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USS Simon Bolivar (SSBN 641) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Simon Bolivar (SSBN 641). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 378 crew members registered for the USS Simon Bolivar (SSBN 641).

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Givens Jr, DewhittE-4/MM3(SS)Jul 1902 – Sep 1994A-Div
Lavender, Jr., CharlesE4?Aug 25, 1962 – 1970Not Sure- adding on behalf of my father.Adding my father's name on here. He was laid to rest on 02/07/09 and when going through his things, found a certificate where he was assigned at the time of commission.
Giesick, BobIc 21963 –Ic2018 retired in Colorado
Wilkinson, BillRM!(SS)Sep 9, 1963 – May 11, 1967RadioPlank owner, Blue Crew. also on Runner SS-476 & Chivo SS-341. As of 2007 I live on an island in the Caribbean and would love to talk to others I served with. I hosted the Blue XO Whitey Mack here. Contact me and we'll chat.
Hickman, JimTM2(SS)1964 – 1967Never served with A finer group of A-HOLES. GOD BLESS em all.
Muller, JoeMT2(SS)1964 – Feb 1967Weapons MissileAfter B school, taught at PEA, Then, assigned to SPPO 205 at the Cape. Trained crews on DASO op's for 41/2 years and did OT/FOT on Posiedon boats until retirement in 1975 as MTC(SS). Had a lot of fun on the 641.
D'Oliver, JohnEMCS1964 – 1969COB
Daniels, SkipTorpedoman 2nd class1964 –Torpedo roomSkip was one of the original gold crew from new construction, launch and several patrols, including looking for the Scorpion. He passed away 6 years ago November, from mesothelioma.
Godwin, JackRM2(SS) - CDR (RETIRED)Feb 12, 1964 – Sep 15, 1968OCLiving in San Diego, CA since 1975. Intend to relocate to GA.FL in the near future.
Little, GaryET1Mar 2, 1964 – Jun 3, 1967NAVETI was on the original Blue Crew. One of the highlights of my life. Still miss it.
Phillips, James GTM1(SS)Jul 1, 1964 – Nov 9, 1966WeaponsPlank Owner/Commissioning Crew; assigned to Missile Compartment; went through shipbuilding and sea trials at Newport News, VA and made patrols out of Charleston, SC
Nevill, JohnFTM2 (SS)Aug 1964 – Jul 1968Weapons (MCC )I am a plank owner of this sub. I was aboard when she had a collision at sea. Also was there when the search for the Scorpion began. Other than the above, great memories with a great crew.
Peterson, Frances/peteET2Aug 20, 1964 – Dec 18, 1967NAVETMy first boat, and always the best. Very high regard for all the crew. Especially the C.O: C. H. Griffiths!
Ehinger, DonFTB1 (SS)Sep 1964 – May 1969Fire ControlI'm one of the plank owners and was on board during the collision with Bettelguise and the search for Scorpion. Great boat and great crew.
Campbell, Matt Aka: GusEM2(SS)Sep 1964 – Jun 1966E-DivPreComm, Plank Owner. Great Ship, two great crews. Made many great friendships that have lasted through all these years. When we meet it'd as if we were apart for a weekend. Best time of my life. Submarines forever!
Carlucci, Michaelic3Sep 1964 – Oct 1966ENGINEERINGBill Thornton.......can,t believe i saw your name boss! It's been awhile.I remember New Years eve 1965 on watch on the BOLIVAR Naval Weapons station North CharlestoN
Burton, BrianEM1(SS)Sep 20, 1964 – Aug 5, 1968EPlankowner.Searched for Scorpion last patrol.With all crew mwmbers in new const. for several years, we created better friendships and understanding of family members while other crew was on patrol.
McMahan, Roger (Mack)Ft-2Oct 12, 1964 – Oct 18, 1968WeaponsI am a Plank owner of this Sub. and aboard when we searched for the Scorpion and the Collision, Great memories and may you guys trust the Lord. Also served on the SS-403 (Atule) in Key West, Fla.
Christensen, Ronald RET1(SS)Nov 24, 1964 – Jun 2, 1968NavigationPlank ower. Was there for the collision and the hunt for the Scorpion. One of the most exciting & educational times in my life. Best group of people I worked with over a 40 year period in a variety of jobs.
Chilton, MikeST31965 – 1968SonarReunion in 2004 and 2006 were great and looking forward to the next.
Von Maucher, KurtSTS 31965 – 1967Deck / SonarPlank owner. Sea trials with yard birds a blast, came down the con ladder and knocked "Uncle Himie" on his butt! Great bunch of guys, like a big family. Went on to serve in Naval Reserve as a Seabee for 7 years.
Zabel, DonaldET1 (SS)Jan 1965 – Mar 1969NavigationI was on the (Blue) commissioning crew. We did the original sea trials, including the first missle launch from Cape Canaveral. I did 6 patrols. Best time of my life.
Terrell, RufusTM1(ss)Jan 5, 1965 – May 16, 1969Weapons
Stallings, Richard (Zipper Belly)ET1(SS)Feb 1965 – Jun 1968EngineringI was the reactor controls operator during the collision. I was also there for the search for the Scorpion. After I left the Navy I worked at the Los Alamos National Laboratory for 28 years.
Linxwiler, Glen (Linx)STS2Feb 16, 1965 – Jun 20, 1969SonarCommissioning Crew.
Vogelsang, VicEM2Jun 28, 1965 – Jun 19, 1967I have only good memories of the crew. I grew up a lot because of my experiences on board her.
Peterson, Frances (Pete)ETR2(SS)Aug 1965 – Dec 1966Operations (NAVET)This was an exciting time. Rapid construction of the "41 for freedom". Busy. Learning. And ultimately winning the cold war.
Johnson, CecilIC1(SS)Aug 1965 – Jun 1969Electrical, Fwd.Strong memories of crew, events, places, and boat. Plank owner, commissioning, collision, hunt for Scorpion, and many other events are still vivid after all these years.
Lancaster, DavidYN3(SS)Aug 1965 – Jan 1967AdminTransfered from 617 - member Blue crew commissioning party (plank Owner). Stood sonar watches at sea and worked for LCDR Mack - exciting times.
Haworth, Robert L (Larry) / GopherMM1SS1966 – Apr 16, 1973M DivisionI went from Bolivar to Kewaunee Nuclear Power Plant. Retiring in 2001. Nuclear Power was the best thing that ever happened to me. Thanx to the crew of the Bolivar I was able to have a life long career.
Scallan, Thomas ( Tommy )STS#SSMar 1, 1966 – Jun 15, 1971Sonar TechI was part of the " Crash Crew " and operated the Ecm, fathometer and underwater telephone during the hunt for the USS Scorpion.
McClung, HerbLTJun 1966 – Nov 1967MEDICAL
Trucksis, Johncs3Aug 1, 1966 – Sep 1, 1969subgrp6
Elsasser, TomLT/CAPT USNR RET.Oct 1966 – Mar 1968OPSComm. Officer -- Blue Patrols 2-4 -- The Radio Gang was a great bunch of guys.
Williams, JamesMT2SSDec 1966 – Jun 1970WeaponsThe Simon B was a great ship. We worked hard,played hard . The Blue crew was a tight crew.
Muszynski, RickETN2(SS)Dec 1966 – Feb 1970RCOn board during collission and search for Scorpion.
Hatfield, William (Dixie)qm31967 – 1968deck crewhad good times with a lot of seaman especialy remember donahue r zimmerman zit and guy from around atlanta that drove vw beatle
Lynn, Jackie Ray Or "The Ladd"STS3SS1967 – 1968Blue crew
La Rosa, Salvatore RoseyTM2 SSJan 1967 – Oct 1969Weapon'sWhat a time that was--Personal growth and development. Five patrols with the real McCoy. Mac McCoy that is.Shot a few torpedo's, one missile a couple water slugs and a hole lot of decoys for fun.Got a chance to play with all the toy's.
Haworth, Robert (Larry) Aka - GopherMM 1 SSFeb 1967 – Apr 1973MExcept for the crash and the search for the Scorpion I only have good memories for my time aboard the boat.
Downs, James/ JimEM1(SS)Apr 1967 – Jul 1970E-DivisionGreat group of guys. Made 5 patrols with the Gold crew including the search for the Scorpion and the Collision.
Brigandi, MichaelE5Apr 1967 – Nov 1969RadioRenner, Godwin, Leake, Estep, Grady, and a few others. Had fun in the radio room with the tt299. Was always a good conversation with our captain James T Bush.
Leake, RoyRMSN to RM1Apr 1967 – 1972RadioRenlisted underway by Capt Bush, 5 of my best years. Also on SSBN623 and SSBN627 shore duty at NAVSTA Charleston- went to Recuit Dist Columbus was Nuclear Power Recuiter finished 20 years on USS Birmingham as RMCS(SS)
Wilkinson, Bill profile iconRM1(ss)May 17, 1967 –CommunicationsI served on the commissioning crew. I was on the "Blue crew and made the first patrol on. our patrol was around Iceland, Greenland and the Soviet Union. Our first command was to remain undetected.
Batson, R. David profile iconMMC(SS) RET.Jun 8, 1967 – Apr 25, 1971A-Gang (Chief)My father passed away May 24, 1998. I have added his name so that he may live on & always be remembered. I would love to hear from anyone who served with him
Smith, W.f. (Rick)QM2(SS)Sep 1967 – Dec 1970QuartermasterI am proud to have served on the Bolivar blue crew and I enjoy the memories of many of my shipmates.
Cook, JimmyQM1(SS)Dec 1967 – Jul 1973Operations/Navigationmany great memories during my six years aboard. progressed from FA to QM1(SS) and served with some of the best guys I have ever known through good and tough times. almost every day I think of something from that time.

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1967 | 1968 – 1971 | 1972 – 1974 | 1975 – 1978 | 1979 – 1981 | 1982 – 1986 | 1987 – 1989 | 1990 – now

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