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USS Yorktown (CV 10) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Yorktown (CV 10). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 226 crew members registered for the USS Yorktown (CV 10).

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Keane, Donald E-91941 –NavyI am his grandson and trying to find out some of his history. He retired as a Master Diver and was buried at sea in 2005. I would like to connect with anyone who knows anything about him.
Robertson, Duane (Robbie)crm (E-7)Jul 15, 1941 – Aug 28, 1960radioman
Widgeon, LoriMm3Dec 25, 1941 – May 24, 1947UsnI am the daughter of George Widgeon from augusta. georgia and looking for anyone that served on ship with my dad. I heard he was a good boxer on ship too.
Rutherford, LeonS1C1942 – 1945gunner
Smith, Eugene ACMMFeb 28, 1942 – Dec 5, 1944Squardon FiveI am listing my father who served on the newly commission Yorktown CV10 in WWII. He was Aircraft Chief Mechanics Mate, flew several missions, and was disabled on board in 1944. He was 35 when he enlisted
Gorham, Richard profile iconAviation Machinists Mate 3Dec 23, 1942 – Jan 7, 1946Torpedo SquadronI am adding my father-in-law. He is 95 and would love to hear from those who may have served with him.
Bailey, RichardSTOREKEEPER 1ST CLASS1943 – 1945Richard is my uncle. He passed away in 2005 and I would like to add his name to the crew. He served aboard the CV10 thoughout its service in WWII
Furl, Franklinprivate first class1943 – 1944navymy father served on the yorktown . i just wante to enter his name. he was a mechanic and was injured when a torpeo ripped into the yorktown. they said he would never walk nor see. he did both. I remember awaking screamin
Pillsbury, LarryAMM31943 – 1945MachinestI am adding my dads name, I remember the stories he told me of the 'Fighting Lady'. He passed away in 1992.
Cook, JamesCPO1943 – 1945OIThis is my Grandfather and wanted to add him to the crew list. He passed away in 2007.
Bennett, BobLt. jg1943 – 1946Catapult Officer
Furlow, JohnFirst Class Radarman1943 – 1946RadarMy father, John Furlow is still alive at the age of 97 and still talks about his service on the Yorktown. He will be attending the 70th reunion next month along with his daughters and son-in-law.
York, GuyRDM21943 – 1945CICI am posting this listing for my good friend RDM2 Dee David White U.S.S. Yorktown CIC Radarman 1943-1945 in the hope of making contact with someone who knew him or has information about him
Adams, Holly profile iconnone1943 – 1945officerI want to buy a hard copy of the book for the USS Yorktown cv10 world war II cruise book 1943-45 ships company How can I get a copy? Please any help would be greatly appreciated.
Graf, CharlesAMM2CApr 1943 – Dec 1945v2Proud to have served on the Yorktown. I am also a plank owner.
Baker, William JackAMM 1/cApr 1943 – Jul 1945Torpedo SquadronJack was my grandfather. He passed away in the 1980s. I didn't know him very well but I am finding out as much as I can through geneology efforts.
Greim, Warrenelectricians mate 1st classApr 1943 – Aug 1945EI am adding my dad's name. He just passed away in 2012. My father told us that he was responsible for making sure that the guns had power. Sent some of his stuff to the museum in SC. Hope to get there and see it
John, AmborskiAviation Machinist Mate 3rd ClassApr 15, 1943 –V2My hero, Dad, John Amborski passed away September 16, 2013. His claim to fame in the movie MIDWAY, Dad on the flight deck, pulling pilots from crashed fighter planes dressed in his asbestos fire suit. Love you!
Traskos, Michael profile iconF1cMay 1943 – May 1945FireMy father passed away in May 2018. His time on the Yorktown meant so much to him. Would love to hear any stories if you have them.
Bradford, BradySeaman 1st ClassJun 20, 1943 – Mar 24, 19453Rd Division Pacific Fleet. Gunners MateI am putting this information on this site on behalf of my Father who was Proud to have Served Aboard the USS YORKTOWN ( CV-10 ) , and under the Command of Admiral "JOCKO CLARK", My Dad passed away in January 2004.
Martin, James/jim profile iconprivateOct 1943 – 1945USMCThis is my father. He passed in 2004. He was a proud US Marine during WWII on the USS Yorktown CV-10. He went to annual reunions down in SC. I just want him included in this list.
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Craft, HowardMOMM2Nov 1943 – 1945v-6Was hoping someone who knew my grandfather who passed in 1983 would share info, stories, photos, etc. Info I have is from his papers-not sure if I read correctly. I have his pics from Hawaii but none from ship/battles.
Bowers, George V.Airman 1stNov 15, 1943 – Aug 15, 1945Air Arming UnitFire control instrument aircraft armament specialist.. Am entering for my father. We lost him 01/23/2012.
Reynolds, William CE41944 – 1945Navy / PacificGrowing up my father always talked about his experiences on the Yorktown and was loyal to the US Navy and true pariot to his country. He enjoyed and looked forward to Army / Navy games I took him to prior to his passing.
Gray, George E.AMM21944 –AviationJust wanted to add my Dad's name. He passed away in 2004. Spoke proudly of his time in the Navy.
Clancy, JimAMM2cMay 1944 – Dec 1945MachinistThe Yorktown will always be with my Dad. He was proud to serve.
McKenny, JamesEM 2CDec 8, 1944 – May 1946E
McGee, Bullet1945 –
Magruder, MacAviation Ordnanceman Second Class1945 – 1946Torpedo Squadron Nine
Robin, Earlboatswain's mate 3rd class1950 – 19544th
Funk, WayneQM 2nd class PO1951 – 1953SSWould like to make contact with anyone in the Signal division during this time
Venseret, AlfredAO21952 – 1954H
Brasher, James AlfredEngine RoomMar 12, 1952 – Jun 15, 1956Engine RoomI have entered this information for my grandfather. He was very proud to be a member of the USS Yorktown. My grandfather was the best! He got two tattoos while on the ship. On one wrist he had a snake. I loved him so muc
Sleeper, AlanAVIATION STOREKEEPER ANNov 1952 – Feb 1956S1 - Avation SupplyServed on the flight deck for about 18 moths then in Aviation Suppy till my separation. Had the airplane surface parts storeroom. Home port: Alameda,CA. Made port in Hawaii, Japan, Hong Kong, and Manila, the Philpines. Grear food.
McCollum, PhillipAD3Dec 1952 – Jul 1953V4Recommissioned CVA10 in early 1953. Sea trials were very thrilling. Taking on ammo at Bangor was not the least thrilling.--Spent a couple of months off the ship working Shore Patrol in San Diego. Departed the ship in mid
Strauch, Richard/stretchFT2Dec 1952 – May 1955FOXFond memories of when I was 18-20 years old. Closest friend was Clarence L Cuchine Chief RG Stone , a great leader
Kizer, Omer EYN11953 – 1955OA
Drennan, HenryBoilerman 2nd Class1954 – 1956B DivisionAdding my grandfather so he possibly reunite with ship mates.
Taranto, BobAT3Mar 10, 1954 – Feb 22, 1955VF-154Hi I would like to hear from anyone in VF-154 during the 1954, 1955, time frame
Bonjorni, Edward E. (Bojo)PH2 in 1954, LCDR at retirementApr 1954 – Feb 1955OP - Photo LabI was the operator of the Mitchell MOPIC Camera that got the pix of the AJ-2 losing its tail hook and going over the side in August 1954. A CLOSE ONE !!
Orchard, Jamres E.ANJun 10, 1954 – Apr 21, 1955Any one having photos during this time please e-mail me.

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