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USS Yorktown (CV 10) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Yorktown (CV 10). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 226 crew members registered for the USS Yorktown (CV 10).

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Edwards, William E. (Ed) , JrAO11966 – 1969GAHave located many old shipmates and friends. BillE7of12@AOL.COM
McGuire, RickeyE21966 – 1967S-2
Galletly, ThomasAD-31966 – 1966SH-3A
Kimmerly, PaulETN31966 – 1969OEI went to ETA & C school at Treasure Island 1965 into 1966 . I was on board during the Apollo 8 recovery. Was let out a few days early because the ship was leaving for the East coast and a Med cruise before decommission
Bandy, DonnaE51966 – 1968Squadron 25I signed on under my late husband, John Bandy who was an air crewman on the USS Yorktown.
Justice, Henry EugeneE41966 – Jun 1969V3I enjoyed my service aboard the Yorktown.. Have many memories and made many friends. Glad to see that the Yorktown has been made a museum for all to enjoy.
Anderson, Andymm31966 – 1969Awould like to contact shipmates I served with.
Noll, GaylonMM31966 – 1969M DivI was assigned to the aft engine room under Chief Osterloh and later Chief "Baldy" Connors.
Lemm, Charles (Rick) profile iconE21966 – 1967Gunners Mate
Menard, JoeETR-2Jan 2, 1966 – Sep 8, 1968OE
Eisenhardt, George H. (Josh)ETR3Jan 4, 1966 – Dec 9, 1967OEProud to be a member of the "Fighting Lady" Crew
Mullin, JamesABE 2Jan 25, 1966 – Aug 30, 1968
Daley, Frank METR-3Feb 15, 1966 – Oct 21, 1969eo67-68
Black, Fredmm3Feb 16, 1966 – Oct 21, 1969"A" air compressors
Mullin, JamesABE-3Apr 7, 1966 – Aug 30, 1968V-2Starboard Cat Captain
Sturgeon, JimRM2Jun 1966 – Dec 27, 1967CRI have been wanting to contact some of the names I recall and they are: Ron Boyer RM3 from Pa., James Murphy E3 from Utica, NY, Davis RM3 from NJ., Bertrum RM3 from Ne., and many more that served during this same time
Nadeau, Frank NadeauET1Jul 1966 – Jun 1967OE
Whitaker, JamesABH3Jul 1966 – 1969V3 divisionI went aboard during Vietnam tour, Apollo 8 recovery. Some of the guys were Robert Sutter, Richard Brumley, and Izzy. Also Dee Dirks, Jean justice, Douglas Lund and Spanky.
Tubbs, StevenJul 30, 1966 – Aug 8, 19695th GunnaryI need to contact anyone who can verify I was onboard the Yorktown during our Vietnam deployment.
Ector, AlanRM3Aug 1966 – Oct 1967CR -- Communications RadioIMHO -- the best ship in the Navy!!
McNally, StephenRMSN, RM3, RM2Aug 1, 1966 – Jul 1, 1968CRMessage Center & Tech Control
Masciocchi, JohnABE-3Aug 6, 1966 – Jan 15, 1970V-2Met alot of good buddies.
Poole, James (Jim)Aug 8, 1966 – Nov 5, 1968Nav / 01While I was not the only seaman who served as quartermaster of the watch, to the best of my knowledge, I was the only seaman who served as Boson of the watch while underway aboard the Yorktown during my tour. Great Crew!
Balogas, GeorgeAG3Nov 1966 – Nov 29, 1967OAEnjoyed my time aboard the Yorktown, it was time Ill never forget. Met a lot of friends in Long Beach.
Cardaropoli, AnthonyHM2Nov 30, 1966 – Apr 3, 1968DispencarySigned on for the Yorktown while in Vietnam. Didn't expect to spend a useless year in drydock in Long Beach, CA. Got into too much trouble and left for the USS Jason in 1968 and went back to WesPac for a good tour and back to Vietnam
Webb, Charles (Baby Huey)RM 31967 – 1968CR
Barber, MichaelABE =31967 – 1968V-2Great Ship, Great Friends and a real Fighting Lady
Young, RickHM11967 –Fleet Surgical Team 3
Johnston, CharlesMM21967 – 1969AO2N2
Hughes, BobRD21967 – 1969OperationsTransferred from the USS Kearsarge in 1967 while on a West Pac cruise.
Andrews, James (Andy)EM31967 – 1968EServed in the A & O Shop. I'll remember it always, especially picking up Apallo 8 & making the trip around the Horn. Left Yorktown when we got the east coast for a service school and the USS Oriskany until 1971.
Willcox, David (Dave) profile iconPetty Officer 3rd Class1967 – 1968RHoping to reconnect with old shipmates
Avila, ManuelSNJan 3, 1967 – Oct 7, 1967A DivisionI will never forget the experience of serving our great country aboard the Yorktown
Mouser, RonaldABE 2Mar 1967 – Feb 1969V-2
Hatt, William (Bill)ABE3Mar 1967 – Jun 1970V-2Some good times seen a lot of the world on her . From the Far East, South America, and Europe. Who would of thought that 3 Catapult deck edge operators would be on this site.
Davis,jr., HaroldEN3May 4, 1967 – Nov 28, 1968
Davis,jr., HaroldEN3May 4, 1967 – Nov 27, 1968worked in after diesel and fire pumps,west-pac 1968 after that yello sea detour great ship great times solid crew
Kindler, Lynnshipserviceman 3rd classJun 1967 – Jan 16, 1969S33 tours Viet Nam,recovered apollo 8 Dec 1968,the film tora tora tora was filmed aboard ship off of Hawaii,at Christmas time,was sent to Korea,when the USS PUEBLO w captured had swim call on the equator,became a shellback
Worrell, JimE4Jun 1967 – Aug 1969AIMDI am looking for Doug Perry and any other crew members of the USS Yorktown. I was the lead singer for the Concrete Marshmellow
Yates, Alan,ASE 3Jun 10, 1967 – Nov 14, 1969AIMD IM-2I worked in the yellow gear in the aft sec of the Hangar Bay3. So long ago. I have been aboard her in Charleston, and it just isn't the same.
Berlin, BillBM3Jul 1, 1967 – Aug 31, 1969First
Musgrave, DavidABE-3Jul 4, 1967 – Aug 20, 1970V2Catapult Deck Edge operator was the best job I ever had. I loved it. I made every cruise the Navy had. West Pac, Trip around S.America from California to Norfolk and Nato cruise. Many trips to Cuba and Gitmo. Apallo 8
Waters, StephenSNAug 1967 – Jul 1968OPSWorked in the OPs Office as a YN. My first command in the Navy.
Carl, RussellSKCAug 1967 – Aug 1968S-1
Crompton, Gordon profile iconE3Aug 1967 – Jun 1968Plane CaptainJust looking for shipmates I served with on the Yorktown on the WestPac when the North Korean's took the USS Pueblo. Especially those in VS-23 and VS-25
Roberts, TonyE4Aug 4, 1967 –v2Flight deck.....Catapults
Reid, JimPH2Sep 1967 – Nov 1968OP
Tarpey, ThomasTM3Oct 10, 1967 – Nov 10, 1970Wthe fighting lady was a great ship. what a wonderful experiance, lots of fond memories,westpac68, apollo 8,South America,Nato cruise..all the divisions I was associated with...S2M,GA,GB,5TH,1ST and W DIV. A Great bunch of guy's !
Larson, Larry profile iconDP2Nov 5, 1967 – Oct 8, 1968S-7The Yorktown was a great ship to be stationed aboard. I served with many great sailors and enjoyed their friendship. I have been trying to locate a special friend for years by the name of Richard A. Miller with no luck.

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1954 | 1955 – 1961 | 1962 – 1965 | 1966 – 1967 | 1968 – now

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