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USS Daniel Boone (SSBN 629) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Daniel Boone (SSBN 629). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 247 crew members registered for the USS Daniel Boone (SSBN 629).

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Hadley, MikeMT31984 – 1987MissileEnjoyed my time at Newport News during overhaul made a lot of friends and had lots of good times with my ship mates ...
Gore, MartinMM1 (SS)Apr 1984 – Jun 1988Machinery
Gore, MartyMM1Apr 1984 – Jun 1988M
Adams, ChristopherFTG11985 – 1989Torpedo/FTGFond memories of the best boomer in the fleet and the greatest crew. Newport News overhaul, the Cape and Andros Island weapons certification. Mid-watches as Chief of the Watch with good ol' Unit on Dive. Good times.
Dukes, JasonE41985 – 1989Gold
Saucerman, Brent profile iconSTS2/SSMar 1985 – Mar 1989SonarWhile in the shipyards of Newport News I qualified on the USS James Madison (G) as rider. Mad Dog crew was great. I should of never left the old boomers to got to the tridents. I miss the Boone and Madison crew members.
Delsignore, FlavioMM2(SS)Mar 20, 1985 – May 20, 1990I miss all the friends I made on the Boone. Thank you all.
Wagner, James  NEWMT1 (SS)Sep 1985 – Dec 1989Missile LauncherJoined the ship while she was at Newport News Shipyard for overhaul as MT2, left as MT1. Next stop TTF Kingsbay
Kircher, SteveRM1/SS1986 – 1987
Taylor, Jtseaman1986 – 1990seaman
Yates, RowdyET1Jan 1986 – 1989Reactor Controls
Farabee, Cliffsk3Jan 4, 1986 – Mar 28, 1988supplyenjoed my time in new port news and going to charleston
Bevell, CharlesET3Jan 23, 1986 – Sep 2, 1987NAVETGlad the boat ended life with solid crews. On board in 1987 after we left the Newport News Shipyard. We had a lot of problems with the leaking girl.
Anttila, JeffreyET3/SSFeb 1986 – Dec 1988
Brown, MichealET3(SS)Mar 1986 – Jun 1988NAV OPSWENT to her at newport news, took her to the tests. made a bunch of friends along the way. would like to get in touch with them.
Rogers, HarryMM2Apr 1986 – Nov 1988MachineryLots of fun and lots of hrd wook keeping upm with leaky hydraulics
Hatfield, WilliamIC2/SSApr 7, 1986 – Sep 1988IC
Brammer, Clifford profile iconet/2May 1986 – Sep 1989navetwould like to hook up with my pals from the daniel boone
Garcia, JoseSK 3 (SS)Oct 21, 1986 – Dec 27, 1989SupplyToo much fun too little time
Matticks, ShawnSTS2(SS)Nov 4, 1986 – Jun 4, 1988Sonar/ Deck LPOGreat crew...especially my guys in Deck div.
Spears, RussSN-QM2 (SS)Nov 14, 1986 – Oct 1992NAVOPSWe went through a yard period in NNS and underwent seatrials. I will never forget the experience and the men I served with. God Bless you all..Thanks for the memories
Boris, NickMM1 (SS)Dec 1986 – Jan 1990MIt was an honor to serve with such great men. Finished up the overhaul in NNSY, moved to Charleston, made the DASO run and then four patrols before going to D1G in NY.
Oaks, GlennET2 (SS)Dec 6, 1986 – Apr 15, 1991NavigationThank you and God Bless to all who served. We made it happen and we got it done. Patrols now behind me and fresh air to breath I thank God we never had to unload the big guns.
McClung, MarkMM11987 – 1989M-DivLooking to find friends on the Blue Crew from this time period.
Wilson, RickFTB2(SS)Jan 1987 – May 1993FTBOver 6 years on board the old girl, I must have loved it!
Goodman, DavidET1 SSFeb 23, 1987 – Jul 5, 1991NAVETServed with a good crew. The Boone was my last command prior to discharge. Lots of good memories.
Franklin, NedMT2Jun 1987 – Jul 1991Missile
Gentry, BrianMM2Oct 1987 – Mar 1992Mserved with Nick Boris, Marty Gore, John Bower, Marty Whitley, Scott Bell, Kevin Crum
Bovender, MarkMT2(SS)1988 – 1992MissileGreat boat, had a great time, wish I would have stayed for decommisioning.Gold Crew Missile division wasnthe best. Great times!
Mooney, Richardqm31988 – 1991qm
Caldwell, BrianTMT2SS1988 – 1992TMBest crew ever, would love to reconnect with everyone.
Johnson, EricMM1/SSJan 1, 1988 – Feb 14, 1992M
Hakala, JohnMM2Feb 1, 1988 – Oct 1, 1992A-GangGreat times on the Boone. 7 patrols with the best A-GANGER in the world.
Richardson, DannyMM3(SS)May 1988 – Sep 1991A-gangGreat 3 1/2 years on board!
Riley, JamesFT1Jun 1, 1988 – Jun 30, 1992FT/TMBest years of my navy career were spent on this boat.
Goodnight, DanielICC(SS)Dec 1988 – Feb 1994IC
Toelle, PatrickMMC(SS)1989 – 1992Machinery DivisionI was the M-Division Chief and the bull nuke for a short while until CDR Cavey got his Master Chief. We really accomplished a lot on this crew and earned the Arleigh Burke Award for most improved ship and a MUC.
McCloud, Scott (Spanky)MT2-SSMay 1989 – Feb 18, 1994MissileWhat a time good friends I wouldnt of traded those times for nothing 6 patrols 1 trip from coast to coast trip thru panama canal shell back ceremony and decommissioning 41/2 years aboard plank owner
Femmer, BillFTB2(SS)May 1989 – Oct 1993FTB
Weinstein, DavidHM1Jul 27, 1989 – Jul 23, 1992Medical Rep/HM1
Binford, BillMT1(SS)Aug 1989 – Jan 1993Missile DivisionI hope my shipmates will get in touch with me.
Gaither, StephenFTBC/SSAug 10, 1989 – May 10, 1995FTBI was the division leading chief for the FT I was the the Chief of the FTB division during Daniel Boones overhaul and DASO.
Hauguel, AnthonySK2(SS)Sep 29, 1989 – May 1, 1993SupplyMy first boat, and definitely the best. The crew was tight, and the command was awsome. Definitely miss the majority of them.
Derosia, BenjaminYNOct 1989 – Feb 1994YEOMAN
Martin, EdwardMS1/SS/SWNov 1, 1989 – Feb 1994SupplyGot to enjoy the tour around to Seatle for decom

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