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USS Simon Bolivar (SSBN 641) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Simon Bolivar (SSBN 641). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 378 crew members registered for the USS Simon Bolivar (SSBN 641).

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Drueke, RayFTB1(SS)1968 – 1970Fire ControlOh, the memories (and Sea Stories - you know - the ones that start with "This ain't no Sh__") Thanks for keeping 'em alive!
Gathright, Dave profile iconFTG11968 – Dec 1, 1973WeaponsWent from Polaris to Poseidon in Newport News, VA. Changed crew from blue to gold after the yards. Torpedo fire control, MK 19plotter table and periscopes were my equipment. Torpedo room was watch station.
Ingwersen, JohnLTJan 1968 – Jun 1969WeaponsService aboard a great Naval Vessel that served a noble purpose. Great crew, great memories.
Grady, StanleyRM2(SS)May 1968 – Apr 1970OperationsRep to Blue crew while search for Scorpion was on. Serv with RMC(SS) Estep, RM1(SS)Renner,RM2(SS) Leake, RM2(SS) Brigandi, RM2(SS) Crane.Enjoyed TDU ESurf via Swampy Marsh,Cruise Norfolk,Rota,Fla, 7 for 70, Oscar. grt Cpt/xo crew. Now RMCM USNR-Ret!
Hankison, William, "Hank"FTB1 (SS)May 1968 – Jul 1973FTB Division
Evans, WaltSTS2 SSMay 1, 1968 – Mar 1, 1971Sonar
Moreland, James Jerry Moreland / JjFNJun 20, 1968 – Aug 1970SNI retired as a chief A-ganger in 1991. i was also on 643, 644, 658, & 627. all gold crews. I made 23 patrols total.
Harper, JamieMM1(SS)Jul 15, 1968 – Aug 25, 1970MOne of the greatest experiences of my life. It is true, that you never really leave the boat.
Stiles, RickEM1(SS)Aug 1968 – Nov 1973ElectricalServed in the Blue Crew until the overhaul in 1971, then in the Gold Crew. Edited the ships newspaper in 1973. I have copies of the paper.
Nield, DennisMT11969 – 1973Weapons-Missile
Rice, KennethFTB11969 – 1974Weapons
Privette, TommyMM3Mar 1969 – Jul 1970A-Gang
Kimbrell, JimmyET1Jul 1969 – Jul 1973NavWas a GREAT Sub
Kimbrell, JimmyET1(SS)Jul 1969 – Oct 1973NavShips 3-M Cord. 72-73
Kerr, Allan (Roadrunner)SN(SS)Jul 1969 – Dec 1970Sonar/DeckCame aboard as an emergency replacement the day we went on patrol. Pretty weird. Qualified on the Bolivar. Left before Newport News. Went to the Tecumseh with my buddy Jimmy where we had some wild rides.
Emerson, Parker (Pg)ET1 (SS)Oct 12, 1969 – Jan 9, 1974NAV ETServed on the Bolivar for my entire sea tour, including conversion from Polaris to Poseidon and several patrols after, homeported in both Charleston and Rota. Served with LCDR Ross and LT Edwards.- great guys! Blue crew
Swaim, JamieETCS(SS)Nov 1969 – Jul 1976NavigationI was on the Blue crew prior to going into overhaul in 1971. I was assigned to the Gold crew after the yards.
Lee, DouglasTM2(SS)1970 – Jul 4, 1973Weapons1970: Remember the Goldie Grams of the Gold Crew. 1971: Newport News ship yard. 1973: Remember the Blue Zoo News of the Blue Crew. 7/4/73: GONE, Honorable Discharge. Where's Chester Weinbold (OH), Dirty Bernie (WV), Ralph Stephens (Boston, Mass)?
Parks, RonMM2(SS)1970 – 1974A GangA great experience with a super bunch of guys! I remember great times down in Ft. Lauderdale, Puerto Rico, and St. Croix
Traynham, GaryMM2(SS)1970 – 1975A-GangGreat Command and crew, Had a fantastic time for my five years aboard
Devreugd, RayET1(ss)1970 – 1973RCGreat time and good memories
Miller, BobMT21970 – 1971WeaponsGreat crew, great memories. Left to participate in NESEP program. Lt. Liilig helped me write my application letter, thank you! Went to Univ of Nebraska, graduated and received commission May 1975.
Burnett, Pat (Bernie)Qm31970 – 1973NavServed with great crew....Steven's, wiebold, sizemore, cook, Lee, hacker, bosse,... capt. Cross ,... cmd Ross....Patrol, then overhaul at Newport news, Cape Kennedy, southern run thru the islands, rota and a med patrol.
Fortner, SteveFTB1(SS)Jan 1970 – Apr 1975Best 5 years of my 10 year Navy career. 7 patrols, a DASO, and yard period. Polaris A3 and Poseidon C4. Met my wife in Charleston in Feb '70 and still happily married 36 years later. Great crew and friends. Email me:
Stevens, RalphTM/MT 1 ( SS )Jan 1970 – Jun 1975LauncherTook the Simon B through the yards at NNSB&DD Co..Looking to hook-up with old shipmates and exchange stories and updates.
Anderson, MikeETR2Feb 1970 – May 1972EngHey All Really enjoyed the boat and crew, Fox, Onion, Nelson and CCC best skipper ever. A great time, did our job to the best of our abilities. Came aboard in the shipyard Newport News and left after one patrol. 64 Fairlane and 68 Bonny
Schlueter, MarcYNSN (SS)May 1970 – Dec 1970Was a good time in my life and got my dolphins on the 8/70-11/70 cruise. Still have the picture of Capt Browder pinning them on, just a few days before we surfaced. Wondered whatever happened to the crewman that had the nervous breakdown.
Bennett, RichardET1(SS)Dec 12, 1970 – May 15, 1975Reactor ControlsGreat Shipmates. Good times in Rota and Charleston.
Grimes, ButchMM2SS1971 – 1975MThere are too many good memories to list here. Just got back from the reunion in Cocoa Beach.If at all possible, any former Bolivar sailor needs to make the next one. It's good for the soul.
Allen Jr, Jd (Rooster)MTC/FTCS(SS)1971 – 1974MissileBest Goat Locker ever. As Diving Officer,boat handled like a dream. Came aboard end of yard period as a brand-new chief. Made E8 on board & got a custom-made leg brace like Barrie's by A Gang. See you June reunion.
Erickson, SteveETN2Jan 1, 1971 – Aug 1, 1976Nav
Stasinis, JohnIC2Jan 15, 1971 – Jul 24, 1977IC DIVBest ship and crew I ever served with and on. Remained in the Navy 23 years. Retired E8, currently living in St. Augustine FL. Feel free to contact if you would like to catch up.
Bill, WeinbergEM1 SSFeb 1971 – Jun 1975EAssigned to the Simon B when she was in the yards at NewptNws for Poseidon refit. Made 5 patrols and a couple of trips to the Carribean. One of the best times of my life.
Vander Woude, ArnoldETCS(SS)Feb 7, 1971 – May 11, 1973NavigationJoined at the end of shipyard refit at Newport News, VA. Wonderful tour of duty - The great crew was the best part of my time there.
Hardy, JackET-1May 1971 – Sep 1974RC
Hinds, RayEM1May 1, 1971 – Sep 1, 1975Engineering (E)Fond memories of the four years of service, six patrols, from 1971 (reported before the first sea trials from the Newport News Poseidon refit) until I left the Navy in 1975.
Ahern, Pete (Onion)MMCS (SS)Aug 1971 – Dec 1975AuxiliaryMy first boat. Lot's of good times. God bless my shipmates.
Homewood, MikeFTB-2 (SS)Sep 1971 – Aug 1975WeaponsGreat boat, great crew, so many great memories. Absolutely the best liberty, Cocoa Beach, Rosy Roads, St. Croix, Rota. I remember it like it was yesterday. Thanks for the good times.
Bomkamp, JohnTM2(SS)Sep 1971 – 1974launcher
Beck, JonMM1(SS)Sep 18, 1971 – Oct 2, 1975MTo date some of the best people Ive known. Sonar calls me in ERLL,wants to know if I'm pounding on the hull. I say no, calls back, I say no, calls back to tell me it's a 12ft. hammerhead shark. Only in the sub Navy.
Finecey, FrankMM1SSOct 1971 – Oct 1978Got on board at the end of the Newport News Shipyard overhaul. Couldn't ask for a better tour of duty. Hope to see ya at our next reunion.
Fountain, SheldonEM1(SS)Oct 10, 1971 – Dec 13, 1975Came on board in the yards at Newport News. Shakedowns, Cocoa Beach, St. Croix, Rosy Roads, Andros Island, Rota, the Med, Charleston, Sanitary Tank Cleanout, (Thanks for the memories, Walter) A great time and a great bunch of guys!
Boast, BruceETCS(SS)Nov 1971 – Jun 1978Reactor ControlsFrom the pits after an ORSE failure to Squadron Battle E and Providence Plantations Award in less than two years. A great command!
Goad, StanMT 2 (SS)Nov 12, 1971 – Dec 12, 1975Missilecame aboard toward end of Newport News refit conversion before crew split to some of the greatest guys on earth and probably one of the best boats ever built . wonderful times of my life looking back

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