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USS Proteus (AS 19) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Proteus (AS 19). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1302 crew members registered for the USS Proteus (AS 19).

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RIIkonen, RonaldIM31961 – 1964R-2Scotland was great duty, a bunch of us from the Proteus rented a whole apartment house in Glasgow and all of us had class "B" brown bagger 's status. Still in touch with 2 guys I served with Len Biatowas and Bob Cerotti, I live in Michi
Hoy, James C.MR-21961 – 1963R-2 and R-4assigned to the Sound Analysis shop doing sound trials on the subs. Very interesting work. Also an "Argyle Street Commando". Really enjoyed Scotland.
Walsh, Maurice (Wally)SFM 21961 – Aug 27, 1964Shipfitters ShopI boarded the Proteus in New London and we left for Holy Loch a week later. Stayed aboard until discharge on August 27, 1964. Looking for Anthony "Tony" Krause from Chicago (SFM-3). Also Dave Thomas (or Tom Davis).
Warmack, RalphET21961 – 1963R4Went aboard after ET school, spent tour in Holy Loch assigned to R4 doing sound analysis and sub electronic repairs, left ship (and Navy) in Charleston to attend college. Now retired and living in Florida.
Bender, James Wdpcs1961 – 1963s5
Hutchinson, RayTM2Jan 1961 – Jun 1963WeponsWent aboard in Charlston, SC, sailed to The Holy Loch in Scotland. For the next 2 1/2 years it was party time,with the exception of 10 days in the North Atlantic during the Cuban Crisis,then sailed back to Charlston.
Gustafson, ThomasSK3Jan 3, 1961 – May 17, 1963SupplyEnjoyed very much my tour in the Holy Loch. looking for other names. Looking forward to reunion in Norfolk
Smith, AlfredHM2Apr 1961 – Jun 1963MedicalJoined the ship in Holy Loch. Came back to Charleston, SC. Got out of service in Feb 1966. Became a banker in Hampton Roads, VA and living in Chesapeake, VA.
Moorehead, Luther W. (Wes)Chief Petty OfficerApr 16, 1961 – Aug 12, 1962SupplyI was Logistics Manager for Subs alongside and supply ships .
Floyd, RolandE-5Jul 12, 1961 – Jul 12, 1965ElectronicsLooking for old shipmates. Tom Cross, Joe Domitrovits, Brooks Carl, Rood, and others.
Cooper, Thomas (Coop)RMSNAug 1961 – Mar 1963communicationsReported during Charleston sy Conversion. Left after two years in Holy Loch. Probably the best ship/crew of my career. Retired as RMCS in 1979. Daughter born in Dunoon during my tour.
Howie, KenFT2Aug 1, 1961 – May 5, 1962F DivisionJoined Proteus in Charleston pre-commission. Went to New London and then to Holy Loch. Son born at Struan Lodge. Great years that I always will remember. Returned for discharge May 1962.
Francis, Edward "Ed"E4Aug 28, 1961 – Aug 28, 1965ShipfitterNickname was "Frenchie" or "Frenchie the Kid." Often cut hair of crewmates and did tailoring of uniforms.
Anderson, SteveEM3Dec 1961 – May 1964R3Wondering what happened to old shipmates.
Bailey, Bill profile iconEMFMDec 1961 – Jan 1963Electrical ShopI had a great time in Scotland, on the Proteus, working as an Electrician on the ship and the submarines.
Floyd, RolandET21962 – Apr 1, 1965ElectronicsI first boarded Proteus in Holy Loch, Scotland. Finished tour of duty in Guam. Separated from Navy, April 12, 1965. Now living in Tallahassee, Fl.
Marzocco, Phil1962 – 1964eng
Dettbarn, KennethRM31962 – 1964OperationsThe Proteus was my first duty station after Radioman A school in Norfolk. I requested and was assigned "brother duty" with my brother Carl who was an EN2. I now live in Iowa.
Leneker, Richmod/ RichPO21962 – 1966M&ASoctland, Spain, Guam, second En school at Great Lakes, Would Like to hear from any Shipmates.
Ansley, Richardsfp 31962 – 1965DC
Wright, AndyOM-21962 – 1964R-2Working on FBM Sub's periscopes was a challenging job that I really enjoyed. As an Opticalman I was offered a really nice reup bonus to stay in. I said I would if I could stay in Scotland. They offered Guam..I got out
Redman, GaryJan 1962 –
Anseaume, FrankBM3Jan 1962 – May 1963captains gig
Alcauskas, JamesSK3Jan 1962 – Sep 1963S5Really enjoyed my tour in Holy Loch highlights were the Cuban Missile Crisis, and return to Charleston NSY for refit.
Maurer, GlenSKJan 1, 1962 – Nov 22, 1963storekeeper
Domitrovits, JoeETR3Jan 3, 1962 – Jan 18, 1965
McCollum, KenJan 4, 1962 – Jan 4, 1963
McCollum, KenJan 9, 1962 – Jan 6, 1963I had a good time on the ship worked in communications as a yoeman. Ordered parts for the equipment.
Maurer, GlenSK 2Jan 10, 1962 – Nov 23, 1963Supply
Maurer, GlenSK 2Jan 10, 1962 – Nov 24, 1963
Owens, FloydE-3Jan 10, 1962 – May 10, 1963Ship Fitter
Spillum, JerryBM 3Feb 1962 – Jan 19662 nd Boats and CranesEnjoyed Holy Loch, Spain, and Guam. Most memorable had to be trip through Panama Canal, that was unforgetable.
Foose,sr, BobsnFeb 1962 – May 19632nd di
Wilson, Rhonda (Willie)IC3Mar 1962 – 1965can't rememberLoved Scotland! Went to Africa later and came back to states round 1970. Finally married my first high school girlfriend 20 years ago!! Live in MD-on FB
Robinson, James profile iconE3Mar 3, 1962 – 1963Enginerring
Oles, KenET3Mar 15, 1962 – Dec 16, 1963R4Assigned to Proteus after completing "A" School. Especially remember being called from liberty to make all subs alongside ready for sea prior to Pres. Kennedy's announcement of the Cuban Missile Crisis.
Weed, DonSK2May 16, 1962 – Sep 18, 1963Supply (Shipping & Receiving)The best part was getting to see Scotland. The worst time was the two weeks of the Cuban Crisis.
Weismore, CharlesEM2Jun 1962 – Sep 10, 1964R3Spent time in Holy Loch, and Rota Spain. Spent many weekends in Glasgow. Enjoyed my tour very much
Norris, James PaulFMJul 1962 – Nov 1964Deck CrewI am trying to get VA benefits. I can't find my DD-214 and the DoD can't locate my service records. If you remember me and can perhaps serve as a witness to my time aboard this ship, please call me at 267-608-5371. I need VA medical care and be
Levengood, BillEN2Jul 10, 1962 – Sep 15, 1964R-2 shop 38
Moses, JamesRM2Aug 1962 – Sep 1964OperationsI came to Holy Loch on the USS Tringa (ASR-16) in Aug, '62. I instantly fell in love with Scotland and found a Radioman to swap with me. What a great time I had. Best move I ever made.
Cockrell, KennethMLAug 1962 – Nov 1966R-2I left you guys in Charlston when you left for Guam.I was a shorttimer and went aboard the Gilmore.I got out,shipped over and came back aboard in Guam. Just couldn't get away from a good thing.
Gayer, BobIC3Aug 1962 – Oct 1964R3Worked in Gyro Shop. Best memories were when we were resupplied and whne we were in North Sea during Cuban Crisis. Crossed Atlantic 3 times, went to Rota. Scotland is my second home as I married a Glasgow gal in Aug 64. CYA 2007
Williams, DougET2Aug 1962 – Aug 1964R4 and Crypto ShopCame straight from ET school to Holy Loch, made the trip to Rota, Spain to setup new base. Visited Gibraltar and Sevilla. Then back to Scotland. Had some great weekends in Edinburgh! Really enjoyed Scotland!
Gayer, BobIC3Sep 1962 – Oct 1964R3
Collins, JimBM3Oct 1962 – Feb 19632nd Boats
Hussey, BillET 2Oct 1962 – Sep 1964R4
Staines, RichEM 3Oct 15, 1962 – Oct 15, 1964E Div & R3Served mostly in the E Div electric shop at the fantail on the main deck. Old buddies Charley Taylor -- Elio Vega -- M C Penney. Great job -- great liberty.
Peters, Robert BobpnsnDec 1962 – May 1964boat crew, commodores barge, personnel, radio shack yeoman
Wise, JohnHTFNDec 1962 – Aug 1966M&A DivisionWent aboard december of 1962 in Holy Loch, took her all the way to Guam. Got out august 1966, In the aft engine room the whole time.
Abreght, DonaldMM2Dec 20, 1962 – Sep 19, 1964R-5Spent time in R-5 Repair Shop on the 07 Boat Deck Level, Also in the Diving Locker. Division Officer Mr. Kelly (Great Officer) and Capt. McCrathy A Great Commanding Officer. Holy Lock, Cuba, Holy Lock, Rota Spain, Holy Lock and Charlston, S.C. 1964

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