, 1968repairgreat crew,
Bennett, RobbinSep 1966 – Aug 1967Hot and humid - and lousy pay!!
McGough, JohnTM2Sep 1966 – Oct 1969W4
Gerstle, Tc.IC1Sep 1966 – Sep 1968Rdiv>
Young, TerryRM2Sep 1966 – 1968CRMy best duty while in the Navy. Homeport was Guam, which I thought was great.
Alarcon, DanielLISNSep 10, 1966 – Oct 28, 1967R 6I worked in Print Shop in R 6 Division. Division Officer was Commander Case. Spent most free time at Proteus Beach and going out on Sunfish Sailing. When I left Proteus I was assigned to COMSUBPAC in Pearl.
Richards, Thomas (Richie)mm3Oct 1966 – Apr 1968deck divn & boat shopStarted out mess cooking;, then deck divn for paint chipping, then to boat shop to run the love of my navy career the "lcm mike boat" .
Plover, MikeE4Nov 25, 1966 – Aug 15, 1967outside machine shopI am looking for someone that worked out of the outside machine shop refitting the subs. I am looking specifically for Otis Phyllips
Olson, RandyCS2Dec 1966 – Mar 1970S2Served aboard the Proteus, my full tour, I loved Guam, met alot of good people.
Cutting, DaneCS2Dec 1966 – Mar 1970S2Great -- More good memories than not. Was assigned to the Bakery Dept. Going in the Navy I did not know a Biscut from a Donut Learn a great occopation on the Proteus I stayed in the Baking industry for the next 40 Yr.
Douglass, JohnW 3Dec 24, 1966 – Jun 20, 1968W 3
Gantz, DavidFnDec 25, 1966 – Jul 5, 1968W&RMaintained eqt.and built shop at proteus beach loved my stay on Guam, went thru typhoon gilda

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