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USS Yorktown (CV 10) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Yorktown (CV 10). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 226 crew members registered for the USS Yorktown (CV 10).

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Campbell, OscarEN31955 – 1956M
Grogan, EdwardRM1May 1, 1955 – May 1, 1959
Grogan, EdwardRM1May 1, 1955 – May 1, 1959
Altfeld, Sheldon I.JO31956 – 1957AdminI served as editor of the ship's newspaper, The Fighting Lady.
McCormack, Odis (Mac)E51956 – 1959
Johnson, JamesAN1956 – Aug 1957V4
Giordano, JohnYeoman 3rd ClassSep 19, 1956 – Aug 19, 1958AdministrationI was responsible for putting out the POD each day. I also played the accordion in an informal band aboard the ship. Had a great tour of duty going from Alameda to the far east including Japan and Hong Kong.
Wright, GaryIC31957 – 1959EGreat friends back then Jim Adams, Mike Conci, Roger Gagnon. the sheep herder from Montana. I can see other faces can't pull up the names. I know I left quickly and early-10 months in Naval hospitals ,.wish you well!
Freeman, BobANJan 1957 – 1958V-1If anyone remembers me drop me a line. would like to hear from you.
Kimble, PhilipEM2Mar 1957 – Aug 1957I was in W Division (Special Weapons) while aboard
Jones, JohnFNApr 12, 1957 – Sep 1, 1959BHad a lot of fun
Baker, WaltersnMay 5, 1957 – Nov 10, 1959s-3my name is walter baker i am looking for my ship mates from 1957 to 1959 if you were on boared at that time if you can call me at 1-559-666-9671 i would love to here from you
Mora, OrlandoSHIP\\\'S SERVICEMAN THIRD CLASSMay 28, 1957 – Dec 1, 1957Orlando Mora served on the USS Yorktown, the exact dates will be updated soon. He was a recipient of a Letter of Commendation from the Commander, U.S. Naval Base, Subic Bay. Orlando passed away January 29, 2009. He was a barber on ship.
Baker, WalterseamanAug 10, 1957 – Dec 9, 1959ship serviseworked on coke mechings and in landrey and had the most fun
Helgoe, AshsnSep 1957 – Mar 1959s1Old retired guy.
Goolsby, Geraldmm21958 – 1962m
Southard, MalcolmfnJan 28, 1958 – Jul 10, 1961rjust want to say my 3.5 yrs. aboard the yorktown were some of the best of my life.
Treseler, Fred (Grumpy)LI SNMar 23, 1958 – Mar 3, 19622nd Xstarted in 2nd Div. Helm Lehelm ran boats Cross rated and worked in the print shop
Soete, HarryApr 1958 – Apr 1962Looking for old buddies. Anyone know about Paul Jones?
Bond, DevonMM3May 1958 – Mar 1962MI attended my first reunion Oct. 2023, was disappointed no one there from M Division,in fact I didn't see anyone I remembered at all. Was sad to learn there were 95 names on the crew members memorial list.
Cain, MattMM3Sep 1, 1958 – Dec 31, 1962mechanicLooking for BM1 CERVANTES
Crescitelli, RichardMMFNOct 1958 – Jun 1961Eng
Stewart, Thomasairman1959 – Feb 20, 1961V-2I served on the port side Catapult crew. I was the best holdback man on board.
Mahalak, JohnSeaman (FT)May 1, 1959 – Jul 1, 1960Fox DivisionWas assigned to Fox Division and spent 6 months in Long Beach and went on Westpac Cruise. Think there was a Mike Sossa and a Joe who lived by Pasadena Freeway. Was a wonderful cruise! Would like to talk to old shipmates!
Mahalak, JohnFTSMMay 10, 1959 – Jul 1, 1960FOX DIVISIONtrying to reach some of my old buddies like "Big Joe", Mike Soccia, buddy from Montana, and anyone who was aboard around 1959 and 1960. We had a pretty group of guys! Was back on the ship in 1980 still in Charleston,
Davis, SammyRD31960 – 1962OI
Easter, CharlesEnsJan 30, 1960 –CVA 10
Schultz, DutchSFFeb 20, 1960 – Mar 16, 1963RGood Duty!!!!!!!
Hermann, RoyIC 2Mar 1960 – Dec 1962Electrical
Proctor, JohnGunners mate GMG3Mar 1, 1960 – Dec 13, 19635thWould love to hear from anyone in the 5th doc at that time
Bailey, Richarde-3Mar 19, 1960 – Dec 4, 1962s-3i was a barber loved the ship
Voelker, HerbertRM31961 – Aug 1964
Rogers, GeorgeE-31961 – 1964V-4great memory
Niles, T.e., Thomas, Tom, Or Bub profile iconE-31961 –A Division Elevator Pump Room I BelieveT.E. Niles passed in 2015. I'm his son and looking for anyone who knew him. Especially his 2 best pals, Robert and Allyn, who I am named after. His first name was Thomas, nickname T.E, Tom, or Bub. 1961-1962 Cruise.
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Robertson, RobbyE31961 – 19635thServed with the 5th division and 3rd division on board Yorktown 61-63. This is Robby, tall skinny Texan.Anyone still kicking remember me?
Waters, JamesSFM2Jan 1961 – Dec 1964RThere were good days and bad,but I would do it again in a heartbeat. I realy like the R-Div. reunions in Charleston, S.C.
THUROW, DANIELEM-2Feb 1961 – Feb 1964E-
Stein, Georgee3Mar 1961 – 1962v6
Smertick, MichaelRM3Mar 1, 1961 – Jun 13, 1963communicationsNo one thought I would get orders off the ship
Burgess, David (Smokey)RM3Mar 10, 1961 – Aug 31, 1962I worked in teletype. Worked with some great guys. Thing I remember about the Yorktown the most was no A/C in living quarters. That made it MUCH different than the Ranger CVA61.
Gary, RobertsAE3Aug 1, 1961 – 1965V6-CODCODCREW767 -61/65
Barteau, AlfredADRANSep 1961 – Jan 28, 1964V-2Catapults & Arresting Gear Port Catapult Retract Operator. Had a super experience aboard the fighting lady. Proud to have served. Lots of good memories.
McKellep, Bob profile iconFn to mm3Nov 1961 – Oct 1964M aft engine room

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