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USS Simon Bolivar (SSBN 641) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Simon Bolivar (SSBN 641). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 378 crew members registered for the USS Simon Bolivar (SSBN 641).

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Stuke, TroyRM3(SS)1987 – 1991RadioBest Boat & Crew. A lot of good memories.
Roberts, MikeMM1/SS1987 – 1991MGreat boat and crew!! Lots of fond memories. Left boat in 91 for tour at NFAS, then on to SSN 662 (USS Gurnard) and decom in Washington State. Currently teaching Math in Illinois.
Blakeley, JoelEM11987 – 1989E-DivGreat Web site, would like to hear from any one who remembers me. Got out of the active navy in '95, joined the reserves in '96 and am still in.
Milenovic, MikeFTB2/SSJan 1987 – Aug 1991WepsServes with some great guys and made some great friends.
Romero, Timothy "romeo"MM3(SS)Jan 1, 1987 – Nov 15, 1989AuxilaryWe are the A team! The middle of the boat! And we got it from both ends! Good times & found memeries great friends. "ROMEO".
Sellars, KeithEM2 / SSJan 7, 1987 – Jun 12, 1991Enginerring / NukeBest group of friends I ever made. I miss all of you guys. Best maintenance and training programs I've ever seen, especially compared to civilian world. Have a successful web design business -
Pace, MichaelMT2/SSFeb 1987 – Apr 1991WEPSOne of the best times of my life. Many people who shaped me into the person I am today. Lot's of great memories. Hope to reconnect with many that I served with.
Young, Michael Green NukeET2/ss (nuclear)Aug 11, 1987 – Jan 5, 1991Reactor Controls Division
White, RandallTM2/SSAug 15, 1987 – Feb 15, 1990Torpedothose were the days. trans to Polaris Missile Facility Charleston SC. PH 386-935-3799 we'll catch up
Canny, DanzoSTSCS(SS)Sep 12, 1987 – Dec 6, 1991SonarAnswering the Dial-X, "World's Greatest Sonar Shack" was absolutely the truth. Looking at what Bolivar Sonarmen did in their careers, I am amazed at the collection of truly talented individuals we were who happened to serve together from 87
Sulich, RayETC(SS)Oct 1987 – Oct 1990ICGreat boat !
Ward, JamesET1Oct 1, 1987 – Jan 20, 1993NAVET
Turner, MichaelSTSCS(SS)Dec 1, 1987 – Jan 15, 1992SonarST LCPO, Weapons Deptment LCPO, COB
Oliver, JohnIC 31988 – 1991IC As I get older and meet more people, the more I realize how great the guys on that boat were.
Mackie, ThomasMT21988 – 1993MTWow where has the time gone? Its been about 11 years snce i got out and as the years go by i think about all the great times and people i have met On the bolivar blue crew ..Hope everyones doing great...Thanks for the memories
Bombly, ChrisTM21988 – 1991WEPSI still tell stories about my time on SB. Still have great memories despite what happened. Living in Fl. married with 2 kids.
Sanders, Eddie (Silver Fox)FTB21988 – 1990WeaponsThe Simon Bolivar was my first and only boat and for me this crew was the best in the fleet. We worked hard and had some good times. Like "DRYER'S IN THE TORPEDO RM," Dong...Dong....Dong.."FIRE IN THE TORPEDO RM." and the CO
Heflin, MontiSTS31988 – 1989Sonar ShackTHE.BEST.JOB.EVER. For the short time (loosely termed!) I was on the boat, I was VERY honored to be with some of the best bunch of guys I've ever known. STILL in awe of what we did. Love the whole crew, and God bless
Haynes, KenMM1Jan 1988 – Oct 1992A-GangGreat group of guys, had a lot of fun.
Harley, ArtSTS2Feb 1988 – Oct 1993SONARFirst and Finest! Lots of great memories! JT, E-Lo, Gyro, Pumpkin head, Pink hi top tenners "this is bullshit", Danzo, the list goes on and on.... Great crew and THE BEST SONAR SHACK!!!
Notz, PhilRM2(SS)Feb 3, 1988 – Mar 3, 1992RadioGreat time in my life. I served with RMCM Mike Olson, RM1 Barry Privett, RM1 Tony WIlliams, RM1 Rick Glunz, RM1 Bill Lewis, RM2 Troy Stuckey, RM3 Retamozo. CDR McGahan (CO) Comm Green C twice. Polohat Top performers 4x.
Huber, MattMM2Jun 1988 – Jun 1990A
Burdine, KevinSTS2Jun 1988 – Jun 1993Sonar
Flowers, Breck (Frogbaby)IC2/SSJun 1, 1988 – Nov 17, 1992ICI had alot of great years onboard Bolivar(Blue). I see alot of friends and shipmate's names on here. Feel free to contact me.
Hendricks, ToddET2Jun 11, 1988 – Oct 24, 1991Nav ET /SINS5 patrols, 3 before the USSR fell apart. I remember Harley and Doc Ferris on here. It was a long time ago.
Fogliatti, MikeAug 1988 – Jun 1991Reactor Control
Liberty, ToddET2(SS)Oct 1988 – Sep 1993NAVETGreatest group of shipmates of all 20 patrols and 26 years of service!
Elliott, LarryYN3Dec 1988 – May 1994AdminRecieved orders to work as support for EOD and SEALs in Maryland. Medically retired itn May 1994. Living back in Virginia at present.
Rycroft, MontyQMDec 1988 – Feb 1992QMBest boat and crew ever served with. Currently Suppy Officer in Norfolk.
Shafer, GeroSTS1989 – 1994SonarThis tour was one of the best! Exceptional Skipper, Danny Halstead ETCM was the Best COB I ever served with. Outstanding "make it happen" crew. Best sonar division
Campbell, TyMM21989 – 1992
Wozniak, WozSTS1(ss)1989 – 1992SonarBest Crew Best Time of my life. Should have road her til the end!!
Rogers, Shawnms2/ssJan 1989 – Jan 1993MSLeft service in 95 made 1st class and had more than my fill.
Cupples, RandyMM1Apr 1, 1989 – Mar 22, 1993NUCLEAR MECHANIC
Manuel, Wilfred (Fred)MM-1/SSMay 1989 – Feb 1990MachineryNever got to go to sea with the boat. The wife had medical problems during the birth of my second son and I stayed behind to take care of her and the baby. Got transferred to the USS Seahorse to fill an emergent vacancy prior to them going under ice.
Stephens, RobertJul 1989 – Oct 1992Sonar
Shipman, TonyET1Aug 1989 – Dec 1992Navet
Ferris, Bill (Doc)SSBN 641Sep 5, 1989 –MedicalRetired from the Bolivar. Made a lot of memories on the boat, some of them are still fun to think about.
Dalton, BryanMM3Sep 18, 1989 – Jul 15, 1992
Duffy, Steve (Duff)EM1Sep 30, 1989 – Oct 15, 1994ElectricalHave many great memories (Barbados, P-Can, Yates Turd) and proud to be a part of a great crew. Left navy in '97 (after NPTU tour). Living in Maryland.
Tatum, WillieFTG2/SSSep 30, 1989 – Feb 3, 1993Fire ControlWould love to hear from some of the guys I served here with.
Stewart, MichaelHM3(SS)Oct 1989 – Apr 1991deck/corpsman strikerHad a lot of fun. anyone know where Dan Canny is these days. hello chief ferris

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1967 | 1968 – 1971 | 1972 – 1974 | 1975 – 1978 | 1979 – 1981 | 1982 – 1986 | 1987 – 1989 | 1990 – now

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