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USS Woodrow Wilson (SSBN 624) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Woodrow Wilson (SSBN 624). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 201 crew members registered for the USS Woodrow Wilson (SSBN 624).

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Larsen, HenryEM1May 1961 – 1965EngineeringCommissioning Crew Blue Anyone remember- The painted water tower, Cape Canaveral? The ripple fire test? The reactor scram?
Dunsing, ClydeMT1(SS)May 31, 1961 –WeaponsBuilding/Commissioning Blue. While on first patrol received orders back to MINSY ro build the USS Kamehameha (SSBN642). Great boat...Great crew !
Crissinger, Joseph L. (Cris)FTB1(SS)Jun 1962 – Dec 1964WeaponsLooking for any Gold crew member
Van Metre, John (Dutch)qm21963 – 1968NavigationCommissioning Crew, Blue
Warden, TomETC1963 –ElectricalRegistering in memory of my dad. Would love to hear from his former shipmates and hear stories of your time aboard the Woody Woo! Thanks, Sami Jo
Waymire, JohnMT21963 – 1965WeaponsAm retired consultant Electronics Engineer. Worked for NASA at many of my positions and designed the cockpit avionics for the C-17 at McDonnell-Douglas. Plank owner and made three patrols from rota. Don't have my beret.
Crabb, David profile iconFTCM (SS)1963 – 1967Missile TechnicianI am entering this information for my father, David Crabb, who passed away in 2021 (I hope I have all the designators correct). I also came across a photo from '66 with the name Doe (or Doc) Bader written on the back.
View 'back then' Photo
Procida, JohnMT2(SS)Jan 1963 – Dec 1965Missile GangProud plankowner of my first ship. Compared to non Mare Island boats, the WoodyWoo was exceptionally detailed on the inside and very reliable. Inside had all cabinets covered with "Frosted Oak" formica, cool green paint and plenty of brass/ch
Blair, JimJan 10, 1963 – Jul 15, 1965
Hoyt, HowardET2(SS)Feb 22, 1963 – Dec 15, 1964Reactor ControlI worked for Bill Jonker in RC division. Currently living in Hemet CA. Member of Trieste Base Submarine Veterans.
Carter, ChuckETR2(SS)Mar 15, 1963 – Feb 15, 1967NAV/ETPlank owner. 5 patrols
Bailey, Robert (Beetle)SK3May 30, 1963 – Mar 15, 1965SK
Bailey, BeetleSK3(SS)May 30, 1963 – Mar 15, 1965Supply
Pyle, Robert (Bob)(gomer)TM2(SS)(P2)Jul 1963 – Nov 1965Weapons
Clark, James M.MM1(SS)Jul 1963 – May 1967AI still have my beret from Rota. The one I wore to quarters that one morning; while the tender watched! Charlie Reel really did tell us to put those oil buckets in that fan room on Canopus! Ah, to go to happy hour at the Green Shack one more time.
Pyle, RobertTM2(SS)(P1)Aug 28, 1963 – Jan 28, 1965Weapons
Pendrak, HalET21964 – 1968NAVETMade the second thru to the next to last before the yards. Served with Hartzler, Tex. O'mally, Schuman, and Dutch. Mitchell was captain, Greer was xo, and Felt was navigator. Ahhh...the good ol' days
Heaps, BobIC2Jun 20, 1964 – Sep 20, 1967nuc
Reynolds, GarySSBN 624 BLUEOct 10, 1964 – Mar 10, 1965auxworked for charlie reel in a div. also with dr. mazzarela oo the atmospheric servey he was working from berkley university for the appolo moon shot. also made the ripple fire. water tower- capt mitchel-we"re in the shits again!
Thomas, DavidET11965 – 1967Navigation
Costello, KaitlinMT1965 – 1970MissilesI am adding this entry for my grandfather, Dale Semm. He has been diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia due to Agent Orange exposure in Guam. Looking for anyone with more information and can help w/ VA Claim.
Miller, PepperQUARTERMASTERFeb 1965 – Jun 1967Served on the Blue Crew. Really enjoyed my time in Rota, Spain. Have always wanted to get back over there, but I have never had the opportunity. Married 40 years to the same sweet woman and we have 2 grown children.Home based:Charleston, SC
Shaw, DouglasET2Apr 1965 – Mar 1970RCI was started out on the Gold Crew and after the Refueling and overhaul yard period 1968-1969, I was put on the Blue Crew for the first patrol out of the yards.
Murphree, JamesRMC(SS)Jul 1965 – Mar 1968Operations/CommunicationsMy first Nuc Boat and she was a very good one. She proudly bears her sail at the 41 For Freedom Memorial in Seattle, WA.
Thompson, ArloTM2 SS1966 – 1970weapons
Hanson, Jay profile iconMM1SS1966 – 1968M
Johnston, RussMM2(SS)May 1966 – Nov 1969M
Santerre, RaymondQMC (SS)Jun 1966 – Feb 1968Navigation
Campbell, Matt Aka: GusEM1(SS)Jun 1966 – Jun 1968E-Division
Wiggins, VerneyTM3SSAug 1966 – Nov 1968Weapons
Mann, DarrowMM2Oct 1966 – Mar 1968
Mann, DarrowFn/ MM3SSOct 1966 – Mar 5, 1968Deck divison/ A divison
Deveau, JohnMM 1Jun 10, 1967 – Jul 13, 1972EWas on board for the first refueling at Newport News and for passage thru the Panama Canal to Hawaii. Made six patrols.
Epps, EarlMM1(SS)Oct 1967 – Feb 1972Auxiliary A-GangerThis was my first boat and I loved every minute of it. Some of the greatest people I ever knew were fellow crewmembers and I wish smoothsailing to all.
Massengill, GaryIC3(SS)1968 – 1972Interior CommunicationsCame on board in New London Ship yards, sea trials in the Caribean, operations out of Guam. Home port in Hawaii at Ford Island.
Reyes, EduardoPO31968 – 1972
Zwick, Paul profile iconIC2Mar 9, 1968 – Dec 1, 1971Nuclear EngineeringJoined the boat in the ship yards in Newport News Virginia.
Samuels, RonET1(SS)Aug 20, 1968 – Sep 12, 1972NavigationDoes anyone know the whereabouts of Mike Brown HM1(SS). He was the corpman when I left. When I lost touch, he was living in CA with his wife Bobbi.
Morgan, PatrickIC1(SS)Dec 1968 – Feb 1976E
Bellenger, NeilET1 (SS)Dec 1968 – Apr 1972RCI keep finding more websites to enter my name. Served during and after the first refueling overhaul with Hal, Lloyd, Cecil, Doug,Arnie, Chief Kovatch, Chief Booth and lots of other great guys in Engineering. Ditto what Hal said about Keim!
Thompson, Thomas/tomMM1/SSDec 10, 1968 – Sep 15, 1976M-DivServed on both crews

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