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USS Daniel Boone (SSBN 629) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Daniel Boone (SSBN 629). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 247 crew members registered for the USS Daniel Boone (SSBN 629).

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Smotherman, Rex (Smut)SK3SS1972 – 1975supplyEnjoyed the ride! (Smut) Gold Crew 707-951-8047
Shumaker, GaryMT2/SSJan 1972 – Apr 1974WepsFirst assignment. Earned my dolphins. I remember Flores trying to get the Tender Cpt to move his ship back 10 feet so the brow would clear the missile hatch.
Disharoon, WoodySTS2 (SS)Mar 1972 – Sep 1974SonarGreat memories, saw a couple of names on list I would love to hear from. John and Dale.
Hyte, DaveRM2(SS)Sep 1972 – Sep 1975Radio/OPSGreat boat...still keep in touch with lots of the old gang (old being the keyword now!)
Zuniga, Richard (Bubba)IC2 (SS)Sep 26, 1972 – Oct 28, 1975Forward ICDid 5 Patrols-served with the best group of people I have ever met in my life. We were a group from all over the US-but one thing for sure-We were a Crew! VERY Proud to say "I am a Submarine Sailor!"
Pennington, MichaelETR2/SS1973 – 1975RCGreat crew, great command, one of the memorable periods of my life, haven't seen or worked with a tighter and more professional group since.
Olfs, SteveMM2(SS)1973 – 1978A Division
Richerson, Richmm1/SS1973 – 1975Mlots of good memories good people to work with and play hard!!
Gill, DickCDRJan 1973 – Sep 1975XOGreat ship with an equally great crew! Wonderful memories of the crew under the command of Chuck Brickell.
Anderson, Carl/andyMM1SSMar 1973 – Feb 1976M/DivServed with Bob Kurz, Howard Ellsworth, Ron Dickerson, Johnny Edwards, ACE, Chuck Cassion, Steve Rohrdanz, Ricky Hines, Barny Barnette, Guy Nadeu, Ronald Horning, LT. Masters and Cmdr Covey.
Hilborn, ChipMM2(ss)Mar 1973 – Mar 1975M-DivFirst Tour on BOONE
Norko, Anthony/tonyEM1 SSJan 1974 – Nov 1978
Birtchet, LesEM1(SS)Jan 1974 – Oct 1978E DivisionGreat boat and crew!
Van Veen, PeteIC2Apr 1974 – Nov 1977E Div.
Finley, JimMM1/SSMay 1974 – Dec 1977ELT/MachineryMy first at sea command. Great group of guys to work with. 5 patrols and then the yards in Kittery. Sure remember the cold there.
Corkery, Barry (Red)ICFMSep 1974 – Jul 1976usn a-crewLike looking at these sight's don't know who you might run into, Hard to believe that I can still remember all my crewmates name's wow it's the only thing I seem to remember LOL. Great time in my life hope your's too
Luke, Doug (Sky Walker)MT2/SSNov 1974 – Oct 1978WEPS/MissileFirst submarine ... loved every minute ... including having my special request chit to get married disapproved ... but I'm still married to the same girl ... guess I didn't paid much attention to the chit. Great days.
Cockburn, EdwardRM1(AC)(SS)Nov 1974 – Nov 27, 1976Operations (RM)
Swisher, Rodney (Swisher)I C 31975 – 1977interior communicationsGreat boat. Great crew!
Stoddard, TimETN-2Jan 15, 1975 – Jan 15, 1978Navigation
Fisher, Don (Fish)IC1/SSJun 1975 – Mar 1983Interior CommunicationsThe highlight of my life. My first boat, I went aboard an E2 and came off E6 qualified Diving Officer. I was attached to the boat for eight years, both crews.
Clark, BrianMM5Jun 1975 – Dec 1978
Morrow, MikeLTSep 1975 – Jul 1979Electrical, Radcon, Reactor ControlsGood crew...wish I could go back to some of those days!
Beyer, DonIC2/ssOct 1975 – Jul 1979engineeringlive in nc since 1990 own a hardware store.have 3 children 5 grand by my father in law who was a senior chief yeoman on the Daniel boone
Shaw, JamesIC2 (SS)Dec 27, 1975 – Jun 9, 1978Interior CommunicationsJust happened across this site and was glad to see a few familiar names if friends long lost
Brady, RickRM2(SS)Apr 15, 1976 – Apr 15, 1980RADIOOf the 4 years I spent on the Boone it was the best and worst of times and I wouldn't have changed a thing. It became a very defining period of my life. I wish nothing but the best for all those whom I served with. Sad to see her at Decomm
Painter, Don ("Pumps")LTMay 1976 – Aug 1980IM, A, Comm, A-NavSubmariners - the most professional and highly-trained group I've ever been associated with. I (Monitors, be in-place and ready when you start the drill ... or when "Torpedo in the water!" comes over the 1MC, pumps ARE going to fast speed!
Cogdill, TimET2Jul 1976 – May 1980RCHad some really great times and met a lot of great people. Have stayed in touch with a few over the years and would do it again.
Paternoster, MarkIC 21977 – 1979IC
Pace, Gary profile iconMM1(SS)1977 – Oct 1981M-DivI am adding this listing for my late husband, MM1(SS) Gary Pace, who passed away in 2005. He loved his service aboard the Daniel Boone.
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Ross, JimMT-2(SS)1977 – 1979missile
Maynard, DeanSTS3/SSJan 1977 – Dec 1979WeaponsStarted out here having too much fun. Would love to here from the old gang. Still Active Duty 2008.
Meins, KirkMT2/SSMar 1977 – Jun 1978Weapons/MissileThe Daniel Boone was my first assignment. Also served on the Henry Clay.
Logothety, BillChiefMay 1977 – May 1981AuxileryLove to hear from some of you guys. Remember Coco Beach?
Logothety, Bill (Logs)CPOMay 28, 1977 – Oct 1981A-gang
Smith, Kelly "Mr. Ozone"FTGSN/SSAug 1977 – Mar 1982Deck/weaponshad too much fun and too much trouble, XO didn't like me much and the CO did
Lott, JimHM3Aug 31, 1977 – Aug 15, 1979Deck GangBest time of my life. Thanks guys for making it so enjoyable. Saw last half of refit, sea trials, one patrol and qualed. Struck corpsman for almost two years before leaving for HM A to start my career in healthcare.
Molina, JuanYN3(SS)Sep 3, 1977 – Sep 30, 1980AdminMost fulfilling job that I had aboard USS DANIEL BOONE was Battle Station Helmsman/Planesman for Missile and Torpedo, which I was on the Helm and Planes for our C-4 Missile Shot on July 21, 1980 at 10:30 p.m.
Scott, AlanMMC(SS)Oct 31, 1977 – Oct 31, 1980Machinery
Chriss, Tracy "Rajin Cajun"Mm11978 – 1982MachineryMade 5 patrols out of Holy Loch, Scotland and 3 more out of Kings Bay, Ga.
Harris, Randy profile iconPO21978 –Sonar TechI made this profile in my father's name, in hopes of connecting with anyone who might have known him, as I never got the chance. He passed in 2000. He was a Sonar Tech on the Uss Daniel Boone 1978. 84 is his release date
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Grant, William (Not Bill)MM1978 – 1980MM/ A-gangWhat a way to grow up ! Think back about those times often,the good and the bad. Would not trade them for anything. Met some good people but sadly, faild to stay in touch. Would love to hear from some.
MacDonald, GordonLcdr1978 – 1981EngineerGreat experience. Great crew. We got an 'Excellent' on our ORSE - thanks to all!
Rongey, DavidRM2Jan 1978 – Aug 1981Way back when she was tended by the USS Holland at Holy Loch, Scotland. Remember Dunoon?
Rich, LyndonMMCS (SS)Jan 1978 – Jan 1979Auxiliary
McMurtry, Rick profile iconSTS2May 1978 – Nov 1981SonarI had a great time and grew up a lot since I reported at 17. Made many friends and did a back to back with the Blue crew to get out early on terminal leave. Got to see many ports especially for being on a boomer.
Belanger, John (Boots)RM2Jul 1978 – Jun 1982
Magliacane, RonMM2 (SS)Aug 15, 1978 –A-GangQual boat, first tour
Peterson, KeithMM1(SS)Aug 20, 1978 – May 1981MACHINERYMy qual boat. NAVWEPSTA CHASN, Holy Loch, C-4 conversion. Great crew !!
Zumbrunnen, DaveLTNov 1978 – Jul 1982Machinery, Electrical, RadconSome of the best people I've known and worked with were while on the Daniel Boone.

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