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USS Daniel Webster (SSBN 626) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Daniel Webster (SSBN 626). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 337 crew members registered for the USS Daniel Webster (SSBN 626).

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Redfearn, CliftonE-41973 – 1974ALooking for Dane Yokomoto,Kemo Black,Richard Prosser,Ted Chadwick,
Swaim, John1973 – 1974DeckSonar striker. Helm/Planes & Mess on 2 patrols. Friend of John "Chip" Medley, Rick Leitner, ST Gay. & Borkim Riff.
Ron, RussmanE31973 – 1974MCaptain Hopper was great to serve with. I'm 59 now but have never been with a more competent team or more successful technology . We won the cold war. Part of me never left her. See you on the port waterway.
McSweeny, Joe (Mr. Smackwater)LTJan 20, 1973 – Jun 4, 1976Comm, DCA, Elec,Asst. Eng (overhaul)4 patrol, combining crews, missile offload, crazy landing in S.F. (no radar, sleepy nav), Hartley in the ER head all the time as EOOW, Midshipman ops, dive off Long Island (we did not hit bottom!). Like to hear from Fat Willy, Reilly, Duran, anybody!
Schopflin, BillLTJGMar 1973 – Dec 1974Supply
Asbury, RossMM1(SS)Mar 1973 – Jul 1978Machinery DivisionThis was a fun crew until we transitted the ditch to the Atlantic. Capt Hopper was the best. Overhaul had its good days too. 5 patrols.
Sproull, William / Cutback BillyETR3 (SS)Jun 1973 – Dec 1974Reactor ControlsI was lucky. Blue crew, good times, good friends. Drank a lot of beer at Andries Chateau. We did some things that almost got us in trouble.
Vellat, MarcETR2(SS)Jul 30, 1973 – Oct 4, 1976RCDischarged in `78. Now retired in Seattle
Northey, KentET1/SSSep 15, 1973 – Aug 15, 1978NAVETOrignally on the Gold Crew. Two patrols out of Guam Was then transfered to the Blue Crew for the overhaul in Groton.
Pelland, Ray/docHM2(SS)Oct 1973 – Sep 1974MedicalThis was my first boat went on to serve on three others, best times of my life. Retired Nov 1987 as HMCM(SS).Worked for Uncle for another 17 yrs as a Pysician Assistant Would love to hear from shipmates.
Smith, DonaldMM1Oct 1973 – Sep 27, 1977M DivisionJoined the Gold crew of Webster in fall of 1973 as MM3. Spent the first patrol forward as a planesman since the crew was short of seaman. Still remember the typhoon we sailed under during the second patrol out of Guam.
Box, GaryMM1(SS)Oct 1973 – Aug 1978M DivisionAfter the Webster, I served as HRMS for 3 years at Groton and onboard the USS Scamp for 3 years before leaving Navy after 12 years
Olsen, Neil (Oly)TM3Jan 1974 – Dec 1974Weapons
Morgan, David. Ic3ssIC3SSFeb 1974 – Sep 1976ICAlso the MessCook gang that qualified first patrol with that Jim Mims, under Capt. Wright.Took a trip to Florida and stayed with Mims cousin. Forgot to come back. Looing for Mims or Watson
Federspiel, MikeEM1 (SS)Mar 1974 – Oct 1977E- DivLots of great memories.
Bast, TedMM1(SS)Apr 1974 – Oct 1978M - Leading ELTA lot of memories - Guam, Hawaii, Groton .......
Mims, James(Jim)PN2Dec 1, 1974 – Aug 16, 1977Ship's OfficeI made it ok - Look back and really did enjoy time on board. I was one of messcooks that qualified on 1 patrol with Capn Wright. Construction Manager now and a grandpa. Love to hear from anyone - lookin for Doug Watson/Tommy Howard
Vera, Curtis ( Rat )MM1/SS1975 – 1980AHad a lot of great memories before the yards, during the yards and all the patrols after the yards.
Davis, JoeMS3Jan 1, 1975 – Jun 4, 1978mess mangementtook the boat from Hawaii to Groton Ct for a major overhaul at EB. The the bow planes were removed. took it to the Virgin Islands just before i got out. college degree, married 4 kids, 2 grandkids
Sage, RonET-2Feb 1975 – Dec 1976RC1 patrol; transit thru the Panama Canal to EB; several Midshipman ops; and and an infamous Homecoming weekend at the Naval Acadamy! Ted I remember you, where's Arlen Moore, Marc Vellat, Chief BBQ, Mike Federspiel and the the others? Tons of memori
Williams, Clyde (Willy)QMCM(SS) retiredJun 10, 1975 – Jun 1, 1977navigationI am a retired school teacher now living in oklahoma. Just wante to say hi to all my shipmates, was a qm1 while aboard. Retired in1986, finished masters then went into teaching. Looking for yn2 Mims, (jim)
Slate, Donnie(Skimmer)MM1 (ss)Sep 1975 – Nov 1977A Gang
Snyder, BillSKSN1976 – Dec 1977supplywas only aboard for a short time while boat was at general dynamics. quite an experience for a kid that just turned 18. met some great, and not so great people. Lt. fitzgerald was a not so nice Scurry the cook from brooklyn was a good guy
McCarthy, RobertEM21976 – Jun 1977EServed aboard SSBN 626 during refueling overhaul / poseidon conversion.
MacK, Garymm2ss1976 – 1980a division
Lara, GastonFTB2(SS)1976 – Aug 25, 1980WeaponsArrived during the overhaul at EB . Served through the DASO and three patrols out of Holy Loch . Mainly good times and good memories.
Chrisman, BertSTS11976 – 1979Sonar
Manser, DouglasMT2Feb 1976 – Sep 8, 1977 Was on the webster in the yards at EB. Last boat to have the bow planes removed. It was a great experience. Dan Delong and Dick the lobster man where are you ?
Olson, MikeTM2Apr 1976 – Dec 1978Weapons
Smith, BobbyMM1 (SS)May 1976 – Sep 1978EngineeringMost of my time on board was during the refit at Electric Boat Shipyard. My first view of the boat was when I entered the Engine room through a big hole cut into the hull. Not something you would expect to see in a Sub.
Wolverton, Tom (Wolf)MT1(SS)May 3, 1976 – Sep 22, 1980MissileI was the clown who had a part-time job at a massage parlor in Norwich, Ct. during the overhaul period. I did the DASO, was the Deck Div LPO during POUP and made 3 patrols after that.
Litton, DwightFTG1(SS)Jun 1, 1976 – Mar 13, 1980WEAPONS
Bancroft, MarkYNC/RETOct 1976 – Jun 1989
Jewell, HaroldEM-2Dec 25, 1976 –electricalGot on board at Electric Boat Ship Yard, served during sea trials in 1977.
Moore, MikeEM2Dec 25, 1976 – Apr 1978E div
Duprey, WilliamET31977 – 1979NavigationDopey of the Dope Center/ The Fatboy
New, MarkMM3 (SS)1977 – 1979AUXILIARY
Singer, TerryMTC(SS) / FTCS(SS)Jan 1977 – Jun 1980MissileCame aboard in the "middle" of conversion ovhl at EB with combined MSL div in excess of 20 MTs. LCHR TMs had been eliminated. Following ovhl, about Feb of '78, had a great DASO with great CPO Qrtrs and great Gold crew.
Krueger, SteveYN3(SS)Jan 28, 1977 – Apr 1979XChucky and Marky Joe how are you?
Sanville, MichaelETN2Feb 1977 – Aug 1981NavigationReported on board during EB overhaul. Ran 5 patrols before short-cycling to USS Hamilton. Worked as a contractor for Trident program at EB for about 13 years. Currently a Director at a hospital. Email me.
Young, William (Butch)STS1(SS)Feb 2, 1977 – Apr 9, 1980SonarI reported on board the Daniel Webster during the 1977 refit, went to the Gold Crew and made 3 patrols after the sea trials and shakedown cruises. I attended the 2000 reunion in Charleston and was able to visit the boat at the NPTU site.
Arnold, GaryLTJGMar 1977 – Mar 1980CommunicationsMost likely the longest 3 years of my life. And yet - I am still a nuke.
Johnson, Charles T. (Chuck)PN2(SS)Mar 1, 1977 – Jun 1978Ship's OfficeReported @ EB Groton - Overhaul and DASO, then 3 patrols. Went on to other boats (SSNs) and then spent time in Army retired 1998 worked for and gave hell to YNC Bancroft (the bearded one). Where are you Mark, Steve Krueger and Rich Gray?
Johnson, Charles profile iconPN2(SS)Mar 1, 1977 – Jun 30, 1979Ships Office
Brenneman, ThomasIC1(SS)Apr 1977 – Dec 1978ICEnjoyed my time on the Webster... just came out of the yards and did some shakedown runs. Got off just before the Patrol cycle started. Got out to go to back to school and joined the Naval Reserve.
Crakow, ChrisTM2Sep 1977 – Jan 1981TMI started on the DW in 1977 out of EB- did the transit to South Carolina-Great times/parties at the KOA- Mrytle Beach!- did the Launch-Great ship mates - It was a great 4 years
Duprey, WilliamET3Sep 14, 1977 – Jun 14, 1980NAV
Ilgenfritz, TomMM2 (SS)Oct 1977 – Sep 1980AEnjoyed serving with the gold crew in Groton, CT. From the EB shipyard to Daso Run in Puerto Rico, King's Bay GA, and Holy Loch. Would love to hear from you.
Melanson, PaulNAVET2(SS)Oct 1977 – 1981NavigationWhere are all the cookies?

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